Sunday, April 30, 2006

Don’t mention the WAR!

With the recent passing of another Anzac Day old Victor mused upon how much the attitudes to this day have changed over the years. From the grim solemnity and sorrow at the passing of warriors and heroes to the disrespect and ridicule of the Sixties and Seventies so-called “Anti-War” generation to the sheer hatred and vilification of returned servicemen during the Eighties to its current status as the ultimate expression of Australian Patriotism.

Visiting Gallipoli now is seen as any trendy, drug addled youth’s “rite of passage” as much as going to Bali and traveling the ‘Hippy Trail’ through Asia was back in the Sixties and Seventies. Sadly, with its newfound respect has come a “marketability” and commercialisation that threatens to obscure its original spirit. But even worse than this is the distorting of its significance and meaning, its hijacking by the forces of the extreme Left Wing and their hammering it into their own twisted Internationalist Multicultural ideology.

Old Victor totally refutes their claims that the Diggers of WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam etc in any way whatsoever fought for the establishment of the Multicultural nightmare Australia has become. On the contrary, he believes the vast majority of Australian servicemen were Patriots who firmly believed in the ideals of Australian Sovereignty and autonomy (while accommodating a commitment to the British Commonwealth) and rejected any notion of the One World Government of international criminal organisations like the so-called United Nations.

The systematic erosion of the Racial and Social integrity of the traditional White European Australia would have been anathema to them and any suggestion to the contrary is both ignorant and a deliberate intent to deceive the current generation with outright lies. Let’s get this one thing straight. The Diggers fought for the freedom to maintain the social values of a White Australia with its distinct White European Racial qualities. NOT for Racial Socio-Economic Globalisation and its genetic blending and leveling into a Third World morass of miscegenation.

Almost without exception the Australian troops who landed on the shores of Gallipoli were of White European stock with almost half of them being either British born or having parents and/or grandparents who were. The connection to the old British Empire was very real and their loyalty was genuine.

To suggest that these brave White Men kissed their loved ones goodbye, picked up their guns and fought a War to ensure a future where their descendents would be vilified in their own land and despised as the poor White trash of Asia is an insult to their memory and our intelligence.

Among the many inconvenient facts that Darp and his FDB swill avoid in their propaganda is their direct links with extremist, militant and criminal organisations such as the Anarchists and their fellow travelers.

Does anyone recall the dark days of the Eighties prior to Anzac Day’s “rehabilitation” and its current bandwagon status among the socio-political trendies? Well old Victor can and he also remembers an Anarchic organisation calling itself “WAR” and the daubing of Cenotaphs all over Australia with puerile slogans usually in red paint or animal blood.

Apparently it stood for ‘Women Against Rape’ and their claimed purpose in being was to ‘protest’ against the rape of Women during wartime. A Motherhood statement if ever there was one. For some bizarre reason known only to them, they chose to unleash their fury primarily on the Australian RSL and its returned servicemen!

It comprised mostly, as the press photos and news footage revealed, of fat, ugly Lesbians with short spiky hair dressed in black overalls wailing like banshees. These were the ‘younger sisters’ of the same heartless bitches who threw garbage in the faces of our returning Vietnam veterans and hysterically shrieked slogans such as “Baby Killers!” and “Murderers”. Disrupting Dawn Services and supposedly “protesting” against War, as if anyone in the RSL in their right mind actually promoted it.

Why does Victor suggest a link between this disgusting behaviour and its perpetrators? Quite easy really. Darp and Weezil and company are deeply involved in the Greens Party and the Greens has long been a refuge for old poofters and lesbians and anti establishment types with chips on their shoulders. Many of these old ‘WAR horses’ are almost certainly involved with the Greens and other extreme Left Wing hate groups.

One of Darp’s “closest friends”, Will Saunders along with his “partner” David Burgess was responsible for painting (in RED paint) the slogan “No War” on the Sydney Opera House. This pattern of behaviour is endemic to the type of people who comprise FDB and is merely a continuance of a ‘time honoured tradition’ among Left Wing Extremists such as their forebears and political mentors, WAR, The Communist Party, the Anarchist Punk Movement etc etc.

Also remember Darp’s fierce loyalty and constant crowing about his connections with the Left Wing Trade Union Movement.The Trade Union Movement has a long and shameful history of disruption, even during wartime, to aid in the advance of International Socialism (read: Communism) and to “punish the Capitalists” and “make the rich pay” etc. Ironically, it is only ever the lower socio-economic classes of the working poor and the disadvantaged who really suffer from their destructive and hateful actions. The truly rich and powerful are fully insulated from hardship by their wealth and influence.

Among the most shameful incidents was the Dockers’ refusal to unload the ships of returning servicemen during World War Two. This led to fierce physical confrontations, and almost deaths, as Diggers unloaded the ships themselves!

So next time Darp starts on his poorly informed and un-researched Historical Revisionism, trying to appropriate the Eureka and Anzac spirits for his own political ends we should remember what the famous lexicographer and inspired wit Dr. Samuel Johnson said; “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”

But hateful, antisocial entities like Darp and his crew have always been there white-anting the security and moral integrity of Western Nations doing their utmost to disrupt and undermine. Victor recognizes no fundamental distinction between FDB and all these other destructive groups. None whatsoever. The only feature that has changed over the past several decades is the refinement of their networking through the utilisation of information technology and the exponential growth of their numbers, particularly in the fields of Education and the Law, since the Seventies.

On 23rd September 1999 in the NSW Legislative Council, Charlie Lynn was discussing yet another wave of graffiti attacks on War Memorials and recalling an earlier incident he witnessed during the Eighties:

“The Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park was completed in 1934. War memorials are probably more significant to Australians than to many other nations because of our historical involvement in theatres of war. The graves of our dead are located in foreign lands, and these are symbolised by the erection of war memorials. The word "cenotaph", meaning "empty tomb", was often used to describe these memorials. Our war memorials stand in place of our distant graves, and Anzac Day ceremonies around them each year provide a surrogate funeral. They are our sacred sites.

