Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Media and Kromlek

What follows is a very revealing exchange on the comments page of Ben Weerheym’s Blog Page between the “Tim Heggarty” character writing as “Anonymous” and Kromlek. One of the most telling comments is posted by the “Anonymous” person, “Nope, It’ll be finished in the media”.

When one considers comments such as this along with the claims of “Joel Kaplan” to be able to control what is and is not printed and the subsequent broadcasting of Kromlek’s employment details to the general media, both electronic and print, the strategy of intimidation through Media is clear.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that perhaps Krapper shouldn't have sent so many threatening emails to various journalists during the week. These people are better investigators than most detectives and are often better connected and carry more "fear-factor" clout.

We all know Kromlek can't help himself but in this current media environment where ALL "Nationalists and Nazis" are prime targets, is it really the smartest thing to do to go and piss off journalists?

The option of just pulling your head in and enjoying a nice quiet life just doesn't occur to you does it Peter?

9:10 PM

Anonymous said...

You won't be sueing (Sic) anyone if ASIO freeze your assets Pete.

You have stalked people's houses, sent threatening letters and emails. You also have a long litany of racially vilifying material attributable to yourself. This is both hard copy "The Nationalist" and years worth of online incitement and vilification.

Blah blah cleanskin...blah blah paid taxes. You know that means fuck all in view of the current lay of the land. Two current persons of interest to the federal authorities have associations with the WPCA as well.

Don't pop a gonad.

9:19 PM

Kromlek said...

Hey thanks for the confirmation you MONUMENTALLY STUPID FUCK WIT!!!!!

You just put that fist fuckin' turd burglar RIGHT IN IT!!!!!

I have corresponded with ONE and ONE only "journalist" and NO there were NO threats SO DON'T FUCKING LIE!

His name is JOE HILDEBRAND and he was telling LIES. So I challenged him. He got all stroppy with me FROM THE START and the style of his writing and letter construction style was almost identical to Darp and Weezil.

I said as much and he obviously went apeshit.

YOU and "JOE" and Darp better pray the "funny phone calls" cease immediately. But hey, why not give it just one more try. Telstra have been informed. Seems they have the hardware to trace slime like you back to the source.

There's money in the bank to take "Joe" down too. He won't get a job writing for the Lightning Ridge Gazette after I've finished with HIS WOG ARSE!!!!!

(rubs hands with glee)

Ha! Ha! Ha Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! HaHa! Ha! Ha Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!Ha!Ha! Ha! Ha Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha Ha! Ha! Ha!

Oh, and FUCKWIT, the offer still stands.


9:26 PM

Kromlek said...

No. Come on. I've decided. let's start and finish it here and now. You made this REAL personal. This hasn't been about political AT ALL for a LONG time.

This is all about Darp and Weezil's delicate and pompous egos getting bruised because they're NO FUCKIN' MATCH for me. They get mauled EVEY fucking time they step in the ring with Kromlek and they CAN'T HANDLE IT.

They are BIG GIRLS.

They are mental midgets and I make them look like what they are.




The rage of the impotent drives them. Nothing else.

Own up to everyone and tell us who you are and what you've got (NOTHING I suspect).

Or else F.O.A.D.


9:33 PM

Anonymous said...


Nope, it'll be finished in the media.


10:00 PM

HREOC Act 1995 said...

Kraplick, you keep mistaking real life for a boxing match. Unlike your old man, you're a knucklehead of some reknown (Sic).

There's no ropes in the ring of real life- just a dock. No referee- but you do get a judge. There's no locker room at match's end for you, Pete- just a cell. And a lot of time on your hands.

Keep on sending threats, Campbell.
The more threats you send, the longer you can hang out with your mates in Long Bay- and the longer we won't be worrying about you.

10:05 PM

Kromlek was approached only a few days later by Marnie O’ Neill, a reporter from the Sunday Telegraph. After initially hanging up on her when she called him on his employer’s mobile phone she text messaged him with this:

“Peter, it’s Marnie O’ Neill from the Sunday Telegraph. I mean you no malice. I am only interested in talking to you. Please call me when u have time.”

He agreed to correspond by E-Mail only and there were several brief exchanges.

