Saturday, March 25, 2006

The confessions of John White, a concerned citizen

A speculative piece
When I was a kid at school and would get beaten up by the gangs of Lebanese kids, have my lunch stolen by the Aboriginal kids or suffer extortion at the hands of the Pacific Islanders Mum would tell me “Don’t worry, they’re just a tiny minority of bad ones among their community. I bet if you met their families they would actually be really nice, decent people!”

Mum was like that, very kind and forgiving and I miss her very much. I will never understand why that Vietnamese man, Wung Hun Ngo, cut her throat after she’d already handed over all her cash and her wedding ring. The Police said he was addicted to Heroin, the poor guy, and that Mum had been partially to blame anyway.

A White Woman shouldn’t have been walking through Cabramatta carrying money and wearing jewelry anyway, even if it was only mid afternoon on a Thursday. The nice Police Officer said these Asian criminals were only a tiny minority anyway and that they had very little trouble with them anymore. All this talk about Asian street gangs was simply scare mongering by the ratbag racist pro-gun lobby. The Crime Bureau’s statistics backed him up apparently. Mum had just been very unlucky.

When Dad lost his job as Chief Operational Engineer at the Power Station after twenty five years of service due to their Racial Integration policy he was quite philosophical about it. “Well son, these minority groups have had a tough life and it’s up to lucky and privileged White people like me to step aside and take early redundancy so they can have the opportunity to achieve. After all, it is a positive form of discrimination”

Dad was only 52 when he committed suicide two months later. Six months after that the big power outages started along with breakdowns in the other major utilities. The Gas Works and Water Treatment Plants were more often than not offline and it was no longer safe to drink water straight from the tap.

The Ugandan engineer who’d taken dad’s job said in a television interview that it was all due to years of neglect, poor maintenance and management along with corrupt employees. The nice interviewer called him a “whistle-blower” and dad was named as one of the “incompetents” that had contributed to the plant’s decay. Apparently he had been lazy, like most privileged Whites, and had deliberately been holding back progress.

But some of dad’s workmates spoke out and claimed it was the new guy and his fellow African assistants who were incompetent. One said he didn’t think he was even a real engineer! They took their complaints to the Union but they said there was nothing they could do and advised they back off because the Africans had lodged a discrimination complaint with the Racial Integration Authority. Shortly after, dad’s mates all took forced redundancy packages.

It was around the beginning of this now long-term services crisis that I started to notice how all the spokespeople for the various authorities concerned were all Non-White and mentioned this to my sister. She warned me that my comments sounded Racist and it was just a coincidence. Besides, these people were probably just a tiny minority and they wouldn’t have those positions if they were no good, would they?

It’s a real shame about what happened to my sister, the nice psychiatrist at the institution said she was making good progress though. She can feed herself now, with someone watching over her, and the night terrors have subsided somewhat.

When she was raped at knifepoint coming home from work on the train by those seven young Men of Middle Eastern appearance, one of whom had a gun, the poor terrified Transit Security guard who had witnessed it said: “They are just a small minority who give all Arabic people a bad name!”

The White guard had watched, paralyzed with fear and unable to intervene due to the new amendments to the “Racial Integration Law” which forbade Whites from arresting minority groups. The new bill, proposed by the Green Democratic Alliance had only just gone through two weeks earlier. I suppose my poor sister was just unlucky that the White security guard’s Indonesian partner had taken the night off for a religious holiday otherwise he might have been able to help.

When the group of Pacific Islanders kicked in my car doors while I was stopped at the traffic lights the police officer told me I’d probably provoked them. After all, what was I thinking of? Driving around Sydney with an Australian flag sticker on my back window! I should have known better.

“Anyway” he added “They were only a small gang of trouble makers, a tiny minority, and you can get your car fixed. That’s what insurance is for. No real harm done eh?”

He also recommended I go on an Ethnic Sensitivity training course because I sounded like a bit of a bigot when I referred to the group as Islander thugs. He called that Racial Profiling and said it was dangerously close to Racism!

When I attended my first meeting of R.A. (Racists Anonymous) the convener of our local chapter, a nice Iranian gentleman named Ahmed, explained very carefully how it was us Whites (the twenty or so attendees were all White) who had to make the effort to blend in. After all he said, wasn’t it you White Australians who are all descendants of convicted criminals? Subhuman dregs deported here by the wickedly cruel British Imperialists?

Whereas his great and noble people had come from between the Tigris and the Euphrates, the cradle of Civilisation itself. They had invented everything of any significance but had been cruelly disenfranchised by the White Western infidels. Now it was our turn to give something back.

Despite the fact that I thought his words were quite harsh I realized he was right and it was like a great weight, a burden of pride and privilege, had been lifted from my shoulders. Once I had come to terms with concepts such as Shared White Guilt and Western Cultural Culpability I felt inspired to spread the word to my fellow Whites and help them to see the light. I feel much better about it all now and I think the new tablets Dr. Steinberg prescribed at the Racial Hygiene Clinic are really helping a lot. They assist in dissipating negative thought patterns such as resistance to the great Racial Integration program. I am now a happy, proud and well adjusted Australian Citizen and I really do love Multiculturalism!


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