These memorials have been treated with great reverence since they were erected because of the powerful symbolism that they evoke. I recall the first instance of desecration of our Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park. It was Anzac Day in 1981 when a mob of left-wing feminists from the hairy-armpit brigade gathered under the label "Women Against Rape" and mocked our old veterans by jumping into the Pool of Remembrance and carrying on with other publicity-seeking shenanigans.”
And the peanut brained Lee Rhiannon’s reply?

“I understand that it is difficult for some members in this place to accept that graffiti is art, but it is the artistic expression of many young people. If we continue to deny that, we will continue to see graffiti on the war memorials of this country. All people, wherever their artistic pleasures lie, have a right to express and enjoy their art. Clearly, graffiti and tags are legitimate forms of art; they are not vandalism.”

Extreme Left Wing Politicians like Rhiannon are regarded as “trailblazers” and “heroes” by Darp and his FDB’ers. This should never be forgotten and needs to be constantly highlighted, along with his connections with the Anarchists and Punks, so that anyone foolish enough to listen to and be sucked in by his claptrap is properly informed as to what they are considering supporting.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Darp’s premature Alzheimer’s Disease?

Darp’s dodgy memory appears to be contagious. It’s now even affecting his oily little acolytes.

From a recent thread on the FDB Forum:

Darp Hau

“They don't let me debate on SF ..come over here buddy or email me and you can reprint the emails on SF.”


“They always conveniently "forget" that fact, don't they?”


“Darp "forgets" the fact that they havent (Sic) got the mental capacity to have a proper debate where people can understand WTF there (Sic) going on about.”
Well at least 'Adam214' has managed to muster the mental capacity to string a sentence together with only two spelling errors. Well done!

Darp obviously needs to bring some of his newer minions up to speed with his policy concerning debate with White Nationalists. He has consistently and stubbornly refused to openly and publicly debate several Nationalists. He flatly refused for example to meet and debate with Jim Saleam in a public place.

His piss weak excuse is that to debate Nationalists would amount to some degree of validation for their political position. This confirms two things for certain, Darp’s intellectual as well as moral bankruptcy and his ideological flaccidity. To use the vernacular, he’s got NOTHING!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The FDB brains trust strikes again...

Oh, this is PRICELESS! The FDB morons can barely muster a functioning brain cell between them. And it would appear that the parasitic sponger and Elmer Fudd look-alike ‘Weezil’ (can’t you just feel this 'horizontal champ' enriching this nation?) knows as much about motorcycles as Darp does about honesty and truth.

It would appear he believes the bike in Kromlek’s photo (Yep! Sorry Darpy ol’ chap, but it IS him in the picture. We can however understand you really wishing it WASN’T) is a “bitsa”. Old Victor’s not even going to help him here with identifying the particular year and model DUCATI (a REAL bike in a sea of shit) and it is certainly no "POS" or Piece Of Shit!!! Particularly in comparison to Weezil’s current transport! Can everyone say SAD, SAD SHITBOX?

And Kawasaki gas tank? WTF? Ha! Ha! Ha! Nope, wrong again, that’s a post prang, freshly repaired, genuine Bologna built Ducati fuel tank ready for the correct paint job and transfers. No "Jap Crap" on this machine, except perhaps the battery...
Next time FDB feel the urge to try their hand at intimidating White Nationalists with their awesome intellect, cutting satire and rapier-like wit (snigger) old Victor suggests they...erm...well... just don't. They just keep looking more and more docile and retarded with every 'attack'.
Don't give up your daytime jobs now girls. Erm...that is those few that actually do HAVE one.
Ha! Ha! Ha!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Funeral coffee for two

The following comments from the Fight Dem back Forum are quite revealing of the ruthless and spiteful nature of its membership. These are morally diseased creatures. The first poster’s online name says it all, ‘misanthrope’ (Man or people hater). What sort of person would call themselves that, particularly as a member of a group declaring itself to be all about tolerance, inclusiveness and Humanitarianism? Like everything else about FDB it simply doesn’t ring true.

From the Fight Dem Back Forum:

That's it, everyone out of the genepool! *angry*


Joined: 20 Dec 2005

Posts: 77

Location: Adelaide

Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 2:48 pm

Post subject: That's it, everyone out of the genepool! *angry*

“Bloody hell, people fucking SUCK. Firstly, my father died of a sudden heart attack on the 7th. As he and his side of the family were Anglican, the funeral was held in his church. Anyway, I heard two old hags bitching about my mother after the funeral today. They obviously didn't realise I was nearby. I quote: "Good thing she wasn't in charge of the funeral, the Jews are too stingy. He'd have been dumped in a ditch!" - followed by snickering.

Stupid old bitches. Anyway, I sauntered over (after recovering from the shock and outraged initial urge to rip their throats out) and offered to fetch them coffee, which to their mistake, they accepted. I wandered off to get it from the kitched (Sic) - and spat generously in the stuff before returning with it.

Seriously though, what mean anti-Semetic (Sic) heartless whores! I hope they get hit by a truck. Ugh. I've never been so angry like that in my life.”

Darp Hau


Joined: 25 Apr 2005

Posts: 2918

Location: Eastwood, Sydney, Australia. Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 3:43 pm Post subject:

“My sympathies miss. It's tough losing someone who raised you and even tougher putting up with cats-bum mouthed old twits speaking their minds at the funeral and turning it into a bitch session.

I have a heartwarming story to counter know, to remove nasty unwanted thoughts of ratty old battleaxes spewing out anti-Semitic crap.

