Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Red Alert Part 3


The following are sundry Leftists who may or may not be attached to FDB.


Mr Burnell, Wellington, is a free lance photographer and an anarchist. His photography appears in the community newspaper The Wellingtonian. I first encountered Mr Burnell at a nationalist protest against the NZ-China Free Trade Agreement outside the Chinese Embassy in Kelburn. Mr Burnell had shown up with an anarchist counter-protest that included Tze Ming Mok, Valerie Morse and John Anderson, the latter two of Peace Action Wellington. Mr Burnell was photographing the nationalists for inclusion on Leftist websites, as he is able to combine this role with his profession as photojournalist. It was the first time I had encountered this practice, yet Mr Burnell is among those who whine when Rightists respond by posting his photo.

Tze Ming Mok

Tze Ming Mok, poet and journalist, was a major influence in starting the organisation Multicultural Aotearoa (MCA). We shall document the MCA below. The specific purpose of MCA was to act as a coalition to oppose the National Front’s pro-flag rally on 23 October 2004. MCA was an anarchist initiative as admitted by leading anarchist Sam Buchanan. MCA linked various anarchist and communist groups with a range of community and ethnic groups, and even respectable professional associations, trades unions, teachers, college students, et al. The Maritime Union provided the stewards for the MCA’s counter march and rally; an irony considering that the Maritime Union’s economic nationalism has drawn vitriolic attack from the Trotskyite communists who were involved with MCA, whilst the Right’s economic nationalism is in accord with Union aims.

Ms Mok had first been encountered at a National Front demonstration against the NZ-China Free Trade Agreement outside the Chinese Embassy, Kelburn, 7 June 2004. Ms Mok was involved in an anarchist counter-demonstration which was finally told to clear off by the police, whose senior member at the time complimented this writer on the disciplined and courteous behaviour of the nationalists. Ms Mok has since accorded mythic status to this ignoble Leftist counter-demonstration, and was even awarded a literary prize by Landfall for her imaginings. In a New Zealand literary forum called The Big Idea Ms Mok presents her rag tag collection of anarchist hoodlums in heroic proportions. The following was this writer’s reply to Ms Mok on the Big Idea forum:

“Ms Mok's comments about the NF demo against free trade outside the Chinese embassy are - to be charitable - fanciful at best. Ms Mok seems not to have ever actually experienced any racial animosity in the past so she presumably showed up to the NF demo in the hope that she would - and consequently be able to pose as a martyr of white racism. Despite her attempted provocation she appears to have failed. Her exhibition in front of a colleague and myself elicited a comment from me that it was interesting.[1] She must feel frustrated to have not received any significant degree of racial abuse.

Saying that the NF opposition to the China FTA is based on not wanting to trade with 'inferior races' is of course moronic and typical of the knee-jerk reaction to the NF by the likes of Ms Mok. It has more to do with geo-politics, and we'd be just as opposed to a US FTA.

Her organisation of the MCA riot against the NF's pro-flag rally of 23 Oct. is a disgrace. Whilst the NF disciplines and expels members who initiate violence, Ms Mok's communist and anarchist stormtroopers who gutlessly attacked NF supporters have never met a rebuke from her. She presumably therefore supports cowardly violence.
The attempt by her MCA to scare-monger among ethnic communities in a cynical attempt to exploit them into mobilising against the NF is typical Leftist strategy. While she castigates the NF for being "unreconstructed nazis" through the most tenuous of techniques, she was herself obviously pleased to work with Trotskyite communists of the SWO, ISO and Campus Left, whose legacy of cruelty from the days of their saint, Trotsky, makes fascism look humanitarian by comparison.

That she should be lauded as some kind of writer of repute is typical of the kind of society NZ has become, rotten from the top downwards; a reflection of the West's cycle of decline.”


From the start it was clear to this writer that MCA intended a violent confrontation with nationalists, whilst mobilising a broad range of the public against the Right. The Leftists on Indymedia Aotearoa forums had been ranting for months about how they were going to ‘smash the fash…’ My attempts to bring the violent intent of MCA and its communist and anarchist associations to the attention of the media and the ethnic councils and unions MCA was manipulating, was met – predictably – with indifference. Journalists, in particular Maggie Tait then of The Dominion Post, were determined to portray MCA as a well-meaning organisation, just as the media portrays the Darpists and their allies.

MCA was organised on 15 August 04 at a meeting held at Newtown community centre, Wellington. The meeting was obligingly given free advertising by The Dominion Post as some type of ‘community service’. Some dissension existed with the invitation of David Zwartz, honorary Israeli consul. However, the Trotskyites and anarchists were willing to sell-out to the Zionists, apparently the NF being a much greater world menace.

My wife was abused, called a ‘slut’ etc, when she went to enter the hall, noting the sign “all welcome”. What was said in the hall about both Kyle Chapman and myself was likely of a criminally libellous nature, and it is little wonder the Left was eager to keep out any observers.

