Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Red Alert Part 2


David Heidelberg, 34, studying to be a psycho-therapist at Bundaberg, Queensland. Lest it be thought that these Leftists are lacking intellectual sophistication in their attacks on nationalists, this future psycho-therapist posted the following on Open Gauntlet a forum where both Leftists and Rightists vent their rage against each other. The diatribe was directed against a ‘white nationalist’ pseudoymned Baron von Hund, who had catalogued some of the less than edifying comments from Darp. "Posted by David Heidelberg under the heading - I want to **** Baron Von HundIt's not often that I feel compelled to expose my inner most fantasies, however tonight I feel particularly free and unburdened from my internal defence mechanisms.I dream of painting myself black, then standing in front of the Baron naked. He will then fall to his knees and take my beautifully circumcised rod deep down his mouth. I hear a muffled gag, as I feel my cock hit the back of his throat.I then proceed to wrap myself in the Israeli flag, and roll him over. The Baron lets out a shriek as I enter him. In only a moment I'm discharging my impure fluid deep into colon.He thanks me for allowing him to be my slave, and I put him back on his leash.”
The erudite Leftist psychotherapist has his own blog site in which he lists his favourite sites, including, FDB, Weezil, Red Rag, and several other Darpists.


Mr Trigan, a self-described “Jewish socialist”, was New Zealand “co-ordinator of Fightdemback”, but seems to have departed New Zealand. We have already seen something of his fanciful claims given unquestioning legitimacy by the NZ Herald and the Christchurch Press.Should Mr Trigan ever return to New Zealand to practise law there is a complaint filed by this writer with the Law Society ethics committee in relation to his FDB activities.


Mr Trigan together with Asher Goldman (see below) for some reason found it necessary to post another profile on this writer on FDB, in addition to the profile by Mr Sargeant and Mr (I mean Dr) Sexenheimer. Here are some examples of Messrs Trigan and Goldman’s techniques of smear-mongering, as directed against this writer. I will give a brief response to their comments:
Saturday, May 21, 2005


The e-mail has been busy with people sending in responses to the Nazi Party graphic that Bolton has been using to illustrate posters and leaflets for his assorted “nationalist” groups. Thanks to all those who sent stuff in.
That Mr Trigan found a picture used by this writer for several groups going back to the New Force Party of the 1980s, which Mr Trigan shows to have originally been used by the Nazi Party during the 30s, is considered by FDB to be a great coup against me personally. Naturally, it is assumed that I knew the origins of the illustration, because I’m supposedly a nazi, ipso facto it would be impossible for me not to know. The approach is of course non-sequitor. That aside, at the same time I first used the illustration I also used an illustration from the NZ Communist Party newspaper People’s Voice, depicting the invasion of Japanese businessmen. Ipso facto, I am also a communist. I have recently used illustrations from North Korea and Libya, ipso facto I’m a North Korean communist agent (given added plausibility by both my membership of the NZ North Korea friendship society and my publication of articles favourable to North Korea’s post-Marxist “Juche” doctrine).

• One that we knew about was the Renaissance Press catalogue on the website of the National Socialist Movement (USA). I have never posted anything on any “National Socialist” website, anywhere at any time. In fact I’m not particularly interested in advertising on websites.
• It looks like all the Nazi, fascist, satanist and corporatist books are all still there though. [Emphasis added]. Once again the Darpists seem compelled to smear me as a ‘Satanist’. Tellingly, Mr Trigan does not cite a single so-called “Satanist” title. Mr Trigan is a LIAR. The books listed are from a very broad range of subjects, including social credit, Catholic social doctrine, Corporatism, Strasser’s anti-Hitler faction, mythology and comparative religions including Christianity, Norse myths, Hinduism, National-Bolshevism, conservatism… But because the list includes some often rare primary sources on Fascism and National Socialism, the Darpists immediately reduce the entire catalogue to being that of a ‘Nazi’ propaganda source, and one moreover that I supposedly advertised on an ‘American nazi website’. These archives have been used by various academics, e.g. Dr Nicholas Goodrick-Clark, and have recently assisted several US academics with an Ezra Pound archive.