My friend's grandfather is verging on 90something. He has lived for the last 60 years next door to a fairly well known Jewish school in East Sydney. This old bloke is Catholic to the bone (though he hates Tony Abbott) and having lived in one of the few non-Jewish households in his street one would think he wouldn't mind the odd bitch about his neighbours etc. But no, thing is he's been around Jews for so long that he doesn't even do a double-take and differentiate between them and himself. They're are (Sic) not an "other" to him.”

Intolerance of intolerance is the only intolerance tolerated.

Well you sure showed a whole bunch of THAT commodity Darpy boy AND rounded it off with yet another totally irrelevant, meaningless and underwhelming anecdote. Splendid work…

Then the resident little crippled boy, FDB’s very own Tiny Tim, a creature we’re all supposed to pity, struggles to his Chimp like feet and chimes in with THIS heartfelt attempt at reconciliation and understanding…


political tar baby

Joined: 16 May 2005

Posts: 825 Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 9:10 pm Post subject: Re: That's it, everyone out of the genepool! *angry*

“Spitting in their coffee was far, FAR too good for them, mis. Should have warmed it up in the microwave to just below the melting point of steel- and poured it on their heads.”

God bless us one and all, eh?

SCALD the bitches, eh Weezil? Give ‘em third degree burns! Mmm, mmm… Is there no one safe from the hatred of the FDB’ers? Deliver us oh Lord from the wrath of the wicked Weezil… terror of the grannies…tormenter of the teenagers…


Joined: 03 Feb 2006

Posts: 100 Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 1:02 am Post subject:

“You'd think that people would keep their dipshit opinions to themselves at a funeral.. I mean someone has just died... I'm sorry to hear that mis... By the way you did very well to control yourself... I would have found it hard not to spit in their faces rather than just their coffee cups.”

Yep, that’s real classy stuff that. Spit in the faces of a pair of old dears at a funeral…

Then there’s the intellectually challenged ‘Adam214’ who can barely make him/her/it’s self understood…


Joined: 22 Dec 2005

Posts: 229 Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 4:18 am Post subject: Re: That's it, everyone out of the genepool! *angry*

“Sorry to hear about that. Fuckingbitches (Sic) i agree you show a great deal of control, personally i would of (Sic) piss (Sic) in the coffee, but i guess you dont (Sic) have that privelige (Sic) dont (Sic) worry it would of just tasted like sweetner (Sic).”

You can sort of feel the warm Humanitarian glow of Multicultural inclusiveness and tolerance simply radiating out of this bunch of retarded misfits can’t you?

HYPOCRISY barely covers it.

Darp the Great Pretender

Well the "Kram.B" saga reached its logical conclusion with Mark Whateverhisnameis calling on Darp to put up or shut up and proving what a gutless swine Darp is when the twerp backed down.
When it comes to “goin’ the knuckle” it would appear that Darp is a lot like that other mulatto we all love to hate. Lots of mouthing off but, like Mundine, he is only interested in taking on easy-beats and has-beens. Oh, and little kids too!

“I could’ve been a contender!” he whines while making excuses about body fat indexes, interrupted training schedules and he’s oh so tired, oh but he’s certainly NOT fat! No Siree Bob! Definitely…well…erm…maybe…

The spoilt thirty year old brat still lives at home with his Mum (when he’s not bunkering down at Uncle Mikey’s place behind the blast proof laminated windows) has no kids, no real job. I can’t IMAGINE this idiot cooking and cleaning either. In short, NO responsibilities like the real people and he reckons he can’t maintain himself at peak match fitness.

Well perhaps he shouldn’t be antagonizing and provoking people and talking tough if he isn’t willing to back it up with his fists. Darp, you can only ever be a contender if you actually take on someone in a fair sporting contest, up front like a real Man, instead of sneaking about like a little schoolgirl dobbing people in to all and sundry and shrieking legalese bluff every time anyone lays a glove on you.

But what old Victor finds MOST amusing is that until VERY recently FDB was convinced that "Kram.B." was another of Kromlek's several identities. Apparently, according to FDB folklore, he has an endless amount of aliases. His denials of ever having been a Stormfront member were met with typical derision from several FDB'ers who also accused him of posting many of the anonymous comments on Ben Weeheym's Blog, which he had nothing to do with.

But don't be holding your breath for any apologies or retractions folks...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The O’Neill Affair Revisited

Here Victor has added some updated material to this existing article. Darp and his co-conspirators can be assured this matter has NOT been forgotten.

According to Kromlek, at the beginning of his last phone conversation with Ms. Marnie O’Neill she accused him in a most aggressive and hysterical manner of attacking a “highly respected Academic” and posting his personal details on the Internet, details which came from his OWN online Curriculum Vitae incidentally. The “highly respected academic” is Dr. John Casey.

So what is the connection here? Why did she seem do personally offended? Well Ms. O’Neill is, according to her title at the top of her stories in The Sunday Telegraph, a “Police Reporter”, while Dr. John Casey is employed by the New South Wales Police Department as a consultant on “cultural sensitivity” and “racial harmony” etc. Get the picture? There is every possibility that these two actually know each other professionally or maybe even personally.

This might account for the ‘raw nerve’ reaction of Ms. O’Neill and the ferocity of her threatening phone call to Kromlek. She then subsequently implicates herself further in the Darpist conspiracy web and digs herself a very large hole by supplying copies of two previously unpublished E-Mails from Kromlek for Darp to post up on his FDB Forum.

Will this reckless act prove to be a form of professional suicide? Surely this sort of blatantly unethical behaviour cannot be tolerated by her employers. A “Journalist” bound by strict codes of conduct and ethics supplying a partisan third party with personal E-Mails from an interviewee evokes terms such as “conflict of interests” and “professional misconduct”.

Let old Victor spell it out more carefully for the slow and dull witted:

Whereas Kromlek, being the intended receiver of the O’Neill E-Mails, was fully entitled to publish them if he so wished, O’Neill had no right to supply them to Darp and he in turn had no right whatsoever to publish them on the Internet without Kromlek’s permission.