The following is a copy of an E-Mail containing a list of questions sent to Kromlek by Ms. O’ Neill. Kromlek’s answers are in bold type.

Dear Peter,

I am very interested in your side of the story and the truth as you see it.

I am glad to hear that.

I am coming from a completely objective point of view and I am not interested in putting across my own opinions, which are certainly not important, only those of others.


I have read up about Ben Weerheyn and Jack Van Tongeran etc and am interested in their stories too.

Now you see Marnie, that is interesting in itself, is it not? Ask yourself how reliable and “objective” THOSE sources were.

I'm particularly interested in the genesis of WPCA . What do you think was the turning point for you?

The first turning point was when, as the Working Class son of a Trade Union Organiser, during the early Eighties I became aware of the betrayal of my Class by the so-called “Labour” Party. Even the trade Unions began to recruit University educated people into their administrative and executive positions. These mostly Middle Class types brought the politics of the pseudo-intellectual so-called social democratic and civil libertarian elite. Branch stacking of the so-called “Labour” Party with ethnic “minorities” became endemic.

The policies of the so-called “Labour” Party started to skew acutely toward the Asianisation and Multiculturalising of Australia largely dependent on huge refugee intake. This is a form of biological warfare or genetic terrorism.

Under the guise of so-called “Humanitarian” legislation, international covenants with the United Nations were entered into with NO consultation of the Common People. The sovereignty of this country, and all other developed industrialised White Nations was signed away by arrogant privileged elites and their unholy allies in International Finance.

I watched the steady disenfranchisement of the traditional White European Australians who had built this nation and then the vilification and ridicule of their achievements as the “Curriculum Facilitators” in the Education System who used to be known as School Teachers administered the new Politically Correct Anointed version of History.

During the Eighties and Nineties the scum really DID rise to the top with selfish and ruthlessly pragmatic career politicians and U.N. cronies like Gareth Evans, Paul Keating and others dismantling in less than a generation what had taken centuries of Working Class suffering and struggle to build.

Multiculturalism, rather than being the inclusive and egalitarian dream its advocates claim, is actually social snobbery and elitist indulgence at its deadly worst. The average Aussie who was quite happy with a Dixon Street Chinese meal on a Friday night had no overwhelming need for Sushi, Thai, Moroccan or other exotic culinary delights and to be totally honest that is a piss weak excuse to flood a largely homogeneous White European Nation with the dregs of the Earth and destroy its standard of living. He feels VERY little “enrichment” but rather anxiety and depression at the spiraling crime rates and general belligerence emanating from the various ethnic ghettos. What, as the saying goes, was in it for HIM?

The critical “turning point” though was finally meeting some like minded people through a work associate who introduced me to people like David Palmer who although I did not subscribe to his hardcore Germanocentric form of “National Socialism” I found a fair degree of common ground on Racial Theory and other matters.

This is where a lot of the terminology comes into play. David states plainly and boldly that he is a “NAZI”. Others say they are “Racial Loyalists”. I believe it was ME who was responsible for coining the term “White Nationalist” at least in Australia. The WPCA popularised it among the broader Nationalist movement.

To me it says it all. The concept of the White Nation, as I see it, defines citizenship as being about blood and genes and NOT about the arbitrary lines on a map which define POLITICAL and ECONOMIC divisions and NOT Racial ones.

For example, I feel more empathy and affinity with a White Man living in Iceland, England, Germany, America, South Africa or ANYWHERE on EARTH than I possibly could for an Asian or Arab or other non White born in Australia or wrapped in an Aussie flag and clutching an Australian citizenship certificate.

Like most political groups, if there were ten of us in a room, you got ELEVEN opinions on almost everything. Contrary to popular mythology, White Nationalists are not indoctrinated automatons goosestepping in unison. I have never met so many free thinking individualists in my life.

How did you get the organisation off the ground?

It really WAS a “Do it yourself” movement. It was no point in anyone trying to play Fuhrer and delegate work. If you wanted it done, the only way it was ever going to happen was to do it yourself. There were simply not enough people to go around and, unlike the Left who seem to have an endless supply of unemployed “students” or professional welfare recipients, the vast majority of White Nationalists are hard working tax payers and family people with property and responsibilities.

