Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Refugees “firebombed”

In a moronic exercise of so-called Anti-Racism (by numbers) the Brisbane Courier Mail Newspaper published a deliberately inflammatory story designed to promote fear and hysteria among non-Whites, Anti-White Racism and vilification and incite actual violence against Whites perceived as “Rednecks” Hillbillies” etc

It need not be spelt out here how volatile the tensions already are between Whites and so-called “minority groups” in regional Australia and in particular Southern Queensland. For the Controlled Media to irresponsibly report half truths, speculation and outright lies in a mischievous attempt to “stir the pot” is tantamount to incitement to violence or riot.

Whites are already being randomly targeted for bashing by mobs of Aborigines in country towns right across Northern NSW and Southern Queensland from Moree to Taree to Wellington to Boggabilla to Goondowindi to Toowoomba. Just ask any local Police officer about what is going on or have a chat to any business people in the area because reading the Controlled Press is a complete and utter waste of time. They simply will NOT print bad news stories about non-Whites.

A totally anonymous entity described simply as “A Neighbour” is quoted thereby rendering all the carefully contrived “comments” totally irrelevant as they cannot be credited to any real person. These comments might just as well have been, and probably were, written by the so-called journalist themselves.

“The neighbour said the arson attack on a family who had come from a war zone was malicious racism.”

Well, with such a certain and positive statement like this the Police quite obviously need to interview only ONE person regarding the incident, the “neighbour”, because he apparently KNOWS it was a case of “malicious racism”.

We have to wait right until the end of the sensationalist non news article before we read any rational statements whatsoever.

“A police spokesman said it would not be possible to say whether the attack had been racially motivated until suspects were questioned.”

Despite this slight disclaimer it is obvious the so-called “journalist” Amanda Gearing is determined to MAKE this a “Racist” incident regardless of a total lack of evidence to support this claim.

Due to the Controlled Media’s suppression of information regarding the domestic violence, interfamily and intertribal feuding endemic in the Negroid community of Toowoomba the average punter will probably take this “racist attack” claim hook, line and sinker.

And don’t be holding your breath for FDB to post a retraction once the story is shown to be a lot of garbage.


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