Friday, April 14, 2006

Ground Zero Toowoomba

The genetic terrorising of Toowoomba

Old Victor has been keeping a very close watch on developments in the Big T and has grave fears for what is about to happen to the good burghers of that fair city. The international criminal cartel of the Multicultural Industry has very big (and very bad) things planned for the Darling Downs and it is all on track to happen very soon.

There has been for some time now a breathtaking amount of Multiculturalism Industry resources poured into this area (check previous posts for references) with an unholy alliance of Church and State (guided by the embedded Multiculturalism Industry infiltrators within) combining to ruthlessly crush all dissent. Certain well established charities and other non government organisations have also been either infiltrated, taken over or closed down and re-opened “under new management”.

As Queensland’s largest urban zone outside of Brisbane it has been selected as much for its demographics as for its size and its rapid rate of growth and development. It just so happens that Toowoomba is also home to several large fundamentalist and evangelical churches. The hallelujah brothers, the happy clappers, et al are very big in town but the street level intel indicates the vast majority are still right of centre when it comes to politics.

So what does the Multiculturalism Industry do? Well it sends ‘expert advisors’ who, in the main, just happen to be Chosenites, to closed meetings of the various groups’ leaderships to ‘educate’ them on how best to overcome resistance from the rank and file members and facilitate the smooth transition of a large and reasonably prosperous Australian regional area to a Third World dumping ground. In this operation, the Black African so-called ‘refugees’ are utilised as the Multiculturalism Industry's frontline terror troops as brutal primitives are shipped in by the busload.

The church leaderships, traditional and non-conformist alike, doubtless hope to exploit the massive influx of “grateful refugees” in recruiting more “bums on seats” for their flagging congregations. But the great irony is that many of these so-called ‘refugees’ are either Muslim or if they ARE Christian then they are only one tree swing away from Voodoo and some of the most retarded religious and social practices on Earth.

On one level the sheer amount of energy expended and the ferocity of the attack smacks of the Multiculturalism Industry desperation but on another it also illustrates the arrogance, disdain and utter contempt with which they regard the average hard working White Aussie.
No matter how many polls indicate that Multiculturalism is totally despised by the vast majority, no matter how many ethnically based criminal groups victimise White Australians, no matter how much proof of the decline of our living standards and quality of life under the assault of genetic Globalism, the architects of doom simply tighten the screws and grit their teeth as they say “We know what’s best for you. Learn to like it.”

How long before Toowoomba, like Perth before it, becomes home to ethnic street gangs like the ‘African Kings’ who roam the streets with all the swagger and arrogance of an occupying army, bashing, raping, robbing and murdering at will?

Wake up Toowoomba!

Before it’s too late.

(This post is merely an entrée for an in depth article currently being written. Watch this space.)


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