• One gem that arrived in the inbox was from across the Tasman, South Australia in fact. There’s a website run by some tired old bigots called the Adelaide Institute. They say that their site “ a REVISIONIST - DISSIDENT - HERETIC -WEBSITE not for the fainthearted!” Oooohhh! Dramatic! …. Now, anyone with even a passing interest in religion will know that of almost every religion in the world, there exists a faction (or many) that want to destroy the unbelievers. According to Kerry and his mates, that is the only kind of Jew there is. [Emphasis added]. Because Messrs Trigan and Goldman are self-described “Jewish socialists” they think they can spout anything in regard to Jews and get away with it. My own family connections are Jewish, and I feel that when people such as Messrs Trigan and Goldman act in an obnoxious manner publicly and then say they are “Jewish”, this more than any anti-Semitic rant contributes to the spread of anti-Semitism. In fact I have published articles by or lauding many Jews; e.g. Rabbi Daniel Lapin of Toward Tradition, who castigates Leftist Jews who infest Hollywood and the media; Prof. Henry Makow, Canadian academic, opponent of plutocracy, communism and Zionism; Gilad Atzmon, world celebrated saxophonist, ex-Israeli who condemns international Zionist influences; Paul Eisen, director of Deir Yassin Remembered, who opposes world Zionist influences…

• “We note with interest that Kerry Bolton (NF Wellington Committee member &former NF National Secretary) stated in free weekly newspaper “The Wellingtonian” of 24/3/05 that the NF have “rules all members must adhere to no Nazi insignia..” We wonder if what he meant was “Neo-Nazi insignia”? You see, In his previous group The New Zealand Workers Front, Bolton offered flags for sale with a crossed-over hammer and sword. Funnily enough, those flags made an appearance at several NF demos last year, as seen in the following photo taken on the National Front demonstration outside the Chinese Embassy on Queens Birthday Weekend 2004. Even stranger is the very close similarity of that symbol and that of the Black Front. Who, you may ask? The Black Front was a Nazi organisation in the 1930s who felt that Hitler was too moderate. Here is their logo, taken from the masthead of their newspaper, Der Deutsche Revolution.” [Emphasis added].

Messrs Trigan and Goldman claim that I promoted the use of a 'Nazi' emblem the crossed sword and hammer of Otto Strasser's Black Front. They state that Strasser opposed Hitler as "too moderate". They don't explain that Strasser regarded Hitler as too moderate in regard to socialism and economic policies. Rather, the reader is left with the lying impression that it was a matter of race and anti-Semitism. Here Trigan uses the Big Lie technique with some subtlety. Most of his readers would not know that The Black Front of Otto Srasser (whose brother Gregor was killed in Hitler’s 1934 Purge The Night of the Long Knives) was exiled from Hitler’s Germany and was on the ‘most wanted’ list of the Nazi authorities. Otto Strasser was a real fighter against real Nazis’; something Mr Trigan et al can only fantasise about. Several books by the Strassers on “German socialism” are among the titles I offer in my supposedly ‘nazi’ (sic) catalogue.


Mr Sargeant, a Wellington history teacher, threatened to “arrange” for my wife to be “beaten up” when she was demonstrating outside the Labour Conference in 2005. Mr Sargeant is an anarchist organiser who exploits the memory of his grandfather (allegedly interned in a German concentration camp during World War II) in his “anti-fascist” posturing. During the anarchist/communist riot against a pro-flag rally called in response to the National Flag Institute’s “National Flag Day”, 23 Oct. 2004, Mr Sargeant can be seen on TV news footage, his trade mark red and black anarchist flag in hand, involved in the rioting against patriots (and police) as they attempted to leave at the conclusion of a peaceful rally.


Mr Sargeant, despite his education, can only respond to those he opposes through sarcasm. For e.g. his profile of this writer (written in collaboration with “Dr” Sexenheimer) is headed:“Kerry Bolton: A nut, or just a misunderstood Mormon/Satanist/Neo-nazi?”His current partner, Kathy Thomson, is also involved in the NF and has attended at least 2 of their demos.” If the FDB website does not serve as a hit-list why is my ‘current partner’, whom the gallant Mr Sargeant threatened to have ‘beaten up’, even mentioned? Some further e.g.s:

