Wednesday, February 15, 2006

‘Weezil’ and his “hired gun”

The following amply displays the true nature of the Fight Dem Back clan.

Taken from the comments page on Ben Weerheym’s “A Voice Of Dissent” Blog site:

Brian Stokes said...

And while I'm visiting, here's a note for Peter Campbell:When you were stalking my house last July, you were observed by a law enforcement officer who also happens to live on my street. You were less than 30 seconds away from being asked to produce identification- with a Glock 380 pointed at your nose- as that copper was marching down his stairs and heading to your car. If you're seen on this no-through street again, you're going to be asked pointed questions about why you're breathing our air. Capisce? (Sic)4:09 PM

Peter Campbell said...

Oh Weezil you are just WAAAY TOO funny! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!Okay, let’s just say, for the purposes of this little chat, that I WAS driving up your street. Last July was it? Could you please explain how this constitutes “stalking”? How anyone can “stalk a house” is beyond me anyway. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

And how could ANYONE know if it was ME or not without confirming my identification? Do you have PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence of me “stalking your house”?So now, after ALL this time and various threats to sue me, you regale us with this revelation. Why IS that?You ALSO clearly indicate that anyone even slowing down to look at your house as they drive by could be subject to having a gun pulled on them. Police officer or NOT they better have a VERY FUCKING good reason to pull THAT stunt.

As far as I can tell it would NOT be illegal if I just happened to actually PARK right out the FRONT of your place. Which I most certainly did NOT. Taxes are paid, registration is paid. The road is there for all to use. It is the public highway, you WANKER!Now, does this “police officer” happen to be either Constable Whitfield or Sgt. Duck of the Eastwood constabulary? Or is he YET ANOTHER copper in your pocket?

I reckon you have totally and mindlessly prejudiced ANY possible further action, whether legal or otherwise, which might be taken against me or my comrades by yourself.Let me spell it out, WANKER.You are clearly insinuating in your recent posts that you have several serving NSW Police officers looking out for you and protecting your interests over those of other ordinary citizens. For what POSSIBLE reason? Are you on some sort of special “protection program”?

Have I or my comrades at the WPCA ever issued you with death threats? I have never been issued with an AVO or similar. I have never even SEEN you in person!Also, you imply that, on your bidding or instruction, they will harass and/or assault (YEP, holding a loaded gun at someone’s head without EXTREMELY good reason, even for a Police officer is ASSAULT) any person or persons even looking at your house!I want to see times, dates, vehicle models, colours, rego numbers etc of these people who were “stalking your house”. Did they get OUT of their vehicle(s) and approach your house? How MANY times did they drive by or stop? Did they take photographs or video-tape of your house? Did they rifle through your mailbox? Did they rattle your front door? Did they try to hop your fence? Does your rent-a-cop have any photographs of this?

What would the nature of the offence be that was allegedly committed and would warrant a serving Police officer un-holstering or (in the case of your claimed protector who sounds like he was off-duty) getting his gun from the gun-safe (he does HAVE a gun-safe doesn’t he?) and running out into the street with it? Also, when did your street become a “no through” street???

I wonder if your boys in Blue know what kind of DEEP, DEEP shit you may dump them in with all these threats. And yes I HAVE looked into the matters of (quite severe) disciplinary action which could await any NSW Police officer playin' at cowboys and injuns in a suburban street. YOU are on VERY thin ice on this one. 8:58 PM

For the record,

Mr. Campbell emphatically denies “stalking” Weezil OR his house, and to date, at the time of writing this document, Mr. Campbell has yet to receive so much as a phone call from the Police, let alone a visit or a charge over ANYTHING. We also strongly suggest that Mr. Stokes be independently evaluated for possible chronic psychiatric illness. His behaviour has been for quite some time now, both erratic and extreme and he presents with many behavioural traits that are suggestive of mental instability. It is the view of the WPCA that the poor chap, who is quite clearly delusional, be treated as soon as possible for both his own safety and that of the general public. We wish him all success in any future treatment he might receive for his debilitating condition.

Further, it has been suggested that any NORMAL person, when encountering the situations allegedly experienced by “Weezil”, particularly in regard to the one involving the minors of the A.N.F.Y.L., would either have contacted the Police (if indeed any real criminal offence had been committed) or the boys’ parents. Certainly, any responsible, law abiding adult, let alone a real Man, would have no hesitation in marching up to the parent’s front door and demanding they pull their kids into line.

A real Man would NOT have engaged in a campaign of electronic (and physical) terrorism and the methodical harassment and stalking of children. “Weezil’s” claims simply do not stand up to even the mildest scrutiny, either from the point of physical evidence or from one of morality and social responsibility. “Weezil” comes out looking every inch the cowardly bully and leaves himself exposed to the very real suspicion as a predator of children. NOT a pretty picture at all.