Sunday, March 26, 2006

Confessions of another “Concerned Citizen”

A work of total fiction... (?)...

Due to the wonderfully progressive policies at my daughter’s school she was fortunate enough to be exposed to many aspects of new and exotic cultures by having a Sudanese refugee boy seated next to her. Principal Shapiro has made sure all the new arrivals are dispersed evenly throughout the classrooms and ensures that the White girls are seated next to Black boys and vice versa. Sadly, the poor little boy who sat next to my daughter is now in hospital with Tuberculosis, nobody realised he had it and his HIV positive parents are too sick to look after him. My daughter is currently very ill too and on a course of powerful antibiotics. I pray she gets well soon but it’s a small price to pay for cultural enrichment and at least she now knows first hand what a poor wretched Third World refugee has to go through. It has all been a valuable lesson in how much more we need to do to help these people.

I saw the nice Mr. Keysar Trad on television the other day explaining very carefully how the Cronulla riots had been totally organised by rednecks, racists and neo-Nazis and how it was a Racist Hate Crime for anybody to even suggest that the proud young Muslim Men who had nobly protected their community from the rednecks were in any way at fault. He expressed his utter disgust at the evil of Racism still rearing its ugly head in the Australian community and proposed much more severe penalties for the rednecks.

I did some research and read some of what he had written and said in the past and was impressed by how much common sense he makes. He once said that White Australians are simply the descendants of convict scum anyway so we shouldn’t be surprised at their criminal behaviour and general poor character. When you think about it he’s absolutely right. Australia was founded on a penal colony and built by villains and robber barons that cruelly disenfranchised the gentle indigenous folk. It’s so refreshing to hear such candid wisdom from an Arabic man who, after all, comes from the very lands where Civilisation began. I feel humbled by his cultural superiority and intelligence.

The day after I heard Keysar talk I went to the local Police Station and informed on my sixteen year old nephew who I knew had attended the Cronulla riots and who I had spotted in some of the news footage on television. I feel so proud of myself. It is such an uplifting experience to know you have done the right thing and helped in the advancement of Multiculturalism. Unfortunately there was not enough evidence to convict him so I will just have to keep a close eye on him and wait ‘til he slips up. Family or not, he mustn’t be allowed to get away with his hate crimes.


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