Monday, February 13, 2006

Tim Heggarty P.I.

What follows is a series of E-Mail exchanges which immediately followed an online argument on Ben Weerheym’s Blog Comments Page between Kromlek and a certain individual posting under “Anonymous”.

In retrospect, careful analysis of the writing style, typified by appalling spelling and poor grammar, lead one to believe they are all possibly written by the same person.

What is even more noteworthy is that the Daily Telegraph Reporter Joe Hildebrand, a person who vehemently denied any connection with FDB and mocked Kromlek for being a delusional conspiracy nut, has a VERY similar ‘style’ himself.

The ‘Tim Heggarty’ character claimed in E-Mails to other people that he is a “Private Investigator” from Queensland. The White Nationalists were unable to verify this claim but of course he is almost certainly, like ‘Joe(l) Kaplan’, operating under a pseudonym. Probably they are even the same person.

From : Tim Heggarty
Sent : Friday, 23 December 2005 6:56:01 AM
To :

Subject : Well well


The quiet life with no surprises is yours if you want it.

Alternately the Carl Thompson existence also beckons.

It's up to you.

From : Tim Heggarty
Sent : Saturday, 24 December 2005 4:56:34 AM
To :
Subject : .


You'll have to be more specific.

Am I to presume you are opting for the Carl Thompson life?

From: Tim Heggarty

Subject: Still nothing.

Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 17:25:59 +1100

Just so you know Peter. You're not dealing with Darp here. You are
dealing with something way above street level activists.

You are dealing with people who know all about your plans for 2006. We
know all about your fighting fund and embryonic plans for legal action.

We know everything about every person who has contributed money to
this fighting fund. We know all about some of the equipment Jim Perren
has purchased with that money. We know what he and his friend did with
that equipment. We know that you are working with Jim Saleam.

Darp however does not know any of this and we see no reason for him to

Shall you and I start afresh Peter?

We know everything so stop being foolhardy and pigheaded. You are being offered an opportunity to walk. Failure to reply to this email will relay to us your intention to go down with the ship.


On 12/26/05, Asgard Kromlek wrote:

Dear "Tim"

Tell me more. MUCH more.


On 12/26/05, Tim Heggarty wrote:


You have enough to go on.

You can stay around and find out much more if you want.

Alternatively, you can issue a statement saying you are retiring from the WP scene. Post it on Ben Weerheijm's (Sic) blog and email a copy to me.


From : Tim Heggarty
Sent : Monday, 26 December 2005 8:28:51 AM
To : Asgard Kromlek

Subject : Re: Still nothing.

And you don't have forever to deliberate either.

From : Tim Heggarty
Sent : Tuesday, 27 December 2005 2:24:36 PM
To : Asgard Kromlek

Subject : Re: And ANOTHER thing


I make my LIVING out of negotiation and your skills in this area are
woefully abysmal to >say the least.

I have no desire to negotiate with you Peter and I certainly have no need to. Your long winded hyperbolic bullshit may work on some, but not me.

You know what the issue at hand is, you can address it or ignore it. I reccomend (Sic) the former.

I do enough worrying about Darp for the pair of us. Let me handle him. If I say it's off, then it's off. He will fall into line. They will crow about your retirement for a day or two, then you sail off into the sunset. Certain people wanted this offer to be made, so I made it.

If you take it, good, I've done my job. If you don't, good, I get more work.


On 12/27/05, Asgard Kromlek wrote:

Dear "Tim"

And another thought just occurred to me. Even if I WAS weak enough to do as
you request and "retire" there would be no guarantee that it would be the end of the matter anyway.

The other Darpists or unrelated individuals could still pursue me independently or the Darpists themselves could simply SAY it was over as far as they were concerned and still keep ruining my life and DENY it was them.

You see, the Leftist filth can NOT be trusted in ANYTHING they say. And conversely, the Left would not believe a word WE said. So there is really no
solution in the simplistic 'solution' you bring to the table.

As I indicated in the previous E-Mail, I don't believe you have given this enough thought at all.