Monday, February 13, 2006

Darp as ‘Historian’

From ‘’:

“With the night came confirmation that they were indeed surrounded by Rommel: "We were told the attack would come with dawn."The Maori Battalion got together. They decided to strike Rommel's soldiers first. They got their weapons ready. Worked out their plan. Chino and his fellow soldiers stalked up to the German lines."We did the Maori Haka [a Maori war dance]. Ka mate! Ka Mate!" The Battalion all chanted in unison. The sound was electrifying, Chino said. It carried on the desert night air. Chino felt the pride of his homeland. The boy became brave."Ka Mate, Ka Mate!. We were all doing the war cry. It gave us courage and it scared the Germans. They didn't like it. And we fought to survive."Chino and the Maori Battalion broke through he Panzer lines. They cut an opening for all the Battalion's trucks and guns. They were surrounded no more.”

“Do you really think that the brave old blokes from the 28th Maori Battalion who defended Crete would appreciate people this like rocking up to a dawn service? Irrespective of their ethnicity, the Anzazs (Sic) fought AGAINST people with swastikas on their chest.More German paratroopers were used in the invasion of Crete than at any other time in WWII. The invasion of Crete saw ANZAC forces hopelessly outnumbered and on a hiding to nothing. They were bereft of ammunition and at times resorted to throwing rocks and sticks at the invading Nazis. The Maori (many fighting bare-chested with ZERO ammo) were even known to bayonet the fascist paratroopers as they landed.No wonder many a Kiwi backpacker makes the pilgrimage to Crete to check out the statue of the Maori soldier that now adorns a Cretian (Sic) hillside. Here is shot taken of those who survived the assault upon their evacuation to Alexandria.”

“The Maori Battalion was held in high regard by both their fellow Allied soldiers and the enemy they faced. Their prowess was acknowledged by allies and enemies alike. A fellow NZ soldier was heard to say of them : "I'd rather fight the German's any day than have to clash with the Maori." The Maori often used very dangerous but very unexpected tactics and despite the fact that some people may have looked down on them for being a "lesser" race, it would have been hard to query their enthusiasm or bravery. The Maori Battalion had a horrendous number of casualties, yet this was not because they were bad fighters. They simply gave everything they had, and so they were admired and feared by most.”

…and Kromlek’s reply:

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! This is like a cracked record. HOW many MORE times do we have to hear this fuckin’ ‘Maori Super Soldier’ story? Poor discipline and training and a penchant for wanton savagery (extending to cannibalism) do NOT constitute clever ‘tactics’. History though IS replete with examples of highly disciplined, professional and well trained White soldiers who fought with desperation when they had run out of ammo and they WEREN’T all suicidal fuckin’ berserkers!!!

So these primitives were “stripped to their waists” and did some jungle voodoo, boogie woogie dances. SO FUCKIN’ WHAT?

And while we’re on THAT subject, “Stripped to the waist” appears to be a common theme with Darp. Whether it’s the mighty Maori ‘super soldiers’ or himself mincing about some gay bar flaunting his glistening pecs. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I don’t know about you, but I detect more than just a hint of homoerotic fascination with our ol’ Darpy boy.

Back to the main subject:

Just two well documented examples come from the British Army, and NO it wasn’t the fuckin’ Ghurkas! The fierce house to house, room to room, hand to hand combat (with knives, daggers and anything else they could lay their hands on) of the 1st Airborne boys against two Waffen SS Divisions at Arnhem in WWII when they had run out of bullets and the (successful) bayonet charge (one of the most recent in HISTORY) by British Army Scots Guards against Argentinean Marine bunkers and machinegun nests on Tumbledown Mountain in the Falklands conflict, ALSO due to running out of ammo. How full-on was THAT?

Not only but ALSO…..during the recent Gulf War II in Iraq….. “OUTNUMBERED British soldiers killed 35 Iraqi attackers in the Army’s first bayonet charge since the Falklands War 22 years ago. The fearless Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders stormed rebel positions after being ambushed and pinned down. Despite being outnumbered five to one, they suffered only three minor wounds in the hand-to-hand fighting near the city of Amara. The battle erupted after Land Rovers carrying 20 Argylls came under attack on a highway. After radioing for back-up, they fixed bayonets and charged at 100 rebels using tactics learned in drills. When the fighting ended bodies lay all over the highway — and more were floating in a nearby river. Nine rebels were captured.”


In MY book you just do NOT get any braver than that and it sounds a WHOLE lot tougher than picking off helpless paratroopers carrying heavy loads of gear, tangled in their chutes as they hit the ground. The story I HAVE heard before from an old Aussie soldier, who I grant served only in New Guinea, so was not ‘on the spot’ in Crete, said the reputation the Kiwis earned from the episode, and others, was one of ruthless and COWARDLY savagery. NOT one of noble bravery.

As I once observed previously, as an historian Darp would make an excellent greengrocer. But when all is said and done, Racial superiority has NEVER been dependent on physical prowess ANYWAY. It is all about intelligence, cultural refinement and sophistication. After all, a wild mountain Gorilla will tear an unarmed Human limb from limb, regardless of Race, but does this make the Gorilla ‘superior’ to the Human? I think not.

‘nuff said.