Friday, April 28, 2006

Darp’s premature Alzheimer’s Disease?

Darp’s dodgy memory appears to be contagious. It’s now even affecting his oily little acolytes.

From a recent thread on the FDB Forum:

Darp Hau

“They don't let me debate on SF ..come over here buddy or email me and you can reprint the emails on SF.”


“They always conveniently "forget" that fact, don't they?”


“Darp "forgets" the fact that they havent (Sic) got the mental capacity to have a proper debate where people can understand WTF there (Sic) going on about.”
Well at least 'Adam214' has managed to muster the mental capacity to string a sentence together with only two spelling errors. Well done!

Darp obviously needs to bring some of his newer minions up to speed with his policy concerning debate with White Nationalists. He has consistently and stubbornly refused to openly and publicly debate several Nationalists. He flatly refused for example to meet and debate with Jim Saleam in a public place.

His piss weak excuse is that to debate Nationalists would amount to some degree of validation for their political position. This confirms two things for certain, Darp’s intellectual as well as moral bankruptcy and his ideological flaccidity. To use the vernacular, he’s got NOTHING!


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