Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The FDB brains trust strikes again...

Oh, this is PRICELESS! The FDB morons can barely muster a functioning brain cell between them. And it would appear that the parasitic sponger and Elmer Fudd look-alike ‘Weezil’ (can’t you just feel this 'horizontal champ' enriching this nation?) knows as much about motorcycles as Darp does about honesty and truth.

It would appear he believes the bike in Kromlek’s photo (Yep! Sorry Darpy ol’ chap, but it IS him in the picture. We can however understand you really wishing it WASN’T) is a “bitsa”. Old Victor’s not even going to help him here with identifying the particular year and model DUCATI (a REAL bike in a sea of shit) and it is certainly no "POS" or Piece Of Shit!!! Particularly in comparison to Weezil’s current transport! Can everyone say SAD, SAD SHITBOX?

And Kawasaki gas tank? WTF? Ha! Ha! Ha! Nope, wrong again, that’s a post prang, freshly repaired, genuine Bologna built Ducati fuel tank ready for the correct paint job and transfers. No "Jap Crap" on this machine, except perhaps the battery...
Next time FDB feel the urge to try their hand at intimidating White Nationalists with their awesome intellect, cutting satire and rapier-like wit (snigger) old Victor suggests they...erm...well... just don't. They just keep looking more and more docile and retarded with every 'attack'.
Don't give up your daytime jobs now girls. Erm...that is those few that actually do HAVE one.
Ha! Ha! Ha!


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