Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Nuttier than fruitcake?

With disturbing news filtering through of several White Nationalists and former members of the now deactivated WPCA being visited and “interviewed” by ASIO, old Victor thought it timely to “bring up to speed” any security agency people perhaps trolling this site for information. Permit me, if you will, to elucidate.

As has already been explained extensively in the “Introduction” section of this Blog, the terrorists are at the OTHER end of the political spectrum to White Nationalists. Look Left! Yep Bruce, they’re not difficult to spot if you know what to look for. Poor personal hygiene, body piercings, Ché Guevara tee-shirts, sometimes supplemented with Leon Trotsky spectacles, a wallet containing a five dollar note, a sachet of water based lubricant, a students discount card and a Greens Party membership.

You’ll find them very easily too, at home with their mums, when they’re not out stalking fifteen year old boys, marching in a demo or cruising Oxford Street. These anti-Australian, drug addled homosexuals, Uni drop-outs, Anarchists, Islamic extremists and various other sociopathic elements that comprise Darp’s FDB would prove FAR more rewarding to those seeking creatures bent on social disorder and cultural destruction. Good luck and good hunting.

More absolute gems from brother Jihad and his disciples:

From the Fight Dem Back Forum:

The sexual polymorph Anarchist, H. Blackrose gives its obsequious support to the Islamic Oracle Jihad:

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 6:52 pm

“As Duckie says, it's very good to have a believer around here to set some of the rampant ignorance straight. I consider myself very lucky in that I actually dated a Muslim woman for a little while (from Bangladesh) and learnt a lot about the faith that way.”
Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 9:15 am

“I have some sympathy for muslims who want a holy war”
Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 12:51 am

“Fighting in combat in Islam is the BEST deed you do”

Duckmonster, the illiterate, moronic, mouth-breathing buffoon, laps the poison up like it’s mother’s milk:

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 1:34 am

“I like it when I get smarter reading the internet because Sometimes I feel like the internet has actually made me dumber, so its (Sic) neat when its informative instead.”
Proud Menshevik.

Jihad waffles on, AND on AND on zzzzz :

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 5:20 am

Hmmmm... Actually... You and I ARE illegal occupiers of this land...Considering that there was no formal treaty between the Commonwealth and the Indigenous elders... furthermore.. please don't tell me about the 'great war' because this war was created for stupid reasons.. It was about expansion of an empire, and carving up the Muslim empire, not defending peoples rights... The Australians were used as cannon fodder by the British especially in Galipolli. In addition to that, I wont feel sorry for any Australian soldier who goes off to fight an unjust war, whether it was Galipoli or Iraq if he dies there, he shouldn't have been there in the first place, i dont care whose orders he is following...

Without even blinking, “Spongeboy” does as his name implies and passively imbibes this foul Islamist toxin:

“thanks for the insight.”

I don’t know about you, but I can certainly feel the cultural “enrichment” simply radiating from ol’ Jihad.

Allah be praised!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

From Kromlek's Vault

Well hello boys and girls! Now let’s see what old Uncle Vic’s got in his time capsule today. Let’s dig deeper now kiddies. Yep, there it is. A little gem from way back in April 2005.

From : Darp Hau
Sent : Saturday, 9 April 2005 3:23:51 PM
To : asgardkromlek@hotmail.com, studentpatriots@hotmail.com, ironbrotherhood@hotmail.com, bvh@iprimus.com.au
Subject : no subject/
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Originating-IP: []
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X-Sender: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
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View E-mail Message Source
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="----=_NextPart_000_1602_611_1a80"
Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed

Some time on Saturday evening, Sydney time, a vehicle sped through the streets surrounding my house. This vehicle allegedly lay in wait around the corner from my house and attempted to run my mother down as she crossed the street. ATTEMPTED to.

I am not accusing ANYONE on this email list of having anything to do with it but being White Nationalists, you are associated (however tenuously) wiith a number of people who have recently declared serious intent to inflict harm upon me and mine.

Any information you can provide on this matter will be generously received and likewise rewarded.

I will not be publicising this information on my blog, or elsewhere for the time being. I trust you will keep it to the backchannels also.

Having studied your methods for quite some time, I am aware trying to knock off someone's mother isn't really your style, ALTHOUGH, you aren't exactly short of nutcases in your movement now are you?

Should WN involvement become apparent, this whole incident could get very messy. Understand that my intentions will be to punish ONLY the guilty parties who may have partaken in this and not the movement as a whole.

Content-Type: message/rfc822

From: Asgard Kromlek
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: no subject/
Sent: Saturday, 9 April 2005 10:49:22 PM
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Originating-IP: []
X-Originating-Email: [asgardkromlek@hotmail.com]
X-Sender: asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Received: from by by106fd.bay106.hotmail.msn.com with HTTP;Sat, 09 Apr 2005 22:49:22 GMT Content-Type: text/html; format=flowed

Dear Matthew

If this IS true, and I can only take your word for it, that is simply fuckin' OUTRAGEOUS! As I have stated before and will say again. NON-COMBATANTS are strictly off limits. I know how I would react if someone attacked MY Mum and it would be precisely how YOU would (will?) react. VIOLENTLY.

Please believe me when I say this is the FIRST I have heard of this and I am genuinely shocked if things have descended to this subterranean level. I must also tell you that I do not know of anyone in MY immediate circle of contacts who would commit such a (potentially) murderous act. Particularly on an innocent Woman. It is simply beyond anything I would have even THOUGHT of being possible.

To be perfectly honest, of course some have said things like "someone should fix that Darp guy" but it is (in my opinion) simply people voicing frustration. I would not expect anyone embarking on such a mission, which is an unabiguously CRIMINAL ACT, to divulge details to another anyway.

Of course I can see another reaction from some of the (potentially) accused upon learning of this event and that is one of (justifiable?) paranoia. Are we being 'fitted up' for something? Is this simply a way for 'Darp and Co' to justify going after OUR loved ones?

I will have a chat to some people and see what I can learn, but as I said, (if I was capable of such a gross act) I would certainly not share details of MY part in it to another living soul.

I certainly hope your mum is unharmed physically and that she soon gets over the mental trauma of an apparent attempt on her life. Mate. What more can I say? It is such a fucked up situation.

Yours sincerely


From : Darp Hau
Sent : Sunday, 24 April 2005 2:24:13 AM
To : asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Subject : RE: no subject/
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Originating-IP: []
X-Originating-Email: [yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com]
X-Sender: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Received: from by by102fd.bay102.hotmail.msn.com with HTTP;Sun, 24 Apr 2005 02:24:13 GMT
View E-mail Message Source
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="----=_NextPart_000_512e_2c0a_1e6a"
Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed


A set up (Newcastle Synagogue) - probably but don't look at me. We all know which group has a big powerbase in that city.

That comment from Starshark (whoever the fuck he is) probably doesn't bely (Sic) what was left at the scene. I will be contacting people in Newcastle to verify the situation. Considering that this incident happened on Wednesday, IF WPCA stickers had been found on the scene - you my friend would have found out about it sometime on Thursday when the cops came a knockin.*

My guess is that someone has read the newspaper article and decided to throw a spanner in the works. If on the other hand, it does turn out to be the case that WPCA stickers were left on site - well, I doubt any of your members would be fucking stupid enough to advertise their group allegiance in the current climate. I smell a Lebbo ...and I may smell a Chef de Cuisine.


Dude, where's my link?

Old Victor finds it curious that Darp and the Left Wing terrorists of FDB have failed to post a link to this Blog on any of their pages. I mean to say, they’ve always been so keen to quote White Nationalists and give them free advertising in the past. Could it be perhaps that this particular Blog, in its outing of all the facts, might prove to be a little awkward and embarrassing to explain for those who have always claimed the moral high ground?

The only item that has been finally cleared up has been Darp’s belated admission that Kromlek in fact did NOT issue him with any death threats. Although, strangely for one of such legendary talent, he badly misquoted Kromlek’s alleged “threat” and there was no apology, excuse or explanation offered as to why Darp has assisted in the perpetuation of this myth for over twelve months now. There have been numerous comments made by Darp on Internet sites, Blogs and to the Controlled Media, both printed and electronic, implying, insinuating or even outright accusing that the leadership of the WPCA, and Kromlek in particular, had threatened his life.

On top of this were the utterly ridiculous, unsubstantiated (and probably also uninvestigated) claims that his car was “extensively vandalised” (the antenna was apparently snapped off) or even that an attempt on his mother’s life was made. He virtually accused Kromlek of being part of a plot to murder her after a car almost ran her down out the front of her house. One wonders who the real conspiracy “nutjobs” are in all this.

Despite having been assured by Kromlek in several E-Mails and Internet posts that he did NOT want to physically approach him, Darp continued jumping at shadows and laying blame on Kromlek for every leaflet or sticker that appeared in his area. The degree of his delusional obsession became disturbing and rather sad to say the least.

The embarrassing fact remains for the Darpists that, despite many months of spying on, eavesdropping on and infiltrating private barbecues, political meetings, copying and stealing the files of various Internet Forums both open and private membership, MSN groups and private E-mail discussion groups, setting up “sting” operations and other forms of entrapment, scouring the Internet for anything incriminating at all, employing Private Investigators and sympathetic contacts within Government Departments such as the Social Security Department, there has not been ONE single, solitary person charged with a criminal offence or even called or interviewed by the Police. Not one WPCA or affiliated person charged as a result of anything the Fight Dem Back group has done.

Sure, it’s true some people have been harassed and stalked by the Controlled Media following the deliberate broadcasting by Darp of their personal details, including their mobile phone numbers, or even sacked from their jobs as a direct result of ‘dirt files’ supplied to their employers painting them as hateful ‘Racist’ political radicals. But all these cowardly, underhanded and, quite frankly illegal, tactics have only served to illustrate how intrinsically amoral and criminal the Darpists are rather than help to further demonise their victims.

In the final analysis of the facts, Darp and his criminal thugs come out of this affair looking more like lowlife gangsters than moral crusaders.

No comments

This Blog has been established for a serious purpose and since the Leftists have yet again proven they cannot even come up with one decent comment but prefer instead to clown around and fill the pages with nonsense and spam, the comments option is now withdrawn.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Whitelaw Offer

In light of the perpetuation of a certain lie and its apparent entry into Leftist folklore, Victor has decided to offer a bounty to anyone able to locate any verifiable “Death Threat” issued by Kromlek to either Darp or Weezil.

The prize for the finder of this elusive item will be a simple one, an ice cold beer, or perhaps more appropriately for an FDB member, an Ecstasy tab dropped in a ‘Cocksucking Cowboy’ and a free ticket to see Broke(Bent)Back Mountain.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


If the Truth offends then FUCK OFF read no further.

Some of what is posted below has already been referred to in the post “The Whole Story. Introduction”. But judging by the squealing noises coming from the Left there are still many pinheads struggling to come to terms with the concept of this White Nationalist information archive.

To assist the slow, the dull witted or even the terminally stupid, let old Victor make several things perfectly clear:

This Blog is not designed to initiate, incite, provoke or maintain any new conflict with FDB or other extreme, militant, radical Leftist entities. The WPCA and its members are deactivated and no longer politically (pro) active. Many are however still willing to help in the review of past events, setting the records straight and putting the facts into context. This help consists of donating collected material for publication by Victor Whitelaw.

This Blog is not a Forum. The items posted here are facts and not open for discussion or dispute. Hence dialogue with the Leftists and their various agents and fellow travelers will not be entered into.

This Blog is a repository of historical facts and information designed to assist the interested researcher in their task of presenting an accurate picture of the events.

Victor accepts no responsibility whatsoever for people who, through the plain and simple reproduction of their own words, come out looking like total arseholes. Perhaps if they’d initially chosen their words more carefully they would not now be embarrassed and frantically trying to blame others. It is an exercise in abject futility to shoot the messenger.
But hey, thanks for coming.

The FDB Slander Machine

The sheer breathtaking ferocity with which ‘Stug’ was attacked by the Darpists and their sycophantic lackeys within the Controlled Media over the really rather benign* so-called “Race Hate campaign” in Toowoomba was way out of proportion to his position within the White Nationalist scene and the importance of the WPCA Queensland in the overall scheme of things.

However, even a modest effort at research reveals why such a vigorous response was as inevitable as it was necessary. Many large regional centres of Australia, such as Toowoomba, and their surrounding environs, are test cases in covert coloured immigration. Any large influx of a highly visible group, such as Negroids, into major cities and urbanised zones gives the game away. This is very evident right now in the outer Western suburbs of Sydney, from Parramatta to Blacktown.

The “overspill” must be diverted somewhere and there must be a reasonable social welfare infrastructure to support them. Hence the choices in location, large country towns such as Toowoomba, Dubbo and similar centres and even the smaller cities such as Hobart! Inconveniently recalcitrant Whites must be ruthlessly steamrollered wherever they are foolish enough to stick their heads up.

The curious case of Dr. John Casey, the academic, international man of mystery and “Police adviser on Cultural sensitivity to the NSW Police Force” who was flown at some expense to Toowoomba, like some intellectual firefighter, shows how seriously the “powers that be” regard any determined White dissent. Clearly, money is of no concern to the Government when it comes to the smooth running of their long term plan to sneak in as many “refugees” from deepest, darkest Africa as is logistically possible.

