Monday, May 29, 2006

Darp the provocateur

Old Victor reckons Darp, writing as ‘fightdemback’ on Tim Blair’s Blog, might just have finally outdid himself with quite possibly the most blatantly hypocritical and irresponsible post so far in his disgusting career.
After whining on about how a site like ‘Leftywatch’ endangers the lives of Anarchists and Communists on his own site he then goes ahead and gives SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS to a Jewish lunatic with a gun fetish going by the name of ‘Daphne’ on who he/she/it SHOULD be looking to murder!

Not only is the name of the prominent National Socialist highlighted in Red but there is a link to the FDB archive to further assist this maniac in hunting down this Darp approved victim. Can everyone say “You go too far Mathew”? If this is not incitement to violence then I don’t know what is!

When WILL the authorities shut this reckless idiot and his criminal gang down? Does someone have to be seriously injured or even killed first?

Daphne’s post:


Loewstein’s precious girlfriend is a rabid Jew-hating suicide-bomb loving anti-Zionist. I go after her because she deserves to be gone after. Like her boyfriend, she would throw her relatives in the ovens to bring herself five minutes of fame.

And yeah, hell, I see it my duty to bring Loewenstein down—to tear him apart—in any way I can. He is the lowest of low. He sides with the anti Semites against his fellow Jews and he wants the insurgents to win against our own soldiers in Iraq. He is a traitor, and this is war. I’d blow the Nazi-loving bitch away with my F88 Steyr as quick as look at her.”

Darp’s comments:

Hi Daphne.

I’m curious as to why you only ever appear on threads which concern Ant Loewenstein?

On another thread you made a number of wacky statements which include a desire to blow away his missus with an F88 Steyr and that you spend all your time honing your weapon skills and hunting anti-Semites.

If the latter statement is not (as I strongly suspect) online wankery and you are indeed capable of walking the talk, I have the perfect anti-Semite for you to hunt down.

Carl Leonard Thompson is a former commando in the Australian army. He is a current firearms licence holder and has more kit packed away in his safe than the average West Virginian. Carl loves guns and guns love Carl! His knowledge of things that go bang probably rivals yours.
In February this year, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry took Thompson to the Federal Court over his publication of an article in a One Nation newsletter which basically blamed “The Joos the Joos” for all the master race’s ills. ON didn’t contest the case and Thompson’s article was indeed found to be unlawful re the Racial Discrimination Act.

Thompson has been extensively involved with the Australian far-right and only last week he became the Aussie fuhrer of the National Socialist Movement. See here for the lowdown on that and here for an ADL briefing on what the NSM get up to in the US (they were the group responsible for the Toledo riots).
They’re backed by trust fund baby,Bill White, ie these guys despite being utter fruitcakes actually have a fair bit of money to throw around to further their fruitcake activities, money that is starting to trickle down under.

I present Thompson to you as he most certainly seems to be a more adequate match for someone of your calibre. Let’s face it, Ant Loewenstein, bless him, would probably need three full days to take apart and reassemble a steyr F88 (and that is with the instructions). Ant would also spend several days with a grenade just looking for the headphone jack.

It’s pretty pissweak to play tough guy against an amiable nebish, who, despite his progresive/lefty/unorthodox views on Israel and Zionism is nonetheless a Jew, a proud Jew. To repeatedly label him a “Jew hater” and make loaded comments regarding ovens and the like (AND bringing his missus into it) is just plain weak.

If you are that focused on bringing down Nazi scum, why not come take down some actual Nazis instead of issuing threats to non-Zionist Jews?

You know where to find me sweetcheeks - fightdembackATgmailDOTcom

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fightdemback on 2006 05 26 at 09:32 PM • permalink

And he adds:

One more thing before Parkinson, s 24 of the Firearms Act 1996 places within the commissioner’s discretion the right to revoke a firearms licence should the holder be deemed no longer fit and suitable to carry one.

I’m looking now but I don’t think there is an appeals tribunal here like there is with Security Licences. Threatening to shoot people aint a good look hon.

And neither is incitement to murder going to look good on the C.V. of a would be Lawyer.

Whatever context you wish to superficially implant it in, a joke or whatever.
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fightdemback on 2006 05 27 at 07:40 AM • permalink


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