Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Whitelaw Offer

In light of the perpetuation of a certain lie and its apparent entry into Leftist folklore, Victor has decided to offer a bounty to anyone able to locate any verifiable “Death Threat” issued by Kromlek to either Darp or Weezil.

The prize for the finder of this elusive item will be a simple one, an ice cold beer, or perhaps more appropriately for an FDB member, an Ecstasy tab dropped in a ‘Cocksucking Cowboy’ and a free ticket to see Broke(Bent)Back Mountain.


Blogger Darp said...

I dunno about any death threats Petey boy but you did send me a letter which said you would love to to "rape your knuckles across my half-breed head" and you made a comment on Benny's blog saying you'd be proud to belt the crap out of me.

You've made violent threats towards me certainly.

Before you respond with your usual straw man argument that "I would only threaten violence against you if you did the same to me or threaten any other WN's etc." ...

Some clarification here ..I've never threatened anyone physically your usual comment about your threats being a response to mine are a fucking furphy ..why, cos I haven't made any threats - you're using a phony presuposition of threats in order to justify why you lost your fuckin brain and threatened me in the first place.

5:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so when are you gunna comment on all the other stuff on here darp?

have you got any clever answers to explain the rest of it?

oh and using a third party to threaten kids doesn't count eh?

or assaulting chubby kids on the beach?

whats that all about eh?

"rape your knuckles across my half-breed head"
so kromlek wanted to rape you did he?

6:15 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so in other words darp you've got nothing

8:21 am  

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