Monday, February 13, 2006

* Some classic Ian Rintoul *

From the ABC’s 7.30 Report:

Reporter: Mark Bannerman

MARK BANNERMAN: Ian Rintoul, I don't pretend to talk for all Australians, but I suppose today many, many Australians must be asking why are these people burning down the camps?

Is there any possible justification?

IAN RINTOUL, REFUGEE ACTION COALITION: Yes, of course there's justification.

These people shouldn't be there in the first place.

The real crime is the detention centres themselves and the conditions that they're kept in for so long.

MARK BANNERMAN: Well, you say that, but we are talking about $8 million or $9 million of damage.

IAN RINTOUL: Yes, but it's nothing compared to what the Government has been prepared to spend on the detention centres themselves.