Saturday, March 11, 2006

It's official. Marnie O'Neill is an FDB agent.

As predicted, the so-called “journalist” Marnie O’Neill has proved she was working for FDB all along and has supplied Darp with copies of E-Mail correspondence between herself and Kromlek. They have since been reproduced on the FDB Forum.
She is now provably a part of the motley crew of “journalists” working tirelessly in conspiracy with FDB to promote and protect the interests of the Global Multiculturalism Industry and its masters of International Finance and to destroy traditional White Australian cultural values. It is all so tiresomely predictable.

Dear Marnie
I know I have been helpful to you and now I ask that you do something for me. Please do NOT use my real name in any article you may write. Please use my pseudonym 'Kromlek'. Everyone in the political scene KNOWS who I am anyway particularly my ENEMIES. I can honestly see no 'public interest' being served by using my name and it will CERTAINLY cause problems domestically (already has) and possibly lead to trouble with my new job. It is a good job and one that took some time and effort to land. I have only been there six weeks or so and within the three month trial period I can technically be dismissed for no reason. As you well know, it is not enough to be good at your job, and I AM, there is also the "inconvenience" of having a "White Supremacist" (The Controlled Media's term, not mine) on the staff.
This is a favourite tactic with the Darpists and would only help THEM and anger and further radicalise me through the marginalisation. Even Darp himself once said (lying again obviously) that he saw no merit in having dole queues filled with "Neo-Nazis". You also need to understand the strategy being used by the Darpists. It is a hybrid model based on #Gerry Gable of the U.K., that of the late *Irv Rubin of the U.S. and the Jewish Lawyer and shameless opportunist Morris Dees of the NAACP. Here in Australia it is very clear they get good support, both monetary and otherwise, from the AIJAC (Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council) and the Jewish Board of Deputies via Jeremy Jones.
All UNOFFICIALLY of course, because these organisations all profess to be above board and legal. Darp is simply a street level "useful idiot" who will take the rap when it all goes pear shaped. Then they also add into the mix some tactics of the Anarchic Punk movement like the urban terrorist "Class War" and SHARP (an acronym for Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice) movement and you have a volatile mix of totally UNCONTROLLABLE elements.
But what is TRULY worrying now is that through the likes of FDB member "Jihad" we now have threats of an Islamist group of young Arabic hotheads prepared to not only act as hitmen for Darp but also "die for God"!!!!! THIS is the main reason I don't want MY details bandied about willy nilly. By his own admission, Darp sleeps in a fortified house provided by his intended's uncle. I HAVE no such fortress to protect my family from drive-by shootings and the like.
Regards Peter
# Infamous Jewish "Nazi" baiter, Gerry Gable's "Searchlight" organsation specializes in "disemploying" White Nationalists, spying, stealing people's personal files (just like the ADL did in America) illegally taping and filming etc etc.
*This infamous, bullnecked, ham fisted Jewish thug who organized the JDL or Jewish Defense League, committed suicide a year or so back when it was revealed he had been involved in many serious crimes including assault, extortion, theft, vandalism, arson, etc.

Dear Marnie
Ask yourself this. If these claims were true would I not have been charged with some criminal offence? In regard to the "disabled guy". That is "Weezil" and the name says it all. He is the nastiest most vicious AND litigious type of creature I have EVER encountered in my life!
His "disability" doesn't seem to stop him marching in every demo he can get to and there are photos on the web showing him wearing a "Rat" mask and holding an Anti John Howard placard high. Not a bad feat for a "disabled guy" eh? I am sure he gets a mention in the file I sent you.
He was the bloke (Brian Stokes) who threatened and tormented the minors which included all but naming their school on the Internet and posting a picture of the back of one of the kids' houses. The WPCA only ever sent out a car ONCE to confirm the address we had been given by another group and see if we could catch a glimpse of anyone. In their accusations they couldn't even get the MONTH right. They were THREE MONTHS OUT!
It is NOT, as far as I can deem, illegal to drive down a public street in broad daylight and park for no more than twenty seconds across the road to look at a house. Does this constitute "stalking"? Get off the grass! Weezil and the Darpists squeal like stuck pigs about THIS yet they CONTINUALLY post pictures taken with zoom lenses of private barbecues and other events and even put up details of CONVERSATIONS that were eavesdropped on, possibly with electronic surveillance equipment! Give us a break Darp!
Tom McCosker, Ryde Greens Councilor only ever received ONE letter from the WPCA and it was simply a hard copy version of the "Darp File" you have already seen. The attached letter merely pointed out that a mainstream politician like him might be embarrassed by his association with a motley group of Anarchists and assorted ratbags like FDB. How sensitive ARE these people?
You must understand that there is a HUGE network of these people, many of whom went to University together or worked together in the so-called "Union Movement" or who STILL work together. They will quite understandably stick with each other and back up each other's exaggerations, and outright lies, to maintain face. Many are Journalists, such as Greg Roberts, Jason Purdie, Kieran Finnane, AND your very own Joe Hildebrand.
The links between the Darpists and these people are clear and provable. There are others, like Mark Copland who have even managed to infiltrate the Catholic Church and are manipulating the so-called Catholic Social Justice Commission in Queensland! But honestly, at the moment, the least said about these characters the better. There is legal action looming in the New Year so I don't want to prejudice or compromise any future case.
But REALLY Marnie, you must study the entire thing and put all the claims and counter claims in the context of a heated clash of political ideologies that rapidly descended into personal vendettas. Tedious as it is, if you are to get the "big picture" you have MUCH more study ahead of you. MUCH has happened over the past twelve months. Regards Peter P.S. Can you answer my question regarding the non-use of my name?

“Oh ...Tom only got ONE LETTER, I guess that makes it alright. It was only ONE threatening letter. If it were two ..well, you'd be screwed under the Crimes Act but ONE letter, IF WRITTEN IN BOLD CAPS, is perfectly ok. And stalking someone's house ONCE is perfectly ok but twice or three times...

It's great he admitted to all this though.

Darp yet again desperately tries to make something out of nothing and imply pending legal action. *Yawn* It must be so frustrating for him, like grasping at smoke. It’s quite funny, in a sad sort of way.

Dear Peter,
I was under the impression you were proud of what WPCA stood for.
Where did I say I wasn't?
I notice several published articles referring to Matthew Henderson-Hau and his group but no names associated with Australian nationalist groups except when some of their members have appeared in court after being arrested in relation to the recent riots.
Where? WHAT articles?
If someone believes in a cause so passionately and campaigns on behalf of that cause, shouldn't they be prepared to stand up and be counted?
We HAVE worked for the cause but if you mean why aren't we prepared to be identified targeted and assaulted and/or arrested?
And doesn't it actually diminish a person's credibility if they are not prepared to put their name to that cause?
If the message is demonstrably true and just then it shouldn't matter if you read it on a toilet wall or hear it in the back room of a pub. Its truth is not diminished. Do I take it you are suggesting that because Darp tells his lies in the open and we are forced, due to draconian so-called "Anti-Vilification" laws, to utter the truth from the shadows that HE is a credible person and I am not? Have you not studied history? It is replete with stories of resistance movements who have to combat corrupt regimes from the underground. As I have often stated, it is not enough to be right, one must also have access to fairness and justice. Neither are available as we speak.
I'm just trying to understand.
The very fact you still keep asking such inane questions, despite the mountains of information I have supplied, leads me to believe you never can or will.
And let me say it is also becoming clearer your "opinion" IS going to be a very major factor in your article, despite you stating it was "irrelevant".
I think you HAVE taken sides Marnie.


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