• Previous Affilitations: (sic) Joined the National Socialist Party at aged 14.
Mr Sargeant relies heavily on Dr Paul Spoonley’s outdated book the Politics of Nostalgia on his profile of me, although he does not cite this source or any others. This uncited reference to joining the NZ Nazi Party at 14 is taken without credit from Spoonley’s book. Unfortunately Spoonley himself doesn’t mention his own source. The Nazi party did not accept members younger than 16. At 14 I was reading the Socialist Unity Party newspaper Tribune, and the NZ Communist Party’s People’s Voice. At 14 “Master Barrie Sargeant”, as he called himself, was collecting autographed photos of “fascist leaders” (sic).
• “2004, still listed info for Bolton’s Satanic organisations Ordo Sinistra Vivendi, The Black Order and The Order of the Left Hand Path.” Mr Sargeant, like Messrs Trigan and Darp, continues to find it expedient to describe me as a ‘Satanist’ (sic). The innuendo is that I am still involved in this. It is again an e.g. of the desperate and dishonest smear-mongering techniques of this coterie. After a long litany of my role as a nazi, racist, anti-Semite, etc. towards the end Mr Mr Sargeant blows the whole lot with:
• Kerry Bolton Trivia: Impress your Friends! Delight your Party Guests! Kerry has a half Maori son from a previous relationship. Mr Sargeant defines his opponents as nazis, racists, anti-Semites, then slanders them on the basis of his own definition; in this instance with some disjointed assumptions based on a pseudo-biography on this writer covering 35 years, i.e. since I was a 14 year old kid. When it is discovered that this writer (and I’m not the only one of the supposed Rightist ‘leaders’ in NZ) has both Jewish and Maori family connections, Mr Sargeant can only see this in terms of further smear-mongering rather than re-assessing his own assumptions. Mr Sargeant for e.g. does not seem to be able to grasp that (1) I am not a ‘nazi’ or an ‘anti-Semite’, or a race purist, but a radical conservative and social crediter, although he does recognise my primary influences are the philosophers Yockey, Spengler and Evola, none of whom upheld nazi views regarding ‘race’. (2) Mr Sargeant cannot understand that opposition to Zionism and examining Jewish contributions to such as communism or questioning aspects of World War II orthodox history does not constitute ‘nazism’. Indeed, among the most scathing critics of Jewish involvement in decadent liberal trends is the orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin. As for the ready smear that to question aspects of World War II orthodox history, which is called ‘revisionism’, the first to question the magnitude of actions against the Jews, to take the most contentious e.g. of revisionism, were Left-wing academics, the American Prof. Harry Elmer Barnes, and the French resistance hero and concentration camp inmate, Prof. Paul Rassinier. Revisionist historians (among which there are many scholars from both Left and Right or from no political angle, including Jews) are primarily concerned with the causes of war, and as a by-product, the interests which have profited from war and the perpetuation of war-time propaganda. Ironically, one of the academics who has upheld the right for this type of research to continue unhindered by threats of jail, is anarchist icon Prof. Noam Chomsky who wrote a defence for the right of French academic Dr Robert Faurrison to publish his research without the threat of fines and imprisonment. Presumably for the shallow NZ anarchists, Prof. Chomsky is a ‘nazi sympathiser’, although they do sell his books, which might mean…. ???


One of the oddest comments from Mr Sargeant came when exchanging some views with this writer on Asher Goldman’s blogsite Left and Lefter. At one point in his discourse, replying to my question as to why he states he wishes he was Jewish and asking whether he has an identity crisis, Mr Sargeant replies [Emphasis added]:“I have no identity crisis whatsoever. I am happy being who I am. Its just I sometimes feel that if adding an elective affinity with certain social, political or religious categories will increase your animus towards me, then I'd gladly do it. Being solely an anarchist seems insufficient sometimes.”
Why my views towards Barrie Sargeant – someone who has no more personal meaning for me than whoever it is who delivers my newspaper every morning - should be so central to his sense of identity is to say the least perplexing. He doesn’t say ‘increase the fascists’ animus’ towards him, or the racists, the nazis, etc etc., but MY animus towards him. Frankly, I don’t get it.


Mr Goldman is one of several who photographs those he opposes for inclusion on Leftist hit lists, yet whined when their pictures appeared on Mr Weerheym’s site. He also bemoans the publishing of personal details by Rightists, yet is one of the principal operatives for FDB, and has recently attempted to incite violence against this writer et al.Mr Goldman claims he is not a “political Zionist” but a “cultural Zionist”. However he is a member of Habonim Dror New Zealand, which describes itself as “a Jewish, Socialist, Zionist Youth Movement that has been active in the New Zealand Jewish community since 1949."In response to a speech mainly attacking the globalism of MPs by current NZ National Front director Sid Wilson, at the cenotaph, 22 October 2005, Mr Goldman replied with his usual well-reasoned restraint as follows: “Fucken racist goyim” “Goyim”, plural for non-Jews, is the orthodox Jewish equivalent to someone saying ‘nigger’ or ‘kike’. It is an expression of contempt that betrays Mr Goldman’s anti-Gentilism. Mr Goldman is planning on defacing public and private property in Wellington with his own stickers. Mr Goldman has written of this:"My stickers are on a range of topics including antifash ones, anti-ANZ ones, general anarchist ones etc etc....I stick them up in a range of places, from street signs to shop windows, depending on where I feel they are most appropriate." Shopkeepers look out.


