Friday, April 14, 2006

The Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care

Recently in South Eastern Queensland, in an area centering on the large regional city of Toowoomba, a group calling itself the ‘Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care’ has produced and distributed a document entitled “Racist Incident Reporting Form”.

The principal figure behind this latest weapon in the ‘Africanisation’ of South Eastern Queensland is the extreme Left Wing refugee advocate, Multicultural Industry tool and FDB agent Dr. Mark Copland of the so-called ‘Catholic Social Justice Commission’.

It would appear the amount and variety of front organisations for the Multiculturalism Industry is limited only by the imagination of its puppets. Dr. Mark Copland, along with his fellow travelers like Jason Purdie the Editor of the Toowoomba Chronicle, have been given their brief to assist in the Multiculturalism Industry “pilot program” of massive ‘Africanisation’ and are ultilising all their resources to ensure its success.

What is of particular concern about the nature of this latest tactic is that many people, even quite well educated and reasonably intelligent ones, are impressed with and some are actually intimidated by official looking forms and/or the so-called data contained within. Just as many are intimidated by the Law and/or the threat of litigation and will run in fright at the sight of a wig. This is one of the fundamental tactics of FDB and other Multiculturalism Industry groups and is at the core of their success. Bluff, threaten and intimidate.

The facts are that “surveys” like this are NOTHING like official A.B.A. (Australian Bureau of Statistics) and are no better than hearsay. Sadly though, they will be quoted as if they are and, as the law of precedence dictates, they will go down in pseudo official folklore as gospel truth to be wheeled out and quoted at will.

These QUANGO’s (Quasi Autonomous Non Government Organisations) and NGO’s (Non Government Organisations) such as Church based charities, Ethnic or Religious community organisations etc can convey the impression that they are either OF the Government or Government sanctioned and of course it is not in the interests of their agendas to correct people’s misapprehensions.

What IS disturbing and frankly outrageous is that most of these groups receive some sort of assistance from the very same people they are attacking, the average, hard- working Australian Taxpayer, either in the form of Tax Exemption or actual Government (read: Taxpayer) grants. It is an absolute disgrace that these fully politicised and often radical (at leadership level) groups are free to advance the agendas of special interest groups at the expense of the wider community majority.

As is the way in these matters, the documents will be quoted with more “official” sounding phrases such as “extensive research has been conducted”, “studies have revealed” or “evidence suggests” etc when in fact they are no more valid as “evidence” than the opinions of several drunks propping up a bar. The people of South Eastern Queensland, and everywhere else for that matter, need to be alerted to the sinister agenda being perpetrated on their unsuspecting communities.

Victor Whitelaw and his colleagues will be doing their part in exposing this plan for what it is, nothing less than genetic terrorism.


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