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FDB intimidates kids

Let’s cast our thoughts back to early 2005. Now, as you read through these reproduced posts from ‘Darp’ and ‘Weezil’ keep reminding yourself that these are ‘thirty-something’ so-called “adults” talking about MINORS! If you have children of your own just imagine how you would feel hearing ANYONE, but particularly “adults” talking about them in this type of language and using these terms WHATEVER the kids have supposed to have done!

Nazis close free website "for financial reasons"

Our young Nazi mates Iron Darren and Knox schoolie 'Goobs' have pulled the plug on the Australian National Front Youth forum site. They are claiming the shutdown is "for financial reasons" despite the host, Proboards, offering its forums for free.When you spend so much on lawyers that you can't afford a free website anymore, you're really doing it hard.Shutting down the ANFY forum was a wise move on their part. However, these two have already committed the crimes of conveying a threat by wire as well as blackmail and also bear civil liability for defamation of myself and Darp.Shutting down the ANFY site does not forgive what they have done in defence of the indefensible- and I am absolutely in no mood for forgiveness.More to come from Iron Darren and Goober though, I'm sure.Stay tuned...-weez
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Monday, February 21, 2005

I had left a
comment on Suki's blog concerning Hunter only this morning:

weezil said... Being that I am an alumnus of the Dr. Hunter S. Thompson School of Gonzo Journalism (magna cum loud), I am most impressed with combination or complex expletives, but finding JUST the right term for the job is often challenging.In example, on my blog, I'm writing about a couple of pre-pubescent neo-nazi 'I am screaming for attention and psychological help' type morons at the moment.I hesitate to call them 'fucktards' given the one of the roots of that term would be 'retard.' I do not wish to offend mentally ill or learning disabled people by comparing Iron Nazi Darren and his mate Goober to the mentally handicapped. No, they can't be fucktards.Their prepubescent nature removes any possibility of manly machismo, so they are not 'cocks' either.I think these boys may indeed have earned the grand old Murkan diminuitive invective 'peckerwood' or its Australian equivalent, 'fuckwit.'And you can fucking blow me if you don't like it, you goddamned motherfucking two-bit son-of-a-whore.-weez

From Fight Dem Back:

darp Hau · 20 March 2005

National Front corruption of children

Fight dem back! had a fair bit to do with
this article:

[Kyle Chapman] said he had given permission to a group of Sydney schoolboys, who recently set up the Australian National Front Youth, to distribute "starter packs" of pamphlets and magazines in school.

The group, which recruited through a website and public pamphleting, ordered T-shirts from Chapman and used the front's insignia and literature.
One of the leaders, Darren Mortley, claimed on the group's website last month that "in my school racial issues are going nuts, people are walking round with Hitler Youth flags on their folders and are receiving starter packs of stickers and flyers and mags to be interested".

Darren told the Sunday Star-Times the youths involved had since severed their ties to the National Front after being harassed by left-wing activists. "The group is gone. It was blown out of the water by some lefties," he said.

Blown out of the water, eh? Nice work everyone.

Guess where Darren (aka Iron Brotherhood/Proudskinhead88) has found a
new home?
One of our larger crowds gathered on Saturday 19/03/05 outside Blacktown Station with other patriotic groups for a successful leaflet distribution and friendly engagement with locals on a range of issues. The amount of material sold from our stall shows a keen interest for nationalism among Sydney youth. It was a fantastic day well organised by Darren and the PYL Sydney team. (Emphasis added.)

Of course, that's no error on their part. It's a "white pride lives on" kind of statement. It's all cool — with their newly acquired WPCA/NF refugees, the direct links between the PYL and neo-Nazism get firmer by the minute. Especially when one of their other new recruits,
Goobs, is famous for statements like this:

Topic: tone it down (Read 68 times)WhiteGoobsAdministrator

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Young PatriotGender: MalePosts: 97

« Thread started on: 12/15/2004 at 06:00:44 »

For the sake of image of the National Front and WNs we are all going to have to tone the nazism. Whilst i understand that hitler was a great man, it gives the left more ammo to use against us.

Australian National Front Youth

Hail Victory

From February 19th 2005

Our counter-demo rattled the fucker a fair bit, as he states on the WPCA forum:

ironbrotherhood Sydney NationalistJoin Date: Dec 2004Location: Western sydneyPosts: 62Exclamation PYL taken by surpriseTo cut a long story short Someone (ie, ME - ed) found out info of this secret demo and put it up on indymedia, we were not prepared and we were taken by surprise.Watching around 40-50 reds marching down the street chanting"nazi scum" with a megaphone and placards was crazy enough.They took over our meeting place and me and the fellow nationalist thought it be a good idea to move on before we end up in a world of trouble.I think it needs to be a lesson, we hadnt the slightest idea we were being watched by reds in the park on mobile phones telling others where we were,reds taking photo`s of us,bring some sunglasses(i wouldnt be surprised if i end up on the green left weeklyWe got beaten,ill admit that.But lets hope that in future the pyl and the WPCA can help each other out in demo`s?I now know the rush and adiction taking it to the enemy can cause.Lets hope more of it can occur.

Yeah well maybe Ironbro and Goobs should stop and think of the consequences of "taking it to the enemy." Racism of any form doesn't go down too well in our society but the extremist branch which they adhere to certainly doesn't assist one's career prospects.
From Weezil’s Blog:

Saturday, February 19, 2005
The Nazi Tango, part 47

I am so digging the
nazi hunting game with Darp. It's pretty clear that we are having a profound effect on PYL, WPCA & NZNF.

As Monty Burns might say... excellent! It's going to be wicked fun to watch Darp & Co. take what paltry sums these wankers have banked.By the way, if you're going to make a false police report about me, let's keep all our eggs in one basket, shall we? You can register anything you'd like to say with either Sgt. Robert Duck or Cst. Whitfield at the Eastwood Command of the NSW Police. Their number is (02) 9858 5944. In contact with Sgt Duck or Cst Whitfield, please refer to the NSW Police event number E72529198.

BTW, Darren, NO anonymising proxy, even one in Romania, will hide you.Also, I know you're a minor. Your parent/s or guardian/s will be financially responsible for your legal defence and whatever compensatory awards I win in the defamation case I file against you. I hope you have a nice house that will bring a pretty penny when I sell it. Mark my words, Darren- this silly game will end soon. We are closing in and it is going to cost you THOUSANDS of dollars.-weez

And it only gets worse. And lower! For example, how’s THIS for a low act? Currently in the FDB archives there is a heading at the top of a page that reads:

“You are currently viewing the archive for the Adair, Lachlan (aka Gen Goobs/Whitepride_au) category.”

This SURELY cannot be legal can it? I believe at the time they first posted this information Lachlan was still only SIXTEEN! Add to this the fact that they had previously posted photographs of his house and already virtually named his school (Knox College) by saying it was the only North Shore High School with a Scottish pipe band. Even this cryptic pretense was soon dropped as shown by the first Weezil post at the top of this article.

Lachlan also received an E-Mail from Weezil:

"On this day in 1988 the Adair family gained a new member.
Happy 17th birthday lachlan."

It was received on the occasion of his 17th birthday, the 4th March 2005. Creepy stuff indeed.

A further comment from Darp leaves no doubts as to their intent.

“We're content to go about this in a cold and calculating way, following this whole game through to it's (Sic) foreordained conclusion.”


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