Saturday, March 04, 2006

Australia, the Human Zoo?

Are we simply acquiring specimens of every Race and Culture so our own fanatical Leftist Globalists can proudly declare Australia truly DOES have the most diverse population? Unlike Noah’s Ark though, we are not merely collecting “two by two” but rather in the tens of thousands of each exotic species.

Granted, many of these aliens probably CAN, with enough effort, training and money be transformed into worthwhile citizens. But what of the vast bulk who are totally unassimilable and indeed actively hostile to the Culture of the host nation? Where is this nation’s sovereignty? Where is the right of every Australian to make an informed choice in all this?

Peopling a viable Nation in an increasingly competitive World cannot include simplistic indulgences by extreme Left Wing ideologues wishing to “complete their collection” of Racial samples. So-called “Humanitarian Aid” is much better served in a far more economically efficient manner by either assisting these “refugees” within their own countries or, in the case of those under threat of violence, assisting them in the nearest neighbouring country with Cultural/Religious compatibility.

Shipping in tens of thousands of traumatised Third World Black African primitives to Australia is both cruel to the bewildered and confused “refugees” and to the already hard pressed people and infrastructure of the host culture. The sheer velocity with which this mad Multicultural (read Multi-Racial) experiment is being advanced is overwhelming the legendary goodwill and patience of White Australians as much as the public services and utilities. Charity, egalitarianism, empathy and tolerance can only be stretched so far.

Contrary to the “great big melting pot” theory, rather than blending in nicely, these people are fiercely tribal and competitive with other Negroids, clashing violently not only with other Black Africans but also the indigenous Black Australians. Western Australia has been the worst hit with many Black on Black bashings and even a few murders. Sydney has had several what can only be described as bizarre Black African rapes involving objects such as broken glass or tree branches being inserted into the victims’ vaginas, strange Voodoo indeed.

Once in the country, for the most part, they are left to their own devices and get very little practical support from their otherwise enthusiastic Leftist advocates. One won’t find too many FDB’ers homes fitted out with rows of bunk beds where their “African brothers” can doss down. For that matter neither will one find too many other local “activists” actually putting their money where their mouth is and accommodating or sponsoring them. No, the bills must be paid by the ever suffering Australian Taxpayer.

Speaking to Radio 2GB’s Ray Hadley at 12.10 P.M. on the 28th February the Federal Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone claimed the current “resettlement” program of 8000 Black Africans per annum, including 3000 Sudanese, was costing 500 Million Dollars a year! The fees for membership to the U.N. Easy Touch Club are expensive.

The reader should remember also that this is only one of many programs with exotic names. Family re-union schemes or scams and other more regular immigration programs have been heavily tilted in favour of non-Whites in recent years. All this trendy Left Wing Social Engineering however is proving to come at an increasing cost and many of the adverse effects take some time to manifest as symptoms of social sickness. This delay factor, along with invaluable assistance from the Controlled Media, enables the perpetrators of these crimes to keep on re-offending and remain largely undetected by the population at large.

And who can blame them? The worst that can happen to the Politicians is to be voted out and retire on a nice package and it is similar for the career bureaucrats who at worst are moved sideways or retired on ‘phone number’ payouts. The only people who suffer the full consequences of their criminal actions are the ordinary Australians whose Culture and Society is being vandalised around them. It is high time the vandals were brought to justice and tried for Treason.

Why should the penalty for individual murder be many years in gaol yet the ‘penalty’ for murdering the Culture and Security of an entire nation be rewarded with fame and fortune? The outrageous injustice here should be simply intolerable by any civilised people.

The risk for spontaneous combustion is reaching critical. We often hear of newcomers feeling “alienated” but one only has to talk to the average White Australian to get an understanding of who is truly “alienated”. These people often claim to feel like strangers in their own land. The Cronulla incident was merely a subtle warning, a rumble on the seismic graph, of what is potentially possible when Racially based intimidation and violence is left unchecked. The White people, and it has to be said, their supporters among the Pacific Islander community, who stood against the Islamist gangsters at Cronulla last December had simply had enough of being bullied in their own back yard.

The cold hard facts are that there was no orchestration of the events by so-called “Neo-Nazis”, “Fascists” or “Racists”. This was People Power in its purest form, passionate and spontaneous. A dozen or so White Nationalists handing out a few flyers or stickers on the day does not constitute “incitement”, “orchestration”, “organisation” or whatever other preposterous claims the Leftoids have made in their desperation to initiate a good old fashioned witch hunt.

It is actually the hysterically shrill claims from the Left Wing Controlled Media puppets and their deliberate attempts to divert attention from the real culprits and focus instead upon “Neo-Nazi” bogeymen of their own invention that is demanding of a thorough and independent investigation. There IS much evidence of a conspiracy by the Controlled Media to manipulate the facts often lying by omission.

The message emanating from the fallout of Cronulla is clear. Whenever they have the temerity to stand up for themselves, White Australians and their supporters will be ruthlessly stomped by the Government brandishing their shiny new draconian laws, vilified mercilessly by the Anti-White Controlled Media and hunted down for personal “special attention” by Left Wing terrorists like FDB.


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