Monday, February 13, 2006

Enter “Joel Kaplan” stage Left

From: Joel Kaplan To:
Subject: Limiting the damage
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 15:35:14 +1100

If you would like to talk to someone in person in the next twelve hours it can be arranged.Give us your wishlist and we'll give you ours.

On 12/31/05, Asgard Kromlek wrote:


I'm assuming you're one of the famous LAWYER Kaplans and you're prepared to talk. That's something I suppose. Thank fuck! Okay. It's VERY simple really. I always wanted this to be purely about the politics but Darp made it a personal vendetta.

Putting White Nationalists on the dole queue was something Darp claimed he saw no merit in, yet what does he do? Emulate Gerry Gable's Searchlight as much as possible.To be totally honest I am getting tired and I'm sure he is too. Shouldn't it be about a clash of ideologies and NOT one big cat fight?

This just doesn't seem to be the way to conduct a political battle. Or maybe it is, perhaps I'm naive and this is what it's all about.Face the facts. The WPCA is already for all intents and purposes deactivated. No meetings or Newsletters since January. No stickers, no posters, no leaflets. And from about September no website or online forum either.

What more does he WANT? BLOOD? I am in no position to talk for all the other individuals and can certainly make no deals regarding the QLD thing. You KNOW who you need to talk to there. I will certainly never sell out any of my comrades or do anything to jeopardise their livelihoods etc.Anyway so that's it really. I just want all the personal attacks on EVERYONE on ALL SIDES to stop!

It is fast beginning to look like 'MAD' Mutually Assured Destruction.Just come back to me with something real.I might have some trouble getting back online due to intermittent computer and internet problems.


Oh, and who the FUCK is Tim Heggarty (is it YOU?) and is he working with you or trying to do something independent of you?

On 12/31/05, Joel Kaplan wrote:

Dear Peter,

No, Tim is a fully independent operator and I'm not one of the lawyer Kaplans though I am South African born like most of them.Look, it doesn't look great at the moment.

You've certainly made some big blunders in the recent past and in the current climate you surely understand chickens coming home to roost. Had Cronulla not happened then we wouldn't be having this conversation.What would you say If I could buy you a week to tie up some loose ends? You'll just have to take my word that I can stop certain things going to print.

If your organisation is no longer active then would it be so hard to make a public statement to that effect? If you yourselt (Sic) intend to beno longer active is it hard to make a public statement to that effect? That last one is the big question isn't it?

You don't have the slightest intention to leave this business in the past and move on do you? Your constant talk of legal action against people and some very open threats to go gunning for lefties if your livelihood is affected arenot viewed favourably.

If you wanted everything to be about politicsonly then why have you partaken in some very personal surveillance and vandalism? Why have you issued some very personal, defamatory,non-political and blackmail-laden letters to people?

Again, would we be having this conversation if Cronulla had not happened? I think not. Look, I don't know what your intended outcome was from utilising such brutish strategies but whatever your intentions, a situation has now come into being whereby they can bethrown straight back at you.

The best way to make everything go away is not to make further threats. Though you most certainly won't like it, your best shot atcalming things down is good old fashioned humble pie. The main problem for you is that you may quite easily play on the heart strings of youraverage lefty but hardened journalists who can sniff a kill are a different matter. The former are not even on the map in the decision making process either and the journalists will only ever print what they are told.

You say you won't rat out your fellow nationalists. Do you regard JimSaleam as a nationalist or merely as a friend of convenience indifficult times? From a legal standpoint, it should be obvious to you by now that thelaser wire has been tripped up and that the lefties have brought together a legal armada that would make Zelman-Castell blush. Whatever half cooked plan the nationalists have in the works for the new yearwill face some towering opposition with inexhaustible funds.

I only tell you that in case you're thinking of riding this one outand having your revenge in the courts. You already knew there was nochance of that happening but I thought it wise to make sure you hadn't been duped by an inept barrister who is only interested in fleecing you for consultancy fees.Look, I hope you can see the situation for what it is.

Despite not liking it one bit, I hope you can make the right noises. More than anything, I hope you can forget about the last six years,reassess your outlook on life and just move on.If I can tie things over for a week, I will be very interested to know the precise legal avenue that you people are trying to pursue in 2006.Tim claims to know it all but I'm the last person he would tell.


Joel Kaplan.

From: Joel Kaplan To: Asgard Kromlek
Subject: Re: Limiting the damage
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 01:45:20 +1100

Another thing. Our conversations stay between us. I should not be talking to you.

It is fast beginning to look like 'MAD' Mutually Assured Destruction.

This is where you have difficulty accepting the situation. The only side at risk of destruction is yours. The lefties are well protected legally, financially and over the last few weeks, physically. Theyhave nothing to lose and everything to gain whereas you my friend arein the opposite position.What can you possibly do to them except keep up with more threats andjust hope they get scared?

You're also barking up the wrong tree attacking the street level guys. They had nothing to do with this latest turn of events, they only found out about it this afternoon. It's all about the 'dead news' timeof year and people looking for pages to fill up.

As my email topic suggested, you can limit the damage if you make the right noises. You certainly won't fool yourself with anything you write but if you can communicate your regret at taking certain actions in the past whilst throwing in a lazy promise to rethink your politics, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much less sensational a story can become and hence, hardly worth printing.

Smother and pre-empt the media thunder with humble pie in other words.Do up a blog and send the link around or something. Just an idea.


Kromlek’s final E-Mail to ‘Joel Kaplan’


This really is the limit. You approach me with murmurings of settlement yet all I get is MORE threats. You, like "Tim" have NO idea how to negotiate. Your arrogance and self-righteousness is physically sickening.

You leave me no option now but to batten down the hatches and cop the shitstorm you Lefties have planned for me.

Don't bother replying to this E-Mail as, of today, the Internet account I am using is being terminated (it belongs to my wife who is distinctly unimpressed with proceedings) and I am GONE from the ether.

I AM deactivated, as I outlined, but my thoughts remain my own. If you intend to pursue me and my family further then I will be FORCED to retaliate with dissemination of all the information I have gathered over the years.

Even if it IS, as you indicate, impossible to win against the corrupt, crony infested system, the sheer extent of the publicity will wake up more Lemmings than a DECADE of White Nationalist campaigning could EVER achieve.

Contrary to your delusions, the post-Cronulla Australia sees the Multiculturalism Monster mortally wounded and tottering about in death spasms.

For all your smug superciliousness you have BADLY misread public opinion. It is changing and will continue to change, with or without me.

Do what you have to do now but be careful, for your own cause, not to make me a martyr.