Kromlek feels fully vindicated on this matter and thinks it all rather ironic considering Ms. O’Neills shrill protestations to him that “there is no conspiracy between the Darpists and the Media”. He also smiles wryly to himself as he recalls cautioning her, during their first conversation, about involving herself too closely with Darp. It would appear she has already been fairly “dumped right in it” by her new “friend”. With “friends” like Darp who needs enemies? We have certainly not heard the last of this matter. Watch this space!

Then Darp, ignoring the fact that he’s already in a hole, keeps digging.

Here, in this extract from yet another E-Mail to a third party intermediary, Darp foolishly and openly threatens even further intimidation for Kromlek from the agents of the Controlled Media:

“All those journalists who Pete pissed off in the wake of Cronulla will LOVE this IF we choose to flick it onto them. Him pissing them off even further on he and Perren's blog isn't exactly a wise move either. The boy sure does know how to make himself newsworthy by picking the wrong battles.”

It would appear, at least according to Darp, that one has no rights whatsoever to criticise the Controlled Media for their shameful Anti-White bias regarding the events surrounding the Cronulla Protests and the vicious and cowardly Islamist retaliatory attacks. Apparently, any such criticism will bring down the Controlled Media’s wrath in the form of “fame” inducing harassment.

If this is not a clear case of blackmail, with Darp admitting his collusion with the Controlled Media and openly threatening to use it as a weapon if Kromlek does not “back off” then I don’t know what is. For one who is studying to be a Lawyer and who constantly claims the high moral ground Darp certainly plays fast and loose with legal matters.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The CFMPC leaflet

What follows is the text from a handout leaflet with commentary by Victor Whitelaw and colleagues.

Racism in

About the Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care

The Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care is an agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane.

It coordinates the work of the Church in responding to the needs of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, overseas students and tourists regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds.

“Responding to needs” or proactively INITIATING trouble that was never really there in the first place? I wonder how many of these “victims” even HAD any “needs” or “problems” regarding “discrimination” and “racism” before “do-gooders” like this TOLD them they were disadvantaged.

Much of this is more about the desperation of the churches today to justify and validate their very existence and to fill the empty pews, putting bums on seats. As an increasingly educated and sophisticated White population leave the churches in droves, they seek to replace them with not so bright, but ever so grateful, Third World people, mostly Negroids from Africa.

There is also another, far more sinister, factor at work within programs such as this that should not be underestimated, that of an exploitative and predatory sexual relationship between certain Church leaders and their new congregations.

It goes without saying that the Churches, particularly the Catholic Church, are no strangers to the sexual misbehaviour of their leadership. Many of the senior movers and shakers within these Church based “charities” and organisations have spent lengthy periods of time overseas in “missionary” work where they naturally, due to the dazzle factor of “White Man’s Magic”, acquire a taste for lording it over the often awestruck, grateful and primitive natives.

For many, particularly the more manipulative Males who were powerless, nerdish misfits in their own society, there develops a paternalistic attitude, along with the natural sexual frustration of being away from their own society and people for so long. This ultimately manifests as a perverse sexual relationship with the child-like natives and, once back home, they cannot wait to further indulge their fantasies of interracial sex. Hence the frantic desire to ship in boatloads of the ‘dark meat’ to which they have become addicted.

It is a win-win situation for them. They get to earn brownie points and tickets to Heaven on the one hand for their “good works” and to also, on the other, selfishly indulge their base, carnal desires.

Also, there are already MANY Government (read: Taxpayer funded) “programs” and “mechanisms” for non White Immigrants and “Refugees” to whine to and opportunities to bite the hand that feeds them by criticising the very people that have given them shelter.

And that last point should NEVER be forgotten. The Australian Government is the REPRESENTATIVE of the Australian People, FUNDED by their hard earned Tax Dollars and is entrusted to do what is in the best interests of the Australian People. Unfortunately it does not run the Australian Nation alone. It is indebted to the various ethnically based lobby groups that helped fund its political campaigns, bully and manipulate it and, as the story goes, the piper must be paid.

When the forces of Global Capital, the United Nations, the special interest groups and their lackeys within the Australian Government manipulate social planning, policy and legislation to initiate programs that disadvantage the Australian People, they are, in effect, committing TREASON upon the Australian People by selling out their sovereign rights to determine their own future.

Remember. No Australian EVER voted any Government in for the purpose of DESTROYING their Nation. We repeat, Australian Governments are voted in to manage affairs IN THE BEST INTERESTS of the Australian People.

The activities of the centre are grounded in the belief that all Humans have the right to live in peace and harmony and should be treated with respect and dignity.

This is a “Motherhood Statement” that, taken as written, is essentially meaningless but we all know which “Humans” are left out of the equation.

The Centre therefore seeks to promote interaction and understanding of Australia’s cultural diversity among all people.

The Centre seeks to promote its own interests to ensure continued cash flow from the public purse and to further brainwash the broader population with the concept of inherent (and indelible) White Guilt.

The Centre aims to challenge the Church and society to be true to their cultural diversity.

This statement is ABSOLUTELY meaningless and nonsensical. We challenge THEM to explain what this actually means.

It is also open to being challenged by society and works collaboratively with government departments, non-government agencies and church organisations.

The truest statement so far. Of COURSE it is open to challenge from society and that is precisely what is happening as we write these comments. Any suggestion to the contrary would be insulting and preposterous. However, it is also a given fact that any “challenge” would not only fall on deaf ears but that any truly EFFECTIVE challenge will land the challenger in court with the HREOC or any number of other groups.

So, in this respect, the statement should be read as a form of ENTRAPMENT to lure Anti-Multiculturalism Industry dissidents out into the open where they can be identified, observed, smeared and vilified as “hateful” and “racist”, put under surveillance by the security agencies and ultimately prosecuted.

