Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mathew Henderson-Hau. A.K.A. ‘Darp’

One time Gay Bar ‘bouncer’, serial University student, part-time CFMEU employee, Greens Party activist, part-time ‘Youth Worker’, Amateur Boxing Instructor, Pseudo-Anarchist, Anti-‘Racist’, Anti-Fascist, wannabe Lawyer…and so on…
His Father was of mixed Maori/Scottish ancestry and his mother of Jewish/Swiss* extraction although he also claims Croatian and Irish connections. His very poor emotional control, erratic behaviour and total rejection of the ethical/moral traditions of the host White Western Culture is typical of the self-loathing Mulatto.

From “The Daily Slander” Bogsite:
“It's all very simply (Sic) lads:

Father = Scottish/Maori Mother, Maori Father.
Mother = Swiss Father, Swiss Jewish Mother.”
Posted by: Darp Hau at August 21, 2004 03:25 PM

From “Darpism.com” Blogsite Wednesday, May 05, 2004.:

“I'm Croatian/Swiss/Maori/Scottish ....and according to a senile old grandmother, there is a bit of Jew on her side as well (Swiss).”
The Maori Connection
From “The Daily Slander” Blogsite August 19th 2004:
“It makes me proud to be part Kiwi and makes my Maori blood sing with canabalistic (Sic) pride.”
The Jewish Connection
The FACTS of the matter are that, Judaism being a matriarchal religion with Racial genealogy determined by matrilineal descent, ‘Darp’ is technically a Jew, although being of mixed Race he is, according to Talmudic Law, a ‘Mamzer’ or mongrel Jew, unfit for proper Jewish society. This must burn, and burn deeply, particularly for such a bourgeois, pretentious social climber like ‘Darp’, replete with hyphenated surname.

The Union Connection

As for his strange part-time employment with the CFMEU and the access to fringe benefits this entails such as use of the Union’s truck, using their office and computer facilities etc, one can only speculate what the average, real Working Class, blue collar rank and file financial member would feel if they were aware of the full ‘Darp story’ in all its lurid and perverted glory.

Playing the Proletarian

This is a photograph available on the Internet of ‘Darp’ proudly wearing a ‘real Working Class’ lumber jacket with a Eureka Flag patch sewn on the front. We wonder if his Mum did that for him. It is so obviously and painfully contrived we feel embarrassed for him. Unfortunately ‘Darp’ had his embarrassment gland removed long ago and is blissfully unaware of what a complete and utter twat he is. But hey, that’s our job, isn’t it? We’re here to shine the light on what ‘Darp’ is really all about.