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The FDB Slander Machine

The sheer breathtaking ferocity with which ‘Stug’ was attacked by the Darpists and their sycophantic lackeys within the Controlled Media over the really rather benign* so-called “Race Hate campaign” in Toowoomba was way out of proportion to his position within the White Nationalist scene and the importance of the WPCA Queensland in the overall scheme of things.

However, even a modest effort at research reveals why such a vigorous response was as inevitable as it was necessary. Many large regional centres of Australia, such as Toowoomba, and their surrounding environs, are test cases in covert coloured immigration. Any large influx of a highly visible group, such as Negroids, into major cities and urbanised zones gives the game away. This is very evident right now in the outer Western suburbs of Sydney, from Parramatta to Blacktown.

The “overspill” must be diverted somewhere and there must be a reasonable social welfare infrastructure to support them. Hence the choices in location, large country towns such as Toowoomba, Dubbo and similar centres and even the smaller cities such as Hobart! Inconveniently recalcitrant Whites must be ruthlessly steamrollered wherever they are foolish enough to stick their heads up.

The curious case of Dr. John Casey, the academic, international man of mystery and “Police adviser on Cultural sensitivity to the NSW Police Force” who was flown at some expense to Toowoomba, like some intellectual firefighter, shows how seriously the “powers that be” regard any determined White dissent. Clearly, money is of no concern to the Government when it comes to the smooth running of their long term plan to sneak in as many “refugees” from deepest, darkest Africa as is logistically possible.

There are many vested interests in ensuring the process of the Multicultural Industry advances unhindered and as the old saying goes, it’s an ill wind that blows no good. Despite the inevitable downgrading of all social standards, increased crime, unsustainable demands on the Medical, Welfare and Utilities infrastructures etc, some societal elements WILL prosper. Like the Black Marketeers of wartime, the kleptocracy of International Finance and their ‘useful idiots’ of the Left will make a killing.

Much time and money has been invested in the Multiculturalism Industry by the Cosmopolitan Internationalists and they are not about to allow some pesky White Nationalist ‘Rednecks’ to spoil their party and their dream of imposing a Twenty First Century Feudalism on the so-called Western Nations like Australia. White Australians are earmarked to become something far lower than the mere “White Trash of Asia”. They are to be the Serfs in the system of a Global Neo-Feudalism.

Many business enterprises heavily reliant on unskilled or semi-skilled process or assembly line workers will have access to a cheap and increasingly ‘dumbed down’ labour pool, a virtual slave caste. Also, certain specialised segments of the economy, such as the security industry and safety products manufacturers, will flourish. As the public utilities are degraded and neglected there will be a huge demand for ‘survival’ and ‘self sufficiency’ type products such as water purification units, filters, generators, storage systems, gardening equipment etc. Gated estates and wealthy ghettos will proliferate.

In their desperate haste to manufacture a nasty C.V. for Mr. Jim Perren and do a total character assassination on him the Darpists were only too happy to believe any story, however bizarre, so long as it discredited him as a Human Being. Unfortunately for them, they have slandered a hard working family Man innocent of their outrageous charges and in the process ended up discrediting themselves forever as a reliable information source. Why believe another single word from the already legendary liar Darp when the truth of the matter becomes known?

When the real facts finally filter through to the people foolish enough to reference FDB for their own commentaries on the Toowoomba affair there will be some very red faces. It so happens that there is local folklore tale about a person who lived in the Crows Nest region of Queensland who allegedly poisoned cattle, sabotaged windmills, burned down rural properties etc but it was most definitely NOT Mr. Jim Perren. The other accusations, such as firearms theft, are simply pure fiction and spiteful mischief.
The Stug that FDB have created with their fevered and lurid imaginations is a monstrous amalgam of several ‘bad guys’, a gestalt entity if you like, utilising the worst features of all the constituent characters. It is pure and simple demonisation and if their simple-minded advocates and followers are credulous enough to fall for such nonsense then they deserve everything they get.

But why did they not go to (logically) the best people to ask instead of relying on barmaid gossip and local folklore? Small country towns being what they are they had only to enquire at the local Police Station where the coppers would surely have set them straight. The local boys in blue who know the real Stug very well would doubtless have stated they regarded Stug and his family as good, law abiding people.