There are many vested interests in ensuring the process of the Multicultural Industry advances unhindered and as the old saying goes, it’s an ill wind that blows no good. Despite the inevitable downgrading of all social standards, increased crime, unsustainable demands on the Medical, Welfare and Utilities infrastructures etc, some societal elements WILL prosper. Like the Black Marketeers of wartime, the kleptocracy of International Finance and their ‘useful idiots’ of the Left will make a killing.

Much time and money has been invested in the Multiculturalism Industry by the Cosmopolitan Internationalists and they are not about to allow some pesky White Nationalist ‘Rednecks’ to spoil their party and their dream of imposing a Twenty First Century Feudalism on the so-called Western Nations like Australia. White Australians are earmarked to become something far lower than the mere “White Trash of Asia”. They are to be the Serfs in the system of a Global Neo-Feudalism.

Many business enterprises heavily reliant on unskilled or semi-skilled process or assembly line workers will have access to a cheap and increasingly ‘dumbed down’ labour pool, a virtual slave caste. Also, certain specialised segments of the economy, such as the security industry and safety products manufacturers, will flourish. As the public utilities are degraded and neglected there will be a huge demand for ‘survival’ and ‘self sufficiency’ type products such as water purification units, filters, generators, storage systems, gardening equipment etc. Gated estates and wealthy ghettos will proliferate.

In their desperate haste to manufacture a nasty C.V. for Mr. Jim Perren and do a total character assassination on him the Darpists were only too happy to believe any story, however bizarre, so long as it discredited him as a Human Being. Unfortunately for them, they have slandered a hard working family Man innocent of their outrageous charges and in the process ended up discrediting themselves forever as a reliable information source. Why believe another single word from the already legendary liar Darp when the truth of the matter becomes known?

When the real facts finally filter through to the people foolish enough to reference FDB for their own commentaries on the Toowoomba affair there will be some very red faces. It so happens that there is local folklore tale about a person who lived in the Crows Nest region of Queensland who allegedly poisoned cattle, sabotaged windmills, burned down rural properties etc but it was most definitely NOT Mr. Jim Perren. The other accusations, such as firearms theft, are simply pure fiction and spiteful mischief.
The Stug that FDB have created with their fevered and lurid imaginations is a monstrous amalgam of several ‘bad guys’, a gestalt entity if you like, utilising the worst features of all the constituent characters. It is pure and simple demonisation and if their simple-minded advocates and followers are credulous enough to fall for such nonsense then they deserve everything they get.

But why did they not go to (logically) the best people to ask instead of relying on barmaid gossip and local folklore? Small country towns being what they are they had only to enquire at the local Police Station where the coppers would surely have set them straight. The local boys in blue who know the real Stug very well would doubtless have stated they regarded Stug and his family as good, law abiding people.

Unfortunately though, quaint as it is as a theoretical concept, so-called “investigative journalism” rarely occurs in reality. Most journos are lazy drunks or drug addled faggots sitting about picking their noses and gazing out the window while waiting for the next “anonymous tip” to come in. Then all the semi-literate hacks have to do is knock together a “story” which without the advent of “spellcheck” would resemble a five year olds “what we did on the Summer Holidays” yarn.

The only other very simple thing they should do is VERIFY the source. Sadly for him, a certain hack still hasn’t quite worked this technique out yet. Little wonder that Frank Sinatra once referred to 'Journalists' as “two bit whores!” Perhaps he should have added “not very bright” to his description.

Darp tells lies about Stug to Terry.D.

From: Mat Henderson-Hau to=dragonburn@hotmail.com&msg=0F085D8C-AF5C-4209-BFD7-
Subject: Re: benny
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 00:30:48 +1000
MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: from axxs.org ([]) by mc2-f41.hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.211); Sun, 7 Aug 2005 07:32:31 -0700
Received: (qmail 23658 invoked from network); 7 Aug 2005 08:40:46 -0500
Received: from softdnserror (HELO ? ( by axxs.org with (DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA encrypted) SMTP; 7 Aug 2005 08:40:46 -0500
X-Message-Info: JGTYoYF78jEHjJx36Oi8+Z3TmmkSEdPtfpLB7P/ybN8=
User-Agent: Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.6 (Windows/20050716)
X-Accept-Language: en-us, en


“I couldn't really care what you do or how you did it, except when it involves people that have done absolutely nothing to you.”

Fair comment.

Though it's a bit iffy when Benny Boy proudly boasts of having a 15 strong team working on his Redwatch campaign. I know Ben is full of porkies, but it does make you wonder when so many people publicly pat him on the back then send me sobbing emails in private about how they don't support what he does etc etc.

(shrugs shoulders)

In regards to PC's PC. I aint trying to worm my way out of anything and reiterate that nothing illegal was done. You can take me to Lyonswood Investigations for a lie detector test on that issue.

As for who is going 'anywhere'. I think you're stuck with 'anti' opposition permanently. As for what role I'll be playing in it, you'll see that it will gradually diminish over the next few months. I'm back in the ad game and can't really afford to tack another three hours onto my ten hour days.

Here's something for free.

We both currently know of one bloke that is going somewhere and that is Jim Perren. Mate, that town of his is NOT 'Redneck Country', it's a fuckin' Seachange town full of retired leftie schoolteachers and artists who are busily dobbing in his every move to the local journos and other busybodies about town who BCC it all to me (and I'm NOT asking for it!). If the current shite is to be believed, he and V…. have concocted a bullshit plan for him to fly the coop out west for a few months until the dust settles (this is the man who once said "EVERYONE IN MY TOWN KNOWS I'M AN NS AND THEY RESPECT ME FOR IT!" - pppffffft ...what a load of crap!). Why leave his missus to face the music?

She's even signed on for single mother's pension as well. *

*Where THIS confidential information came from is still subject to investigation.

This bullshit sympathy ploy of a busted marraige (Sic) aint going to work - I tell you that much, the press are wise to it. Jim is better off staying put where his family need him. I know Jim is a guy with a messed up past and more issues than MAD magazine but running away isn't going to help him.

Would it really be so hard for the guy to just get on with the business of fighting windfarms and shooting roos and leaving all the detrimental NS shit behind him? He's off the junk, away from the gangs, why not leave the last vestiges (ie, his politics) of a very fucked up life in the past and just get on with things?

Mate - if you guys can't pull off a sticker campaign in South Queensland without the whole shebang going belly-up, I don't rate you much of a chance anywhere else in the country.


Darp and others slander Stug on the Internet and manage to get almost EVERY detail about him 100% WRONG!

From Tim Blair’s Blog Site:


A certain law is observed in Toowoomba, Queensland, where 750 Sudanese refugees recently faced a one-man hate campaign:

The Sunday Mail has confirmed the source of the race hate material is a man who says he is from the Darling Downs town of Crows Nest and uses the internet alias Stug111 – a name taken from a World War II German tank
He also admits online to distributing material attacking multiculturalism around Toowoomba and on other occasions targets gays, uses the name of an SS officer, and says the US Central Intelligence Agency was behind the September 11 terror attacks.

Anti-Sudanese, anti-US, and anti-gay. Ol’ Stug is one crazy unit.

Posted by Tim B. on 07/31/2005 at 02:23 AM

Stug is a few rounds short of a basic load.

Posted by The_Real_JeffS on 07/31 at 03:37 AM • permalink

Anti-Sudanese, anti-gay, anti-US, likes to be associated with Nazis ... this guy is an Arab.

Posted by Sheriff on 07/31 at 04:38 AM • permalink


The Stugmeister is one crazy unit. He’ll never be as tabloid-friendly as David Palmerunfortunately.

Now that man is KKKrazy!

Posted by Darp Hau on 07/31 at 08:03 AM • permalink

Stug111 is a moron if he believes people who survived the hell that is Sudan quake in fear at a semi-literate pedophile (Sic) who spends most of his time in stained y-fronts at his computer.

This no-dicked, ball-less wonder uses the email address wernerostendorff@hotmail.com ; a reference to Werner Ostendorff, an SS officer who died in 1945. What’s the bet that Stug111 looks about as much like the real Werner Ostendorff as I do Gong Li. What sort of sad, pathetic f--k in his late 30s lives out this sort of inane fantasy?

Here’s an example of how dangerous these retards are:

28 June 04: Joe88 posts note on Stormfront inviting other white pride tards (Sic) to a BBQ in Brisbane

29 June 04: Stug111 says that he can hardly wait. “Nothing will stop me from attending this.”

3 August 04: Proudskinhead_88 writes: “Althought (Sic) use didnt (Sic) get the numbers like the WPCA in NSW did i understand use got enought (Sic) money raised to open a P.O box and get the ball rolling up there. 14/88 Well done fella’s” (Sic).

8 August 04: Barry Dupont responds: “Yes my Young Friend, we did not get the numbers (7) we expected at the BBQ. However, the $ raised was from 2 people! I personally have ‘made up’ the rest! Respect goes to one of the ‘donators’ who is on ‘sickness benefits’ - he gave more than I expected him to! I was all for ‘covering’ him - yet he still gave $10… That is $10 MORE than the other 4 people gave! Yes, that is right! People talk more than they donate! I am not happy!"

So, seven white pride guys turned up and they almost kicked in enough to pay for a post office box (but in doing so caused an ideological split in the ranks). At this rate they’ll have enough money for the penis pump they discussed at the barbie.

Posted by Hanyu on 07/31 at 09:46 AM • permalink

As for Stug’s appearance. He’s about 5’12, swarthy, beard, green eyes, a bit of a tub with a patholigical (Sic) hatred of windfarming above everything else, yes, even above the Sudanese.

Posted by Darp Hau on 07/31 at 08:57 PM • permalink

All wrong, wrong, wrong!

And what the HELL sort of measurement is 5’ 12? Is that 6 FEET?


FDB were quoted in a Toowoomba Chronicle article concerning Stuggy and within a day or so we were contacted by dozens of locals saying “I know who this mad bastard is.”

Some of the stories of the SE QLD WPCA shindigs are quite frightening though he (Sic) majority of the town gossip about the guy was highly amusing.

Crows Nest sounds like a ripper town. Bob and Cookie wouldn’t be out of place there (nor would Councillor Muldoon).

A Country Practice refs anyone?

Posted by Darp Hau on 08/01 at 01:07 AM • permalink

* A flyer depicting a White Woman with the accompanying message “The World’s most beautiful endangered species. White people!” hardly constitutes “hate” speech or “incitement to hatred” in this writer’s humble opinion.
Yet it was hysterically labeled as such by the typically shrill Left Wing Budgie cage liner "The Toowoomba Chronicle Newspaper" whose Editor Jason Purdie is a well known extreme Marxist political agitator and ideologue.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Whitelaw Guarantee

Old Victor is totally dedicated to bringing you all the facts about the Multicultural Hate Machine’s war against White Australian Nationalists.

He and his colleagues believe the best defence against their cowardly intimidation is to openly publish their gross lies and gutless threats as soon as possible and let as many people as he can know where to view them, right here.

So any of you Left Wing lunatics who want to be famous simply keep flapping your gums and posting threats and leave the rest to old Vic.

Remember, it’s quite simple, Victor responds to your provocation and he has an enormous supply of information. You stop the attacks on White Nationalists and Vic will have nothing further to say.

The Controlled Media Dogs Are (still) Barking

Despite the deactivated political status of Kromlek this writer still has access to his, and others’, voluminous data bases. For his part Kromlek feels perfectly justified and fully entitled to respond (through a third party) to the continuing lies of the Left. His contribution to this Blog of archival material to assist in setting the record straight is as much appreciated as it is necessary. He wishes it known that he is not interested in further provocation but reserves the right to provide facts as a counter to the filthy lies still emanating from the FDB hate factory.

In accordance with these agreed protocols, he today contacted Victor Whitelaw with news of yet another episode in his persecution at the hands of the Controlled Media. At approximately 2.30 P.M. today he was called on his employer’s mobile phone by Ms. Marnie O’ Neill of the Sunday Telegraph.

During the , at times, heated discussion she was apparently very protective of Darp and became incensed, becoming quite emotional, when Kromlek suggested Darp was a liar and an invertebrate creature of poor character. Is there perhaps a closer connection here? When Kromlek refused to reveal the (true?) identity of the third party (namely Victor Whitelaw) her tone became quite belligerent and threatening. She indicated this left her with “little alternative” but to name Kromlek publicly.

Kromlek, quite understandably, became angry at this overt threat and regretfully lost his temper. He accused her of threatening him and she denied this despite her having just implied as much. Kromlek stated that, in hindsight, Ms. Marnie’s tactics had been intimidatory from the start. He related how she had turned up, both uninvited and unannounced, in early January outside his employer’s office and, calling on the office phone, said “I want to speak to you. Look out the window and you will see me waving from my car out the front”.
If this reckless behaviour and blatant disregard for privacy is not both grossly intrusive and potentially job threatening then this writer doesn’t know what is! The intent is clear, to embarrass and humiliate and to capitalise on the current hysterical post-Cronulla political climate.
Darp and several of his motley crew have already claimed very close working relationships with the Controlled Media and indicated that Kromlek and others will be "tried by Media".
The reader may make up their own mind. All WE do is provide the FACTS.