But then there is the open admission that they COLLABORATE with many other groups, but of course this is not a CONSPIRACY, is it? Only lunatics and nuts talk about conspiracy, don’t they? Except, of course, when it actually APPLIES to these so-called “lunatics” and “nuts” who can find themselves in trouble with the Government for “conspiring” against the corrupt system, funny that isn’t it?

For more information please contact

Katherine Moriarty
Project Officer
Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care
P.O. Box 112
333 Given Terrace
Paddington QLD 4054

What is Racism?

Racism is a form of discrimination that occurs when a person or a group of people are treated less favourably because of the colour of their skin or their perceived membership of a particular ethnic, cultural or religious group.

“Racism” is also a totally bogus term, a made up fake word bestowed with negative connotations, to replace the former and more accurate term, Racialist which was a positive term meant to describe a person who simply recognised the differences between the various Human Races and took pride in its survival and preservation as a distinct independent entity. THIS is a true and fundamental “Human Right” if ever there was one.

The derogatory term was created sometime during the Sixties and came into common usage by elitist, special interest groups such as the Jewish (so-called) Anti Defamation League or ADL, the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People or NAACP, the militant and extremely violent Jewish Defence League or JDL and many other fringe groups.

The secret of the success of these groups, and their insinuation into pseudo-respectability, though was money and lots of it, primarily shovelled in from the Jewish Community and the pro-bono work of prominent Jewish Lawyers. None of these claims are open to debate and the stories of these groups and their influence on the so-called Peace Movement of the Sixties and the development of the United Nations is a simple matter of historical fact.

The United Nations’ International Convention on the elimination of all forms of Racial discrimination (1965) defines Racial Discrimination as:

“Any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or affect (Sic) of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.”

These people either cannot even correctly quote the United Nations or the act was written by a moron. Both are possible.

Racism may be expressed by an individual, by a group of people or by institutional structures and processes.

It may intentionally single out an individual or group for unfavourable treatment or it may unintentionally disadvantage them in a particular context.

About The Confronting Racism in Communities Project

The Confronting Racism in Communities Project aims to address the variety of racisms (Is this even a real word?) experienced by culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Queensland.

The project is managed by the Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care working in partnership with other Multicultural, mainstream and government agencies.

Funded by the Queensland Government, the three year pilot project aims to:

Work with communities to document the nature and extent of racism in Queensland and provide regular reporting on incidents across the state.

With what elements and/or at what level of the communities will this “work” take place? Will it simply be the usual suspects of local busy-bodies, do-gooders and extreme Left Wing political activists advancing their own agendas who get to put in their two bob’s worth?

Provide support, training and resources to ethnic communities in order to combat racism.

One can only wonder at the nature of the so-called “training” and what form the “resources” might take. Are the trainers accredited? Considering the “Government funding”, these “resources” are Taxpayer donations to a program virtually nobody wanted or needed. Will these “resources” take the form of Taxpayer funded CASH MONEY and other handouts?

Who will POLICE this program? Who are the scrutineers to ensure these public funds are utilised fairly and efficiently? What checks and balances have been built in to the scheme to ensure the filtering out of vexatious complaints?

Will there be full and open disclosure of all procedures and publicly available annual or quarterly reports provided for inspection? Victor urges all concerned Queenslanders to approach their local politicians and/or the relevant Government Department for a “please explain” on this one.

Work with mainstream agencies – such as welfare organisations, banks, supermarket chains, hospitals, churches – in order to increase awareness of racism.

In other words to sustain the witch hunt hysteria and paranoia already inculcated in the minds of the masses by the Controlled Media at fever pitch to ensure that the program’s “success” is a self-fulfilling prophesy. After all, what better way to guarantee the funding of further schemes?

This exposes and implicates the Media, such as The Toowoomba Chronicle, and their crucial part in the preparation of the socio-political environment in the Darling Downs Region of Queensland. Every stage in this process, however seemingly innocuous and subtle, has been quite deliberate and worked step by step inexorably toward the ultimate goal.

The average punter, inexperienced in the deceptive modus operandi of these creatures, has been unable to see what was developing as the thin end of the wedge was firmly inserted and sadly only in hindsight will be able to look back in a year or two and see how they came to be in their current state of social strife.

Develop training materials that target people who have experienced racism, people who have been responsible for racism and people who work with both groups.

Again we ask what is the nature of such “training materials”, who authorised them, who manufactured them, who requested them, and who do they ultimately benefit? Quo Bono?

Work closely with the Anti Discrimination Commission Queensland, where relevant, and support communities to utilise existing complaints mechanisms.

It seems obvious to us that, within the context of the preceding statement, the term “communities” actually refers to so-called “minority” or special interest groups rather than broader population groups such as the “General Community”. In this respect the real divisive and discriminatory intent of the entire program is made abundantly clear.

Work with appropriate agencies – such as the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, the Anti Discrimination Commission Queensland, the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs and Multicultural Affairs Queensland – to inform policy and program development on issues of racism.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the TRUE purpose in a nutshell. To manipulate legislation to advance the agenda of the Multiculturalism Industry and the vested interests of its advocates to transform their needs and desires into L.A.W. …LAW!

Programs such as this are NEVER, as their STATED intended purpose claims, to “research” or “analyse” or “examine” or “study” etc. This is no “experiment”. There is a clear intent from the very beginning to make it appear to the myopic, and quite frankly largely bovine and disinterested, masses that all the necessary steps have been followed and it’s all for their own good after all. But the entire process, like ALL these type of enterprises, is totally cynical and utterly contemptuous of the views and needs of the ordinary, White, Working Class people.

It is all about PERCEPTION and the illusion of DUE PROCESS. All things in Law, Politics and Social Policy must at least have the APPEARANCE of having been conducted in a fit and proper manner. And this program is simply another lamination in the thin veneer of respectability and official appearance in which these diabolical schemes are wrapped.