At any rate, the comment in a telephone conversation the day after by Ann-Marie Johnson, who covered the meeting for The Dominion Post, was that “there was a lot of hysteria in there.”

The information I compiled on MCA was sent to the media among others. Maggie Tait phoned expressing interest but instead The Dominion Post ran a story on MCA support from Li-Ming Hu, an actress with TV’s soap opera, Shortland Street.

In a leaflet entitled Leftist scare-mongers target ethnic minorities, sent to ethnic councils, unions, media, et al in an effort to warn as to what type of organisation MCA was, I wrote:

… is falsely describing the NF as, “a violently racist and fascist group…”. MCA states: “In the past few months in Wellington National Front members have been linked to attacks on Jewish cemeteries, Somali refugees, Maori, activists, and community centres, and have abused Chinese people outside the Chinese Embassy. They are now openly targeting and intimidating Asian businesses in Christchurch.” (MCA Press Release). Among the minutes of the MCA committee we read: “To think about for future meetings: warning ethnic communities, regardless of if they attend the march or not, that the NF will be en masse in town the night of the 23rd.” This is scare-mongering of the most irresponsible type….

… of the original five ‘endorsing’ organisations of MCA are the “Campus Left”, which comprises the communist Socialist Workers Organisation and the Alliance Party, and the communist International Socialist Organisation. The Socialist Worker states that anti-NFers should be willing to put the Palestinian issue aside to oppose the supposedly greater threat of the NF! The Trotskyites have historically always been political whores. Ironically, it is the NF that enjoys cordial dialogue with the Christchurch Moslem community and NF director Chapman recently spoke at the Christchurch Mosque. …[2]

…Recently a woman NF member has been threatened with rape and the death of her children. MCA responds that it’s the NF’s own fault. MCA has been inciting ethnic communities against the NF, yet has the audacity to claim it’s non-violent. Can the same be said of some of its allies – namely the Trotskyites and the Anarchists? They have been agitating for violence against the NF for months, and have been pasting up criminally libellous posters around Wellington.

Ms Mok of MCA claims she was insulted at an NF picket against the NZ-China Free Trade agreement across from the Chinese Embassy. (This writer’s wife, when she went to enter the Newtown meeting, which was billed with a sign reading “all welcome”, was called a “white bitch” and a “white slut”). Presumably the Oriental woman who performed martial arts exercises in front of the NF picketers was Ms Mok(?). Despite this absurd provocation, the NF maintained discipline whilst the Left chanted abuse, and threatened to “kill” NF members. They even painted slogans on flats, and over the Botanical Garden’s entrance, a matter that the NF took up with the Wellington City Council. The police eventually told the Left to leave because of their antics. On the other hand, the police commended the NF on its conduct.

…A desperate MCA jumps at a Lower Hutt policeman’s comment that the NF is a ‘criminal gang’. However, police subsequently apologised for this statement. Of course, MCA won’t mention that. MCA apparently even misquoted an Ethnic Federation Council president that the NF were suspected of sending hate mail to Wellington Muslims. MCA had to withdraw the statement and apologise. The NF is still waiting for its apology….

My leaflet also made reference to a publication that was distributed at the founding meeting of MCA at Newtown. Written by Trotskyite communist Grant Brookes, it is an interesting study in the pathology of lying:

“A typical e.g. of Left-wing smears against the NF is the SWO leaflet “Never Again”, by Grant Brookes. Brookes does not address actual NF policies, but invents his own! Describing the NF as “the Nazi National Front”, Brookes claims that since ‘fascism’ ‘is a full scale attack on the freedom of the vast majority,’ and since the NF is ‘Nazi’ therefore the NF has ‘forfeited the right to free speech,’ which ‘they only use to spread lies which result in racist attacks’ Such logic! Brookes urges violence against the NF by quoting Hitler that: “One thing would have stopped our movement – if our adversaries had smashed with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement.”

He claims the NF advocates euthanasia (?!), wants to end elections and believes that trade unionists should be curbed. Brookes states the NF wants ‘military conscription for all unemployed’. He even claims the NF would attack trades unionists and Labour Party officials! Brookes’ claims are hysterical nonsense…”

If Mr Brookes did not LIE, then he is welcome to show otherwise.

Just as I attempted to warn, the MCA counter rally did end with a riot composing about 100 of MCA’s 800
[3] marchers, attacking several dozen nationalists as they attempted to leave following the peaceful conclusion of their rally. While the MCA gang that attacked the nationalists was a classic example of mob frenzy in its most cowardly form, journalist Maggie Tait and others insisted on maintaining the MCA’s dubious façade. Ms Tait after describing the way lone nationalist Cale Olsen was pursued and assaulted, nevertheless ends her article praising the MCA mob:

“The anti-racist march concluded its business at Parliament with good humoured positive speeches about living in harmony.”[4]


At no time did Ms Mok repudiate the violence. Instead she was concerned that the ‘skirmish’ (sic) might have obscured the message of the MCA march. Rather, the violence against a lone nationalist had ‘given the NF a taste of its own medicine….’ she stated to The Wellingtonian[5]. It should be kept in mind that Ms Mok had never apparently experienced any ‘racism’ in New Zealand until she turned up with a group of violent anarchists to a peaceful protest against Free Trade and started performing directly in front of nationalists to provoke a reaction.