Monday, February 20, 2006

When is incitement NOT incitement?

Why, when it’s committed by the LEFT, of course!

Instead of chasing so-called “White Supremacists” and “Neo-Nazis” (Read: Any spotty Fifteen Year old kid with a penknife and a fascination for drawing swastikas) perhaps ASIO, those intrepid protectors of all things Australian (insert sarcastic tone where required) might better spend their valuable time (and OUR hard earned Tax Dollars) having a chat over tea and scones with a certain Mathew Henderson-Hau.

I’m sure if I were an ASIO agent I would be absolutely FASCINATED to hear him explain how the following comments are not “incitement to hatred” if not actual “threats of violence” aimed at (love ‘em or loathe ‘em) the elected political leaders of Australia. As far as this writer can ascertain, the core duty of all the Federal agencies is to protect Australian Citizens, Australian assets and to ensure the physical safety of their masters, the elected Australian LEADERS.

The members of these various agencies can certainly not claim to be unaware of these offences having been committed when any child who can read and type can “Google up” the information in seconds. Nor can there be any uncertainty as to the seriousness of the offences and their status as real criminal acts. After all, ignorance of the Law is certainly no defence for any unfortunate ordinary Citizen who happens to be standing in the dock! So where ARE all the ASIO agents and the Federal Police officers? Oh. That’s right. They’re busy spying on White Nationalists!

From “Darpism.com”:

Wednesday 9th June 2004:

"I like Mark Latham. I like the fact that he comes from a housing commission shit-heap in the western suburbs and I like the fact that he’s got enough balls to stand up to George W. Fucknuckle Bush. I very much like the fact that he’s bringing former Midnight Oil front man Peter Garrett into the federal political fray and I like the fact that he’s comfortable in using generic Australian idioms. Arselicker.

Maybe I like Latham so much because my hatred for honest Johnny has gradually been getting unbearable. I’ve never liked the slimy little fuck but ever since the last election and the Tampa debacle, I’d dearly love to whack off in his salad and watch him eat it, at gunpoint.

Another major motivating point here is that I really, really, really want to see that fucking smarmy, slimy arsed, shit-eating grin wiped of Alexander Downer’s face come election night. I want to see him convulsed over in pile-driven agony when he realises he’ll be spending the next four years peeling off his own grape skins."

Thursday 10th June 2004:

Alexander Downer Must Die!

Y'all can just FEEL the love, enrichment and Multicultural inclusiveness can't ya? Mmmm...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

First Contact

The following are examples of the E-Mail exchange between Kromlek and Darp from early 2005 when the WPCA encountered First Contact with Darp, which demonstrate that despite initial aggression Kromlek DID make serious moves to broker some sort of compromise in an effort to get Darp off the backs of Darren and Lachlan.


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NOT a wise move pal.

From : Darp Hau
Sent : Thursday, 17 February 2005 12:26:15 PM
To : asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Subject : RE: ...


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From one stand-up guy to another (yes, I've been through that Perth Indymedia thread of yours and despite not agreeing with your beliefs, respect your ability to argue for them and stand by them. Most racists simply yell incoherent abuse and storm off.)

I like you to understand a few things.

I was more than happy to walk away after my first rate demolition job on Saleam. I mean, surely YOU can appreciate this kinda work. The guy is a nutter in self-denial.

I'm a busy guy, don't have oodles of time to spare for activism anymore. MY concern was Saleam and his goons getting cheeky on my home turf. I cleaned him out. Game over.

Hell, I'd never even heard of the WPCA! I was under the impression that you guys existed only as a figment of David Palmer's wacky imagination.

Until that is, some of your supporters began contacting me OUT OF THE FUCKING BLUE and started threatening me with all sorts of rubbish. MSN threats and emails threatening to be joining up with the PYL to be very "active in my area".

The same people who have now jumped FULLY into bed with the Lebbo PYL crew in the vain hope of some "strength in numbers" bullshit. Yeah sure, we'll see if they're still singing the same tune when Saleam's ASIO masters call for a sacrifice and one of them goes down like Stuart McBeth, PYL president, recently sacked by his employers for his activities.

I did what anyone would do and sought to neutralise those who would seek to do harm to me and mine.

I didn't cast the first stone here buddy.

Understand that this all kicked off because of loose cannons on YOUR side of the battlefield who were trying to bignote themselves by having a crack at me. You may think it admirable for these guys to try and further the aims of the movement by threatening me. Admirable maybe, but not particularly smart. A media spotlight in one hand, Unions on both shoulders and a QC for an Uncle.

Do I really have the fucking energy to exercise all this against a bunch of ragged head-bangers, psycho skins and the odd "patched" bloke? .


The Australian Union Movement has a huge twelve months ahead of it and THAT is where my attention needs to be focused

Note that my campaign against the PYL/Saleam was primarilly (Sic) triggered off by their "trimming" of public ideology. I deem that a racialist group concealing their agenda and causing dis-harmony in my community as being a threat.

Where the WPCA is concerned, you guys openly flaunt the swastika and don't bother hiding your agenda. I don't deem that a threat seen (Sic) as you declare yourselves up front and people are able to make an educated decision as to whether or not they want to be involved with something like that.

Go about your fucking business, I really don't give a fuck. What I DO care about are loose cannons trying to start trouble with me for no reason.



From: "Asgard Kromlek"
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: ...
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 10:28:51 +0000

Content-Type: message/rfc822

From: Asgard Kromlek
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: ...

Sent: Thursday, 17 February 2005 10:28:51 AM
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You know NOT with whom you deal. Welcome to the next level

From : Darp Hau
Sent : Friday, 18 February 2005 8:16:23 AM
To : asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Subject : RE: ...


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Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed

Your mate Ironbrotherhood has recently posted something extremely defamatory.

I politely request that you remove it or legal action will follow.


From : Darp Hau
Sent : Saturday, 19 February 2005 1:22:34 AM
To : asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Subject : RE: Fair enough.


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Great to see some common sense making an appearance. I guess us both being the sons of Union organisers shows that we know how to cut a deal.

Oh, and something between you, me and the fence-post. My fiancee is a Finnane.


I would much rather have the Lebbo Saleam bear the brunt of that. Ironic, considering my future wife to be's uncle is already respsonsible for putting some high profile Lebbo's in the big house.

The courts instructed him to bullet proof his home during the trial. That's where I've been staying in the event of any nocturnal visits from your lot. Oh well, seems like everyone knows where everyone stands and there is no reason to worry about that shit anymore.

As for threatening kids....sheesh....come on, they're KIDS for f's sake. Any fairy stories they told you are just that. The work of shitscared teenagers who probably should have built up more of a support base before they started talking big.

Trust me, you want 'the movement' to survive beyond the next decade, you gotta ween out those who will bring unwanted trouble against you.

From: "Asgard Kromlek"
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: Fair enough.
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 21:58:06 +0000

Content-Type: message/rfc822

From: Asgard Kromlek
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: Fair enough.
Sent: Friday, 18 February 2005 9:58:06 PM
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X-Sender: asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Received: from by by15fd.bay15.hotmail.msn.com with HTTP;Fri, 18 Feb 2005 21:58:06 GMT Content-Type: text/html; format=flowed

Dear Matthew

You sound very reasonable in your letter and I cannot argue with your logic. Provocation in this end of politics is often a two way street. I have had my rave and you have responded. Fair enough. As you suggest, we are very similar in our passion and loyalty to our respective ideologies and see ourselves as 'warriors' for our causes. I will respect your requests and back off. For now.'nuff said.



From : Darp Hau
Sent : Saturday, 19 February 2005 3:31:14 PM
To : asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Subject : RE: Fair enough.


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View E-mail Message Source
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Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed


Again I reiterate that I didn't kick this off. Two very stupid kids on your side of the fence did.

I sent you that 'peace overture' email BEFORE those kids (with Chapman's involvement) made up that defamatory JPG. At that stage, all was quiet, there was never any serious threat to those kids, no matter what bullshit they fed you so "someone" putting shit in my letterbox and calling for the troopers to come after me, was I deem, a very pointless escalation.

All was quiet, that was your ideal moment for detente. I note that you only chose to respond to my email AFTER the kids went and shot themselves in the foot with a 12 gauge AND after you realised that none of your mates were keen to put their neck on the line in a midnight rampage through Eastwood. You only chose detente after you realised the odds weren't in your favour. When you fel t (Sic) they MIGHT be, you were more than happy to come after me mob handed.

And that post on the ANN forum, mate - phhhwwwwooooaaarr. My legal ARE looking at that as the basis for an AVO and possibly worse. JUST LOOKING at it at present. PLEASE don't give me a reason to move on that one as well. I say that more for your own benefit than anything. Everyone loses their mind once in a while, but stupid violent shit just doesn't cut it in today's world.

Before I continue, I'd actually like to thank you for taking that JPG down.

Anyway, SURELY you understand the legal gravity of the situation as it stands at present. That was some HIGHLY dematory (Sic) shit those kids and chapman put together. We've got that JPG and we've got them on record talking about the various ways they would like to fabricate, slander and blackmail me. It's premeditated beyond belief.

They're fucked basically.

Have a good long hard think about what they did. Would you walk away from something like that? No, I think not. You would go in there all guns blazing and see to it that the people responsible cop the full weight of the law.

This is in the hands of my solicitors, it's going to happen. The WPCA needs to make the decision as to where they stand on "the kids."

You know that they're a liability, you know they fucked up, you know they've gotta wear the rap. How much of that rap the WPCA share is completely up to you.

There may/may not be a mass media angle to this. There are many things to consider first. Quite frankly, if I have to deal with another journalist in the next few days, I'll fucking scream. I'm sick to death of trying to explain the difference between a WN and an NS ...over and fucking over.

Understand that my concern FIRST AND FOREMOST is legal retribution against the individuals who defamed me. Against the INDIVIDUALS. You reading me here?

I will personally guarantee their physical safety. If it gets to the stage where I need to fork out a few grand a week for private security, I'll do that. NOTHING will happen to those kids besides a tidy lesson in Defamation Law.

So, please understand where I'm at. Regarding 'the brats' - the legal wheels are already in motion. Their status is no longer up for negotiation.

But as far as I'm concerned. YOU and I and the elder 'level heads' of the WPCA presently have 'an understanding'.

If you see it differently, that's your perogative. (Sic)


From: "Asgard Kromlek"
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Fair enough.
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 13:54:45 +0000

Content-Type: message/rfc822

From: Asgard Kromlek
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Fair enough.
Sent: Saturday, 19 February 2005 1:54:45 PM
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X-Sender: asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Received: from by by15fd.bay15.hotmail.msn.com with HTTP;Sat, 19 Feb 2005 13:54:45 GMT Content-Type: text/html; format=flowed

Dear Matthew

I’ve been having a read of your site and …erm…to be honest I’m a tad confused mate. Do we have détente or don’t we? How busy ARE you? You are taking some very large bites. Careful you don’t gag now.

Fingerprints? Whose? Postman Pat’s? Famous silks champing at the bit to be unleashed and clean out people’s bank accounts? Very strange. None of this impresses me as the sort of talk designed to hose a situation down.

How more accommodating could I have been? I am nothing if not a reasonable Man and certainly a Man of my word. But perhaps I WAS far too hasty and rash in my decision to negotiate a ‘deal’ of some sort.

Do I cancel the old Mexican standoff? Let slip the dogs of war? Do I need to contact MY barrister? I only know ONE, he ain't Horace Rumpole but he IS onside. Please elucidate.



From: "Darp Hau"
To: asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Fair enough.
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 01:22:34 +0000


Great to see some common sense making an appearance. I guess us both
being the sons of Union organisers shows that we know how to cut a

Oh, and something between you, me and the fence-post. My fiancee is
a Finnane.


I would much rather have the Lebbo Saleam bear the brunt of that.
Ironic, considering my future wife to be's uncle is already
respsonsible (Sic) for putting some high profile Lebbo's in the big

The courts instructed him to bullet proof his home during the trial.
That's where I've been staying in the event of any nocturnal visits
from your lot. Oh well, seems like everyone knows where everyone
stands and there is no reason to worry about that shit anymore.

As for threatening kids....sheesh....come on, they're KIDS for f's
sake. Any fairy stories they told you are just that. The work of
shitscared teenagers who probably should have built up more of a
support base before they started talking big.

Trust me, you want 'the movement' to survive beyond the next decade,
you gotta ween (Sic) out those who will bring unwanted trouble against

From: "Asgard Kromlek"
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: Fair enough.
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 21:58:06 +0000


From : Darp Hau
Sent : Sunday, 20 February 2005 12:24:03 AM
To : asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Subject : RE: Fair enough.


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View E-mail Message Source
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Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed

If all that still sounds a bit brutish on my side, I'll stick my neck out a bit further and do what I can to rein in Weezil. He is like our equivalent of Carl Thompson and David Palmer rolled into one.

That post Ironbro put up on him is partially correct. He stays at home and doesn't work because,

1) A vicious motorcyle (Sic) accident shattered his knees
2) He is a lazy fucker

And the bit Ironbro didn't know about.