The die is already cast. The star chamber of the Cryptocracy, the ruling elite, has already decreed it must be so. All that needs to be done now is to go through the motions, publish the findings (a foregone conclusion) and use these findings, along with other falsified evidence, to formulate even more draconian Anti-White legislation designed to crush dissent and punish the victims of Multiculturalism.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Racist Incident Reporting Form Page 1

What follows is a copy of the form being handed out around Queensland. Victor apologises for any errors but it was not a perfect OCR scan. Anyway you can get the idea of what it is all about.




This Racist Incident Reporting Form was developed by the Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care as part of the Confronting Racism in Communities Project.

The Confronting Racism in Communities Project aims to work with communities to document the nature and extent of racism in Queensland and provide communities with support, training and resources In order to combat racism.

This form is designed to be completed by people who have experienced racism (with the assistance of trained community workers) or by workers themselves when the people who have experienced racism are not available to teal their story.

All information will be kept in the strictest confidence and no identifying information will be forwarded to a third party without consent.

Completing this form will help us to understand the nature and extent of racism In Queensland. It will not mean that you have lodged a formal complaint. Complaints can be directed to some of the agencic2s listed on the final page of this form. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

1] Person who experienced racism;

1. Name (optional) —
2. Address (optional)
3. Telephone number (optional) _____
4. Email address (optional) _________
5. Country of origin and/or ethnic background
6. Length of time in Australia

0-12 months More than 10 years
0 1-5 years 0 Born in Australia
06-10 years 0 Unknown

7. Male Female

8. Age

Younger than 10 years 0 40-49 years
10-19 years 0 50-59 years
020-29 years 0 Older than 59 years
30-39 years (El Unknown

9. Religion


Other (please specify) ____

10. Language spoken at home

11. Level of spoken English

Very good
Very Poor

Racist Incident Reporting Form Page 2

12. Level of written English

[] Very good [] poor [] Good [] Very poor [] Fair

13. Is the person who experienced racism the person completing this form?

[] yes

About the racist incident

14. Would you like to report a single incident or multiple incidents? [] Single incident [] Multiple incidents (go to question 16)

[] Incident(s)

If no, who is completing this form? (Please specify xr name and/or relationship to the person who experienced racism)

15. Date of racist Incident (dd/mm/yyyy)

16. How frequent were the racist incidents? ______ incidents per week/month/year for the past
(go to question 17) weeks/months/years (please circle)

17. How would you describe the incident(s)’

[] Physical violence [] Threat of physical violence [] Property damage
[] Threat of property damage []Racist graffiti [] Offensive media content
[] Discrimination [] Other (please specify) Verbal harassment (eg. offensive joke or comment) []Non-verbal harassment (eg. offensive look or gesture) Physical harassment (eg. unwelcome physical contact) [] Written harassment (eg. offensive letter or email) [] Display of offensive materials (eg. posters or t-shirts) [] Social exclusion (eg. someone ignored you or avoided you)

18. In which town/suburb and postcode did the Incident(s) take place?

19. In which location(s) did the incident(s) take place?

[]At home fl In a sportsground, picnic area or other place of leisure
[]At work D At a mosque, synagogue or other place of worship
[] At school, technical college or university [] In a letter, phone-call, text-message, fax or email
[] In a supermarket or [] In a newspaper, magazine or website or on television or radio
[] In a café, restaurant, pub or nightclub [] While applying for a job or course
[] On the street [] While applying for rental accommodation
[] While travelling on public transport [] While accessing government/community services
[] While travelling in a private vehicle
[] Other (please specify) ____________

20. Please provide a brief description of the racist incident(s). (You may

Racist Incident Reporting Form Page 3

21. How has the incident(s) affected you/ the person who experienced racism? (You may attach additional pages)-iipj ir ii1I

22. Who was responsible for the racist incident(s)? An individual An institution (go to question 27) A group of people Unknown

23. Did you/the person who experienced racism know the person(s) responsible for the incident(s)?

( )Yes ( ) Unknown ( ) No If yes, how would you describe your relationship with them? ( )Neighbours ( )Work colleagues ( )classmates ( ) Other

24. How would you describe their ethnic background?

25. What was their gender?

( )Male ( )Both male and female ( )Female ( ) Unknown

26. How old were they?

( ) Younger than 10 40-49 years ( ) 10-19 years E 50-59 years ( ) 20-29 years ( ) Older than 59 years ( ) 30-39 years ( ) Unknown

27. What do you think motived them to commit this act?

28. Did anyone else witness the incident? Lives

( )Not known ( ) No If yes, how did they react? About reporting the racist incldentrs);0]

29. Was the incident(s) reported to any other agency?

( ) Unknown (go to question 39 ( ) No (go to question 34)

30. Who was the incident(s) reported to?

( ) Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland ( ) Police ( ) Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission ( ) Teacher ( ) Health Rights Commission Queensland []Employer ( ) Tenants’ Union of QueenslandQ Other (please specify)

Racist Incident Reporting Form Page 4

31. What was the outcome?

32. How satisfied are you/the person who experienced racism with this outcome?

] Very satisfied ] Unsatisfied []Satisfied ] Very unsatisfied []Neutral [] Unknown

33. Why are you satisfied/unsatIsfled with this outcome? ________________________________________

(go to question 35)

34. Why wasnt the incident(s) reported?

35. Would you/the person who experienced racism like the Confronting Racism in Communities Project Officer to contact you to discuss available complaints mechanisms and support services?

O Yes (please remember to provide your contact details on page 1 of this form)O N0 CJ Unsure IFor workers

36. Did you provide any information or support to the person who experienced racism?

D yes ONo

If yes, what kind of information or support did you provide?Please return this form to:

Katherine Moriarty Confronting Racism In Communities Project

Officer Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care

PO Box 112 Paddington QId 1064Tcl: 07 3876 3294 or 07 5459 4804Mobile: 0137 180 724Fax: 07 3369 3094

Email: confrontingracisn’

The Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care

Recently in South Eastern Queensland, in an area centering on the large regional city of Toowoomba, a group calling itself the ‘Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care’ has produced and distributed a document entitled “Racist Incident Reporting Form”.

