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FDB The Kings Of Spin

Lowlife Lefty scum or not, you’ve really got to hand it to these FDB’ers, they have ZERO conscience, ZERO embarrassment factor and absolutely ZERO remorse for their vile behaviour. They have managed to turn everything on its head and exploit Darren’s apparent total political/philosophical reversal and even jump on the “rehabilitation” band wagon themselves. Suddenly they are Social Workers and Freelance Therapists SO interested in Darren’s (and other young people’s) welfare. It is simply WAY too much bullshit to swallow.

Suddenly everyone is supposed to instantly forgive and forget the cowardly threats to Darren’s person and his parent’s property etc and the fact that Kromlek and others only ever got involved on Darren’s requests for help. Suddenly we’re all supposed to believe that FDB is a philanthropic organisation specializing in deprogramming “reformed” White Nationalists? Get off the grass FDB!

When Darren decided to pull out of politics his wishes to be left alone were respected and it was only months later as a response to Darp and Weezil’s continued threats of pending litigation over the infamous paedophile post that he was again contacted by Kromlek with a request for phone records and a statement regarding his harassment at the hands of FDB.

He was curiously reticent to talk and responded only with text messages and E-Mails. Kromlek’s immediate suspicion was that someone had “got to him” or been “in his ear”. When it seemed like Darren was not going to help in any potential legal case Kromlek mentioned that he could still be subpoenaed and compelled to tell the truth in Court. When he replied that he would “not cooperate” and would “screw any case up” Kromlek also mentioned the seriousness of perjury.

In hindsight, and in light of recent events, Darren might have felt he was being pressured to cooperate but certainly NO threats of physical harm were ever made by Kromlek and CERTAINLY no “Death Threats”! It is utterly preposterous to suggest this and Kromlek can only wonder at what is the motivation for him now resurfacing, NINE months later, with such claims. This entire affair has the rancid stench of intervention and coaching by FDB agents and/or other Leftists unknown.

And Darren, if you’re reading this, Kromlek has a son exactly your age and, largely due to this fact, was initially motivated to protect you from FDB when you came to him for help. He has no feelings of malice toward you as he understands you got in too deep, too quick at too young an age. THAT is precisely why he denied you membership of the WPCA and told you to do your own thing your own way. The WPCA would not accept members below 18 years of age so you formed your own group.

Please just get on with your life and have some fun while you are still young and still can, there is no sin in that, but remember that our Globalised society is becoming harder and tougher all the time due to the ravages of Multiculturalism and ethnic crime and that you at least had some clues early on. White people with pride will not be ALLOWED to have a nice quiet life and be “relaxed and comfortable” in this New World Order. Perhaps you can fall back on this knowledge when the day comes and it will give you strength.

One more word of advice young Darren, there can be no appeasement or “making deals” with the ethnic thugs and if you have it in mind that you can earn brownie points with FDB or their advocates to “get them off your back” (again) with their accusations of you sending computer viruses then you have very quickly and foolishly forgotten just how ruthless and vicious they are. They lie and betray without compunction. Remember that Kromlek was never the one threatening to sue your parents or throw you and them out on the street. That was DARP and WEEZIL. Remember that.

If you are offered any money or other inducements by these FDB creeps or their agents you must report it immediately to the Police and remember that lying to impress people, for whatever reason, might seem cool for a laugh but it is very serious shit in a court of law. You also might think it’s cool and a bit of fun to impress your schoolmates with your former notoriety but understand this young fella.

Lots of real people got involved with the fight against the FDB criminals on your (and Lachlan’s) behalf. Real people with families of their own. People with jobs and assets and futures worth fighting for. Some of whom have lost those jobs due to FDB. Please don’t piss on them, their efforts and their sacrifices by thinking it’s all a big giggle to diss your former comrades and in the process help the very people who were out to destroy you in the first place.
Good luck and goodbye.

Here is the post in question from FDB.

The sentiments expressed are as contrived, cynical, disingenuous and vomit inducing as one is ever likely to read anywhere:

IronBrotherhood eats his spinach; grows into respectable member of society
Way back when, in early 2005, the Australian wing of the New Zealand National Front began operating in Sydney, Austalia - and, depending on who you asked, they were allied to the openly neo-Nazi White Pride Coalition of Australia or they were allied to the less openly neo-Nazi Patriotic Youth League.
As it turned out, they were in bed with both, and FDB's birth was largely as a response to this international co-operation between these Australian and New Zealand far right groups.

One of the senior figures in all this was Darren M.

Darren was the founder of NF Australia, was a member of the WPCA, and for a while was listed as the Sydney president of the PYL. The whole thing got very messy, with accusations of paedophilia from the NF (since retracted and apologised for) and threats of litigation from us, and eventually NF Australia was "blown out of the water" and it's members mostly dropped out of the scene.
At the conclusion of the mess, Jim Saleam wrote a rather fanciful account of the affair which was disputed by both FDB and Darren. To put it bluntly, the mad old bastard made the whole thing up.