3) He is fucking loaded and doesn't NEED to work.

He just bums around his McMansion all day thinking of ways to retro-actively campaign against the Vietnam War.

I mean, shit. Weez is talking up all sorts of shit against the kids. He wants to bring in DOCS and the tabloid gutter media (A current Affair and shit) then he wants to fly to NZ and finish the job in the courts. He's a bored old fart with money and I REALLY don't have time for his grand plans. I've already outlined where my concerns begin and end.

Oh, I probably should have informed you about some of the bigger claims on my blog, about being "at the head of column ready to eradicate race-hate groups from Aus and NZ". You can interpret that as literrary (Sic) licence. I have already informed you that my work priorities lie elsewhere for the next 12 months and beyond.



From : Darp Hau
Sent : Tuesday, 22 February 2005 12:45:08 AM
To : asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Subject : RE: Fair enough.


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X-Sender: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
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View E-mail Message Source
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="----=_NextPart_000_3fe4_7b02_794d"

Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed

sorry mate, I DID get that - just been flat out. Preparing a reply now.

From: "Asgard Kromlek"
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Fair enough.
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 21:42:48 +0000
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Content-Type: message/rfc822

From: Asgard Kromlek
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Fair enough.
Sent: Monday, 21 February 2005 9:42:48 PM
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X-Sender: asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Received: from by by15fd.bay15.hotmail.msn.com with HTTP;Mon, 21 Feb 2005 21:42:48 GMT Content-Type: text/html; format=flowed

As I received no response I thought this might have gone astray so I am re-sending it.

Dear Matthew

Sounds to me like you’ve got the kiddies bang to rights, LEGALLY, and probably enough material to come after the WPCA too. Morally? Not so sure. Still don’t understand how you can be ‘Working Class’ and handle things this way. It doesn’t seem very honourable or ‘warrior’ like. Appears more the way Bill Gates or John Laws or some other powerful silvertail would do it. Working Class blokes usually just front up like Men and duke it out in the pub carpark or similar. NOT through litigation.

How things have changed in the so-called ‘Labor’ movement since my father and myself were tradesmen. Not a lot of blue collars in sight any more, are there? Not a lot of ‘coming from the streets’ to work your way up to self-improvement eh? Just marry into money and privilege or don’t be Working Class AT ALL to begin with. Just be bourgeois and CLAIM you are Working Class. I wish I had a few spare grand just lying around to hire personal protection or WHATEVER!

White Working Class Westy battlers like me just have to do it the hard way. Through WORKING for it. Dumb cunts that we are. Not gouging society for ‘grants’ ‘scholarships’ ‘schemes’ or other handouts or suing the arse off anyone who happens to look at us sideways in the street. It’s a FUNNY old World innit?

Still, as you say, you guarantee their PHYSICAL safety but what a great start in life you’ll give them with RACIST on their rap sheet before they even shave regularly. You are probably quite bitter about your OWN youth, being of mixed parentage, but, as you well know, ‘Racists’ are bigger pariahs than PAEDOHILES these days and you are condemning these young blokes to wander through society unemployed and unemployable. How bitter and twisted are THESE blokes going to be? I can see the headlines now. Another Columbine? Melodramatic exaggeration? Maybe.

What you have set in motion is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You will CREATE the very monsters you despise. Young, hateful, violent, socio-political pariahs bent on revenge. Or do you REALLY think they will simply slink back to their bedrooms and cry their eyes out once you fuck their lives forever? So will Kromlek and the other ‘elders’ of the movement hang them out to dry? Hmmm.

Perhaps you believe it is impossible to make a martyr out of a White Nationalist in today’s climate. Perhaps. But what if that W.N. is a pimply, wobbly headed kid with bum fluff on his chin? Can even the average thick-headed lemming be so callous as to demand HE be strung up as a warning? Let’s see, eh?

I have served as a juror on several trials, two of them lengthy and complex, and have a good idea of how people think and how they perceive evidence and particularly ‘character’ profiles and references. NEITHER of us should be TOO confident and arrogant about ‘guaranteed outcomes’ even in what would amount to a ‘test case’ such as this. YES. It will certainly NOT be a simple ‘Defamation’ case. ALL sorts of mud will be raked out by BOTH sides.

History teaches us that total suppression of ANY group and denial of expression results in a pressure cooker situation. White Nationalists today are shut out of all avenues of legitimate representation and dialogue and screamed down with total knee-jerk hysteria. YOU know this. Do you REALLY think it is a GOOD IDEA?

We also appear to disagree on the chronology re: the sequence of recent events. I can assure you that I was NOT aware of further provocation from the young ‘uns until you informed me. I speak to IronBrotherHood reasonably regularly and have met him in person four times but have never spoken to ‘Goobs or met him and he DOES sound like the more ‘unstable’ and ‘unpredictable’ of the two. GOD knows what he has done.

Also, having three teenage kids, my access to the P.C. is limited. I do NOT even check my E-Mails every day and have often gone SEVERAL days without checking them. So I MAY have posted one of my attacks BEFORE I read your first ‘reasonable’ E-Mail and decided to back off. I am sure you can work it out if you look closely at the record of RECEIPT of my messages to you and my posts on various sites.

As far as your comments regarding my only being brave when the odds are in my favour I have since received several commitments to action from some very ‘useful’ individuals. Seems I shamed them into it. But due to what has come to light in the past 48 hours or so I have told them to hold their fire and stand down. It was at least heartening to know I was not going to be reduced to a one-man army. I am sure YOU know what it is like sometimes to get ‘supporters’ to commit themselves to ANYTHING that involves going outside their safety zone.

Oh, and by the way, despite my furious outbursts (as you indicate, we all go over the top sometimes) it was never really my intention to physically attack you EXCEPT in RETALIATION for any PHYSICAL attacks on the boys. I can bluff and bluster TOO but am not so stupid as to commit a pre-emptive attack. I always let the other mug throw the first punch. But apparently you don’t frighten that easily. Fair enough. Okay so I had it in mind to sticker your area with WPCA stuff to let you know we were real. So WHAT? Big deal. We have to put up with seeing Red shit all over the show every day. I am ALL in favour of maintaining an electronic/paper war. Let our respective PROPAGANDA to the ‘fighting’. If our stuff is SO transparently foolish, unconvincing or intrinsically wrong then we are no threat. Right?

I HONESTLY believe we are right but I also know YOU believe YOUR side is right. I would MUCH rather take you and your comrades on at an intellectual level, arguing our positions with facts, figures, theories etc but you KNOW we never get a fair hearing. It is just too easy to resort to stereotyping us as underachieving, maladjusted, sociopathic thugs. Lazy stuff really. You almost NEVER address the valid points we raise. So what happens? WE do it too and (apparently) confirm everything you throw at us.

And can we keep this dialogue between you and me. Posting EVERY FUCKING THING on your site only stirs things up worse than ever. I am sure you will be saving all our correspondence for future reference anyway so why bother? Thankyou for at least maintaining an open line of communication.



Oh and say G'Day to Weezil for me and let him know that I know what it's like to come off bikes. It fuckin' HURTS. I am a biker myself and have lost mates and seen many others incapacitated over the years. But tell him to focus his energies on lobbying for bikers rights through Motorcycle Political orgs like the Motorcycle Council of Australia. Sadly the good old MRA and Bikers Limited are but a fond memory. RIP.

From : Darp Hau
Sent : Wednesday, 23 February 2005 8:59:34 AM
To : asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Subject : RE: Fair enough.


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Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed

I've been advised to cease all communication with you for the time being. It's a legal thing, you know.

Last comment. I'd like you to be aware that the stuff I come out with in the coming days isn't aimed at you or the WPCA, it's aimed at someone else entirely.

From : Darp Hau
Sent : Friday, 4 March 2005 2:47:17 PM
To : asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Subject : RE: Enough is enough?


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Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed


No need to get your nose too far out of joint on this one. All will be explained soon enough and believe me, it's NOT what you think it is. Relax.

There are no families, "non-combatatants" (Sic) involved here.

From: "Asgard Kromlek"
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: Enough is enough?
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 13:49:41 +0000
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Content-Type: message/rfc822

From: Asgard Kromlek
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: Enough is enough?
Sent: Friday, 4 March 2005 1:49:41 PM
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Not for publication please.

Dear Matthew

Well, well, well. I get back from three days in the Central West doing an honest day’s White Man’s work and what do I find?

Compiling notes (a dossier?) on your political enemies, from publicly available sources such as Internet sites and Blog pages is not only a legal and legitimate it would actually be a dereliction of ones duty as a combatant NOT to do so. It is NOT ‘sneaky’ or ‘underhanded’ or ‘wrong’. It is your DUTY. This is the CORRECT way to garner information and intelligence. Knoweth thine enemy sayeth the Lord.

However, to employ some slimy, pencil necked geek to ‘hack’ into the personal files of a decent, law abiding person’s Family P.C. (That is ‘PERSONAL’ Family Computer) is not only a gross invasion of privacy, with many underlying sick connotations (looking through the kids’ school projects, photos of the wife and kiddies, work reports etc) but is ILLEGAL. That is a crime. C.R.I.M.E. A CRIME! A FEDERAL crime, no less. Your complicity in this crime, if not the actual perpetration, is clear for all to see.

I expect you to remove the post re: the ‘Campbells’ immediately just as I complied with YOUR request by removing offensive material from OUR Forum. This is BEYOND offensive. It is sick shit. It isn’t even clear what you meant to convey by this stunt apart from more self-indulgent wankery ‘proving’ what you and your agents are capable of. If you really mean to play the game this way, with NO rules at all, then I predict a rapid escalation in aggressive retaliation.

Please show some character and some common decency on this one and stick to playing the political game, not attacking families and other non-combatants and stay within the law. L.A.W. Law. You SEEM to think you know a lot about that. I think on this one you went ‘toofarmatthew!’



From : Darp Hau
Sent : Sunday, 6 March 2005 8:47:31 AM
To : asgardkromlek@hotmail.com
Subject : RE: Time to tell the truth


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You want truth? Ok, let's level.

Let me start off by saying that what follows goes against all legal advice I have received in recent weeks but I think I’m more likely to further my own ends by responding here rather than waiting things out.

With pertinence to your closing paragraphs, I don’t and have never feared 1%ers. I have enough safe channels of communication with those that matter in regard to these things. Weez has even more so.

The whole, “bunch of pissed off guys with nothing to lose” thing really doesn’t cut the mustard with me either.

Understand that present legal circumstances denote that all available information in regard to current matters is being gathered together.

The bigger story here is the manipulation of angry and vulnerable youth. Certain senior people in the WN movement have been mentoring confused kids and feeding their heads with all manner of racist garbage. Some senior folk have provided the young guys with flyers, stickers and t-shirts for recruitment purposes at their schools.

These children, under the impression that they have ‘protection’ from the older hands decided to kick off a campaign of intimidation against me. They suffered the humiliation of being chased down Druitt Street by a woman wielding a digital camera for their troubles.

They then sought MORE protection from the older hands. Some of this consisted of sending me threatening emails and threatening HARD COPY mail. Not to mention all the online promises of sending people to get me, etc etc. And Pete, you've admitted to doing a fair bit of this.

(shakes head)

It gets even more interesting when certain strategies to make me “back off” were suggested to these kids. Of course, we all know that their using of this strategy has kicked off a massive downward spiral for the Australian White Nationalist movement with a great deal many people now on the brink of public exposure.

From a media perspective, all this looks very Tom Metzger-ish and PREDATORY. Young kids being coerced into doing the dirty work for the older folk who were presumably feeding the kids with all that “you’re under 18, you won’t do time for anything” excuse. I’m sure you understand that information like this would make any news consumer froth at the mouth. Casual observers become angry activists when people find out that “they’re doing WHAT with our children?” You have kids, I’m sure you understand the outrage.

That is now the core issue at hand.

IF you feel that your PC has been in any way infiltrated, do as instructed by Bigpond and the ACA and forward all information to the police. Understand that the police will want to know WHY anyone would want to hack into your PC. What kind of information would be on there that people would find valuable? They will also want solid proof. You know that the White Supremacist movement occupies shadowy legal ground but if your conviction is so strong that a crime has been committed, then report it and chase, chase, chase it up.

As for shit like this:

"Thass rite, thass rite, muthafuckaz. We be lookin aroun in yo muthafuckin HARD DRIVES whenevas we WANTS to bro.

Do y'all muthafuckin know whut AH know? Yah mon, you do, you do! Pritty soon eva utha muthafucka gonna know it tooooooo!"

Apart from not really being able to comprehend this, I have no idea who posted. They have a GOOD firewall and the IP traces back to an anonymous Proxy in the US.

There are all sorts of people out there capable of this sort of stuff, see


You need to understand that being involved with the WN movement is asking for things like the NF hack to happen to you. There are just as many wacko leftie groups out there (who I have no love for) and guess what, they're actually very technologically capable and usually much smarter than their wacko right-wing enemies.

Let me put it like this. You may think that me being a prominent pro-multicultural activist is putting me in the public firing line for a skinhead beating. Well, YOU being in publicly active online as a White Supremacist puts you in the firing line for techno-savvy lefties.