It is difficult to see how Cale Olsen ‘got a taste of his own medicine’ by being mobbed and beaten. If my wife had been isolated and beaten, that presumably also would have been getting a ‘taste of her own medicine’, despite being a veteran anti-Vietnam war campaigner. What about the large number of women present, some of whom were reduced to tears? Or the tertiary student who escaped the mob by the skin of his teeth, a completely placid and well-meaning individual who’d never been involved in any fracas in his life? He was also very near to apparently getting a ‘taste of his own medicine’. Presumably if I’d been isolated and beaten by the mob I’d have ‘gotten a taste of my own medicine’, considering that I’d been described on Indymedia forum as “a violent fuck with a long criminal record”, with a subsequent claim that I’d been stationed as the ‘heavy’ at the cenotaph before the arrival of the main body of nationalists, despite my distinctly recalling being at the Aanes Westra exhibition with my wife at the National Library until just prior to the start of the rally (?).

When Mr Olsen’s wife, Cas, attempted to locate him after the riot, she also apparently got ‘a taste of her own medicine’, as related some months after in an e-mail to my wife:

Dear Kathy

Regarding your ‘harassed?’ notice appeal. Back on the 23 Oct 2004 after Cale’s dilemma when he went missing, I called into the Wellington Police Station to find out any information of his whereabouts. I walked into a trap. The front foyer was riddled with communists and fairies.[6]. They were chanting ‘free Tyrone’, an anarchist who had been arrested.

I was surrounded when they recognised me as an NF member and started shouting over and over ‘nazi in the building’, becoming more aggressive.
Immediately the police noticed this and sent out about 6 police to evacuate the building. One policeman stared pushing me towards the door. I tried to explain that I was not with them
[7]. He did not care and replied ‘everyone out’. As I got pushed through the front door I felt a hard kick to my outer left thigh. I turned and realised a light brown wimp of a man (approx. 20 years old, around 5ft 7 tall, dark short hair, dressed in dark clothing) had assaulted me. The policeman directly behind me witnessed this and turned a blind eye. The injury was minor, just a dead leg for a few days, with minimal bruising. Nevertheless I felt it was a cheap blow and totally unnecessary. So just for the record I did feel violated by the wimp…”


As for the violent nature and anarchist origins of MCA, which continues to nominally exist under the leadership of Ross Gardiner, organiser of Punkas.com and the annual Wellington Punkfest, leading Wellington anarchist Sam Buchanan, posted on Indymedia Aotearoa :

“24 Oct 2004 A few things…. Strangely, lots of people seem to be opposed to violence today, but think its OK in the past. Lots of quite ‘respectable’ (sic) are happy to stand up and admit involvement in the violent 1981 anti-apartheid protests, yet condemn activists who use violence here and now. Similarly, you never see these people standing up on war memorials and condemning those who fought in the 1939-45 war as shit-stirrers who should have been more tolerant.

And lastly for ‘beige’:

“Just consider, if there had been no MCA march, no attempt to confront the NF, they would have got absolutely no press.”
Rubbish, there was no opposition when they held a demo in Palmerston North earlier this year and they still got reported. Left protests seldom have opposition and they still get reported. The NF will be reported, it’s just a matter of whether they get the papers to themselves or get challenged.
“At American rallies… the elder statesmen of the movement work hard to keep the Black Bloc and other anarchists in-line and thus prevent the media from having a field day…”

Well, in New Zealand, the ‘elder statesmen’ of the movement, such as they are, are frequently anarchists themselves. The peaceful MCA march included many anarchists, some chose to confront the NF, some didn’t. The MCA itself began from a project initiated largely, if not entirely, by anarchists.

…Without the direct action of the black blocs and others, the anti-globalisation protests in Seattle, Genoa, etc. would have disappeared from historical memory, just like the many large, peaceful protests I’ve helped organise over many years have. [Emphasis added].

The violence even now continues to be celebrated by the Darpists et al. Close up pictures of a bloodied Cale Olsen are still depicted on Leftist websites as a mark of revolutionary heroism. No doubt, the Leftist creeps who were part of a 100 strong mob which surrounded Mr Olsen still regale their comrades with that day of heroism. Daphne Lawless writing in her role as editor of Socialist Worker, and Asher Goldman, writing in the NZ Jewish Chronicle, heralded the day’s events as a great victory.

The following was compiled by this writer as background on MCA, and a summary in leaflet form was distributed to various ethnic councils, journalists, et al.