The principal figure behind this latest weapon in the ‘Africanisation’ of South Eastern Queensland is the extreme Left Wing refugee advocate, Multicultural Industry tool and FDB agent Dr. Mark Copland of the so-called ‘Catholic Social Justice Commission’.

It would appear the amount and variety of front organisations for the Multiculturalism Industry is limited only by the imagination of its puppets. Dr. Mark Copland, along with his fellow travelers like Jason Purdie the Editor of the Toowoomba Chronicle, have been given their brief to assist in the Multiculturalism Industry “pilot program” of massive ‘Africanisation’ and are ultilising all their resources to ensure its success.

What is of particular concern about the nature of this latest tactic is that many people, even quite well educated and reasonably intelligent ones, are impressed with and some are actually intimidated by official looking forms and/or the so-called data contained within. Just as many are intimidated by the Law and/or the threat of litigation and will run in fright at the sight of a wig. This is one of the fundamental tactics of FDB and other Multiculturalism Industry groups and is at the core of their success. Bluff, threaten and intimidate.

The facts are that “surveys” like this are NOTHING like official A.B.A. (Australian Bureau of Statistics) and are no better than hearsay. Sadly though, they will be quoted as if they are and, as the law of precedence dictates, they will go down in pseudo official folklore as gospel truth to be wheeled out and quoted at will.

These QUANGO’s (Quasi Autonomous Non Government Organisations) and NGO’s (Non Government Organisations) such as Church based charities, Ethnic or Religious community organisations etc can convey the impression that they are either OF the Government or Government sanctioned and of course it is not in the interests of their agendas to correct people’s misapprehensions.

What IS disturbing and frankly outrageous is that most of these groups receive some sort of assistance from the very same people they are attacking, the average, hard- working Australian Taxpayer, either in the form of Tax Exemption or actual Government (read: Taxpayer) grants. It is an absolute disgrace that these fully politicised and often radical (at leadership level) groups are free to advance the agendas of special interest groups at the expense of the wider community majority.

As is the way in these matters, the documents will be quoted with more “official” sounding phrases such as “extensive research has been conducted”, “studies have revealed” or “evidence suggests” etc when in fact they are no more valid as “evidence” than the opinions of several drunks propping up a bar. The people of South Eastern Queensland, and everywhere else for that matter, need to be alerted to the sinister agenda being perpetrated on their unsuspecting communities.

Victor Whitelaw and his colleagues will be doing their part in exposing this plan for what it is, nothing less than genetic terrorism.

Ground Zero Toowoomba

The genetic terrorising of Toowoomba

Old Victor has been keeping a very close watch on developments in the Big T and has grave fears for what is about to happen to the good burghers of that fair city. The international criminal cartel of the Multicultural Industry has very big (and very bad) things planned for the Darling Downs and it is all on track to happen very soon.

There has been for some time now a breathtaking amount of Multiculturalism Industry resources poured into this area (check previous posts for references) with an unholy alliance of Church and State (guided by the embedded Multiculturalism Industry infiltrators within) combining to ruthlessly crush all dissent. Certain well established charities and other non government organisations have also been either infiltrated, taken over or closed down and re-opened “under new management”.

As Queensland’s largest urban zone outside of Brisbane it has been selected as much for its demographics as for its size and its rapid rate of growth and development. It just so happens that Toowoomba is also home to several large fundamentalist and evangelical churches. The hallelujah brothers, the happy clappers, et al are very big in town but the street level intel indicates the vast majority are still right of centre when it comes to politics.

So what does the Multiculturalism Industry do? Well it sends ‘expert advisors’ who, in the main, just happen to be Chosenites, to closed meetings of the various groups’ leaderships to ‘educate’ them on how best to overcome resistance from the rank and file members and facilitate the smooth transition of a large and reasonably prosperous Australian regional area to a Third World dumping ground. In this operation, the Black African so-called ‘refugees’ are utilised as the Multiculturalism Industry's frontline terror troops as brutal primitives are shipped in by the busload.

The church leaderships, traditional and non-conformist alike, doubtless hope to exploit the massive influx of “grateful refugees” in recruiting more “bums on seats” for their flagging congregations. But the great irony is that many of these so-called ‘refugees’ are either Muslim or if they ARE Christian then they are only one tree swing away from Voodoo and some of the most retarded religious and social practices on Earth.

On one level the sheer amount of energy expended and the ferocity of the attack smacks of the Multiculturalism Industry desperation but on another it also illustrates the arrogance, disdain and utter contempt with which they regard the average hard working White Aussie.
No matter how many polls indicate that Multiculturalism is totally despised by the vast majority, no matter how many ethnically based criminal groups victimise White Australians, no matter how much proof of the decline of our living standards and quality of life under the assault of genetic Globalism, the architects of doom simply tighten the screws and grit their teeth as they say “We know what’s best for you. Learn to like it.”

How long before Toowoomba, like Perth before it, becomes home to ethnic street gangs like the ‘African Kings’ who roam the streets with all the swagger and arrogance of an occupying army, bashing, raping, robbing and murdering at will?

Wake up Toowoomba!

Before it’s too late.

(This post is merely an entrée for an in depth article currently being written. Watch this space.)

Silly question really…

Posted on Fight Dem Back Forum by Darp: Thu Apr 06, 2006 10:19 am

Post subject: FDB and influential people

“What am I to believe? Am I a shmuck (Sic) nobody or am I the social climber of the decade?”

Why you’re BOTH Darp!

Rather than being mutually exclusive the two terms are totally compatible and complimentary. Darp is the preeminent “arselicker” and “lickspittle” and you know what they say, don’t you? The scum rises to the top.