You’re probably looking around for a lot of people and things to blame right now. You probably wish you never had any contact whatsoever with fucked-up teenagers. Kids who incidentally are making the overall situation for the WN movement in Aust and NZ much, much, much worse as every day past their deadline ticks by. One of them, and you know who I’m talking about, has admitted wrongdoing and offered to settle but is yet to offer an apology or show even the slightest remorse for his actions.

This person is so completely ignorant of the precariousness of their situation that they actually think they are in a position to bargain with me ON THEIR TERMS.

One of the many feathers in my bow is that of a voluntary youth worker. Having certain defamatory aspersions cast in my direction was extremely hurtful and potentially damaging to my repuation. (Sic) I am yet to recieve (Sic) an apology for injuries caused AND a full retraction. Certain someone's claim that part of settling on "their terms" involves guarantees that I will keep stuff off my blog and that I show ALL my cards prior to dealing, ie disclosing the names of my legal reps etc. That shit does not happen with pro-bono work.

The little dipshit is too fucking dumb to understand this and to realise how generous I have been to give him a week's grace (plus a few days). Likewise, too dumb to understand that he is NO POSITION to make demands of me.

I’m in a position where I most certainly don’t NEED to cut a deal with anyone, I don't NEED to give him a week's grace, I don't NEED to let my bleeding heart leftie nature get the better of me. I can follow on through and take the whole shebang to town and leave one heck of a mess in my wake.

I hark back to the seriousness of the defamation levelled (Sic) against me. Can you think of a worse thing to defame someone with? I can't. I'm still steaming out the ears over the whole thing and the lack of an apology and retraction has only pissed me off even more.

The Canterbury Bankstown Advocate already have SOME background info on what has been happening and are merely waiting for me to "discover" (ie feed them) the identity of certain young chaps before running a story. Harmony Day is a big thing in Doggies territory and this story is just further ammo as to why we need it.

Good luck with the missus.


From: "Asgard Kromlek"
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: Time to tell the truth
Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2005 01:34:04 +0000
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From: Asgard Kromlek
To: yougotoofarmathew@hotmail.com
Subject: Time to tell the truth
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Dear Matthew

‘Please explain’ what the comment ‘inverse Glencoe massacre on his hard drive’ actually means. Is this meant to indicate the installation of a virus or other such sabotage has been committed? Your skills as an ‘historian’ would stand you in good stead as a greengrocer. They are as poor as Paul Keating’s. It is a waste of time to go into the various errors in your assumptions concerning ‘Clan Campbell’. There were actually SEVERAL sub- septs and even an Irish branch from VERY early on in the piece. They were NOT a monolithic group and the various sub-septs had DOZENS of affiliated families. They were not ALL collaborators or genocidal maniacs. Besides, even if they WERE they could never compete with the sheer scale of the genocide perpetrated by YOUR ancestors. I refer of course to the Maori who decimated the aboriginal inhabitants of New Zealand (an act so thorough it is almost unprecedented in history) and the Khazars who, following their criminal ‘Bolshevik’ Revolution, (check the names on the original revolutionary council. You will find barely a Russian there and virtually ALL the subsequent commissars were Jews) murdered AT LEAST fifty million White people and ensured that hundreds of millions more lived a life of state imposed misery and squalor. Check out the biography AND the physiognomy of Stalin’s right hand man, Beria!

Now, back to business. Things are rapidly approaching critical mass. The poo might soon strike the propeller. I am asking for your cooperation on this one. I want something I can use as an argument why I should NOT act on this latest outrage. It was my wife’s account that you hacked and she is NOT HAPPY JAN. She is non-political and has no more time for your mob than she does for mine. She has contacted Telstra Big Pond re: the intrusion onto HER P.C. through THEIR system and they advised her to contact the A.C.A. and lodge a formal complaint. After being quite helpful, they in turn advised her to contact the Police Dept and give them all the details she has on this incident.

Obviously I am the one who has all this information, (I am sitting on it pending some signs of cooperation from you) and I am under pressure to provide it to her so she may proceed. We all know how this one is headed now don’t we? It will be messy and embarrassing for me if ‘all is revealed’. I could possibly lose my job and will almost certainly lose my marriage. You see she is under a lot of stress, what with going into hospital in a few weeks time for a very serious operation and has had the wind put up her by what can only be described as the electronic equivalent of a filthy thief rummaging through her lingerie drawer.

The kiddies are also a bit worried about some creeps out there having details on what school they attend and having access to their own personal files which contain their friends’ details, school project work etc. Also I can only assume you downloaded ALL our shared files and now have most of my contact listings, including mailing addresses, phone numbers, E-Mails etc. All these people have been alerted to this compromise of ‘security’ (Ha! Ha!) and I think if any of them so much as get a strange phone call or see a car parked outside their house we will all know this information has found it’s way into the hands of everyone from ASIO and AIJAC to MOSSAD. My employer might be interested to know that confidential reports and information pertaining to their business is now floating around cyberspace or being read by some geeky computer twerp who has no business breathing let alone reading other people’s mail.

You have (perhaps inadvertently) made a whole lot of people very twitchy and given them much less to lose. Twitchy people with nothing to lose can, in my experience, be quite nasty to deal with. (Remember the bikers?) These people think you were well out of order on this one and are ALSO not happy, AT ALL. I for one though, feel a strange sense of (almost) liberation now that everything is in the open. This has had the curious effect of emboldening me and reinvigorating my commitment to the cause.

Without trying on too much bravado I will say this much. Anyone who DOES decide to have a crack at me or my family had better come ‘tooled up’ or in decent numbers because I will NOT go down easy. THAT you may take to the bank. It is a 100% genuine promise. I will be walking with a spring in my step and on the balls of my feet from now on.



Red Alert

NOTE: The following is the text of an illustrated 44 page booklet available from the address below for $10.

Behind the smear campaign against Australasian Nationalists

By K R Bolton


To the late Sgt. Ron Keen who fought a real war against real Fascists, and then fought to preserve European civilisation in the aftermath of that war

© 2006
P O Box 1627
Paraparaumu Beach
New Zealand


This publication has been compiled as background material for police and journalists. New Zealand and Australian nationalists should also find it useful in identifying those who are slandering and physically attacking them, as a reference for legitimate forms of self-defence such as litigation.

Until now this writer, over the course of more than 30 years of Right-wing activism, has seldom encountered the type of personal smear-mongering that the Left has recently become engaged in. Neither has the Right hitherto engaged in personal vitriol against its opponents. The puerile abuse currently emanating from both is largely the result of the freedom and anonymity the internet allows.

What has aggravated the situation is the willingness of the news media to sensationalise such adolescent rambling. While the media has picked up on and sensationalised anything of a dubious character emanating from any kid who calls himself a ‘skinhead’ or a ‘nazi’ as evidence of “Right-wing” extremism, on the other hand the media has encouraged the more offensive and hateful outpourings of the Leftist smear-mongers, and portrayed them as heroic ‘anti-racism activists’.

The smear-mongers and thugs opposing Australian and New Zealand nationalists are spear-headed by an organisation/website called Fightdemback (FDB), founded by Mat Henderson Hau (aka “Darp”). Darp and his comrades would not normally merit any consideration. Unfortunately, the attitude of the media has necessitated a different course.


The symbiotic relationship between Fightdemback (FDB) and the news media can be seen by the very different attitudes of journalists towards Darp’s Fightdemback and e-blog Darpism.com websites and Australian nationalist Ben Weerheym’s counter website Leftywatch.

The smear-mongering and criminal libel hurled against Australasian patriots by Darp et al is utilised as a supposedly reliable resource by the media. FDB has been described by the media as “a Trans-Tasman group waging a campaign against racial hatred, xenophobia, and fascism…” Darp himself is portrayed as a “Nazi hunter”, and as an “anti-racist activist”.

Fightdemback’s New Zealand co-ordinator Robert Trigan has also been given favourable press coverage, as shown below. Mr Trigan is quoted in press interviews as stating of the FDB website that it is merely a resource to keep track of supposed ‘extremists’ as a means of self-defence against those who would supposedly target them physically. This garbage is quoted by journalists such as The Herald’s Derek Cheng and The Press’ Mike Houlahan without question. At the same time Trigan has condemned Ben Weerheym’s site as a “hit-list” and is seriously quoted as saying that this constituents an incitement to violence and a “terrorist threat.”

I do not know much about Mr Weerheym of Leftywatch, other than that his site is a very belated and comparatively meagre effort to counter the much more extensive FDB hit-list against Australasian nationalists. What at least can be said of Mr Weerheym is that he strives for accuracy and will admit to and correct mistakes on his site, in contrast to Darp who not only maintains the vilest of lies even when they are exposed, but invents new ones.

The nature of FDB as a hit-list can be ascertained from Mr Trigan’s own comments, and those of his Australian colleague ‘Weezil’, an ex-journalist who threatens adolescents in an effort to obtain the personal details of nationalists.

From: Robert Trigan
To: Peter Wolfwitz
Subject: Re: Anti-NF stuff
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 18:48:13 +1200

Hey Peter,

Sorry it took me so long to reply, I've been bogged down at work (I'm a lawyer, and things get pretty heavy here sometimes). Yeah, we've got a couple of people inside the NF. They feed us pretty good & constant information, which makes things a lot easier for us, for sure.
In regards to a couple of things you mentioned — which NF members are also in the RSA? Names and locations would be great.
Also, would you be able to send me any decent photos you have, along with any names of people in them that you know? The more we have, the better it is. [Emphasis added].

Keep up the good work,


If FDB only exists to keep tabs on potential threats to the safety of Leftists, as Mr Trigan maintains, then why are he and others so avid in seeking out personal details such as places of employment, schools, club memberships, and so forth? In particular, as we shall see, why do the Leftists misrepresent individuals such as myself as ‘violent’, and mention or even feature women nationalists who cannot possibly pose any threat to anyone? Why haven’t these activities been called into question by the media, instead of unquestionably regurgitating the transparent tripe of Mr Trigan, Darp et al?

This double standard was featured in The NZ Herald as follows. As can be seen Mr Weerheym’s website is called a “hit-list” and “an act of terrorism” on account of allegedly seeking photos, contact numbers and names of associates”. Mr Trigan flagrantly lies to Derek Cheng when he claims that FDB is merely collecting names and photos as a defensive measure. If Mr Cheng and other journalists would be bothered investigating FDB instead of being over-zealous in smearing the Right, they could have seen Mr Trigan for what he is.

Far-right group sets up 'hit list'


By Derek Cheng

A group with white supremacist links is setting up an online database of Australian and New Zealand left-wing activists, who are calling it a "hit list" and a "terrorist threat".
Webgroup Redwatch Downunder, based in Perth, has sent emails to groups in Australia and New Zealand, asking for information on "communists, ‘anti-facists’, anarchists, homosexuals, multiculturalists".
Details sought include photos, contact numbers and names of associates.
National Front spokesman Kyle Chapman said the list was "to counter what the communists do to us".
But anti-racism group Fight Dem Back said it was an act of terrorism.
"It’s a very scary thought," said FDB New Zealand co-ordinator Robert Trigan. "The general feeling in the community is of serious concern for safety and wellbeing."
He said Australian neo-Nazi Ben Weerheym was behind the email.
"[Weerheym] is basically saying, ‘We are gathering this information, do what you want with it’. It is clearly meant to incite violence."
Fight Dem Back has accused Mr Chapman of distributing Redwatch material here and saying: "We are getting to that stage where it will just be time to send the boys around."
Mr Chapman refused to comment on this, but said: "If the freaks ever threaten my family like they have some of the other guys, I will be the one doing the door knocking."
He said front members did not officially support Redwatch. "But if our members do stuff with Redwatch then that’s their choice."
He said "communists" used a similar list to intimidate front members.
Mr Trigan said FDB had a list of names and photos. "But no other information. It is so we know who we are dealing with. We would not use the information to attack them or their family members."
Police spokesman Jon Neilson said there was nothing to suggest New Zealand groups were submitting names. "However, we cannot discount individuals submitting material."
Police would not contact Perth police unless there was evidence of Redwatch-related crime here. [Emphasis added].

