Monday, February 13, 2006

Identity Theft?

The Darpists have often made a big fuss over what THEY usually (erroneously) refer to as “identity theft”, in other words, when people use another person’s name to post a comment (often styled as a parody of the target) as a bit of sport. Strange thing IS though, THEY are the biggest offenders. Here is just one hypocritical example of this.

From the Sydney Indy Media Forum in the thread entitled “Nazi forum location revealed”
posted by Sydneyantifa 9:45pm Wed Aug 24 '05 (Modified on 7:53pm Mon Sep 12 '05) article#57928


by Peter Campbell 9:46pm Tue Aug 30 '05 (Modified on 12:40pm Wed Aug 31 '05) comment#58205

Hi, my name's Kromlek! I sell windows and can be reached on the following number....

Should I go on, Pete?

Face it, fuckwit, the WPCA is D.E.D. DEAD!