With his silly hyphenated name and the cynical appropriation of ruling caste pretensions, he hankers after joining the pseudo-intelligentsia of the Leftist elite. With cries of “Look at me, look at me!” he desperately seeks their approval as if they are any more important than he is. The fact is they too are great pretenders and totally undeserving of their influential positions, an irony that is lost on poor little Darpy boy.
The confused little scrap of genetic junk known as Darp is so desperate to rise above its true station in life it makes Rose Hancock-Porteous-Whatever appear demure, introverted and un-ambitious by comparison.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Usual Suspects?

Taken from the FDB Site:
From the Daily Tele:

Picture of extremes By Joe Hildebrand April 10, 2006

TO authorities he is Andrew Sanders, an alleged neo-Nazi who is charged with possessing an unauthorised pistol in the wake of the Cronulla riots.

But to the art world he is Val Debauchee, an internationally acclaimed artist whose works have been hung around the globe.

Sanders was arrested at Brighton-le-Sands days after the Cronulla riots.

On his alter-ego's website, his biography reads: "Debauchee was well travelled in his youth, having spent many years abroad in Europe, Asia and the Americas he developed with a classical education and a passion for history and the arts."

It was not mentioned he is unemployed and living with his mum Clara in Willmot in outer western Sydney.

Anti-Nazi campaigner Cam Smith, who discovered the website, said Sanders was the most intriguing neo-Nazi he had found.
I don’t know what is more funny. Darp and Co taking this Adam Sanders bloke seriously, psycho-analysing him and doing critiques on his so-called “artwork” or the bloke himself. Honestly, he simply oozes spoilt middle class brat just like Darp and most of HIS crew.

But he does look way more like the Lefty, metrosexual SNAG type that gravitates to FDB than any White Nationalists I have ever met and “Neo-Nazi”? Get your hand off it Darp! The bloke looks like a girl, check out his bottom lip, and his scatological poo paintings (from his “Brown period” no doubt) are simply Homo rubbish.

I am truly hoping his “art site” is just as it looks, a piss-take.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Darp Versus Kromlek

The Big Showdown!

Takin' bets now folks...

...poor little Darpie Boy...

...or Kromlek...

What’s that sound?

You hear that?
That’s the sound of Darp’s arsehole snapping open and shut in abject terror. It seems the big girl’s blouse is so scared of “evil, wicked Neo-Nazis” murdering him his bed he’s jumping at shadows and wetting his bags with fright. Yep folks, there’s no sign whatsoever of those highly polished metallic gonads of self generated legend, so, so sad.

Darp and his mutual masturbation society known as FDB are so utterly bereft of ideas and evidence to defend the indefensible (Multiculturalism) and justify the unjustifiable (their campaign to slander White Nationalists) that they have now been reduced to simply making stuff up. You can literally smell the desperation. Smells like shit to us!

Apparently, according to the grapevine, poor little Darpie boy has been informed by one of his ever vigilant neighbours that a “White Toyota Camry Station Wagon” was observed “out the front of his house” and that the occupant was none other than Kromlek happy snapping photos of his house!

Wow! That’s a real revelation, particularly as Kromlek doesn’t even drive a “White Toyota Camry Station Wagon”. But there IS a theory as to what has actually occurred here. You see Darp has quite obviously scoped out Kromlek’s employer’s offices which are located no more than five minutes drive from his house. Now it just so happens that there IS a “White Toyota Camry Station Wagon” parked out the front in the company’s car park MOST DAYS!

Funny thing is it is sign written in LARGE RED LETTERS with the company name, like ALL the company vehicles, but strangely this was NOT mentioned in the several threatening E-Mails sent to a third party, promising litigation and/or physical reprisals on Kromlek for this apparently perceived transgression of unwritten rules.

So what has happened here? Darpie, who let’s face it is none too bright, has added two and two together and came up with five. Again! After all we’re talking about the same idiot who couldn’t tell a Roo shooter from a Greenie!!! Not to mention the breathtaking hypocrisy of a creature who has stalked, entrapped, deceived, blackmailed, threatened, provoked and photographed White Nationalists for over a year now.

Can you all say “He can dish it out but he can’t take it”?

Or “What a WANKER”?

As with most things in poor little Darpie boy’s confused little universe the “truth” is very rubbery, “facts” are plastic and they can all change literally by the minute. Going by the comments in his stream of E-Mails to this third party, now the car may NOT have been a Camry after all. It may NOT have been out the front of his house. There may NOT have been any photos snapped of his house and so on…oh but it WAS definitely Kromlek! Are you REALLY sure about that Darp? Was the camera REALLY an Olympus or…to paraphrase what the actress once said to the Arch Bishop, “With balls like that I thought you were a CANON!”

And this is a bloke who is studying to be a fuckin’ LAWYER? Give us a break!

Can you all remember how he maintained for over TWELVE MONTHS that Kromlek had issued him with DEATH THREATS? Well that too has now changed to “well you may not have actually said you wanted to KILL me but you DID say you’d like to punch my head in”…

Oh dear!

The funniest thing of all though is Darp’s accusations of Kromlek’s “cowardice” and “Paper Tigerishness” when for over twelve months now he has ignored Kromek’s open and public invitations to “settle the score” at any time and any place. Why this sudden (apparently contrived) change of heart? We here at Whitelaw Towers are convinced this is simply more of the face saving bravado of a pathetic frightened coward caught out and aware that these E-Mails will eventually be made public and he must not be made to look too piss weak.

The Dorothy Dixer

A question from “Spot” on the FDB Forum:

“Darp-You got any ideas as to why some fools insist on saying that you're gay?”

Erm…could it be the incessant scatological gags (pun intended), the genital depilation, the lamentations about the “straightening” of Oxford Street, the entire Homoerotic body worship obsession or how about Darp REALLY fesses up and tells us all about his brief career as a Taxi Driver …

over to YOU Darp…

this’ll be good…