The Christchurch Press printed a similar story lauding FDB and smearing the Right:

Website target of hate emails
Mike Houlahan
14 June 2005
Political activist Robert Trigan does not mind talking to the media, but is not keen on having his photo taken.
“They don’t know what I look like and I want to keep it that way,” he says.
Trigan is not suffering from paranoia. “They” are members of far-Right political organisations, and Trigan is a New Zealand spokesman for Fight Dem Back, a trans-Tasman group waging a campaign against racial hatred, xenophobia and fascism.
Trigan’s fears seem to have some grounds. The Fight Dem Back website contains emails from neo-Nazis threatening its members, and the website of the New Zealand National Socialist Party — under the headline “Know Your Enemy” — has a photo of Fight Dem Back’s founder, Sydney-based activist Matt Henderson, as well as Trigan’s cellphone number and email address.
Trigan is described as “one nasty piece of work”.
“I know one of our Wellington members has been threatened a number of times by various people,” Trigan said.
“I’ve been very careful not to let them know where I live because I do consider it quite dangerous. It’s sad that it has come to that stage but that’s where it is, unfortunately. These people are not nice people. They don’t want to do nice things, and they certainly don’t have sympathy for me.”
Trigan, who met Henderson while studying in Sydney, became involved in the anti-fascist movement after the Christchurch-based National Front started exploring linking up with Australian groups with similar views. Initially, Trigan expected groups such as the Front to be small and extreme, and was dismayed to find their numbers ran into hundreds.
“If they’d remained as far-Right activism had been in New Zealand most of its life, just a couple of people shouting out on a street corner, then we wouldn’t have had to be responding,” Trigan said.
“We've been very careful not to let them know where I live because I do consider it quite dangerous.” - Robert Trigan
“The more organised and the more e active they get, it definitely needs a response … I didn’t think there would be more than a dozen people~ nationally, but there are quite a number. I expected it be a lot of young kids, 20 or younger, but there’s quite a lot of older people too.”
Far-Right parties have existed in New Zealand since the late 1960s, but with many of the same personalities involved, Trigan said. While names of groups and the level of activity changes, many of the people remain, the same.
One new dimension for the far Right was the internet, which Trigan said was extensively used by groups such as the National Front to recruit and organise demonstrations. Two high-profile internet-organised rallies by the National Front last year, at Christchurch’s anti-racism march and, a similar demonstration in Wellington, had helped boost the organisation’s numbers, Trigan said.
“Short term, it was great for them, but long term the intensity has got to them, and especially Kyle,” Trigan said, referring to recently resigned National Front leader Kyle Chapman.

“The consistency of stories about them in the media and the dodgy things they have done got to them and made them realise they are never going to get any public sympathy.”
That did not mean Fight Dem Back could rest on its laurels, Trigan said.

“(Far-Right) activity does ebb and flow, but it’s always there. We’ll be more active in the next few months looking at the new organisations that have been set up, who had moved where, and how far it’s likely to go.” [Emphasis added].

Again no effort has been made to investigate Mr Trigan’s claims, or what has sparked alleged threats against FDB from Rightists, who might not take kindly to their names and photos being publicised any more than Mr Trigan.

Net closes on racists

In another fawning piece from an Australian newspaper, The Towoomba Chronicle (Net closes on racists, 14 July 05) Susan Searle writes that, “NAZI hunters are using the Internet to track white supremacists and believe Toowoomba’s hate mail campaign is the work of a Crows Nest man.”

The online hunt has unearthed an Internet alias, an age, occupation, and personal detail down to a swastika on his motorcycle and a curious affiliation with a Returned Services League.

Mat Henderson-Hau, the campaign co-ordinator Fight Dem Back!, is missing one key element in exposing the culprit — the man’s name….

"We don’t want these people thinking they can go around putting things in people’s letter boxes, or putting up posters, and for there to not be a reaction to it….
…Meanwhile, Mr Henderson Hau, and his band of 300 Fight Dem Back! surfers, are trailing footprints over the Internet…. [Emphasis added].


If FDB is NOT a hit-list would journalists such as Derek Cheng and Mike Houlahan care to explain the reason why one of Darp’s principle colleagues, ex-journalist Weezil (aka Brian Stokes), harassed a couple of Aussie kids to try and force them to provide personnel details on Australian nationalists?
In keeping with the Darpist ‘special interest’ in youngsters, this coterie has singled out youth for intimidation. MOST of those ‘exposed’ on the FDB and Darpism websites are youngsters. The following cases of harassment of two youths by Darpists have been documented by Dr Jim Saleam. Emphasis added.

Darp Targets Two ‘Minors’

In January, February and March, Matthew Henderson (‘Darp’) set out to harass two young members of the Patriotic Youth League (PYL). The first victim was Darren. Darren is 17 years and resides with parents. In 2004, he developed a political interest. The second victim was Lachlan. Lachlan was 16 years and resides with his parents. In 2004, he developed a political interest. It is understood that these youth wanted to serve an Australian nationalist organization. Uncertain of where to find one, they surfed the Internet and located certain groups. Later they moved on to the PYL.

Darren indicates that Henderson first contacted him via the Stormfront forum (SF). It was seemingly in the weeks before the 19th January 2005 rally held by Australia First and PYL outside the offices of the CFMEU offices in Sydney. Henderson went by the name ‘whitepride’ or something similar to the best of Darren’s recollection. That particular account has since been deleted by the hosts. Darren, in a private message via the SF website, passed on his mobile phone number to Henderson as the latter mentioned an interest in attending the 19th January 2005 rally. This rally had been mentioned on the public ‘OZ/NZ’ section of SF.

Henderson, now with knowledge of the rally, used this time to organize a small anti-racist counter protest including CFMEU members and Socialist Alliance members plus some other individuals. The 19th rally also featured on the socialist ‘indy media’ or Independent Media Centre. This allowed activists to mobilize to oppose the nationalists. Even so, the nationalist was a success and led to wide publicity.

Darren reports soon after the rally that Henderson began to call him on his mobile phone. A young nationalist interested in the legalities of this situation, asked Darren how many times this happened. "Did it happen more than say 5 times?" he asked. "Yeah definitely", he replied. It seems likely Henderson rung him at least 7 – 15 times over a period that went from approximately 20th January till 15th February, a total period of 25 days or 3 weeks and four days. Darren has recently asked Telstra for his mobile phone records for this period and this will help clarify the matter further.

Darren agreed to meet a prospective member in Sydney at Town Hall steps. This happened in February. Darren arrived early and observed a man sit down on the seats and read a book. After ten minutes Darren approached the man and introduced himself. Soon after 2-4 adult females approached and began to photograph Darren, in particular they photographed his face from various angles. Darren covered his face with his hat and walked away in the direction of Circular Quay passing along the East side of the Queen Victoria Building. The females stopped pursuit soon after. The photos later appeared on the web on ‘Weezil’s (a former journalist and associate of Henderson whose name is Brian Stokes of Round Corner). Henderson also reported the matter on his website.

Later on the same day Darren received a call on his mobile phone from Henderson. Henderson threatened to expose the photographs of Darren on the internet and in newspapers unless, Darren gave him information on the nationalist scene - names, address, schools, work places etc. I believe Henderson wanted information in particular concerning Lachlan, whose email address and general location in North Sydney had been discovered by Henderson via SF or the WPCA forum.

In mid-February Darren named Henderson as a paedophile when he entered the WPCA forum. Henderson responded by emailing Darren threatening him with extensive legal action including suing him and liquidating his parents personal assets and home property, unless Darren apologized in full for his actions.
[1] Darren replied by email without an apology but seeking to resolve the matter peacefully. After this incident Henderson no longer called Darren on his mobile phone. Darren received little correspondence from Henderson after this time.

It is the reasonable apprehension of the young person, Darren, that Matthew Henderson may commit further offences in the pursuit of an objective of a political character. It is understood police may recommend an application for an apprehended violence order. At this stage the substantive matters are considered to be of a quality which may lead to appropriate action rendering an application of the former sort unnecessary. It may be open … to consider that Henderson committed a Crimes Act offence.

Henderson then began to target Lachlan on his website Darpism.com. He found out and hinted strongly at Lachlan’s high school ("he goes to the only private high school on the North Shore with a bagpipes band"). This information came from a nearby high school student who knows Lachlan and who happens to be Jewish. Again the connection is unknown between Henderson and this student but he seems to be the third member of Henderson’s three main associates, the others being Weevil and someone else who is good at surfing Google to gather information.

At this time a person who wrote under the pen name ‘Asgard’ and who was involved in the WPCA group had his computer hacked into via his IP address by Weevil. ‘Asgard’s’ situation comes into this account because he had certain mailing contact details and addresses of WPCA members on his computer hard drive. Lachlan confirmed that ‘Asgard’ had his address because he had previously subscribed to a publication issued by the group. Lachlan had also started corresponding with the National Front of New Zealand and had considered at one stage initiating a similar (youth) group in Sydney. He was an obvious target for the heroic anti-fascists.

Weevil (or Weezil) enters here more prominently. He e-mailed Lachlan twice in early March. One e-mail informs Lachlan that they know his address. The other (order uncertain) is reproduced below (in part) as well as Lachlan’s response at the top:

At 11:39 PM 03/06/05 +1100, you wrote:

I frankly don't understand why you people are still harassing me. It’s fairly obvious that your scare tactics have worked and that the NFY is over and I’m no longer active. But if you wish me to announce it then I will. So you won hurray everyone is happy except for the WN community. I don't get why u sent me pictures of darren though....

Henderson is of main interest as he can be pursued for harassing Darren with many unwanted phone calls. This can classified as ‘Intimidation’ as defined below by the Crimes Act. Also Lachlan’s details have been mentioned on Henderson’s website and he has received -emails with his surname and address mentioned courtesy of the individual calling himself Weevil or Weezil. This can be seen as harassment via e-mail. Also both minors Darren and Lachlan have received threats that could be seen as an attempt at blackmail. Darren was threatened that his parents would lose their house in blunt terms if he refused to withdraw the paedophile accusations on Henderson. Lachlan was threatened in the above Weevil e-mail with a custodial sentence if he did not ‘inform’ on someone in the patriotic community.

Finally let me draw your attention to a sentence in the e-mail from Weevil:
" What I am inclined to believe is that you and Darren were given advice by someone in the WN arena that to throw us off your backs, you should hatchet job me & Darp."

The words "that to throw us off your backs" proves the intent and previous actions of both Henderson and Weevil; namely stalking, harassment, and intimidation via both telephone, information gathering activities, email and internet exposés of personal details on websites. Were these two trying to get Lachlan to make some false allegation against a person?

“This was no joke, no little high-school stunt. You decided to fuck around with real adults and their families in a real world of LAWS.
“Did you know conspiracy to defame is a CRIMINAL offence, Lachlan?[3] Even as a juvenile, you could do a custodial sentence for this. I was a working journalist until I retired because my knees quit- but my brain is still quite sharp, young man. I bring every one of the investigative skills I ever learned to this case. Suffice it to say you *really* picked the wrong old fart to piss around with.
“What I am inclined to believe is that you and Darren were given advice By someone in the WN arena that to throw us off your backs, you should hatchet job me & Darp.

“I will eventually find out what happened here. You can tell me or you can tell it to the judge. You can wear the whole deal or you can tell me who put you up to this. Kyle Chapman? (name removed J.S.) a.k.a. "Kromlek of Asgard"? Someone else?
“I want names, Lachy.


That FDB is a hit-list that goes beyond identifying those who might cause violence to Leftists becomes obvious when we consider some of those FDB is identifying. The targeting of ‘MS’, at the time a university student, since graduated, should cause pause for thought.

MS has had a background in Leftist causes herself, before becoming a nationalist. She was a lone woman recovering from an operation and offered low key support for the Right. How she can be regarded in any manner as a ‘threat’ to anybody is something that maybe Tim Hume, Derek Cheng or Mike Houlahan could explain. Yet her photo and details are displayed by FDB.

FDB lyingly describes MS as “one of the NF’s main Wellington organisers”. In what must be an effort to provoke violence and harassment against her, she was also lyingly described by FDB as being ‘frequently in the company’ (sic) of Nic Miller, the ex-NF organiser involved in a fracas with drunken Somalis. MS was left feeling very intimidated and vulnerable, particularly having to attend university. Her great ‘crime’ was that she had been able to break Cale Olsen (in a concussed state) out of the violent mob that was pursuing him through the streets and take him to a university premises, amidst frenzied shouts about lynching etc. I suppose that in itself would cause the undying enmity of the Left.


As part of FDB’s misinformation strategy, MS was then manipulated as part of a hoax to try and get a certain “Susan Ivanova” listed on Mr Weerheym’s Leftywatch. MS relates the following:
“(20 Oct)
Just had a bit of a run in with one Susan Ivanova in the computer lab. She seemed to be a nice enough girl, but really believes I am a fash. She asked me how was leftywatch and I asked her where she stands and she said “on the floor”. I’ll tell you more about it later but I noted this altercation in my book. She also looks rather similar to DL. As she walked away she said “most people have given up on fascism 60 years ago....

I think I may be right in saying they’re targeting me because I am weak and I also move alone much of the time.

Gotta go now as I think they’ve sent someone else in to watch me. I was right to be on hyper alert. Apart from tomorrow briefly I don’t think I’ll be spending too much time here at varsity in the future. M

“Susan Ivanova, 2:37pm first approach. Stood, over me asked me “So how is lefty watch?” I asked her where she stands to gauge the reply I should give her and she said “on the floor”. She offered her name as Susan Ivanova. Then she said it again and she said “So you believe in a jewish conspiracy do you?” and I said to her “No I don’t” Then she went back to her computer and I went to websites with kittens for a while and then at 2:46 pm on 20 October 2005 she waltzed out of the computer room yelling out: “Most people gave up on fascism 60 years ago. It’s over”. M

Susan Ivanova had shortly before been another ‘tip’ anonymously sent in to Mr Weerheym, as being an anarchist of Russian-Jewish descent and leader of an anarchist group called the “Army of Light”. By a remarkable coincidence she also happened to share that role with a namesake on the TV science fiction series Babylon 5. This little interlude indicates the obsessive lengths to which FDB will go in its Transtasman vendettas.


