Monday, February 13, 2006

“Tim Heggarty” sinks to new depths

From: Tim Heggarty []Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 4:38 PMTo:
Subject: A concerned Queensland patriot
Hi Jim,
You wouldn't be a "Concerned Patriot of Queensland" would you? I can't imagine who else it would be.
These are well written articles, there is nothing illegal in them (though there is plenty that is un-factual). I wonder why you're too scared to put your name to them?
Your email address is a joke as well mate. Speaking as someone who has lived the meaning of the word 'Anzac', you would not have the faintest clue about Anzac mate, not the faintest.
Marching down the main street of Toowoomba once a year wearing medals you didn't earn doesn't count. I earnt (Sic) my medals.
It should be explained here that “Tim Heggarty” has claimed he served as an Engineer and Officer in the New Zealand Armed Forces. The less charitable among the critics of FDB have questioned how such a half-arsed sapper riding shotgun on KLA convoys or digging latrines pits for Arabs and Negroes could possibly constitute “The Anzac Spirit”.
The medals Mr. Perren wears proudly on his chest come from a warrior who partook in a real “shootin’ war”! Also, before Mr. “Heggarty” again criticises others for their choice of anonymity and casts aspersions about “cowardice” he should himself stand up and be counted! To date, no such person as “Tim Heggarty” has been located or his claims verified. There is certainly no “Private Investigator” listed in Australia under such a name despite his claims to be operating out of Queensland.
The obvious question, just how “real” is he? It also mystifies this writer how an illiterate buffoon with such appalling command of the English language could possibly attain the rank and responsibility of an Officer in the Army of ANY Anglophonic nation. The ‘man’ is about as “genuine” as a Three Dollar Note and obviously a certifiable cretin.