Saturday, April 22, 2006

Darp the Great Pretender

Well the "Kram.B" saga reached its logical conclusion with Mark Whateverhisnameis calling on Darp to put up or shut up and proving what a gutless swine Darp is when the twerp backed down.
When it comes to “goin’ the knuckle” it would appear that Darp is a lot like that other mulatto we all love to hate. Lots of mouthing off but, like Mundine, he is only interested in taking on easy-beats and has-beens. Oh, and little kids too!

“I could’ve been a contender!” he whines while making excuses about body fat indexes, interrupted training schedules and he’s oh so tired, oh but he’s certainly NOT fat! No Siree Bob! Definitely…well…erm…maybe…

The spoilt thirty year old brat still lives at home with his Mum (when he’s not bunkering down at Uncle Mikey’s place behind the blast proof laminated windows) has no kids, no real job. I can’t IMAGINE this idiot cooking and cleaning either. In short, NO responsibilities like the real people and he reckons he can’t maintain himself at peak match fitness.

Well perhaps he shouldn’t be antagonizing and provoking people and talking tough if he isn’t willing to back it up with his fists. Darp, you can only ever be a contender if you actually take on someone in a fair sporting contest, up front like a real Man, instead of sneaking about like a little schoolgirl dobbing people in to all and sundry and shrieking legalese bluff every time anyone lays a glove on you.

But what old Victor finds MOST amusing is that until VERY recently FDB was convinced that "Kram.B." was another of Kromlek's several identities. Apparently, according to FDB folklore, he has an endless amount of aliases. His denials of ever having been a Stormfront member were met with typical derision from several FDB'ers who also accused him of posting many of the anonymous comments on Ben Weeheym's Blog, which he had nothing to do with.

But don't be holding your breath for any apologies or retractions folks...


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