The smear-mongers are for the most part affiliated with Fightdemback. Unlike the Darpists who spend much of their time trying to intimidate every adolescent who they can discover going through some supposedly ‘nazi’ or ‘skinhead’ phase; we are not bothered about every delinquent youth who imagines himself to be a communist or anarchist revolutionary. We are only concerned with those of the hard-core Left whose vindictiveness against political opponents and ability to utilise the media give rise to genuine concern.
Some of those prominently involved with smear-mongering and/or thuggery against New Zealand nationalists are profiled below:



Founder of Fightdemback (FDB) which bills itself as leading the opposition to so-called ‘race hate’ in Australia and New Zealand, FDB arose from the smear-mongering entries in Darp’s blog-site Darpism.com.

Among Darp’s boasts is that he enjoys body surfing into ‘fat kids’. Darp possesses some type of phobia against obese people. He is heralded by the news media both in New Zealand and Australia as a respectable ‘concerned citizen’ and ‘anti-racist activist’. He portrays himself as the ‘heavy’ against ‘fascists’ and ‘racists’, but despite the bravado he seems to specialise in bullying school children. As for his psychological motives, perhaps they derive from a of fear of an authoritarian parent? An article on website ‘bloggers’ states:

“Mat Henderson-Hau, 28, is a small fish. He makes no money from his website and lives with his parents, who do not know he is a “blogger” or web logger. “I wrote an article for the Heckler [in the Herald] about my parents and Dad got really angry,” he said.”


Some random entries from Darpism.com blog site [Emphasis added]:
Sunday 6th June 2004:

“Stop living in denial. Fat chicks are probably the worst offenders here. Prancing around in Gosford skirts (Just before The Entrance) with hail-damaged thighs that look like they’ve been hanging out at the bottom of a golf driving range. If you’ve got a body best suited to piano throwing, I, and the rest of physically decent society, don’t want to have to look at it. Cover up!”

“So what about fat cunts who are happy with their body image? As long as they’re not plonking their fat sweaty arse next to me on a packed train, I don’t care.”

Wednesday 9th June 2004:

“I like Mark Latham. I like the fact that he comes from a housing commission shit-heap in the western suburbs and I like the fact that he’s got enough balls to stand up to George W. Fucknuckle Bush.

I very much like the fact that he’s bringing former Midnight Oil front man Peter Garrett into the federal political fray and I like the fact that he’s comfortable in using generic Australian idioms. Arselicker. Maybe I like Latham so much because my hatred for honest Johnny has gradually been getting unbearable. I’ve never liked the slimy little fuck but ever since the last election and the Tampa debacle, I’d dearly love to whack off in his salad and watch him eat it, at gunpoint.”

Another major motivating point here is that I really, really, really want to see that fucking smarmy, slimy arsed, shit-eating grin wiped of Alexander Downer’s face come election night. I want to see him convulsed over in pile-driven agony when he realises he’ll be spending the next four years peeling off his own grape skins.”

Friday 25th February 2005:
“With the extent of my reach and my BALLS OF FUCKING STEEL it doesn’t matter which side of the Tasman you’re on, I’ll fucken have ya! Simple as that.”

Thursday 10th June 2004: “Alexander Downer Must Die!”


The level to which the Darpists will sink in order to smear those they hate politically is shown in particular by the way they find it amusing to fling the charge of child abuse and even paedophilia about. That they should make light of something so vile should by itself give pause for thought.
The following was posted as a hoax in an effort to implicate Ben Weerheym as a paedophile. Could ANY charge be more harmful and disgusting?
Mr Weerheym posts the following examples and his own comments on his website Leftywatch (emphasis added):
“Wednesday, November 16, 2005
A quick note to all readers
Something that has been going on since, well, the beginning of this blog (upon ruffling the feathers of far left bigots) is the impersonation of me, Aussie Patriot AKA Ben Weerheym by virulent far left communists/marxists/homosexuals and general anti-white hate mongers, mainly from Mathew "Darp" Henderson’s 'Fightdemback!' gang.
The people in question have used my name when posting disgusting, grotesque, offensive and morally bankrupt messages directly and indirectly relating to sodomy, paedophilia and rape and think it is funny.
They should be really proud that their group harbours these kind of miscreants and that they are on show for all the world to see.
The following two posts were made by one or two of the people described above [as per Leftywatch site]
I would like this to be known as I find what was written to be the epitome filth.
Aussie patriot (left wing hypocrite) said...
“But that doesn't mean I don't want to lick a baby's naked bottom.
1:08 AM
Aussie patriot (far left hypocrite) said...
Really, I am completely fixated on nipper nipples.
I accuse everyone else of paedophilia because I am consumed with guilt over my own sick desires.
1:12 AM
A note to main collaborators of Fightdemback and Mathew 'Darp’ Henderson:
You people should think about pulling your socks up. If you want the general public to think that you are righteous and a group to be respected, I suggest you have a word to you the members of your group that find things like the above posts amusing.”

That Darpists are responsible for such sick postings is perfectly attuned to their modus operandi, as per their sick efforts to link this writer to “child porn.” In a posting slandering this writer by Darp dated Feb. 1 2005, he states:
“…There was also a very interesting scandal in recent times when a journalist uncovered links between Kerry Bolton’s Satanic mail order
[6] business and a Child Pornography distribution ring.”[7]

When Mr Weerheym requested this writer to make a statement regarding the allegations levelled against me by FDB, so far from the Darpists correcting their lies, childish rants were posted by them in response on Mr Weerheym’s ‘comments’ section. In addition one ‘anonymous Darpist’ added:

“He has a half Maori kid boyo and his Satanic Newsletters featured advertisements for a banned book society that also dealt in child pornography.”

After several requests for the specifics on these alleged advertisements, the Darpists at first became abusive, then suddenly became totally silent.
As for the Sunday News article dating back to 1991, it was written by Les Wilson. Having written to the editor of the Sunday News, Mr Chris Baldock, he replied (8 December 05) that Mr Wilson had moved to Australia ‘some time ago’ and none of the staff knew his whereabouts I have not been able to contact Mr Wilson as I would very much like him to explain his ‘evidence’, which he was never called to do.
I have long since dumped all material on this matter. Fortunately, over a decade ago a then colleague posted the Press Council deliberation on the internet, from which I reproduce the concluding paragraphs of the Press Council decision:
“In her reply, on behalf of the Sunday News, Wellington lawyer Sandra Moran said it should be noted no reference was made in the article to any named person regarding the OLHP.
The article had been carefully researched and was published in the public interest.
The Press Council found that the article had expressly linked the OLHP with what was said to be a recently exposed child porn ring in Christchurch without providing any information to support the allegation.
Accordingly the complaint was upheld.”

Sandra Moran, acting on behalf of the Sunday News, had attempted to deny the article linked the OLHP, and by implication myself, with child porn, etc., stating to the Press Council that the article "does not state that the OLHP is responsible for child abuse or child pornography", and the complaint therefore has "no merit". But the Darpists’ strategy has to be a classic example of the “Big Lie” – repeat a lie often….


Yet most curious is that while Darp continues to maintain on his site that this writer was associated with child porn Darp himself boasts of his own prowess at abusing children. Here are Darp’s own comments about a new-found ‘sport’, the entry of which I have verified for myself [Emphasis added]:

16 Feb. 04
Fat kids
“I have discovered a new sport.
It is a cross between tenpin bowling, ironman and Turkish mud wrestling. I don't yet have a name for it; maybe one of my erstwhile readers will concoct something based on the following description.

The game is played in the surf, in rough surf with decent booming waves. Instead of simply bodysurfing and catching waves into shore for the pure physio-aesthetic appeal of it, you catch waves and bodysurf whilst aiming your trajectory at very fat children, the aim being to scatter them like tenpins. Now, I've always had time for fat kids, I think they're a fantastic source of visual entertainment. …

Saturday was a bumper crop; I waded out into the surf and cast my eyes around for prospective targets. I spy a cluster of five or six little fat cunts, all of them resplendent with the best man bosoms you've ever seen, one of them is wearing a mini wetsuit and you can make out each goddam individual roll of chubber - he was squeaking as he walked.

I swam out past the sandbank and waited for the next set to come in. I lined myself up with the target, moved a few metres to the south to allow for the current, looked back and saw my wave approaching. I sprang up from the ocean floor and hooked myself on it perfectly, keeping my torso ahead of the break; I steamed towards my Burger King sponsored tenpins like a fucking rocket.


They were all waist deep in the water midway through the sandbank when my head collided with their blubber. I must say, it was probably the softest and most bouncy collision (intentional or otherwise) I've ever been involved with.

They scattered. One flew back on his arse and then rolled over on his back; another two clashed heads and stumbled over sideways. Their leader, who I christened "Double beef, bacon and cheese" - or "D-BAC" for short, managed to hold his footing by virtue of his superior weight; the waves could have broken against him all day and he would have remained as immovable as a fucking lighthouse.

I didn't see where the rest of my targets lay but I took a great deal of pleasure in watching them dedicate a weeks worth of physical exertion to the basic primal activity of getting back off their arses. They heaved, grunted, sweated and mumbled obscenities as they re-grouped. I duck dived and swam back out, waiting for another ideal wave….

As I rose for my first gulp of air in what seemed like hours, I bore witness to a repeat of the spectacle I'd just witnessed. Fat little cunts all struggling to get back on their feet, some of them hobbling now and a very pissed off looking D-BAC clutched his jaw and shot me daggers. I felt it pertinent to say something so I chirped out the usual up-beat apology that one offers in mid-surf collisions and made my way back out to the catching zone….
It wasn't the most ideal wave but it held up for long enough to give me some serious steam, this time I wasn't going to make it look like an accident. I torpedoed on towards them with arms outstretched and fists clenched, legs kicking like a madman to build up even more speed.

Q-PAC was the first to notice and he yelled a warning to the others but it was too late. D-BAC took my impact head on, well 'belly-on' anyway. He was finally dislodged arse over tit, signalling an end to the game and a victory to yours truly. The rest of them lay in a similar manner of physical disarray, moaning, groaning and (here is where I felt a bit too slack), one of them was actually bawling….

M. posted by Darp @ 12:06 PM”

Darp and his Wellington school teacher comrade Barrie Sargeant make a great deal of this writer’s former involvement with the occult, not that interests in metaphysics would normally merit a cause for smear-mongering, or that such interests are particularly out of place for the Right-wing. As we have seen, Darp had made reference to it in relation to his perpetrating the child porn lie.
But Darp conjures a link between this writer’s involvement in occultism which ended in 1995 and my involvement in the NZ National Front, with which I was involved ca. late 2003 to early 2005. Darp writes [Emphasis added]:
Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Everything you wanted to know about the NZNF but were too doubled over in laughter to ask.
What follows is a compilation of ALL the NZ stuff which appeared in www.darpism.com. A more concise run down of this group will appear on the main FDB site soon.
The latter bit may be a bit of a problem considering that Kyle isn’t actually the brains behind the NZNF, he is merely the public front. The brains belong to the NZNF Secretary, a self-confessed Satanist named Kerry Bolton (pictured)

Wannabe Anti-Christ. [Posted by Hello]
You can download a good interview with Bolton here . It’s strange and spooky stuff which might do your head in a bit if you don’t like reading about the Occult. ….
I’ve been scratching my head quite a bit as to how a born again Christian and a self avowed Satanist could form any sort of productive alliance. According to the good people at Multicultural Aotearoa, the rank and file of the NZNF absolutely HATE Bolton and are quite spooked out by all his blood-drinking witch doctor shit.
There was also a very interesting scandal in recent times when a journalist uncovered links between Kerry Bolton’s Satanic mail order business and a Child Pornography distribution ring.

So here we have Darp supposedly perplexed as to how a ‘self-avowed Satanist’ and a ‘born again Christian’ (then NF director Chapman is a Mormon) could become aligned. Just maybe Darp could understand this if he was able to accept that this writer left occult interests ca. 1995. But it serves Darp to maintain the fiction. He reinforces his fixed idea mentality by reiterating:
“According to the good people at Multicultural Aotearoa, the rank and file of the NZNF absolutely HATE Bolton and are quite spooked out by all his blood-drinking witch doctor shit.”
“So, lest to say that things are a bit tense between the rank and file and their Grand Satanic Overlord.
Bolton serves his purpose. As one of the only people in the NZNF with the ability to string a coherent sentence together, he is in charge of producing all flyers, posters, stickers and anything else that needs the correct spelling.”

The mere fact that a decade separated my departure from occultism and my joining the NF makes Darp’s claims problematic. Not that there aren’t still people among the Right, who subscribe to various occult paths. It is part of discovering one’s heritage and spiritual roots, or trying to escape the consumer society, and more popularly takes the form of witchcraft which tends to attract liberals and New Age pseudo-traditions stemming form American Indians et al. It only becomes an issue when it involves Rightists.