The Darpists have apparently become discontented with merely smear-mongering via the internet and news media and have called for outright thuggery. Of course, this is done under the guise of a ‘defensive’ reaction to nebulous allegations of supposed ‘nazi thuggery. Anti-Fascist Action, or Antifa, is a world-wide anarchist organisation, as indicated in the posting below, noted for its violence. Note the emphasis on PHYSICAL opposition. Rationalising the violent and illegal intent Darp states:
“We are sick of the NF being able to intimidate people. Its time this stopped and we will stop it.”

The Darpists are actually hard pressed to cite any examples of “intimidation” by right-wing organisations. When some youngster such as Nic Miller is involved in a fracas, the Darpists exploit it way beyond a normal response because of the rarity of such incidences.

Antifa hasn’t so far been in much evidence, but here’s Darp’s effort to try and organise a criminal gang against the Right:
“Kia Ora,
> We are judging interest in creating a group, called Anti Fascist Action.
This group will SPECIFICALLY be set up like similar groups in the UK, where we will be PHYSICALLY opposing the National Front and all other outwardly racist groups.

While we aren’t looking for ‘Rambo’s’ we are looking for people who are confident enough to be able to ‘handle themselves’ in all situations and aren’t scared of physically standing up to the NF. Those who feel they need it will be offered training in self-defence (etc) techniques.

> We are sick of the NF being able to intimidate people. Its time this stopped and we will stop it.

> ANYONE interested in joining us please PM me. ALL correspondence in regards to the AFA will be OFF the Internet. [Me emphasis].
> We are starting squads in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch initially and afterwards, wherever the NF has a presence.

> We are NOT a militia nor are we vigilantes. We are not into running around with guns and all that bullshit. Neither are we into talking shite and making idol threats. We are people who are not willing to see the National Front be intimidating any more.
> We will fight the fash if, where and when is required.


PAW is a typical Leftist stratagem to mobilise well-meaning people. The PAW cadre is linked to anti-nationalist actions and to FDB. Because it is portrayed as a respectable body, like MCA, it is promoted by mainstream sources, such as the website of the Wellington City Council community services directory.

Wellington City Council community directory describes PAW as follows:
Peace Action Wellington is an activist organisation for people interested in international issues including war, justice, self-determination and solidarity…
Categories: Human Rights Community

The spokespersons as listed by various media, particularly “Scoop independent news” include:

Valerie Morse

Ms Morse was an attendee of the “Stitch ‘n’ Bitch” “anarcha-feminist” conference, Christchurch, 1-4 Feb. 05.[8] Ms Morse is the hysterical blond woman in dark glasses who can be seen in photos as part of a large mob surrounding and beating Cale Olsen after Ms Morse and her colleagues had rioted against a celebration of National Flag Day.

Ms Morse was also involved with the anarchist counter-demonstration against the NF anti-China FTA on 7 June 2004, during which the anarchists repeatedly blocked pedestrians, threatened nationalists and were ordered to depart by the police. Ms Morse’s main role was to walk the length of the nationalist picket moronically chanting “go home nazis”. Previously some of her colleagues had painted slogans on the road leading into the Botanical Gardens, and even on adjacent flats.

Ms Morse was also involved with the 18 October protest against a defence industry conference held at Te Papa, during which she and her colleagues charged police lines and Morse was reportedly “one of the first to be arrested”[9]

John Anderson

IT analyst. According to Scoop PAW Press Releases[10] a PAW spokesman. Mr Anderson can be seen in news pictures near Ms Morse as part of the gutless mob that surrounded Cale Olsen. Mr Anderson has his fists clenched.
Mr Anderson has been on the council of the Alliance Party and might continue to be so. Mr Anderson’s involvement with the anarchist broadsheet SNAP is shown on the blog site of Asher Goldman, where the SNAP team is listed:
“SNAP! Publishing John Anderson Sam Buchanan TooManyBagels Barrie [Sargeant] Metin nerothegod maria m Joe Buchanan.”

SNAP is published by the Wildcat Anarchist Collective.

Included in Mr Anderson’s broad-ranging definition of ‘Fascists” were two middle aged Maori women, members of the Destiny Church, who aroused Mr Anderson’s ire by walking through the streets of Wellington, with Mr Anderson shouting at them: “Fascists!”, before hurriedly walking away.

Grant Brookes

Registered nurse. A PAW “spokesman” according to a PAW Press Release for Scoop news[11] Brookes is the head of the Socialist Workers Organisation, the primary Trotskyite communist group in New Zealand. Brookes penned a leaflet entitled “Never Again” which calls for violence against those whose views he opposes and quotes Hitler on the need to ‘smash with the utmost brutality’ those whom Brookes lyingly portrays as wanting to attack trade unionists and Labour party officials, conscript the unemployed and introduce euthanasia!

