Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dude, where's my link?

Old Victor finds it curious that Darp and the Left Wing terrorists of FDB have failed to post a link to this Blog on any of their pages. I mean to say, they’ve always been so keen to quote White Nationalists and give them free advertising in the past. Could it be perhaps that this particular Blog, in its outing of all the facts, might prove to be a little awkward and embarrassing to explain for those who have always claimed the moral high ground?

The only item that has been finally cleared up has been Darp’s belated admission that Kromlek in fact did NOT issue him with any death threats. Although, strangely for one of such legendary talent, he badly misquoted Kromlek’s alleged “threat” and there was no apology, excuse or explanation offered as to why Darp has assisted in the perpetuation of this myth for over twelve months now. There have been numerous comments made by Darp on Internet sites, Blogs and to the Controlled Media, both printed and electronic, implying, insinuating or even outright accusing that the leadership of the WPCA, and Kromlek in particular, had threatened his life.

On top of this were the utterly ridiculous, unsubstantiated (and probably also uninvestigated) claims that his car was “extensively vandalised” (the antenna was apparently snapped off) or even that an attempt on his mother’s life was made. He virtually accused Kromlek of being part of a plot to murder her after a car almost ran her down out the front of her house. One wonders who the real conspiracy “nutjobs” are in all this.

Despite having been assured by Kromlek in several E-Mails and Internet posts that he did NOT want to physically approach him, Darp continued jumping at shadows and laying blame on Kromlek for every leaflet or sticker that appeared in his area. The degree of his delusional obsession became disturbing and rather sad to say the least.

The embarrassing fact remains for the Darpists that, despite many months of spying on, eavesdropping on and infiltrating private barbecues, political meetings, copying and stealing the files of various Internet Forums both open and private membership, MSN groups and private E-mail discussion groups, setting up “sting” operations and other forms of entrapment, scouring the Internet for anything incriminating at all, employing Private Investigators and sympathetic contacts within Government Departments such as the Social Security Department, there has not been ONE single, solitary person charged with a criminal offence or even called or interviewed by the Police. Not one WPCA or affiliated person charged as a result of anything the Fight Dem Back group has done.

Sure, it’s true some people have been harassed and stalked by the Controlled Media following the deliberate broadcasting by Darp of their personal details, including their mobile phone numbers, or even sacked from their jobs as a direct result of ‘dirt files’ supplied to their employers painting them as hateful ‘Racist’ political radicals. But all these cowardly, underhanded and, quite frankly illegal, tactics have only served to illustrate how intrinsically amoral and criminal the Darpists are rather than help to further demonise their victims.

In the final analysis of the facts, Darp and his criminal thugs come out of this affair looking more like lowlife gangsters than moral crusaders.


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