Writing of the conviction of Ross Baumgarten and Jason Molloy for the vandalism of Auckland mosques, Mr Goldman seeks to put the blame on this writer among others, and attempts to incite violence against myself and others:
From Mr Goldman’s blog site Left and LefterWednesday, November 30, 2005I should be happy, right?“…Who then is to blame? Like Ross' mother, who was interviewed recently ("My son the little race hate foot-soldier", Sunday Star Times 27/11/2005), I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the older Nazis such as Kerry Bolton, Kyle Chapman and Sid Wilson."These are impressionable young minds they're moulding into their way of thinking, their little foot-soldiers," she said of the Front."These are old men running this, and these young ones are like sponges, soaking it all up."These people are the ones who provoke attacks such as Jason and Ross'. They have been involved for years, sometimes decades, and have enough of a brain to know that they dont want to risk getting arrested themselves. So, instead, they pump their vile hatred into the impressionable minds of teenagers, especially outcasts, who, having no other friendship/support network to fall back on, are much more receptive to this message of hate. Then, when attacks and arrests occur, these older Nazis claim "It's not our fault! We never told them to attack a Mosque". While that might be true (although in some cases even this is debatable), they create a situation where these kids have no outlet for their anger but physical damage, whether it be to buildings or people.The macho aggressive culture that is bred and encouraged in all Nazi movements can only serve to create more Jason Molloys and Ross Baumgartens. As long as people such as Kerry, Kyle and Sid are left alone, we'll be seeing plenty more where this came from. [Emphasis added].

Discovering this blog entry by accident, I replied in the comments section as follows:13 Dec. 05Mr GoldmanHave you ever considered that if you have to compulsively lie to put your cause across then the cause itself might be worthless?I have just run into your comments on me by accident, re. my supposedly being responsible for the actions of Messrs Molloy and Baumgarten.First up, I have never had at any time any personal communications with either individual. In fact, I looked at askance on the wild statements of Molloy and questioned whether he should be permitted to stay in the NF.Secondly, despite what your child abuser mate Darp says, I have never been involved with or incited violence or vandalism and have no criminal record of any type. I challenge you to prove otherwise. Nor am I known to be a coward who incites others to do my 'dirty work' for me. I think it's obvious I'm up front and open in everything I do and say. Show otherwise.Thirdly, I opposed any contact of NF supporters with any website forums, Left, Right or otherwise. I even pushed for the NF forum to be taken down permanently. If I had been the 'evil' leader behind the scenes of the NF, all forum communication would have stopped. It merely inflamed those involved with stupid, ill-conceived bravado, and achieved nothing political or educational. Likewise with numerous other elements about the NF I wanted eliminated, including the military ranks, and 'militia' idea, to no avail. Fourthly, I actively opposed any anti-social or violent element, and pushed for Nic Miller to be expelled from membership, even if the Somali fracas was far from clear. I failed in that too, although he was stepped down as Wgtn. organiser at my prompting.Fifthly, I am not anti-Moslem, and consider them to be among the few obstacles to the plutocratic New World Order. In fact I visited the open day for the Wgtn. Mosque to find out more about them (no, not with criminal intent). I have a long public record of supporting Muslims going back to the 1980s when I supported the Maori delegation to Libya (as reported in the Sunday News). I admire any traditional society that is an obstacle to the spread of materialism. I've noted that you are not able to respond to nationalism other than by way of smear-mongering, which means your own ideas must be bereft of any intellectual content. Finally, why do you suppose I eventually resigned from the NF completely and am now castigated by Sid Wilson as a 'traitor'? I got fed up with any positive action or interview being undermined by the ill-conceived antics of yobs over whom I had NO influence.

Again, when challenged to present FACTS, to PROVE the allegations, the Darpists, in this instance Mr Goldman, clammed up.


On the same blog site under the same entry on the Molly, Baumgarten matter, Mr Goldman laments that the Left is not in a position to physically smash its opponents on the streets and must unfortunately resort to the media and the police (emphasis added):“Unfortunately, in our current societies in Aotearoa and Australia, the most effective means for shutting down the boneheads are via the mainstream media and the police. We are (generally speaking, although there are exceptions) not in a situation where physically smashing them on the streets would be a productive method - on the contrary, it would likely be counterproductive and lead to reprisals against immigrant communities (who generally would not have been involved in anti-fascist activity).