The PAW website links to:

· International Socialist Organisation which it describes as “a revolutionary socialist group.” ISO is a Trotskyite communist faction.
· Socialist Worker, also described as “a revolutionary socialist group”, this is another Trotskyite faction headed by Brookes and Darp’s colleague Daphne Lawless.
· SNAP! “An anarchist newsletter”. Produced by the Wildcat Anarchist Collective involving John Anderson, Barrie Sargeant, Sam Buchanan et al.


One of the greatest victories for the Darpists was to manipulate the head of the RSA into condemning any suggestion that members of the National Front attend ANZAC Day commemoration. From what was reported in The Sunday Star Times, it seems that two anarchist Darpists, Messrs Trigan and Sargeant, had contacted the RSA deploring any possible presence of NF members at ANZAC commemorations. What the RSA head would not have been aware of was that Messrs Sargeant, Trigan and the entire coterie of anarchists cannot have anything other than contempt for the basic values of the RSA itself. Nationalists – including the misguided youngsters who call themselves ‘nazis’ – would hold values more akin to most RSA members in terms of the flag, the crown, patriotism and respect for military service, than any anarchist.

Darp victoriously posted the following showing the involvement of FDB in manipulating the RSA:


Ears to the ground over the weekend people.

With regard to The New Zealand National Front’s declared intent to stage a “national presence” at Anzac Day dawn services, expect an ANGRY response from the Royal New Zealand Returned Services Association (RNZRSA – the Kiwi RSL) some time over the weekend.
It’s not my place to speak on behalf of the RSA so you’ll just have to wait for the full story. Needless to say that these old soldiers “oppose the National Front and all that it stands for.”
Capiche boneheads?
Have youselves [sic] a nice sleep-in on Monday morning cos you won’t be welcome at Dawn Service.
Posted by Darp @ 5:52 PM

Friday, April 22, 2005
UPDATE 2: Sunday 24th, 2005.
In boxing parlance, this is what you call a straight right followed by a left hook.
Half a million Kiwis woke up to their Sunday Star Times this morning and found this headline glaring out at them from page three.

The Sunday Star Times headline ran: National Front angers Anzac vets by Greg Meylan and Helen Bain.
[12] It quoted RSA chief executive Pat Herbert as claiming he’d received e-mails from members “angry and upset” that the “neo-fascist [sic] organisation would attend Anzac ceremonies.” It quotes Mr Herbert as stating the NF stood for everything the veterans had fought against. There was no evidence that Mr Herbert knew what the NF stood for, and subsequent enquiries by this writer to Mr Herbert have been ignored.

There was no evidence given that Mr Herbert had received any reaction from vets. The only individuals cited were Barrie Sargeant and Robert Trigan. In typical Sunday Star Times manner, by sheer coincidence, a large picture of Prime Minster Helen Clark attending a service at Auschwitz sat right beside the article.

In keeping with the Sunday Star Times’ tendency to NOT grant a right of reply to nationalists, this writer’s letter pointing out the backgrounds of Messrs Trigan and Sargeant and questioning as what values they and their like share with the RSA, was unpublished.

Perhaps Mr Herbert will think again before clamouring to join the ‘anti-fascist’ campaign of the anarchists and communists when considering what they had planned for the ceremony for the return of Unknown Warrior…


As we have seen Darpists Trigan and Sargeant prompted the RSA CEO Mr Pat Herbert into making a statement against any nationalist presence at the 2005 ANZAC Day ceremonies. This writer attempted to draw attention to the motives of extreme Leftists in regard to how they can claim to honour our military heritage. Again my documentation fell on the deaf ears of both the Sunday Star Times and the Press Council, and several e-mails sent directly to Mr Herbert.

Again this writer was proven correct. A posting on an anarchist website shows the collusion between the anarchists and Peace Action Wellington which planned to somehow disrupt or bring into disrespect the ceremony for the return of the Unknown Warrior.

The postings advertise a PAW meeting being held at anarchist headquarters at 128 Abel Smith Street to discuss action against the Unknown Warrior ceremony. We assume that the “John” who signs the PAW statement is John Anderson, given that he is both a PAW spokesman and a member of the Wildcat Anarchist Collective (?). Note how the PAW meeting also doubles as a meeting for “[Anarchist] Class Struggle”, possibly the predecessor of Wildcat Anarchist Collective, and SNAP! [Emphasis added]:

From Anarchism_Wellington at lists.enzyme.org.nz Mon Nov 8 08:31:47 2004
From: Anarchism_Wellington at lists.enzyme.org.nz (Anarchism_Wellington@lists.enzyme.org.nz)
Date: Mon Nov 8 08:32:08 2004
Subject: [Anarchism Wellington] Opposition to the use of 'The Unknown Warrior' - PASS IT ON
This week we're going to be treated to some full on patriotism. After reading the following article I think we should work out a careful response as activists in Wellington against this praise of imperialist militarism.
I'm thinking of just making a leaflet and a letter writing campaign personally. I think a direct confrontation would have to be done very carefully, and we probably don't have time.
What do people think?
If anyone saw the DomPost today the opinion piece by Joanne Black (?) showed that anti-war activists are not alone in this feeling of unease.

