Saturday, April 22, 2006

Funeral coffee for two

The following comments from the Fight Dem back Forum are quite revealing of the ruthless and spiteful nature of its membership. These are morally diseased creatures. The first poster’s online name says it all, ‘misanthrope’ (Man or people hater). What sort of person would call themselves that, particularly as a member of a group declaring itself to be all about tolerance, inclusiveness and Humanitarianism? Like everything else about FDB it simply doesn’t ring true.

From the Fight Dem Back Forum:

That's it, everyone out of the genepool! *angry*


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Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 2:48 pm

Post subject: That's it, everyone out of the genepool! *angry*

“Bloody hell, people fucking SUCK. Firstly, my father died of a sudden heart attack on the 7th. As he and his side of the family were Anglican, the funeral was held in his church. Anyway, I heard two old hags bitching about my mother after the funeral today. They obviously didn't realise I was nearby. I quote: "Good thing she wasn't in charge of the funeral, the Jews are too stingy. He'd have been dumped in a ditch!" - followed by snickering.

Stupid old bitches. Anyway, I sauntered over (after recovering from the shock and outraged initial urge to rip their throats out) and offered to fetch them coffee, which to their mistake, they accepted. I wandered off to get it from the kitched (Sic) - and spat generously in the stuff before returning with it.

Seriously though, what mean anti-Semetic (Sic) heartless whores! I hope they get hit by a truck. Ugh. I've never been so angry like that in my life.”

Darp Hau


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“My sympathies miss. It's tough losing someone who raised you and even tougher putting up with cats-bum mouthed old twits speaking their minds at the funeral and turning it into a bitch session.

I have a heartwarming story to counter know, to remove nasty unwanted thoughts of ratty old battleaxes spewing out anti-Semitic crap.

My friend's grandfather is verging on 90something. He has lived for the last 60 years next door to a fairly well known Jewish school in East Sydney. This old bloke is Catholic to the bone (though he hates Tony Abbott) and having lived in one of the few non-Jewish households in his street one would think he wouldn't mind the odd bitch about his neighbours etc. But no, thing is he's been around Jews for so long that he doesn't even do a double-take and differentiate between them and himself. They're are (Sic) not an "other" to him.”

Intolerance of intolerance is the only intolerance tolerated.

Well you sure showed a whole bunch of THAT commodity Darpy boy AND rounded it off with yet another totally irrelevant, meaningless and underwhelming anecdote. Splendid work…

Then the resident little crippled boy, FDB’s very own Tiny Tim, a creature we’re all supposed to pity, struggles to his Chimp like feet and chimes in with THIS heartfelt attempt at reconciliation and understanding…


political tar baby

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Posts: 825 Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 9:10 pm Post subject: Re: That's it, everyone out of the genepool! *angry*

“Spitting in their coffee was far, FAR too good for them, mis. Should have warmed it up in the microwave to just below the melting point of steel- and poured it on their heads.”

God bless us one and all, eh?

SCALD the bitches, eh Weezil? Give ‘em third degree burns! Mmm, mmm… Is there no one safe from the hatred of the FDB’ers? Deliver us oh Lord from the wrath of the wicked Weezil… terror of the grannies…tormenter of the teenagers…


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“You'd think that people would keep their dipshit opinions to themselves at a funeral.. I mean someone has just died... I'm sorry to hear that mis... By the way you did very well to control yourself... I would have found it hard not to spit in their faces rather than just their coffee cups.”

Yep, that’s real classy stuff that. Spit in the faces of a pair of old dears at a funeral…

Then there’s the intellectually challenged ‘Adam214’ who can barely make him/her/it’s self understood…


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“Sorry to hear about that. Fuckingbitches (Sic) i agree you show a great deal of control, personally i would of (Sic) piss (Sic) in the coffee, but i guess you dont (Sic) have that privelige (Sic) dont (Sic) worry it would of just tasted like sweetner (Sic).”

You can sort of feel the warm Humanitarian glow of Multicultural inclusiveness and tolerance simply radiating out of this bunch of retarded misfits can’t you?

HYPOCRISY barely covers it.


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