Monday, February 13, 2006

The Infiltration of the System

ALL Government departments including the Police have been deeply infiltrated by committed Multiculturalists and others from the extreme Left. These people promote their own Internationalist ideology, that of Global Government and the destruction of National sovereignty. As far as they are concerned, the United Nations should be the only “authority”.

There is a direct connection through Darp (Mathew Henderson-Hau) and Mark Copland to John Casey incorporating along the way such creatures as Jason Purdie of the Toowoomba Chronicle and Greg Roberts of The Australian Newspaper. All these people move in the same social circles and socio-economic strata of the Bourgeois University crowd and coffee lounge set. Most also maintain online Internet diaries known as “Blogs” where they promote the ideology of the Global, Racially blended one World entity of the Marxist Utopia.

For decades now this Leftist swill have been stacking the branches of political parties and many other key organizations while insidiously advancing their own agenda. This is way beyond a “conspiracy theory”. This is provable fact. Do the research and connect the dots.

There is an extensive and well funded network of left Wing cronies throughout the Media, the Legal System and many bureaucracies. Even the Catholic Church’s so-called “Social Justice Commission” which is basically just another “Refugee” and Multi-Racial advocacy group, is run by leftist extremists like Mark Copland.

They engage in covert surveillance of their political enemies and indulge themselves by exploiting the privileges of their often senior positions to distribute and share the confidential information gathered, which can include social security files etc. Why? Blackmail, harassment and stalking to intimidate their ideological adversaries into silence.

Their knee-jerk response to any challenge is to threaten litigation and/or unwanted publicity. “We’ll make you famous!” they taunt. “We’ll have

Media camera crews turn up at your workplace to expose and humiliate you!” they threaten.

Many people have been sacked from their jobs for nothing more than being Nationalists and Patriots when the FDB’ers threaten their employers with nasty and unwanted publicity for “harbouring Neo-Nazis” or other ridiculous claims. Remember, these people are SO far out of touch with reality and SO far to the Left they actually regard John Howard as a “Fascist”! Perhaps an extended holiday in Cuba or Korea might enlighten them as to how REAL Fascist dictatorships operate.


Anonymous Enlightened FDBer said...

Um, John Howard isn't a fascist. He's the prime-minister and a member of the Liberal party.

You're a fascist, but that's just because you're the leader of a neo-nazi group with connections to a number of cheery terrorist groups.

8:24 am  

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