That was around a year ago. Besides the virus we were recently sent that appeared to come from Darren (the email address had been spoofed - it wasn't actually him) we had not heard nothing from the guy since he dropped out of the scene, so it was very refreshing to recieve a message from him the other day telling us that he'd gotten his life back on track.

We've put the really important bits in bold.

hello pplz..i decided to search my name on ur forum and got some funny stuff back.It was inspired by a mate telling me that i was on fightdemback for sending a virus and he wondered how the fuck i figured out how to hahaha to bad i already read it(to answer questions,no i didnt send a virus..im a dumb shit with comps,no idea why use thought i did).Anyhoo i thought id send a thank you message to FDB.

But first, to clear up some things..i was not at the sydney forum,kromlek wants to kill me and most of Aus first do aswell.Dunno why cam sexheimer said he met me when i wasnt there…Umm what else..Yeh like to send a big Fuck you to Darp for giving out my name when i was told he wasnt going to..but compared to wat i said about him..a name isnt such a bad payback hahahha sorry bout all that darp.

Anyhoo to the point of this post..I dont like many of you mostly because i still think it was low to harrass a youngen like i was with 0 self confidence.I know use had your reasons..but from my view it was a very scary thing to happen.But i think it was needed,because if i was still a racist i wouldnt be the person i am now.So Thank you FBD for reforming me to a normal member of society again..these days i enjoy hitting the piss at parties and hanging out with mates as opposed to hanging out with old men and sticking stickers everywhere.There is alot more to life than what i experienced but it was a invaluble life lesson.I think i matured 10 fold in that short space of time that i "fell from grace".I am a much more confident person today and i respect other peoples views.When i was in the WN scene i was such a little fuckwit.I was 60kgs of nothing..thought i was massive..king of the world..hated everyone and judged everyone on their colour.I aint no anti-racist but i am drastically different.My teachers and mates find it hell funny that i used to be a mini hitler wannabe.I cop heaps of shit occasionly but it all in good fun(my nick name is now sharpy or sharpOi cuz of the Sharp skinheads).Just wanna send out a bit of advice to FDB and WN..dont let the internet and politics rule your life..theres so much more out there.If you keep it as a hobby or sumtin then thats fine but dont let it run your life,you only get like 80 or 90 so years at it.p.s sorry about spelling etc

We're somewhat hesitant about publishing this on the front page, as we don't wish Saleam, Peter Campbell (Kromlek) & Co. to harrass Darren further, however Darren's story is an important one that some need to hear…

Darren was looking for his place in the world, and he latched onto "White Nationalism." It promised answers and it promised community - what it delivered was a bunch of sad old men spouting incoherent rhetoric, though this was a community of sorts.

Unfortunately for Darren, when he decided he'd rather live a less dramatic life, his so-called white nationalist "friends" revealed their true colours and turned on him with ferocity.

This is not a phenomena unique to the Australia First Party/White Pride Coalition of Australia/Patriotic Youth League - it is a scene played out over and over again in different neo-Nazi groups around the country and around the world.

Young white nationalists should take note: The elder statesmen of the Scene - the Saleams, the Innes', the Van Tongerens, the Campbells, the Palmers - are not your friends. Their interest is in recruiting footsoldiers to fight wars that exist only inside their own heads, and if you dare dissent, be prepared to cop it with both barrels: figuratively and sometimes literally.

If you have become involved with one of these groups, and feel you have gotten in over your head, there are people who can help. You can call people like the Kid's Help Line (1800 55 1800) for free and confidential advice, or if you're over 18, call Lifeline (13 11 14) for the cost of a local phone call, from anywhere in Australia.

You can also contact us via email (fightdemback AT gmail DOT com) if you want our help.

We wish Darren the best of luck in his life as a respectable member of society.

There are also a fair amount of posts on the FDB Forum from typical Lefty wasters backslapping young Darren for now simply hangin’ out with his mates, partying and getting pissed. I’m only surprised they don’t also offer expert advice on which recreational drugs to imbibe, since most of them are illicit users.

This is what gives the Multicultural Industry the most joy, seeing young Whites totally off their dials, mindlessly goofing off while the nation their forefathers built is taken away from them by alien carpet-bagging interlopers. Believe me young Darren, you’ve made them quite ecstatic.

And just for the record here are some extracts from Darren’s rather lengthy E-Mail to Kromlek dated Tue, 30 Aug 2005 12:43:03 +1000

“I have attached all files i have on darp. Harrassment.doc is my own recount”

“I have sent you these because you are a genuine person and a good guy.”

“I have sent you these on the condition that i will NOT appear in any court for any type of legal action. I will NOT be drawn into any type of police case etc. If i am i will not co-operate and will screw any case up.”

“Although i am not politcally active any more and have not talked to anyone except *name deleted* lately my anger and hatred for Matt Henderson still remains.”

“I sent Matt a email awhile ago basically saying. Im getting out, i hate your fucking guts, mention me in your blog again and i will bash your head in.”

“Henderson has impacted my life heavily.”

“I will not pick up my phone from anyone on both left and right sides.”

“Your a good person peter and i wish you the best of luck with whatever you choose to do.”


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