Monday, March 06, 2006

Darp's fetish for violence

During the Macquarie Fields riots of February-March 2005 Darp quite deliberately drove diagonally across Sydney, a road trip of approximately Forty Kilometres, to link up with the terrorists of an extremely violent and militant Anarchist group known as “Class War”. These were the real thing, they’d earned a fearsome reputation in the U.K. for bashing both Nationalists AND Police. They even post photographs on their Website of injured Police Officers who have been hurt at violent demonstrations. They are the type who throw urine filled condoms at cops or fireworks, marbles and even dog-spikes under the hooves of Police Horses. He must have been greatly excited by the prospect of ‘pressing the flesh’ with some real, hardcore Anarchists and putting their special “skills” to good use in his war against White Nationalists.

Imagine his frustration then at being stopped by the law. Darp was furious when he was turned back at the Police cordon, he expressed as much on the comments pages his Blog and other Internet sites. Didn’t these cops know who he was? He believed he had every right to be there. The fact is though, there was no legitimate reason whatsoever for him to be there, particularly given his background. As a Middle Class, North of Parramatta Road, bourgeois Chardonnay Socialist, he was as out of place in the underclass wastelands of Macquarie Fields as a Pork chop at a Bar Mitzvah.

He could scarcely claim he was just “passing through”. If he had been a responsible and law abiding citizen he would have been at home like all the members of the then WPCA and other so-called “Neo-Nazi” groups and watching it on T.V. But no, Darp is Darp and he is an habitual trouble maker. Being supremely arrogant and as thick as pig-shit in the neck of a bottle he was soon vowing to return to the scene of the crime.

He declared on on Tuesday 1st March 2005:

“Depending on work commitments, I might try and get out there today.”

But the Police had no tolerance for rubberneckers, agents provocateur or out of town political vultures like Darp. The NSW Police were struggling to contain the riots, let alone stop them, hindered as they were by restrictive operational protocols and a leadership, from the Local Area Command upwards, inculcated with Left Wing nonsense from the likes of “advisors” on “Cultural sensitivity” like Dr. John Casey and other career social vandals.

Darp’s intent was clearly to exploit the dangerously volatile situation for all it was worth and to foment more violence but refocus it along Racial lines rather than those of class. A quick study of the comments being made on the FDB’ers and other Left Wing Blog sites and their comments pages confirms what the intention was. Fortunately, several White Nationalists have archived the relevant files thereby negating the effect of certain FDB sites being “cleaned up”. Weezil in particular erased all of his ‘Haloscan’ comments files around this time.

Much has been made by the Controlled Media recently of the fact that a handful of Nationalists were at the Cronulla affair, which was still largely primarily (apart from about 200 rioters out of a crowd of 5000) a peaceful protest, but why has no such “investigative journalism” been focused on the role of extreme Left Wing agitators in the Macquarie Fields Riots?
On the Ninth of August 2005 on the ‘Fight Dem Back’ Website Darp published his interview with Dave Hann, the author of “No Retreat”, a document which for all intents and purposes is a handbook on how to harass, stalk and bash ‘Fascists’.

In the interview the slimy lickspittle Darp fawns all over this extremely dangerous and nasty creature with hero worshipping adulation. It truly is cringe-worthy stuff. During the interview Hann proudly boasts how in the U.K. he organised gangs of Leftist thugs known as “The Squads” to lie in wait for lone Nationalists and bash them. He even admits to bugging the meetings of the British National Party, a LEGAL and registered political party, cutting their phone lines during an election campaign and attempting to physically ambush three of their official candidates on their way to a polling booth.

This last act was thwarted when the candidates were provided with a Police escort. Darp can barely conceal his glee during the interview and gushes with the obsequious enthusiasm of the true sycophant. It becomes blatantly obvious that Darp fantasises about forming his OWN “Squads” of street marauding thugs who will patrol the city hunting down anyone with Nationalist tendencies. We know this because Darp has already boasted on his own Blog ‘’ that he had “guys with lumber jackets and Eureka Flag belt buckles” patrolling his neighbourhood hoping to catch and bash the young lads from the Patriotic Youth League as they put up posters and stickers criticising Multiculturalism.


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