Unfortunately though, quaint as it is as a theoretical concept, so-called “investigative journalism” rarely occurs in reality. Most journos are lazy drunks or drug addled faggots sitting about picking their noses and gazing out the window while waiting for the next “anonymous tip” to come in. Then all the semi-literate hacks have to do is knock together a “story” which without the advent of “spellcheck” would resemble a five year olds “what we did on the Summer Holidays” yarn.

The only other very simple thing they should do is VERIFY the source. Sadly for him, a certain hack still hasn’t quite worked this technique out yet. Little wonder that Frank Sinatra once referred to 'Journalists' as “two bit whores!” Perhaps he should have added “not very bright” to his description.

Darp tells lies about Stug to Terry.D.

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“I couldn't really care what you do or how you did it, except when it involves people that have done absolutely nothing to you.”

Fair comment.

Though it's a bit iffy when Benny Boy proudly boasts of having a 15 strong team working on his Redwatch campaign. I know Ben is full of porkies, but it does make you wonder when so many people publicly pat him on the back then send me sobbing emails in private about how they don't support what he does etc etc.

(shrugs shoulders)

In regards to PC's PC. I aint trying to worm my way out of anything and reiterate that nothing illegal was done. You can take me to Lyonswood Investigations for a lie detector test on that issue.

As for who is going 'anywhere'. I think you're stuck with 'anti' opposition permanently. As for what role I'll be playing in it, you'll see that it will gradually diminish over the next few months. I'm back in the ad game and can't really afford to tack another three hours onto my ten hour days.

Here's something for free.

We both currently know of one bloke that is going somewhere and that is Jim Perren. Mate, that town of his is NOT 'Redneck Country', it's a fuckin' Seachange town full of retired leftie schoolteachers and artists who are busily dobbing in his every move to the local journos and other busybodies about town who BCC it all to me (and I'm NOT asking for it!). If the current shite is to be believed, he and V…. have concocted a bullshit plan for him to fly the coop out west for a few months until the dust settles (this is the man who once said "EVERYONE IN MY TOWN KNOWS I'M AN NS AND THEY RESPECT ME FOR IT!" - pppffffft ...what a load of crap!). Why leave his missus to face the music?

She's even signed on for single mother's pension as well. *

*Where THIS confidential information came from is still subject to investigation.

This bullshit sympathy ploy of a busted marraige (Sic) aint going to work - I tell you that much, the press are wise to it. Jim is better off staying put where his family need him. I know Jim is a guy with a messed up past and more issues than MAD magazine but running away isn't going to help him.

Would it really be so hard for the guy to just get on with the business of fighting windfarms and shooting roos and leaving all the detrimental NS shit behind him? He's off the junk, away from the gangs, why not leave the last vestiges (ie, his politics) of a very fucked up life in the past and just get on with things?

Mate - if you guys can't pull off a sticker campaign in South Queensland without the whole shebang going belly-up, I don't rate you much of a chance anywhere else in the country.


Darp and others slander Stug on the Internet and manage to get almost EVERY detail about him 100% WRONG!

From Tim Blair’s Blog Site:


A certain law is observed in Toowoomba, Queensland, where 750 Sudanese refugees recently faced a one-man hate campaign:

The Sunday Mail has confirmed the source of the race hate material is a man who says he is from the Darling Downs town of Crows Nest and uses the internet alias Stug111 – a name taken from a World War II German tank
He also admits online to distributing material attacking multiculturalism around Toowoomba and on other occasions targets gays, uses the name of an SS officer, and says the US Central Intelligence Agency was behind the September 11 terror attacks.

Anti-Sudanese, anti-US, and anti-gay. Ol’ Stug is one crazy unit.

Posted by Tim B. on 07/31/2005 at 02:23 AM

Stug is a few rounds short of a basic load.

Posted by The_Real_JeffS on 07/31 at 03:37 AM • permalink

Anti-Sudanese, anti-gay, anti-US, likes to be associated with Nazis ... this guy is an Arab.

Posted by Sheriff on 07/31 at 04:38 AM • permalink


The Stugmeister is one crazy unit. He’ll never be as tabloid-friendly as David Palmerunfortunately.

Now that man is KKKrazy!

Posted by Darp Hau on 07/31 at 08:03 AM • permalink

Stug111 is a moron if he believes people who survived the hell that is Sudan quake in fear at a semi-literate pedophile (Sic) who spends most of his time in stained y-fronts at his computer.

