Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Damage Control, FDB style.

In a thoroughly desperate effort to draw attention away from Darp’s latest howler (read: incitement to murder) the FDB crew, rather than even attempt to defend the indefensible, and in typical Leftist fashion have ignored the actual issue and instead have scraped together a few quotes from Kromlek’s ancient archives. This is a sadly pathetic effort, even by their lowly standards.

Again, and it simply cannot be overstressed, there is NO comparison whatsoever between totally out of context passages from a fictional dark Gothic piece (read: the quote about Khazars) and Darp’s autobiographical diary entries on HIS Blog regarding his illicit drug use, physical abuse of children, violent criminal fantasies (read: the entries on John Howard and Alexander Downer), sexual perversion and bizarre grooming (read: genital depilation) habits.

Darp Hau

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Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 3:23 am Post subject:

I think that's half his problem (Kromlek). He lives in this bubble where he thinks he can spout dodgy rhetoric and then comes over all shocked and indignant when he's looking down the barrel at real life ramifications for his calling on all Jews to be exterminated etc.

Oh, this is a new one. Where is the quote for this claim.

It certainly aint (Sic) all rhetoric with him, he whines on about being allowed to "air his views" but the manner in which he chooses to do this has invariably taken a nasty turn into real space. HE IS the guy who brags about "going out and causing shit for the kikes and lefties",

“causing shit” could mean ANYTHING Darp. Letter writing for instance? It is only in YOUR tiny mind and within the context of your fabricated version of “reality” that you deliberately misrepresent the statement and infer this is a metaphor for actual physical violence or vandalism.

he is the guy who stickered my street, my neighbours (Sic) letterbox with the followingb (Sic) image:

This is another OUTRIGHT LIE. Kromlek has NEVER set foot on Darp’s street. EVER!

...and as it has been consistently stated, he is the person who started EVERYTHING with his nice little threatening letter:

ANOTHER LIE. As Kromlek has stated over and over in the past the letter in question was IN RESPONSE to Darp’s stalking and physical harassment of minors so IN FACT it was Darp’s actions which initiated “EVERYTHING”.

HE ALSO openly posted up crap on the WPCA bragging about rounding up a posse to come do me over.


So fuck him ...I've got a long memory. He's been offered numerous chances to gobble down his humble pie and get on with his life AWAY from the world of race-hate politics but sadly (for him), he never seems to learn.


Calming down. These recent posts DO come within the general political argie-bargie

Quoting Dave Palmer now, are we Darp?

rubric that FDB and the WPCA seem to be operating in. However, there are times when I look back over EVERYTHING the guy has done and wonder why our bleeding lefty hearts let him off the hook time and again.

Oh, YOU let HIM “off the hook” did you Darp?

I've repeatedly offerd (Sic) to meet the guy in person to discuss these issues but he has constantly turned down my invitation.

This particular LIE is becoming quite tiresome particularly as it turns reality right on its head.

Oh, and it's absolute crap about the WPCA being deactivated btw. They're just not online anymore. They're still meeting, still cooking up touble (Sic) "for the kikes and lefties" in real space. Nothing has changed there.

Where Darp GETS this Lunar stuff is beyond old Victor...


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