Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Controlled Media Dogs Are (still) Barking

Despite the deactivated political status of Kromlek this writer still has access to his, and others’, voluminous data bases. For his part Kromlek feels perfectly justified and fully entitled to respond (through a third party) to the continuing lies of the Left. His contribution to this Blog of archival material to assist in setting the record straight is as much appreciated as it is necessary. He wishes it known that he is not interested in further provocation but reserves the right to provide facts as a counter to the filthy lies still emanating from the FDB hate factory.

In accordance with these agreed protocols, he today contacted Victor Whitelaw with news of yet another episode in his persecution at the hands of the Controlled Media. At approximately 2.30 P.M. today he was called on his employer’s mobile phone by Ms. Marnie O’ Neill of the Sunday Telegraph.

During the , at times, heated discussion she was apparently very protective of Darp and became incensed, becoming quite emotional, when Kromlek suggested Darp was a liar and an invertebrate creature of poor character. Is there perhaps a closer connection here? When Kromlek refused to reveal the (true?) identity of the third party (namely Victor Whitelaw) her tone became quite belligerent and threatening. She indicated this left her with “little alternative” but to name Kromlek publicly.

Kromlek, quite understandably, became angry at this overt threat and regretfully lost his temper. He accused her of threatening him and she denied this despite her having just implied as much. Kromlek stated that, in hindsight, Ms. Marnie’s tactics had been intimidatory from the start. He related how she had turned up, both uninvited and unannounced, in early January outside his employer’s office and, calling on the office phone, said “I want to speak to you. Look out the window and you will see me waving from my car out the front”.
If this reckless behaviour and blatant disregard for privacy is not both grossly intrusive and potentially job threatening then this writer doesn’t know what is! The intent is clear, to embarrass and humiliate and to capitalise on the current hysterical post-Cronulla political climate.
Darp and several of his motley crew have already claimed very close working relationships with the Controlled Media and indicated that Kromlek and others will be "tried by Media".
The reader may make up their own mind. All WE do is provide the FACTS.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uhm ARE Kromlek fuckhead.

9:39 pm  
Anonymous Julie Andrews said...

Oh, Peter, you're quite simply one of my favourite things!

Perhaps you should have thought twice about posting death threats to everyone you thought worked for the Jews?

8:14 am  
Anonymous Captain Von Trapp said...

Ahh Peter.

Every morning you greet me.

Even despite your long litany of ill-thought out threatening email and snail mail threats to people and your many past declarations that you loved nothing more than "going out and causing shit for the kikes and lefties", you were by your own admissions "gone from the scene, out of here, retired, finished."

Like my family, you were finally free of the ties that bind. You were skipping through the Alps in traditional Austrian hiking dress with little Leisel on your back. You were free, you were away, you were gone.

Then you went and started up this little blog, thus ending your retirement. You have nothing and no-one else to blame other than your own pigheadedness.

11:56 am  
Anonymous The Von Trapp Family Singers said...

High on a hill was a lonely Kromlek
Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
Loud was the voice of the lonely Kromlek
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

Folks in a town that was quite remote heard
"farken lefty CUNTS, RA RArarararararara"
Lusty and clear from the Kromlek's throat heard
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

11:59 am  
Anonymous Everybody Tevye Knew said...

Look who is this? Who is this? Who comes here?
What man is this?
Unrighteous and he's shaking

Could it be?
Yes it could!
Why not?
Who could be mistaken?

It's the Nazi boy come from beyond the grave
It's the Nazi, our darling, departed schmuck.

12:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Perhaps you should have thought twice about posting death threats to everyone you thought worked for the Jews?"

Hey Julie?

Can you please post a copy of one, just one will do, of those "death threats" and I'll get Victor to publish it.

Believe me, Victor's looked high and low and so far hasn't been able to find one.

Can you help him out?

Thanks Jules!

9:15 am  

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