Among the Darpists is Daphne Lawless, aka Anthony Hobbs, aka Anthony Lawless, aka Heather Blackrose. Ms Lawless under her persona of Heather Blackrose is a moderator of FDB forums along with Darp. One of the links on one of her websites is ironically titled ‘mock the nazis’ and goes straight to FDB. I say ironically, because I find it odd that Ms Lawless, or indeed ANY of the Darpists, can so self-righteously mock anybody given their own backgrounds and propensitiesDaphne started life as Anthony, born in 1974. Anthony rejected his family’s Catholic faith and became a wiccan (witch), joining the Wellington based Wiccan Association of NZ (WANZ). He studied music and English literature at Victoria University, Wellington.


As a wiccan, Anthony was involved with an occult journal published during the late 1990s called “Circlecaster”. The only political input into Circlecaster from Anthony was an article advocating an anarchic type individualism as the proper political stance for neo-pagans. At this time Anthony was vehemently anti-Bolshevik. In the Spring 1998 issue of Circlecaster, Anthony wrote:“…because a social order which was founded by violence or lies will inevitably rely on violence and lies to keep them in power. The Bolsheviks in Russia found this out the hard way. They thought they could use terror tactics and oppression to overthrow the Tsar and his capitalist cronies and then live in a peaceful, happy socialist paradise forever after. They were wrong. Big time…. We must have faith that we can change reality without violence or coercion, through both individual and collective magickal and political action…”

Sometime thereafter Anthony became Daphne, a feminist adherent of Leon Trotsky, the Bolshevik who was the architect of the very violence and coercion that Anthony had once so articulately opposed.


In 1999 Daphne wrote his/her MA thesis on “Weird sisters and wild women – the changing depiction of witches in literature, from Shakespeare to science fiction”. In this thesis s/he acknowledges the assistance of the Wiccan Association of NZ. S/he also describes himself as a “neo-pagan”.Sometime between 1999 and 2003 Ms Lawless seems to have become a Marxist. Her 2003 Ph.D. thesis is entitled “The Sex Problem: family, class and contradiction in late colonial NZ novels.” Here she explains that, “this thesis re-evaluates ideas of the depiction of women in NZ novels of the late colonial period (1890s-1930s) in light of a Marxist-feminist critical approach”. What better home for a “Marxist-feminist” than Trotskyism, where gender issues and the recruitment of disaffected minorities have long taken the place of trying to agitate the unreceptive proletariat? How the transition from wiccan to dialectical materialist, from a worshipper of the Goddess to presumably an atheist had been made is unclear, particularly since her music continues to include occult themes, such as references to the so-called ‘black magician’ Aleister Crowley, Darp’s childhood hero, who was decidedly un-Bolshevik.


Daphne was also developing his/her musical talents. His first band when still known as Anthony Hobbs was formed as a duo in 1992, and called “Extraneous Hats”. Her music projects are now based around “Random Static Music”. Interestingly she is able to get a venue at The Cake Shop, a Wellington anarchist hangout. In the last couple of years the anarchists have been able to quite comfortably forget their historical rivalry with the Trotskyites and overlook little events such as the Bolshevik slaughter of anarchists and syndicalists at Kronstadt. Ms Lawless performed at the anarchist hang-out on 27 August 2005, described on her web-site “Planet Lawless” as “Random Static Music in association with The Revolution Will Be Synthesised.” Her self-advertisement for this gig runs:“Come see Daphne cook up a storm in a confined space at The Cake Shop. (No jokes about Kronstadt allowed).”
Ms Lawless no longer seems to have the troubled conscious regarding violence and coercion that she once had as Anthony. Rather, mass slaughter is now a matter of humour. One doesn’t have to wonder too long as to what the Darpist reaction would be if somebody made jokes about ‘nazi atrocities’.


