Monday, April 10, 2006

The Usual Suspects?

Taken from the FDB Site:
From the Daily Tele:

Picture of extremes By Joe Hildebrand April 10, 2006

TO authorities he is Andrew Sanders, an alleged neo-Nazi who is charged with possessing an unauthorised pistol in the wake of the Cronulla riots.

But to the art world he is Val Debauchee, an internationally acclaimed artist whose works have been hung around the globe.

Sanders was arrested at Brighton-le-Sands days after the Cronulla riots.

On his alter-ego's website, his biography reads: "Debauchee was well travelled in his youth, having spent many years abroad in Europe, Asia and the Americas he developed with a classical education and a passion for history and the arts."

It was not mentioned he is unemployed and living with his mum Clara in Willmot in outer western Sydney.

Anti-Nazi campaigner Cam Smith, who discovered the website, said Sanders was the most intriguing neo-Nazi he had found.
I don’t know what is more funny. Darp and Co taking this Adam Sanders bloke seriously, psycho-analysing him and doing critiques on his so-called “artwork” or the bloke himself. Honestly, he simply oozes spoilt middle class brat just like Darp and most of HIS crew.

But he does look way more like the Lefty, metrosexual SNAG type that gravitates to FDB than any White Nationalists I have ever met and “Neo-Nazi”? Get your hand off it Darp! The bloke looks like a girl, check out his bottom lip, and his scatological poo paintings (from his “Brown period” no doubt) are simply Homo rubbish.

I am truly hoping his “art site” is just as it looks, a piss-take.


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