This no-dicked, ball-less wonder uses the email address ; a reference to Werner Ostendorff, an SS officer who died in 1945. What’s the bet that Stug111 looks about as much like the real Werner Ostendorff as I do Gong Li. What sort of sad, pathetic f--k in his late 30s lives out this sort of inane fantasy?

Here’s an example of how dangerous these retards are:

28 June 04: Joe88 posts note on Stormfront inviting other white pride tards (Sic) to a BBQ in Brisbane

29 June 04: Stug111 says that he can hardly wait. “Nothing will stop me from attending this.”

3 August 04: Proudskinhead_88 writes: “Althought (Sic) use didnt (Sic) get the numbers like the WPCA in NSW did i understand use got enought (Sic) money raised to open a P.O box and get the ball rolling up there. 14/88 Well done fella’s” (Sic).

8 August 04: Barry Dupont responds: “Yes my Young Friend, we did not get the numbers (7) we expected at the BBQ. However, the $ raised was from 2 people! I personally have ‘made up’ the rest! Respect goes to one of the ‘donators’ who is on ‘sickness benefits’ - he gave more than I expected him to! I was all for ‘covering’ him - yet he still gave $10… That is $10 MORE than the other 4 people gave! Yes, that is right! People talk more than they donate! I am not happy!"

So, seven white pride guys turned up and they almost kicked in enough to pay for a post office box (but in doing so caused an ideological split in the ranks). At this rate they’ll have enough money for the penis pump they discussed at the barbie.

Posted by Hanyu on 07/31 at 09:46 AM • permalink

As for Stug’s appearance. He’s about 5’12, swarthy, beard, green eyes, a bit of a tub with a patholigical (Sic) hatred of windfarming above everything else, yes, even above the Sudanese.

Posted by Darp Hau on 07/31 at 08:57 PM • permalink

All wrong, wrong, wrong!

And what the HELL sort of measurement is 5’ 12? Is that 6 FEET?


FDB were quoted in a Toowoomba Chronicle article concerning Stuggy and within a day or so we were contacted by dozens of locals saying “I know who this mad bastard is.”

Some of the stories of the SE QLD WPCA shindigs are quite frightening though he (Sic) majority of the town gossip about the guy was highly amusing.

Crows Nest sounds like a ripper town. Bob and Cookie wouldn’t be out of place there (nor would Councillor Muldoon).

A Country Practice refs anyone?

Posted by Darp Hau on 08/01 at 01:07 AM • permalink

* A flyer depicting a White Woman with the accompanying message “The World’s most beautiful endangered species. White people!” hardly constitutes “hate” speech or “incitement to hatred” in this writer’s humble opinion.
Yet it was hysterically labeled as such by the typically shrill Left Wing Budgie cage liner "The Toowoomba Chronicle Newspaper" whose Editor Jason Purdie is a well known extreme Marxist political agitator and ideologue.


Anonymous Little Orphan Krommy said...

Could it have been the article on the WPCA newsletter called "By The Light Of Burning Synagogues" that pondered whether Charles Manson might have had the right idea?

Uh, I mean...


8:24 am  
Anonymous Eddie said...

Hot pattootie bless my soul
Kromlek really looooves going out and causing shit for the "kikes and lefties."

10:57 am  
Anonymous Dr. Everett v. Scott said...

From the day he was born
He was trouble
He was the thorn
In his mother's side
She tried in vain

But he never caused her nothing but shame

He left home the day she died
From the day she was gone
All he wanted
Was rock and roll porn
And a motorbike
Shooting up junk

He was a low down cheap little punk

Taking everyone for a ride

11:40 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on people, certainly you can come up with an actual retort. I have read through a lot of the comments on this blog, but have not seen anything resembling intelligent argument for or against anything that has been said. So, answer this, why can't you all muster the intelligence and initiative to argue a point? yet you are all very capable of creating witty little pieces of poetry and smart arsey little songs...

6:58 pm  
Anonymous Dr Frank N Furter said...

Now now...

Don't get strung up, by the way things look. Don't judge a book by its cover. Kromlek's not much of a man by the light of day ...but by night he's hell of a racist sticker bandit.

1:12 am  

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