Ms Lawless’ website is described by her as “The Daphne Lawless Ego Gratification Website”. “Links of Interest” on the site include the Trotskyite communist “International Socialist Tendency”, and “ASLM”, which she states “has to be seen to be believed”. ASLM stands for “alt.shoe.lesbians.moderated”. It is a discussion forum for women, bisexuals, and lesbians. Ms Lawless is a feature at ‘lesbian and gay’ functions. One such function she attended was the September 2002 Wellington Lesbian Ball. Accompanying her was an Amazon clad Kelly Buchanan. Ms Buchanan was Alliance Party candidate for Wellington City Council in 2004, and in the September 2005 General Election stood as Alliance candidate for Mana. She is the party’s spokesperson on “queer issues”. Another project listed on Planet Lawless is entitled “The Heather Blackrose Loose Wench Program.” Heather Blackrose is another persona of Daphne. It is introduced as follows:“Become a rampaging sex goddess in six months or less… The Loose Wench Program is a series of twelve modules designed to teach YOU to transform YOUR weirdest sexual and romantic dreams into RAMPAGING REALITY. No tricks, no gimmicks, just a simple set of exercises which encourage you to discover, exercise, and expand your secret inner WENCH powers…”

Among the application requirements: “A recent photo (clothing optional), bribes for the Instructress (optional but recommended)…” “Postgraduate options” include “advanced perversion” and “advanced bisexuality.” One wonders how well the persona of Heather Blackrose, rampaging sex goddess, integrates with that of Daphne Lawless, Marxist-feminist? And where does witch Daphne fit in? What about the Marxist dictum “religion is the opiate of the people”? Just so we get a better picture of Blackrose we are informed that she “enjoys deviant perversions, hanging out on Usenet and her cat.” (posted 23/10/01).


As Daphne the Victoria University librarian, she is Library Sector representative for the Association of University Staff. In her role as the workers’ revolutionary agitator she co-chaired a conference to launch a campaign for a “workers charter.” The conference was held on 22 October 2005 with herself as a co-chairperson. She along with conference reps. Mat McCarten and John Minto handled the media. McCarten the former Alliance Party president is now a respectable media political commentator, regardless of his Trotskyite associations. Ms Lawless is also head of Campus Left, described as “a broad coalition of Leftist and socialist staff and students at Victoria University. We are supported by activists from Socialist Worker and the Alliance Party.” Socialist Worker is one of several Trotskyite communist factions in New Zealand. Ms Lawless is editor of the “Socialist Worker” newspaper.


As a leading Trotskyite communist Ms Lawless played her part in trying to scare-monger and mobilise New Zealanders to riot against the National Front’s 2004 pro-flag rally at the Wellington cenotaph. She wrote a leaflet under the auspices of Campus Left. The leaflet is entitled “Say no to the blackshirts” and attacks not only the NF but also the Destiny Church. Ms Lawless’ appeal is addressed to “ordinary New Zealanders” (sic). Using typical Leftist strategy, Ms Lawless critiques the Right by inventing Rightist policy, a strategy that had been previously used by her communist colleague Grant Brookes, as we shall see. She writes:“Like the NF attack Asian immigrants, the Destiny Church attack the “homosexual minority” - and both go after “politically correct” politicians. They both try to rally small business and non-unionised workers against an “elite” who are supposed to be gaining privileges at their expense…”
The equation Nationalism = Fascism = anti-unionism is part of Marxist dogma. This writer for one, has always been in a union, voted for the retention of ‘compulsory unionism’, and even joined Unite when out of work until finding it to be just another Trot front. Ms Lawless continues with her Marxist analysis of nationalism as a last resort of capitalism without any actual recourse to quoting NF policy, then calls on “ordinary New Zealanders” to confront the NF’s planned pro-flag rally of 23 Oct. 2004:“How YOU can help stop the Blackshirts!SIGN THE PETITION. We are organising a petition against the divisive politics of Destiny and the NF, and for unity of ordinary New Zealanders. Sign it and get all your friends to do so! Order petition forms from us.JOIN THE MARCH! The NF are holding an anti-immigrant rally during Labour Weekend; we will be one of several groups helping organise a counter-march. Ask us for more details….GET ON THE MAILING LIST to keep in touch with future events! Send an email to: CAMPUS LEFT is a broad coalition of leftist and socialist staff and students at Victoria University of Wellington. We are supported by activists from Socialist Worker ( and the Alliance Party ( This leaflet was written by Daphne Lawless and Anna Potts.”

Ms Lawless then tries to portray the NF as a ‘nazi’ organisation, and includes the usual smears against this writer. She then resorts to an outright invention stating that an NF sticker“carried the slogan “One Family – One Folk –One Nation” – based on the original Nazi Slogan “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer.”
By putting “one” or “ein” into the equation Ms Lawless, by the brilliant use of Marxist dialectics, manages to make the NF slogan sound more sufficiently ‘nazi’.