Friday, April 07, 2006

What’s that sound?

You hear that?
That’s the sound of Darp’s arsehole snapping open and shut in abject terror. It seems the big girl’s blouse is so scared of “evil, wicked Neo-Nazis” murdering him his bed he’s jumping at shadows and wetting his bags with fright. Yep folks, there’s no sign whatsoever of those highly polished metallic gonads of self generated legend, so, so sad.

Darp and his mutual masturbation society known as FDB are so utterly bereft of ideas and evidence to defend the indefensible (Multiculturalism) and justify the unjustifiable (their campaign to slander White Nationalists) that they have now been reduced to simply making stuff up. You can literally smell the desperation. Smells like shit to us!

Apparently, according to the grapevine, poor little Darpie boy has been informed by one of his ever vigilant neighbours that a “White Toyota Camry Station Wagon” was observed “out the front of his house” and that the occupant was none other than Kromlek happy snapping photos of his house!

Wow! That’s a real revelation, particularly as Kromlek doesn’t even drive a “White Toyota Camry Station Wagon”. But there IS a theory as to what has actually occurred here. You see Darp has quite obviously scoped out Kromlek’s employer’s offices which are located no more than five minutes drive from his house. Now it just so happens that there IS a “White Toyota Camry Station Wagon” parked out the front in the company’s car park MOST DAYS!

Funny thing is it is sign written in LARGE RED LETTERS with the company name, like ALL the company vehicles, but strangely this was NOT mentioned in the several threatening E-Mails sent to a third party, promising litigation and/or physical reprisals on Kromlek for this apparently perceived transgression of unwritten rules.

So what has happened here? Darpie, who let’s face it is none too bright, has added two and two together and came up with five. Again! After all we’re talking about the same idiot who couldn’t tell a Roo shooter from a Greenie!!! Not to mention the breathtaking hypocrisy of a creature who has stalked, entrapped, deceived, blackmailed, threatened, provoked and photographed White Nationalists for over a year now.

Can you all say “He can dish it out but he can’t take it”?

Or “What a WANKER”?

As with most things in poor little Darpie boy’s confused little universe the “truth” is very rubbery, “facts” are plastic and they can all change literally by the minute. Going by the comments in his stream of E-Mails to this third party, now the car may NOT have been a Camry after all. It may NOT have been out the front of his house. There may NOT have been any photos snapped of his house and so on…oh but it WAS definitely Kromlek! Are you REALLY sure about that Darp? Was the camera REALLY an Olympus or…to paraphrase what the actress once said to the Arch Bishop, “With balls like that I thought you were a CANON!”

And this is a bloke who is studying to be a fuckin’ LAWYER? Give us a break!

Can you all remember how he maintained for over TWELVE MONTHS that Kromlek had issued him with DEATH THREATS? Well that too has now changed to “well you may not have actually said you wanted to KILL me but you DID say you’d like to punch my head in”…

Oh dear!

The funniest thing of all though is Darp’s accusations of Kromlek’s “cowardice” and “Paper Tigerishness” when for over twelve months now he has ignored Kromek’s open and public invitations to “settle the score” at any time and any place. Why this sudden (apparently contrived) change of heart? We here at Whitelaw Towers are convinced this is simply more of the face saving bravado of a pathetic frightened coward caught out and aware that these E-Mails will eventually be made public and he must not be made to look too piss weak.


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