Monday, March 06, 2006

Darpist Violence

Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA Darp was in attendance outside the 2005 Sydney Forum in Tempe spruiking up the Left Wing picket line. He was right on the spot as an hysterical, shrieking Leftist attacked a young White Nationalist walking through the line by kicking him from behind, bringing him down to the ground and producing a bladed weapon during the struggle. Ronan Sharkey from the ABC’s Radio Triple Jay “Hack” program was also a witness to this assault and quizzed the offender quite persistently about it. Also on the available audio tape the offender is clearly heard shouting at the victim of the assault “I’ve seen you around Newcastle. I’m going to find you and have some fun with you!”

Darp the habitual liar denied knowing the offender but with a group he had personally organised that only numbered thirteen that is very difficult to believe. He has shown no embarrassment or remorse concerning this shameful episode but instead has made sick jokes about it on the Internet. He also later made comments regarding the offender’s eating habits, apparently he claims to be a Vegetarian, saying the edged weapon was “merely” a vegetable peeler carried by the offender for the preparation of fruit and vegetables! Strange, is it not, that he should have such intimate knowledge of a complete stranger?

It also needs to be noted that the young “Skinhead” in question has the unfortunate nickname of “Steady Eddie” due to his limp and generally wobbly carriage. I do not know for certain but I have heard some comment that he suffers from cerebral palsy. He certainly would be no more than sixty kilos wringing wet. Not exactly what one would judge to be a formidable adversary. But the brave Darpists are famous for “picking off the weakest in the pack”.

According to one witness who spoke to Victor Whitelaw, Darp’s behaviour that day was eccentric to say the least, but both he and this writer have no way of knowing how typical this is. Apparently he had a very peculiar technique for his Anti-White cheerleading. Rather than simply leading the chant he would march up and down behind the line, pausing intermittently to hunch over, covering his mouth and feigning to cough. Instead he would yell out “Nazis!” or “Fascists” in the manner of a Tourette Syndrome sufferer. As well as displaynig this comical behaviour he appeared agitated, edgy and very shy of direct attention, not the mighty Maori warrior of Internet legend. In short, a certifiable fruitcake.

Victor Whitelaw believes there is an outstanding case of “Incitement to violence” on the part of Darp and his rabble rousing tactics during this shameful incident. He believes Darp is directly responsible for organising the protest, instigating and inflaming the general mood of hysteria and hatred and failing to screen and/or discipline the attendees appearing under the FDB banner that day.

He recommends the victim and his colleagues pursue this legally. Sadly, due to the fact that White Nationalists are made of much sterner stuff and are honourable Men, unlike Darp’s gutless Left Wing terrorists, the formal pressing of charges is unlikely to ever happen.


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