Sunday, May 14, 2006

Down, down, deeper and down...

Ready to explore the subterranean depths of extreme Leftism?
Well, strap on that diving suit and read on...
Ah yes, the autistic John Humpherys AKA ‘Depressing John’ or ‘Bulldog Head’, after copping an absolute pasting from several ex WPCA members on another Forum, and true to his word*, has re-emerged from under his toxic slime coated rock to brown nose the FDB’ers with fairy tales (excuse the pun).

Now he’s claiming the old WPCA blokes are all poofters! Funny that, coming from a sad sack who’s still waiting for his second root (he gave up on his first) and a knob jockey who once sat on S**** L***’s lap while driving across Sydney.

Yep! ONE HUNDRED percent true story folks!

Of course, the FDB crew will lap it all up like mother’s milk. After all, it’s exactly what they want to hear, isn’t it? Not that they had any credibility at all with anyone possessing an I.Q. over 60 but they never give up TRYING. Sad but true.
If you can’t get anything on your enemies, just make it up and it’s even better if the accusations come from (allegedly) a third party who will be constantly referenced as if he is the Parliamentary Hansard.


Posted: Wed May 10, 2006 11:54 am Post subject: Some fresh Info

Yes cumlok belongs to the pansi patrol KGMCC (kinky gay sex motor cycle club!!) Other members include simon laine,jason rafty, tender darling( also knwon ass fresh ass) and the godpansie himself Oz nazi (d palmer)!. they also like to get together for a gay orgie occasionally and visit the Taxi club darlinghurst and yes they would like some of darps ass also! Just thought i would drop by and let know a few clandestine facts!!..

*He had previously stated on another Forum that his hatred for ex WPCA members and their comrades was so intense that he had no qualms whatsoever in cooperating with Darp and FDB to wreak revenge on them.

To assist the reader in attaining a greater insight into the sad mindset of this profoundly disturbed creature, Victor has spoken to several ex WPCA members regarding their memories of “Depressing John” and posted some of the stranger quotable quotes attributed to him below. One can understand why he was regarded as peculiar and strange even by so-called radical political standards.

“If I had a real job and a regular income I certainly wouldn’t be involved in politics”

“I’m asexual.”

“What Woman would want me?”

“I have so many psychological issues to deal with I couldn’t hold down a relationship with a Woman anyway, so I don’t bother”

In light of these admissions, his chosen pseudonym of “Machismo” appears ironic to say the least. And his recent comments about a "phoney" race war are so indicative of his post code insularity and snobbish, old school, class focused ideology. So long as his neighbour has MONEY, this myopic mollusc could not give a flying fuck if he came from Alpha Centauri.

It should also be noted that Humpherys involvement, for want of a better word, was very early on in the five or six years existence of the WPCA Sydney. His appearance coincided with the drifting in and out of a group of early Twenty somethings that would become disparagingly known as “the lawyers’ sons”. These were young Men from privileged North Shore backgrounds who turned out to be simply bored dilettantes looking for some action and excitement.

They had been sucked in by the Hollywood mythology of so-called Right Wing Extremism and seemed to think that ‘Romper Stomper’ was a documentary. When they learned that political activism actually involved some WORK, and not just goofing off and playing at skinheads, their enthusiasm waned swiftly.

Most are probably now well behaved corporate slaves in Black suits driving Volvos. It was all just a “stage” they were going through but in the process, like Humpherys, they wasted the time and resources of a dedicated group of White Nationalists on their petty personal indulgences.

Little Ms. Johnny Humpherys should also remember that although most people from St. Ives wouldn’t know (or care about) the difference between Bankstown or Blacktown it is a VERY small World (after all) and, given enough time (patience kiddies) paths DO cross…


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