Nationalistic Graverobbers

by SNAP! Collective

SOMETIMES nationalism can be downright ghoulish. The news that the New Zealand
Defence Force was sending 70 personnel to France to exhume and return the remains of the unknown warrior reads like a black farce. First the state blissfully conscripts its citizens and ships them overseas to be murdered in a grubby imperial war of attrition, then ninety years later decides to dig them up and ship them back to parade them through the streets in a ? t of nationalistic razzamatazz. Not only does the state claim the power to kill you, but having reduced you to voicelessness and anonymity it also assumes the power to use your body for whatever political stunts it likes.
The new A3 Community and Industrial Broadsheet - Popular news that crackles - www.snap.enzyme.org.nz

From Anarchism_Wellington at lists.enzyme.org.nz Tue Nov 9 11:00:47 2004
From: Anarchism_Wellington at lists.enzyme.org.nz (Anarchism_Wellington@lists.enzyme.org.nz)
Date: Tue Nov 9 11:01:10 2004
Subject: [Anarchism Wellington] UnknownWarrior'
In-Reply-To: <211380-220041118235558545@student.vuw.ac.nz>
References: <211380-220041118235558545@student.vuw.ac.nz>

>From Peace Action Wellington minutes:

'We think the body will be brought to New Zealand on Wednesday and ceremonial stuff will happen on Thursday. John is writing a leaflet about it and if anyone is available to help hand it out, please meet at the Cenotaph at 1pm this Thursday.'
If anyone wants to help write the leaflet or contribute cartoons or poems please send them through. If you would like to do something more radical we could discuss at the Class Struggle meeting at 7:00pm at 128 Abel Smith Street. Anarchists welcome.
We also will be assessing the merits and flaws of SNAP!


The Darpists concentrate primarily on harassing youngsters who have little if any particular political motives. As for the others, Dr Jim Saleam of Australia First, Kyle Chapman formerly of the NZ National Front, and myself are the primary targets. I have dealt with some the smears against me for the obvious reason that those are what I know first-hand. I hope I have shown the fundamentally dishonest nature of the smear-mongers without having to resort to repudiating every one of the barrage of garbage directed at me, with the expectation that journalists will be a bit more discerning in citing FDB and its allies in future. I will here deal briefly with the smears against Mr Chapman. Dr Jim Saleam deals extensively with the smears against him on his website radnat.com.


The Darpist smears against Mr Chapman centre around two main points: that he can’t spell, and that he was involved in the arson of marae over a decade ago.
Darp has gone to a lot of trouble to list Mr Chapman’s spelling errors. He writes on FDB:
What follows below are NOT typos. To make this list, all of these words were misspelled twice or more. I have also taken into account that some of these words may have been spelled in a phonetic Kiwi accent.
For more examples, just check out the NZTROOPER link above. Keep in mind that this guy is 33 years old.
[Darp then victoriously lists a few dozen spelling or typing errors].
I know that the typical Nazi response to anything highlighting their lack of intellect will be met by the usual “Im whitte wurking klass and had to wirk in the dirt faktori and dont com from a posh ritch scool where I yoo drink chardonaye at lunch.”
Well buddy, I’m working-class and state school educated. Maybe the reason you blokes have such consistently bad spelling and poor argument formation is because you’re all basic natural dumb fucks?”

The stereotyping of Rightists as ‘uneducated’, ‘ignorant’, etc. is a Leftist strategy that has been promoted avidly by the news media and the entertainment industry (as in such TV series as “Archie Bunker”, and “All in the Family”). The media once made much of Pauline Hanson’s ‘merely’ being a Fish & Chip shop owner, rather than being like many MPs and coming from a genuinely useless profession, such as law.

Darp tries to pre-empt any criticism of his intellectual arrogance by stating how working class he is. According to a NZ Labour Department estimate there are around 530,000 NZ adults who have inadequate literacy and numeracy skills.
[13] Perhaps Darp and his comrades would like to tell over half a million NZ workers how they’re “all basic natural dumb fucks” (sic)? Nor is appalling literacy confined to the menial classes. Over the past few years university department heads in faculties such as law have expressed public concern at the number of students who must be sent to remedial English classes because of their inability to construct basic sentences.

As for “poor argument formation”, when have the Darpists or anyone else in the Left even attempted to counter actual Rightist policy and doctrine? As we’ve seen, the entirety of Leftist opposition is built upon smear-mongering, libel, and plain street thuggery. We have also seen enough of the Leftist “argument formation”, just by the most cursory look at Darp’s own e-blog.

