Sunday, April 30, 2006

Don’t mention the WAR!

With the recent passing of another Anzac Day old Victor mused upon how much the attitudes to this day have changed over the years. From the grim solemnity and sorrow at the passing of warriors and heroes to the disrespect and ridicule of the Sixties and Seventies so-called “Anti-War” generation to the sheer hatred and vilification of returned servicemen during the Eighties to its current status as the ultimate expression of Australian Patriotism.

Visiting Gallipoli now is seen as any trendy, drug addled youth’s “rite of passage” as much as going to Bali and traveling the ‘Hippy Trail’ through Asia was back in the Sixties and Seventies. Sadly, with its newfound respect has come a “marketability” and commercialisation that threatens to obscure its original spirit. But even worse than this is the distorting of its significance and meaning, its hijacking by the forces of the extreme Left Wing and their hammering it into their own twisted Internationalist Multicultural ideology.

Old Victor totally refutes their claims that the Diggers of WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam etc in any way whatsoever fought for the establishment of the Multicultural nightmare Australia has become. On the contrary, he believes the vast majority of Australian servicemen were Patriots who firmly believed in the ideals of Australian Sovereignty and autonomy (while accommodating a commitment to the British Commonwealth) and rejected any notion of the One World Government of international criminal organisations like the so-called United Nations.

The systematic erosion of the Racial and Social integrity of the traditional White European Australia would have been anathema to them and any suggestion to the contrary is both ignorant and a deliberate intent to deceive the current generation with outright lies. Let’s get this one thing straight. The Diggers fought for the freedom to maintain the social values of a White Australia with its distinct White European Racial qualities. NOT for Racial Socio-Economic Globalisation and its genetic blending and leveling into a Third World morass of miscegenation.

Almost without exception the Australian troops who landed on the shores of Gallipoli were of White European stock with almost half of them being either British born or having parents and/or grandparents who were. The connection to the old British Empire was very real and their loyalty was genuine.

To suggest that these brave White Men kissed their loved ones goodbye, picked up their guns and fought a War to ensure a future where their descendents would be vilified in their own land and despised as the poor White trash of Asia is an insult to their memory and our intelligence.

Among the many inconvenient facts that Darp and his FDB swill avoid in their propaganda is their direct links with extremist, militant and criminal organisations such as the Anarchists and their fellow travelers.

Does anyone recall the dark days of the Eighties prior to Anzac Day’s “rehabilitation” and its current bandwagon status among the socio-political trendies? Well old Victor can and he also remembers an Anarchic organisation calling itself “WAR” and the daubing of Cenotaphs all over Australia with puerile slogans usually in red paint or animal blood.

Apparently it stood for ‘Women Against Rape’ and their claimed purpose in being was to ‘protest’ against the rape of Women during wartime. A Motherhood statement if ever there was one. For some bizarre reason known only to them, they chose to unleash their fury primarily on the Australian RSL and its returned servicemen!

It comprised mostly, as the press photos and news footage revealed, of fat, ugly Lesbians with short spiky hair dressed in black overalls wailing like banshees. These were the ‘younger sisters’ of the same heartless bitches who threw garbage in the faces of our returning Vietnam veterans and hysterically shrieked slogans such as “Baby Killers!” and “Murderers”. Disrupting Dawn Services and supposedly “protesting” against War, as if anyone in the RSL in their right mind actually promoted it.

Why does Victor suggest a link between this disgusting behaviour and its perpetrators? Quite easy really. Darp and Weezil and company are deeply involved in the Greens Party and the Greens has long been a refuge for old poofters and lesbians and anti establishment types with chips on their shoulders. Many of these old ‘WAR horses’ are almost certainly involved with the Greens and other extreme Left Wing hate groups.

One of Darp’s “closest friends”, Will Saunders along with his “partner” David Burgess was responsible for painting (in RED paint) the slogan “No War” on the Sydney Opera House. This pattern of behaviour is endemic to the type of people who comprise FDB and is merely a continuance of a ‘time honoured tradition’ among Left Wing Extremists such as their forebears and political mentors, WAR, The Communist Party, the Anarchist Punk Movement etc etc.

Also remember Darp’s fierce loyalty and constant crowing about his connections with the Left Wing Trade Union Movement.The Trade Union Movement has a long and shameful history of disruption, even during wartime, to aid in the advance of International Socialism (read: Communism) and to “punish the Capitalists” and “make the rich pay” etc. Ironically, it is only ever the lower socio-economic classes of the working poor and the disadvantaged who really suffer from their destructive and hateful actions. The truly rich and powerful are fully insulated from hardship by their wealth and influence.

Among the most shameful incidents was the Dockers’ refusal to unload the ships of returning servicemen during World War Two. This led to fierce physical confrontations, and almost deaths, as Diggers unloaded the ships themselves!

So next time Darp starts on his poorly informed and un-researched Historical Revisionism, trying to appropriate the Eureka and Anzac spirits for his own political ends we should remember what the famous lexicographer and inspired wit Dr. Samuel Johnson said; “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”

But hateful, antisocial entities like Darp and his crew have always been there white-anting the security and moral integrity of Western Nations doing their utmost to disrupt and undermine. Victor recognizes no fundamental distinction between FDB and all these other destructive groups. None whatsoever. The only feature that has changed over the past several decades is the refinement of their networking through the utilisation of information technology and the exponential growth of their numbers, particularly in the fields of Education and the Law, since the Seventies.

On 23rd September 1999 in the NSW Legislative Council, Charlie Lynn was discussing yet another wave of graffiti attacks on War Memorials and recalling an earlier incident he witnessed during the Eighties:

“The Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park was completed in 1934. War memorials are probably more significant to Australians than to many other nations because of our historical involvement in theatres of war. The graves of our dead are located in foreign lands, and these are symbolised by the erection of war memorials. The word "cenotaph", meaning "empty tomb", was often used to describe these memorials. Our war memorials stand in place of our distant graves, and Anzac Day ceremonies around them each year provide a surrogate funeral. They are our sacred sites.

These memorials have been treated with great reverence since they were erected because of the powerful symbolism that they evoke. I recall the first instance of desecration of our Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park. It was Anzac Day in 1981 when a mob of left-wing feminists from the hairy-armpit brigade gathered under the label "Women Against Rape" and mocked our old veterans by jumping into the Pool of Remembrance and carrying on with other publicity-seeking shenanigans.”
And the peanut brained Lee Rhiannon’s reply?

“I understand that it is difficult for some members in this place to accept that graffiti is art, but it is the artistic expression of many young people. If we continue to deny that, we will continue to see graffiti on the war memorials of this country. All people, wherever their artistic pleasures lie, have a right to express and enjoy their art. Clearly, graffiti and tags are legitimate forms of art; they are not vandalism.”

Extreme Left Wing Politicians like Rhiannon are regarded as “trailblazers” and “heroes” by Darp and his FDB’ers. This should never be forgotten and needs to be constantly highlighted, along with his connections with the Anarchists and Punks, so that anyone foolish enough to listen to and be sucked in by his claptrap is properly informed as to what they are considering supporting.


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