Thursday, April 20, 2006

The O’Neill Affair Revisited

Here Victor has added some updated material to this existing article. Darp and his co-conspirators can be assured this matter has NOT been forgotten.

According to Kromlek, at the beginning of his last phone conversation with Ms. Marnie O’Neill she accused him in a most aggressive and hysterical manner of attacking a “highly respected Academic” and posting his personal details on the Internet, details which came from his OWN online Curriculum Vitae incidentally. The “highly respected academic” is Dr. John Casey.

So what is the connection here? Why did she seem do personally offended? Well Ms. O’Neill is, according to her title at the top of her stories in The Sunday Telegraph, a “Police Reporter”, while Dr. John Casey is employed by the New South Wales Police Department as a consultant on “cultural sensitivity” and “racial harmony” etc. Get the picture? There is every possibility that these two actually know each other professionally or maybe even personally.

This might account for the ‘raw nerve’ reaction of Ms. O’Neill and the ferocity of her threatening phone call to Kromlek. She then subsequently implicates herself further in the Darpist conspiracy web and digs herself a very large hole by supplying copies of two previously unpublished E-Mails from Kromlek for Darp to post up on his FDB Forum.

Will this reckless act prove to be a form of professional suicide? Surely this sort of blatantly unethical behaviour cannot be tolerated by her employers. A “Journalist” bound by strict codes of conduct and ethics supplying a partisan third party with personal E-Mails from an interviewee evokes terms such as “conflict of interests” and “professional misconduct”.

Let old Victor spell it out more carefully for the slow and dull witted:

Whereas Kromlek, being the intended receiver of the O’Neill E-Mails, was fully entitled to publish them if he so wished, O’Neill had no right to supply them to Darp and he in turn had no right whatsoever to publish them on the Internet without Kromlek’s permission.

Kromlek feels fully vindicated on this matter and thinks it all rather ironic considering Ms. O’Neills shrill protestations to him that “there is no conspiracy between the Darpists and the Media”. He also smiles wryly to himself as he recalls cautioning her, during their first conversation, about involving herself too closely with Darp. It would appear she has already been fairly “dumped right in it” by her new “friend”. With “friends” like Darp who needs enemies? We have certainly not heard the last of this matter. Watch this space!

Then Darp, ignoring the fact that he’s already in a hole, keeps digging.

Here, in this extract from yet another E-Mail to a third party intermediary, Darp foolishly and openly threatens even further intimidation for Kromlek from the agents of the Controlled Media:

“All those journalists who Pete pissed off in the wake of Cronulla will LOVE this IF we choose to flick it onto them. Him pissing them off even further on he and Perren's blog isn't exactly a wise move either. The boy sure does know how to make himself newsworthy by picking the wrong battles.”

It would appear, at least according to Darp, that one has no rights whatsoever to criticise the Controlled Media for their shameful Anti-White bias regarding the events surrounding the Cronulla Protests and the vicious and cowardly Islamist retaliatory attacks. Apparently, any such criticism will bring down the Controlled Media’s wrath in the form of “fame” inducing harassment.

If this is not a clear case of blackmail, with Darp admitting his collusion with the Controlled Media and openly threatening to use it as a weapon if Kromlek does not “back off” then I don’t know what is. For one who is studying to be a Lawyer and who constantly claims the high moral ground Darp certainly plays fast and loose with legal matters.


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