The other major smear against Mr Chapman, that of arson a decade or so ago, Mr Chapman came forward and admitted to the offences without any onus on him to do so. He was not a suspect and there was no reason to believe he would be caught. Normally this would be grounds for praise, for Chapman to be considered particularly honest and honourable, but we are dealing with Leftists and fellow-travellers in the media.


In 1985 this writer produced a booklet for the Nationalist Workers Party, repudiating Hitlerism as any part of contemporary NZ Nationalism. Titled Nazism? – An Answer to the Smear-Mongers – it was produced in part as a reply to Australian Communist Party’s Tribune journalist Dennis Freney who concocted a fantasy that the pro-union NWP was responsible for the bomb attack on Wellington Trades Hall, a lie that when challenged on directly by this writer Freney remained silent. Freney’s ‘research’ continues to be used by the Left in smearing Australian nationalist Dr Jim Saleam as a ‘nazi’, although Saleam documented how he had been a member of the Maoist Worker Student Alliance at the time of his supposed nazism.
[14] In many ways the pathetic communist liar Freney is the prototype for today’s anti-nationalist smear-mongers. In 2005 this writer produced another booklet with the same title, for the group New Right – NZ, providing a more detailed doctrinal basis for rejecting neo-nazism. The following is taken from a brochure summarising the booklet.


A Right-Wing Reply to the “Nazi Smear”

…When the “Right” is labelled as “nazi”, this is used as a convenient smear-word without the need for critical debate or analysis, whether by journalists, political scientists or the “Left”.
An unfortunate side-effect of this smear is that it can attract the attention of those who do indeed consider themselves to be “nazis”, and who actually believe the smears of the enemies of the Right. When they enter the ranks of such a group they can through their own juvenile antics often give credence to the smear and thereby serve the interests of the enemy.
The following points are a summary of our booklet Nazism? An answer to the smear-mongers, published by New Right – NZ.


Nazism reduces all history to one factor – race purity. The traditionalist Right however, holds that history is comprised of the rise and fall of civilisations according to life cycles. This “cyclic” view of history was put forward by Rightist philosopher-historians, particularly Oswald Spengler, who was at odds with the Nazis, who claimed that race purity is the basis of the rise and fall of civilisations


One major by-product of Nazi race doctrine was the supposed ‘inferiority of the Slavs’. Nazism divided Europeans into a racial hierarchy, just as they did other races. Blond haired, blue eyed Nordics were held to be the best of the European races. Thus Europeans were divided against themselves. Therefore when the Germans were greeted as liberators from Stalin by MILLIONS of Slavs, Russians, Ukrainians, Latvians and others, the potential for a massive anti-Soviet liberation army was sacrificed because of Hitlerite contempt for Slavs. They were seen as conquered serfs rather than as fellow Europeans. Hitler repudiated any notion of forming independent Baltic states, and opposed Ukrainian national aspirations. Gen. Valsov’s Russian National Liberation Army did not get approval from Hitler until near the end of the war. Tragically, the valiant Vlasov army spent its final encounter fighting the SS to save Prague from destruction, only to be turned over en mass by the USA to the Soviets for execution.


The Hitlerite “Nordicist” theory of history, that the Nordics are responsible for all civilisation, relegates other Europeans to inferior status. In fact, despite the mistaken belief that every ancient statue of a Greek depicting supposedly ‘Nordic’ features proves the ancient Greeks responsible for building the great Hellenic civilisation for e.g. were Nordics, they were actually mainly Dinaric-Alpine. It is also incorrect to say that the ancient Hellenes were of a different racial type than today’s Greeks, thereby ‘proving’ that racial mixture caused the downfall of Greece. Anthropology shows that Greeks, whether ancient or modern, have remained of the Dinaric-Alpine type.


The Right recognises that the preservation of ALL traditional cultures is essential in halting the advance of global conformity under a single economic system, where all nations and cultures are obliterated in favour of a global consumer culture under what is today called globalisation. Therefore the Right does not recognise any idea of ‘inferior’ or ‘superior’ but recognises the vitality of different traditional cultures and identities. The Right recognises that open immigration and multiculturalism, which the Left promotes, is also promoted by global capitalism to destroy national and ethnic barriers to the free flow of labour, technology and capital. That is why the original trade unionists, before the unions were taken over by middle class liberals, fought for immigration restrictions, the most obvious e.g. being the original programme of the Australian Labour Party advocating the White Australia Policy.
However, because the Right resists the dumping of populations all over the world in the interests of global business, regardless of traditional boundaries, this does not mean that Rightists regard others as inferior or shut themselves off from appreciating the traditional cultures of others. It was Right-wing poets such as W B Yeats and Ezra Pound who introduced Westerners to traditional Chinese culture. Percy Stephensen, the Australian literary figure and Right-wing nationalist, was an early champion of Aborigine causes. The South African born Rightist poet Roy Campbell was a strong critic of apartheid. The New Zealand Right-wing poet Geoffrey de Montalk regarded Maoris as the only ‘noble’ race in New Zealand and learnt the language.


