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The CFMPC leaflet

What follows is the text from a handout leaflet with commentary by Victor Whitelaw and colleagues.

Racism in

About the Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care

The Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care is an agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane.

It coordinates the work of the Church in responding to the needs of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, overseas students and tourists regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds.

“Responding to needs” or proactively INITIATING trouble that was never really there in the first place? I wonder how many of these “victims” even HAD any “needs” or “problems” regarding “discrimination” and “racism” before “do-gooders” like this TOLD them they were disadvantaged.

Much of this is more about the desperation of the churches today to justify and validate their very existence and to fill the empty pews, putting bums on seats. As an increasingly educated and sophisticated White population leave the churches in droves, they seek to replace them with not so bright, but ever so grateful, Third World people, mostly Negroids from Africa.

There is also another, far more sinister, factor at work within programs such as this that should not be underestimated, that of an exploitative and predatory sexual relationship between certain Church leaders and their new congregations.

It goes without saying that the Churches, particularly the Catholic Church, are no strangers to the sexual misbehaviour of their leadership. Many of the senior movers and shakers within these Church based “charities” and organisations have spent lengthy periods of time overseas in “missionary” work where they naturally, due to the dazzle factor of “White Man’s Magic”, acquire a taste for lording it over the often awestruck, grateful and primitive natives.

For many, particularly the more manipulative Males who were powerless, nerdish misfits in their own society, there develops a paternalistic attitude, along with the natural sexual frustration of being away from their own society and people for so long. This ultimately manifests as a perverse sexual relationship with the child-like natives and, once back home, they cannot wait to further indulge their fantasies of interracial sex. Hence the frantic desire to ship in boatloads of the ‘dark meat’ to which they have become addicted.

It is a win-win situation for them. They get to earn brownie points and tickets to Heaven on the one hand for their “good works” and to also, on the other, selfishly indulge their base, carnal desires.

Also, there are already MANY Government (read: Taxpayer funded) “programs” and “mechanisms” for non White Immigrants and “Refugees” to whine to and opportunities to bite the hand that feeds them by criticising the very people that have given them shelter.

And that last point should NEVER be forgotten. The Australian Government is the REPRESENTATIVE of the Australian People, FUNDED by their hard earned Tax Dollars and is entrusted to do what is in the best interests of the Australian People. Unfortunately it does not run the Australian Nation alone. It is indebted to the various ethnically based lobby groups that helped fund its political campaigns, bully and manipulate it and, as the story goes, the piper must be paid.

When the forces of Global Capital, the United Nations, the special interest groups and their lackeys within the Australian Government manipulate social planning, policy and legislation to initiate programs that disadvantage the Australian People, they are, in effect, committing TREASON upon the Australian People by selling out their sovereign rights to determine their own future.

Remember. No Australian EVER voted any Government in for the purpose of DESTROYING their Nation. We repeat, Australian Governments are voted in to manage affairs IN THE BEST INTERESTS of the Australian People.

The activities of the centre are grounded in the belief that all Humans have the right to live in peace and harmony and should be treated with respect and dignity.

This is a “Motherhood Statement” that, taken as written, is essentially meaningless but we all know which “Humans” are left out of the equation.

The Centre therefore seeks to promote interaction and understanding of Australia’s cultural diversity among all people.

The Centre seeks to promote its own interests to ensure continued cash flow from the public purse and to further brainwash the broader population with the concept of inherent (and indelible) White Guilt.

The Centre aims to challenge the Church and society to be true to their cultural diversity.

This statement is ABSOLUTELY meaningless and nonsensical. We challenge THEM to explain what this actually means.

It is also open to being challenged by society and works collaboratively with government departments, non-government agencies and church organisations.

The truest statement so far. Of COURSE it is open to challenge from society and that is precisely what is happening as we write these comments. Any suggestion to the contrary would be insulting and preposterous. However, it is also a given fact that any “challenge” would not only fall on deaf ears but that any truly EFFECTIVE challenge will land the challenger in court with the HREOC or any number of other groups.

So, in this respect, the statement should be read as a form of ENTRAPMENT to lure Anti-Multiculturalism Industry dissidents out into the open where they can be identified, observed, smeared and vilified as “hateful” and “racist”, put under surveillance by the security agencies and ultimately prosecuted.

But then there is the open admission that they COLLABORATE with many other groups, but of course this is not a CONSPIRACY, is it? Only lunatics and nuts talk about conspiracy, don’t they? Except, of course, when it actually APPLIES to these so-called “lunatics” and “nuts” who can find themselves in trouble with the Government for “conspiring” against the corrupt system, funny that isn’t it?

For more information please contact

Katherine Moriarty
Project Officer
Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care
P.O. Box 112
333 Given Terrace
Paddington QLD 4054

What is Racism?

Racism is a form of discrimination that occurs when a person or a group of people are treated less favourably because of the colour of their skin or their perceived membership of a particular ethnic, cultural or religious group.

“Racism” is also a totally bogus term, a made up fake word bestowed with negative connotations, to replace the former and more accurate term, Racialist which was a positive term meant to describe a person who simply recognised the differences between the various Human Races and took pride in its survival and preservation as a distinct independent entity. THIS is a true and fundamental “Human Right” if ever there was one.