Did you have a mentor?

NO. But I have, like ALL people if they’re honest, emulated the best or most successful examples in any field. That’s how you learn. But if you mean was I at any time an understudy or deputy to any senior or elder “Nazi” or whatever. No, definitely NOT. Perhaps that’s where I have always been different from most people. I tend to be quite independent in all aspects of my life.

Did you grow up in Sydney?

Yes, I grew up in Bankstown until I was about Twenty One then moved to Liverpool and then to the Macarthur District. In Bankstown in the Seventies I had Poles, Germans, Greeks, Italians, Russians, Yugoslavs as friends and was even friendly, though not close, with some (Maronite Christian) Lebanese who were decent hard working people. Despite the cultural differences, ALL these people, excepting the Lebanese who are of Phoenician stock, they were all White Europeans and came from essentially White Western Christian nations.

I believe where the real trouble began was with the huge influx of totally unassimilable aliens during the Eighties which included Asians and Muslim Arabs. These peoples’ cultures are SO alien, SO insular, SO intolerant and SO incompatible that there was never any hope of “blending” or “unity” and I will go one step further and say that the architects of this criminally insane scheme of Multiculturalism KNEW this was the case ALL ALONG but went ahead with it anyway.

Why? Because their intent had always been to fracture and destroy any semblance of White cultural unity and genetic integrity among the traditional Australian society whose forefathers built the nation in the first place.

Does your family worry for your safety sometimes?

Yes, but understandably they worry more about their OWN skin more. They do NOT agree with my involvement in politics and this is a pattern repeated throughout the movement. If you were to get all our wives and girlfriends together most would say, “Okay I agree he has some good points but he goes TOO FAR” or perhaps simply “He’s a bloody idiot for getting mixed up in this rubbish!”

I do not know of ONE single Woman in this movement who is 100 percent (perhaps the odd 90 percent) behind her Man, which is sad because we truly DO believe we fight for our Women and Children’s future. I suppose it is our lot to be largely unwanted and unappreciated champions. The classic line of all time though has to be the one my sister spat at me “Do me a favour. Don’t try to save ME!” How’s THAT for thanks? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Sorry for the proliferation of questions......



PS: I am aware of the existence of ``Darp'' but have not spoken to him. In your opinion, should I speak to him?

Yes, I suppose you should, purely from the point of telling both sides of the story but I fully expect him to either try to recruit you or baffle you with bullshit. He is a consummate liar and highly skilled in the art of manipulation, so beware. Also, as you are Female, you will doubtless be subjected to the Darp “legend in his own mind” suave “I am Fabio, Women adore me” routine.

He will try to convince you that we White Nationalists are all simply motivated by bitterness and hatred because we are either immature, underachievers, n’er do wells, dropouts, mentally ill or even virtual predatory paedophiles preying on the weak minded youth etc etc etc Blah! Blah! Blah! ad nauseam. zzzzzzzzzzzz………

And do you know WHY? Because he, and the establishment he works for, made a decision long ago to NEVER engage the White Nationalists in meaningful debate or dialogue and to deny to them ANY forum to discuss their views. Every website or Forum they ever closed down was PRIVATE and MEMBERS ONLY. They lied and misrepresented themselves to get into them and then proceeded to either sabotage them with childish spamming or report them to the servers and the authorities to close them down. And they will lie to YOU and tell you it was all in the name of Social Justice and the Public Interest.

When they could not get in any other way they employed hackers to do the job for them and “scoop out” all the files and archives in a desperate and frantic bid to find incriminating “evidence” of “plots” or “crimes”.

Despite having done this for about twelve months now, apart from some gossip, they have produced NOTHING of any consequence. There have been NO charges laid by Police over ANY of this nonsense yet still they peek and pry and spy and creep and crawl and weasel and lie and backslide their way about the Internet and through people’s personal private Social Security files and anything ELSE they can lay their hands on through their extensive network of Lefty creeps who work for various agencies.

If this is not classic Thought Police tactics then I don’t know what is. They cannot even bear to think that there are people out there who THINK like us and want to TALK to each other.

WHY? Why do they go to this much trouble? Because they simply can NOT win, it is as dismally simple as that and it drives them NUTS!