Nazism sees “the Jew” as a non-human, a biological parasite. Some Jews after World War I did oblige the Nazis and other anti-Semites by being conspicuous in communist and other anti-national cultural and political movements. One section of Jewry the Nazis did favour were the Zionists, because both Nazis and Zionists opposed the assimilation of the Jews.
From a biological viewpoint, the widely promoted anti-Semitic contention that Jews are descended from Turkic-Mongol Khazars who adopted Judaism in 800AD is not correct. Most Jews are Ashkenazic and are of Armenian stock, as were the Hebrews and other Middle Eastern peoples. They are a branch of the Indo-European family of peoples. The broad head, thick lips and beaked nose regarded as “typically Jewish’, is more accurately typically Armenoid. The Armenians themselves were a great civilisation and one of the first Christian cultures of Europe. The Sephardic Jews are mostly of Mediterranean descent. There are no biological barriers to Jewish assimilation into the European mainstream. The barriers have been cultural, religious and more recently political (Zionism). During the Middle Age, despite the animosity between Judaism and Christianity, many thousands of Jews assimilated into Christian Europe.
Politically and culturally, the bulk of Jews of post-World War I Germany were proudly German. 100,000 Jews had fought in the Kaiser’s army. 35,000 were decorated. The League of Nationalist German Jews was founded in 1921 to promote German nationalism and oppose both Zionism and communism. The National Association of Jewish Combat Veterans founded in 1919 had the same nationalist views.
Even the Stahlhelm, the ultra-nationalist private army of war vets was headed by a Jew, Lt. Col. Duesterberg, descended from rabbis, who ran for the presidency for the Nationalist Right against Hitler.
As for Zionism, the Zionist flag was the only flag apart from the Nazi one, permitted to fly in Hitler’s Germany. The Zionists were permitted their own press which only underwent restrictions when there was a newsprint shortage. The Zionist role during World War II is not a noble one. Zionists discouraged efforts to relocate European Jews to any other country than Palestine. The Irgun Zionist terror gang tried to negotiate an alliance with Nazi Germany during World War II.
Some of the bravest critics of Zionism have been and are Jews. To name a few, Ben Freedman, formerly high placed adviser in the Democratic Party, a millionaire businessman, broke with Zionism and spent a fortune funding US Nationalists. Henry Klein, prominent New York lawyer and journalist, fought Zionism, communism and internationalism. Rabbi Nachum Shiften has endured condemnation by Zionist extremists and public “excommunication” by a self-appointed council of rabbis, for his support of American Rightist Pat Buchanan. Rabbi Daniel Lapin, TV and radio personality and head of Towards Tradition, attempts to bring traditionalist Americans of both Christian and Jewish beliefs together in a common cause, and has been scathing of Jews involved in Hollywood decadence and Left-wing causes. Jews have also joined nationalist movements such as the British National Front, the late Albert Alder, an orthodox Jew, having been a major influence in the NF. A Jewess sits as a councillor for the British National Party. However, Zionists condemn any Jewish involvement in patriotic movements other than Zionism. Hence in NZ in 2004 Hagai Segal, an overseas guest, lamented to Wellington Jews that “many Jews” had voted for Le Pen in France, etc.


Nazism is based on social Darwinism, “survival of the fittest” and sees war as a means of cleansing a race of its ‘inferior’ elements. Actually, warfare has generally served to kill off the fittest elements of a population. In ancient history societies which were otherwise sound, such as the Spartans, killed themselves off through constant war.
Apart form this, the New Right, while rejecting pacifism, recognises that most wars particularly over the past century or so have served economic interests such as bankers and arms merchants.

Nazism was based on narrow German imperial interests to the detriment of European and Western solidarity. As we have seen, Hitler opposed the national aspirations of the Slavs, Balts and Russians. However, elsewhere narrow German interests were paramount. For e.g. the Nazis assassinated the Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss in 1934, a Christian European patriot who sought to create a nation based on Catholic social and economic doctrines, rejecting both liberal capitalism and communism. Dollfuss had begun to create a Corporatist State which gave genuine representation and justice to people based on their vocations and crafts. A man born from humble peasants and with a deep Catholic faith that was the basis of his policies, Dollfuss represented a genuinely new European order which the Nazis crushed in the interests of narrow chauvinism.

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[1] Ms Mok stood before nationalist demonstrators and performed a martial arts type exercise reminiscent of Tai chi. The response of both myself and the individual next to me was to express appreciation for her display. Apparently she succeeded in eliciting a less appreciative response from then NF director Kyle Chapman, who had been the focus of Leftist jeers and physical threats.
[2] The ref. is to the support given to MCA by hon. Israeli consul David Zwartz and the NZ Jewish Council, which caused some initial dissension among the Left. The NF had picketed the founding meeting of MCA at Newtown, drawing attention to the racist nature of Zionism.
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