The derogatory term was created sometime during the Sixties and came into common usage by elitist, special interest groups such as the Jewish (so-called) Anti Defamation League or ADL, the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People or NAACP, the militant and extremely violent Jewish Defence League or JDL and many other fringe groups.

The secret of the success of these groups, and their insinuation into pseudo-respectability, though was money and lots of it, primarily shovelled in from the Jewish Community and the pro-bono work of prominent Jewish Lawyers. None of these claims are open to debate and the stories of these groups and their influence on the so-called Peace Movement of the Sixties and the development of the United Nations is a simple matter of historical fact.

The United Nations’ International Convention on the elimination of all forms of Racial discrimination (1965) defines Racial Discrimination as:

“Any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or affect (Sic) of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.”

These people either cannot even correctly quote the United Nations or the act was written by a moron. Both are possible.

Racism may be expressed by an individual, by a group of people or by institutional structures and processes.

It may intentionally single out an individual or group for unfavourable treatment or it may unintentionally disadvantage them in a particular context.

About The Confronting Racism in Communities Project

The Confronting Racism in Communities Project aims to address the variety of racisms (Is this even a real word?) experienced by culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Queensland.

The project is managed by the Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care working in partnership with other Multicultural, mainstream and government agencies.

Funded by the Queensland Government, the three year pilot project aims to:

Work with communities to document the nature and extent of racism in Queensland and provide regular reporting on incidents across the state.

With what elements and/or at what level of the communities will this “work” take place? Will it simply be the usual suspects of local busy-bodies, do-gooders and extreme Left Wing political activists advancing their own agendas who get to put in their two bob’s worth?

Provide support, training and resources to ethnic communities in order to combat racism.

One can only wonder at the nature of the so-called “training” and what form the “resources” might take. Are the trainers accredited? Considering the “Government funding”, these “resources” are Taxpayer donations to a program virtually nobody wanted or needed. Will these “resources” take the form of Taxpayer funded CASH MONEY and other handouts?

Who will POLICE this program? Who are the scrutineers to ensure these public funds are utilised fairly and efficiently? What checks and balances have been built in to the scheme to ensure the filtering out of vexatious complaints?

Will there be full and open disclosure of all procedures and publicly available annual or quarterly reports provided for inspection? Victor urges all concerned Queenslanders to approach their local politicians and/or the relevant Government Department for a “please explain” on this one.

Work with mainstream agencies – such as welfare organisations, banks, supermarket chains, hospitals, churches – in order to increase awareness of racism.

In other words to sustain the witch hunt hysteria and paranoia already inculcated in the minds of the masses by the Controlled Media at fever pitch to ensure that the program’s “success” is a self-fulfilling prophesy. After all, what better way to guarantee the funding of further schemes?

This exposes and implicates the Media, such as The Toowoomba Chronicle, and their crucial part in the preparation of the socio-political environment in the Darling Downs Region of Queensland. Every stage in this process, however seemingly innocuous and subtle, has been quite deliberate and worked step by step inexorably toward the ultimate goal.

The average punter, inexperienced in the deceptive modus operandi of these creatures, has been unable to see what was developing as the thin end of the wedge was firmly inserted and sadly only in hindsight will be able to look back in a year or two and see how they came to be in their current state of social strife.

Develop training materials that target people who have experienced racism, people who have been responsible for racism and people who work with both groups.

Again we ask what is the nature of such “training materials”, who authorised them, who manufactured them, who requested them, and who do they ultimately benefit? Quo Bono?

Work closely with the Anti Discrimination Commission Queensland, where relevant, and support communities to utilise existing complaints mechanisms.

It seems obvious to us that, within the context of the preceding statement, the term “communities” actually refers to so-called “minority” or special interest groups rather than broader population groups such as the “General Community”. In this respect the real divisive and discriminatory intent of the entire program is made abundantly clear.

Work with appropriate agencies – such as the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, the Anti Discrimination Commission Queensland, the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs and Multicultural Affairs Queensland – to inform policy and program development on issues of racism.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the TRUE purpose in a nutshell. To manipulate legislation to advance the agenda of the Multiculturalism Industry and the vested interests of its advocates to transform their needs and desires into L.A.W. …LAW!

Programs such as this are NEVER, as their STATED intended purpose claims, to “research” or “analyse” or “examine” or “study” etc. This is no “experiment”. There is a clear intent from the very beginning to make it appear to the myopic, and quite frankly largely bovine and disinterested, masses that all the necessary steps have been followed and it’s all for their own good after all. But the entire process, like ALL these type of enterprises, is totally cynical and utterly contemptuous of the views and needs of the ordinary, White, Working Class people.

It is all about PERCEPTION and the illusion of DUE PROCESS. All things in Law, Politics and Social Policy must at least have the APPEARANCE of having been conducted in a fit and proper manner. And this program is simply another lamination in the thin veneer of respectability and official appearance in which these diabolical schemes are wrapped.

The die is already cast. The star chamber of the Cryptocracy, the ruling elite, has already decreed it must be so. All that needs to be done now is to go through the motions, publish the findings (a foregone conclusion) and use these findings, along with other falsified evidence, to formulate even more draconian Anti-White legislation designed to crush dissent and punish the victims of Multiculturalism.


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