Monday, February 20, 2006

When is incitement NOT incitement?

Why, when it’s committed by the LEFT, of course!

Instead of chasing so-called “White Supremacists” and “Neo-Nazis” (Read: Any spotty Fifteen Year old kid with a penknife and a fascination for drawing swastikas) perhaps ASIO, those intrepid protectors of all things Australian (insert sarcastic tone where required) might better spend their valuable time (and OUR hard earned Tax Dollars) having a chat over tea and scones with a certain Mathew Henderson-Hau.

I’m sure if I were an ASIO agent I would be absolutely FASCINATED to hear him explain how the following comments are not “incitement to hatred” if not actual “threats of violence” aimed at (love ‘em or loathe ‘em) the elected political leaders of Australia. As far as this writer can ascertain, the core duty of all the Federal agencies is to protect Australian Citizens, Australian assets and to ensure the physical safety of their masters, the elected Australian LEADERS.

The members of these various agencies can certainly not claim to be unaware of these offences having been committed when any child who can read and type can “Google up” the information in seconds. Nor can there be any uncertainty as to the seriousness of the offences and their status as real criminal acts. After all, ignorance of the Law is certainly no defence for any unfortunate ordinary Citizen who happens to be standing in the dock! So where ARE all the ASIO agents and the Federal Police officers? Oh. That’s right. They’re busy spying on White Nationalists!

From “”:

Wednesday 9th June 2004:

"I like Mark Latham. I like the fact that he comes from a housing commission shit-heap in the western suburbs and I like the fact that he’s got enough balls to stand up to George W. Fucknuckle Bush. I very much like the fact that he’s bringing former Midnight Oil front man Peter Garrett into the federal political fray and I like the fact that he’s comfortable in using generic Australian idioms. Arselicker.

Maybe I like Latham so much because my hatred for honest Johnny has gradually been getting unbearable. I’ve never liked the slimy little fuck but ever since the last election and the Tampa debacle, I’d dearly love to whack off in his salad and watch him eat it, at gunpoint.

Another major motivating point here is that I really, really, really want to see that fucking smarmy, slimy arsed, shit-eating grin wiped of Alexander Downer’s face come election night. I want to see him convulsed over in pile-driven agony when he realises he’ll be spending the next four years peeling off his own grape skins."

Thursday 10th June 2004:

Alexander Downer Must Die!

Y'all can just FEEL the love, enrichment and Multicultural inclusiveness can't ya? Mmmm...


Anonymous The Ghost of Christmas Past said...

Perhaps law enforcement officials are less interested in Darp than they are in you because Darp isn't:

The leader of a neo-nazi group, with strong links to the terrorist ANM, the terrorist C18, and the terrorist WCOTC.

Notice how I've described all those groups as terrorists?

That's because the ANM and C18 made their name by blowing shit up, and the WCOTC boys are most famous for opening fire on crowds at any given moment.

Oh, and a number of your members have been convicted of violent crimes.

Whereas Darp writes poorly rhyming satirical poetry.

You dig?

8:20 am  

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