Monday, February 13, 2006

Kromlek’s letter to Darp

What follows is Kromlek’s initial letter to Darp (yes THE letter) that pretty much got the entire WPCA Vs FDB ball rolling. It is reproduced here in its entirety possibly for the first time publicly. Darp has previously and selectively posted certain passages to cast Kromlek in the worst possible light.

But when one reads the entire letter from beginning to end and understands it is in direct response to the entrapment, harassment, stalking, menacing and threatening of the young boys of the A.N.F.Y. it gains a new perspective. It is NOT an overt and preemptive threat, as Darp has portrayed it, but rather the understandable response of an outraged adult willing to defend the young and vulnerable from a gang of bullies.

Kromlek’s language is robust, as is appropriate to the occasion, and he makes no apologies for this.

Dear fist-fucking, shit-dick scum

I hope I didn’t make you choke on that glass of your lover’s enema water. Just thought I’d drop you a few lines to say hello. As one who understands the fine art of irony I find it hysterically funny that you can simultaneously commit your socio-political (and actual civic) vandalism, make physical threats against Racial patriots AND ‘demand’ assistance from the Police for your crusade against the wicked Racists! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! WHAT a monumental wanker!

I fell about laughing when I checked out your embarrassingly amateurish ‘website’. The overt masturbatory nature of your woeful doggerel, turgid tripe and toilet ‘humour’ could provide enough material for SEVERAL psychiatrists’ PhD’s. You are a terminal damage case who should be isolated from real people or, better still, administered free gas. It would be a MERCY for you to die.

You crossed the line and went well beyond the pale when you decided to bully young kids who know us and support us. Unlike the Left, who prey like rock spiders on school kids, WE will NOT give anyone membership to our political group until they are eighteen. Unfortunately, because of this policy we have left these kids exposed to cheap shots from maggots like you. But I put you on warning here and now that should ANY of these National Front Youth boys cop a hiding from you or your thugs there will be NOWHERE for you to hide. Fucking NOWHERE.

Going to school in Bankstown during the Seventies and living in Green Valley in the Eighties, I am something of an amateur pugilist myself. I relish the prospect of stepping in the ring with a cretin like you (risk of AIDS notwithstanding) and skinning my knuckles on your half-bred head. I mean, how real CAN you be? I guarantee you’ll shit your pants in fright when you see the look in my eyes. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Calling up sixteen year old wobbly headed kids who don’t even shave yet and telling them you’ll have them bashed by unionists? You GUTLESS WONDER!

And how real are THESE idiots? Who the fuck are THEY? Where did THEY blow in from? My late father was a trade union organizer for fifteen years and a REAL hard Man. He had run-ins with the BLF ‘A-Team’ and all sorts of head cases and he always came out on top. But I tell you ONE thing. The old guard of the Union movement would be SICKENED by the prospect of uncontrolled immigration and the industry they protected so well having its standards eroded by the scum of the Third World. You and your bum chums are simply vandals.

You can consider yourself warned that the WPCA lads are an ENTIRELY different prospect and you bring your shit to OUR door at your peril. But hey, you ARE a real hard case ain’t you? I heard you are a boxing instructor? Teaching Abbos how to box? Well THAT’S responsible ISN’T it? About as responsible as teaching Arabs the finer points of bomb making. What? You want them to be able to bash White kids for their lunch money more EFFICIENTLY?

What a piece of work you are! What a martial arts hero! But that’s GOOD because I will feel no remorse WHATSOVER when we finally meet and you are stupid enough to open your trap at ME. On THAT day, even though I AM nearly twice your age, you will learn what a shirtful of broken ribs feels like. I will burst you like the poisonous little bubonic pustule you are.

But what a GUY you ARE! Running off shrieking to the cops like the whiny little piss-ant Lefty that you are every time there’s even the remotest possibility of White retaliation against you and your fudge tunneling knob jockeys. You are living proof for our Racial theories and hard evidence for Eugenics. You are what happens when one randomly blends genes from totally alien and incompatible Races. Your very cells are at war with each other. Inner turmoil manifests in aberrant, destructive, hateful and spiteful behaviour. See a doctor. Get some medication. But if stupidity persists, kill yourself.

I KNOW you will take this letter to the Police and try to whip up an excuse for them to attack us but make no mistakes about the nature of this communiqué. This is no threat. It is a statement of possible ramifications should you persist in your CAMPaign to harass good and decent White people. You MUST know that we will NOT be intimidated. We have nowhere to go anyway even if we were so inclined. This is OUR back yard. We will stand and fight for the streets we grew up on. What? Did you REALLY think for a moment, in your fevered and queer imagination, that we were going to go quietly and meekly to our personal doom and extinction as a Race? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Yours in utter contempt


Some suggestions for what ‘DARP’ might stand for:

Disgusting Anally Retentive Poofter
Deadshit Against Racial Pride
Dumb And Really Pathetic
Dykes Are Real People (too)
Dreary Asinine Regurgitated Puerility
Dad’s A Real Prick

You simply have NO FUCKING IDEA of the people you are now dealing with and what you are getting yourself into. Your masters in the ZOG have misled you if you believe you will have their protection 24/7 and I know they must pay well but is it worth it? You are now dealing with REAL people with jobs, assets, families, networks of contacts and, most importantly, the willpower and physical resources to fight back. My suggestion? FUCK OFF! Get back under the house or crawl back into the abominable pit of miscegenation that spawned you while you still can.

Tiresomely and oh so predictably, Darp came on with his usual litany of legal threats and tough talk, *yawn*:

“I opened the envelope very carefully (as advised by Mike Jericho AND Andrew Wilkie) and got the letter down to Eastwood police for finger-printing. Still waiting to hear back, but if the person who sent this was smart enough to post from an relatively anonymous post box, they would have been smart enough to wear gloves when putting the letter together.”

“My legal eagles are ready to roll like Optimus Prime on this one. I am so bursting with the desire to tell you all who will be representing me but at this stage, they would prefer it that they remain unknown until the big day. Let's just say it's a big name, and defamation suits are his game (and he doesn't like Nazis).”

It needs to be noted though, that to date, there have been no, none, nil, zero, zip charges brought against ANYONE in relation to any of this waffle. The reader can be the judge as to what, if any, credibility Darp and FDB might still have left after all this time of crying Wolf, and it HAS been quite some time now.

Also, some other items very conspicuous by their absence are the famous “Death Threats” made by Kromlek against Darp. Search as we might, the administrators of this site were unable to locate any of them in the various archives we searched. But surely they MUST exist? Why else would Darp tell agents of the Controlled Media at every opportunity, and anyone else willing to listen, that Kromlek has threatened to KILL him? Surely not purely for dramatic effect and the vain hope to validate his preposterous claim to victim status?

Further, why has Kromlek received no writs, no A.V.O.’s, no summonses? Why is Kromlek still walking about, a free Man? Surely such a potentially murderous monster should be locked up!