One has to wonder about Christ-hating Leftists who pretend to be concerned about the involvement of other’s supposedly in occultism or any other non-Christian religion or philosophy. Again Darp is projecting his own background onto others. After all the guff about Satanism and the two-faced reference to, “strange and spooky stuff which might do your head in a bit if you don’t like reading about the Occult. ….”, it transpires that Darp himself not only has a background in occultism but an interest in Aleister Crowley, the late 19th and early 20th century English “Black Magician” and self-styled “Great Beast 666”. Here’s Darp in his own words on his occult interests:
“My eleven year-old brain, then besotted with my own private investigations into the un-knowable and the arcane was absolutely transfixed by Bowie’s lucid imagery and offhand references to Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn. Here was a guy who was into the same sort of stuff that I was, here was a guy who had also spent a considerable amount of time dwelling on the ultimate unknowable – what the fuck are we here for?

Maybe Darp will now find it expedient to say that he was only a kid when he had these interests, but (unlike myself) nowhere does he repudiate them. He rather sees these interests as “dwelling on the ultimate unknowable”, yet feigns shock at others who might have similar interests. At the very least, when he makes sarcastic quips about ‘blood drinking witch doctor shit’ etc. he is consciously misrepresenting such interests to serve his own agenda.

It becomes all the more strange when you consider that one of Darp’s leading comrades, FDB forum moderator Daphne Lawless is a leading communist with a background in wicca (witchcraft), of whom more later.


Normally this would not merit any attention, but the Darpists have decided to make an issue of it. I will explain briefly. By the late 1980s I decided to investigate political factions in the occult.

Certainly the Right is more aligned to the metaphysical than the materialistic Left and there is nothing shocking or unusual about Rightists being involved in metaphysics, whether as Catholics, pagans or gnostics, a particularly famous e.g. being the Irish poet W B Yeats. Darp’s feigned attitude is also bewildering when one considers that as a member of the Green Party he must have come across his share of wiccans (witches) as wicca tends to attract both feminists and Greenies to the extent that the Norse equivalent Odinism or Asatru attracts Rightists. We will also consider in due course Darp’s colleague, Daphne Lawless, the transgender communist witch.

In seeking out supposed Rightist factions among occultists, I established a loosely organised group, the Order of the Left Hand Path (OLHP) and produced a newsletter called The Watcher. The OLHP doctrine was a synthesis of Nietzsche, Jung, and the concept of the “Faustian” soul of Western culture, as defined by the conservative philosopher Oswald Spengler and romanticised in the Faustus legends of Goethe and Marlow. The group was overtly political and we opposed Marxism, globalism, capitalism and our critique of Christianity was Nietzschean. The OLHP’s doctrine was the opposite of what was being promoted by other ‘satanic’ groups, rejecting their hedonism, materialism and egotism as the by-products of the present decadent system.

Furthermore, we were as open publicly and to the scrutiny of the news media as any political party, and I conducted several media interviews, wrote letters etc. as I would for any political campaign.

At no time did my colleagues or I involve ourselves with the crude blasphemies against Jesus that are spouted by the likes of Darpist “Doctor" Sexenheimer. Nor did we indulge in what Darp likes to portray as “blood drinking witch doctor shit…” Although I have long since thrown out the archives relating to this, quite a bit remains on the internet, from over ten years ago. Darpist Barrie Sargeant quips that this stuff is still posted on “Satanic websites” in yet another lying implication that I might still be involved.

The first issue of the OLHP’s newsletter The Watcher set the tone of the group, the aim being a Nietzschean “continuing human ascent”.
[11] The second issue under the heading “Satanic morality” attacked the music genre of heavy metal as “anti-life [and] nihilist, and again advocated a Nietzschean “going beyond oneself” which required a “strong moral outlook”. Addictions to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs were condemned as “self-abuse, self-dissipation, and self-destruction…” Nietzschean “self-overcoming” demanded “will power, self-discipline, and physical well-being”…

“Thus many of the youth in the Western world today and especially self-styled Satanist followers of heavy metal are dissipated through drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, dishevelled in appearance, dull eyed and stooped.”

After a few years I rejected this occultism as I came to realise that the rise of cults, are a symptom of a civilisation in decay, like the cults that proliferated during the declining phase of Rome and other civilisations. However I continued my investigations a while longer with the view to writing a series of exposes on the proliferation of cults. No doubt the Darpists will meet this claim with derision. Therefore I shall reproduce a letter from Pleroma Christian Supplies expressing appreciation for the first booklet Satanism in NZ, addressed to my wife Kathy Thomson as proprietor of Spectrum Press.


As we shall see one of FDB’s primary New Zealand associates, Asher Goldman, has recently sought to portray me as the real instigator of attacks on Auckland Mosques. Darp had previously contrived an image of this writer as the inciter of Right-wing violence. On the FDB website Darp states:

“In New Zealand, the National Front gathered the dregs from ten years of racialist inactivity and united them under the one banner. As expected, the re-emergence of Kerry Bolton and his head bovver boy, Kyle Chapman also coincided with physical assaults on refugees and on Maori cultural symbols.”
[13] [Emphasis added].

At the invitation of Mr Weerheym I posted a number of counterpoints on his Leftywatch website. Among these was the following in reply to Darp’s criminal libel about violence:
“Henderson Hau claims that racial violence and vandalism are products of anything Bolton is involved with. Bolton has no criminal record, violent or otherwise…. . Hau fails to provide a single example of Bolton's EVER having incited, encouraged, condoned.... violence or vandalism of any type against anyone, anywhere. The challenge is there.... Put up or shut up....

The initial response of the Darpists was to suggest (in the words of Don Duckmonster, the FDB website moderator) that I’d “gone too far” (sic) in disputing allegations that I was a violent, devil worshipping, neo-nazi hate-mongering ‘nut’ associated with child porn. Darpist abuse quickly turned to abrupt silence when I challenged a new allegation that I’d advertised a book society that had published ‘child porn’.
To the claim that I was the real leader of the NZ National Front, with Mr Chapman serving as my ‘head bovver boy’ (sic), I replied:
“The Bolton Myth is updated by calling Kyle Chapman formerly of the NZNF Bolton’s ‘head bovver boy’, the public front for Bolton. In fact I had not even heard of the Chapman version of the NZNF until at least several years after its formation. That my influence on the NF was no more than any other office holder can be attested by the following: (a) sought unsuccessfully to have the NF undertake several campaigns I consider of particular importance, such as one opposing commercial exploitation of children; (b) unsuccessfully sought to have the NF forum closed; (c) unsuccessfully sought to have Nic Miller expelled from membership; (d) unsuccessfully opposed the 2004 NF national rally in Wellington; (e) opposed the influence of Sid Wilson on the NF, and opposed Mr Wilson’s view that “Mein Kampf is the blueprint for NZ” (sic)….

I should add that I unsuccessfully tried to have the NF eliminate military style ranks and association with any ‘militia’ idea. That the Darpists seem to have some kind of weird paranoid fixation regarding me is again attested by their now calling the New Right – NZ group, “my” (sic) latest incarnation.


Based on the sociological principle of “like attracts like” Darp appears to have become a magnet for individuals suffering from sociopathic personality disorder.
The FDB is composed of a small number of people whose importance has been inflated by the willingness of journalists and editors to give them legitimacy. These Darpists include:

Don Duckmonster

Don Duckmonster is the webmaster for FDB. In replying to Ben Weerheym who unlike the Darpists, at least attempts to maintain accurate information, he wrote:
"Couple of facts dipshit. I'm not young, I'm in my mid 30's. And I didn't attend Murdoch as a student, I lectured at Murdoch."

Note the tone of these people is generally of an hysterical nature, and that the English language cannot be used without resorting to vulgarities while making an issue out of the poor spelling of others. When I issued a statement on the slander against me at the request of Mr Weerheym, Duckmonster replied in a very odd manner. “Uh oh. Can anyone say "Finally went too far?"

That reaction is surely a classic indicator of sociopathology? The Darpists libel this writer at length as a devil worshipping neo-nazi child pornographer, and a ‘nut’ and when I briefly reply to their slander point-by-point, I’m accused of ‘going too far’….?

Brian Stokes (aka Weezil)

We have already encountered Mr Stokes in regard to his harassment of a couple of kids. Stokes is an ex-journalist. His speciality apparently is computer hacking. Here’s a boast of his exploits in his own words:
"However, like I said, the stupidity of the computer operator is a key factor. Given certain conditions, it's still very easy to tell quite a lot about a target system, even with all the above security installed. Ask Kromlek of Asgard (WPCA member). He still doesn't know how I got the goods on him."
"Ben was SO hacked. Same way I did Pete 'Kraplick of Assmunch' Campbell."

The Darpists and anarchists have also boasted of hacking the NZ National Front website, which seems to have been a quite regular occurrence.
Once again there is a double standard operating from the mainstream media in regard to computer hacking: ‘Leftist hacking good, Rightist hacking bad.’
When someone shut down Darp’s FDB website there was a hypocritical Transtasman flurry and it was taken up by the media as some kind of particularly horrendous world-wide nazi conspiracy to bring down the noble Darpists who were only doing their duty as good citizens. The accusations centred around Alex Fogerty, who is completely unknown to this writer, but who seems to have raised the ire of the Darpists. Hence, the NZPA for some reason considered this sufficiently newsworthy to run a report headlined Anti-racism website attacked. The NZPA report refers to Mat Henderson-Hau obliquely as a “Sydney activist” and founder of Fight Dem Back, “an organisation campaigning against racial hatred…” As is typical of the media, the report obliging quotes Darp as stating in his usual sanctimonious manner that “FDB was concerned about the extreme nature of Mr Fogerty’s views, and had recently posted a picture of him and a selection of his messages on its website….” Again, no attempt is made to discover the real nature of Darp or FDB. One obvious question surely would have been as to why FDB posts pictures of its targets?

Campbell Smith (Aka “Dr” Cam Sexenheimer)

I first heard of this gentleman on the FDB website, where he co-authored a profile of me with Wellington schoolteacher Barrie Sargeant. Their profile is not very charitably entitled “Kerry Bolton – a nut or just a misunderstood Satanist Mormon Nazi?"
Smith is a resident of Warragul, Victoria. He has apparently become a qualified schoolteacher. While he is free to call me a ‘nut’, one has to wonder about someone who has delusions of grandeur about being a ‘great journalist’ (sic), and the other narcissistic outpourings on his blog-site. One also must wonder about anyone who feigns mirth about involvement in the occult but uses phrases such as (and I will forego citing the exact wording): “Holy Fucking J….. Fucking C……!”
Here are a few examples of the “Doctor’s” impressive journalistic abilities as posted on his blog-site:
“The Hot, Throbbing Internet Presence of Dr. Cam Sexenheimer
A fair old heaping of drugs, pirates & orange juice
[Avant garde, no?]

Come in, children.
Don’t be afraid... I have candy for you. Delicious candy.
No, it is not sweet physical candy.
Rather, it is candy for your... soul
Hi, I’m Dr. Cam Sexenheimer, and this is my website.
I’m sexually excited by the thought of sexy MOSSAD agents and pasta al dente.
Despite this, I am a functioning contributing member of society.
Happy Trails
From website:

From: Dr Cam Sexenheimer
To: Tully Haansen
Subject: Re: Flames of ect
Dear Mr. Hansen,
I very much wanted to open my email with a W synonym for Based. I would have been like, “Booya!” and “Word up, motherfucker!”
There is no doubt in my mind that you would have then hung your head in shame.
“For shame,” you would have cried, “Oh... for shame.”
But fuck, fuck and double mega-fuck X. The reason you couldn’t think of a synonym is that there doesn’t appear to be one. Feel free to prove me wrong on this point.
Anyway, despite my apparent desire to send you into a spiral of depression that would have culminated in you slitting your wrists in the bathtub while listening to Nick Cave, I was actually pleasantly surprised to see your email sitting there amongst the offers of free diplomas from mexican ebay….
[1] With the kind of references Darp himself uses, it is hardly surprising if young Darren thought Darp was a paedophile. The bluster about legal action is hardly credible, considering Darp’s own propensity to invent stories.
[2] What exactly then are the Darpists doing with their juvenile hi-jinx in fabricating libels against nationalists?
[3] One is tempted to wonder whether Weezil is being ironically humorous when he has the audacity to threaten anyone with legal action regarding ‘conspiracy to defame’?
[4] See the account below of the Leftist riot against nationalist on National Flag Day 23 Oct. 2004.
[5] Shooting for Top Dog Cyber Town, Oct. 6 2004. (FairfaxDigital). Among other fascinating insights into Hau’s personality is that “I shave my balls”.
[6] I have never run a “Satanic mail order business”. The ref. is possibly a muddled allusion to a mail order business run by a woman from Pahiatua who later set up an occult craft shop in Palmerston North.
[7] The so-called ‘recent scandal’ involved a hoax article by Les Wilson then of the Sunday News, entiteld “Satanism linked to child porn”, printed at the height of the phoney “ritual abuse” allegations that had been imported from the USA and later exposed by the same newspapers that had originally promoted it. I expect that this rubbish was related to Darp by his New Zealand contact anarchist schoolteacher Barrie Sargeant who has some type of odd fixation with this writer.
[8] Press Council decision SUNDAY NEWS, April 19,1992
[9] The link leads nowhere, so I haven’t the foggiest what he’s referring to.
[10] Darpism.com entry for 16 Feb. 04.
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[12] The Watcher # 2 April-June 1990
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