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Who are the REAL thugs?

Once again Mathew Henderson-Hau and the FDB Marxist criminals have attempted to use the alleged attempted murder of an Antifa supporter in Poland to rally the thugs. Not withstanding the fact that no one has been charged nor any claims have been proven to be true, the Left are shrieking for blood. No surprise, the Left and the Antifa are well known in Australia and around the World for their violent behaviour. Let’s look at an example from overseas.

“What happened: In April 1992 a group of fascist cadres from offshoot organizations of the Republikaner Party, among them functionaries from the DL(Deutsche Liga fuer Volk und Heimat - German League for Folk and Nation, an organizational alliance between militant fascists, right-wing conservativesand representatives of the New Right) met in a Chinese restaurant in the Berlin neighbourhood of Neukolln. Neukolln is a neighbourhood with a highratio of Turkish, Kurdish and other immigrant citizens. The fascists - amongthem the infamous lawyer Carsten Pagel - were discussing plans and financingfor German fascist expansions in eastern Europe. By coincidence the meetingwas discovered and a spontaneous mobilization to prevent the meeting tookplace. Outrage existed that in a climate of fascist and racist terror a groupof nazi functionaries would meet in their neighbourhood. The meeting wasattacked by a group of masked people in a spontaneous anti-fascist action. During the attack, one fascist Gerhard Kaindl, secretary of the DL, wasseverely hurt with a knife and subsequently died. Another fascist ThorstenThaler (from the Hoffman-von Fallersleben Think Tank) was injured. Immediatelyafter the incident, the police, state security forces and the media claimedthat the perpetrators could only come from Turkish or Arabic circles - eventhough they were partially masked. A first wave of intense repression was setin motion. A special commission was established with 20 members. Houses ofpolitically active antifascist Turkish and Kurdish persons were watched andraided. The main target of the repression became the Turkish-Kurdishorganization "Antifascist Genclik" (Antifascist Youth). Antifascist Genclikhad been partially successful in organizing Turkish and Kurdish youth gangspolitically and claiming the right to anti-racist/anti-fascist self-defence for immigrants, refugees and other people of colour.”
Claims from the Left would have us all believe that any attack on the Antifa forces would be unprovoked and unwarranted. And any attack from the Antifa is fully justified because they are attacking Nationalists, sound familiar? The Left’s long and vicious history of extreme violence against their political opponents simply cannot be overstated. In the Seventies, Australian Jews openly attacked and vandalized Australian Nationalists and their property.
On the 31st January 1971 The Herald reported about an incident where a large crowd of Antifa, egged on by Communist Jews set upon two Bikers. They were thrown into the Yarra River and their motorcycles were destroyed. Their crime? They wore an Iron Cross! Police rescued them and took them to Hospital to treat their wounds. On the same day The Herald reported on a man who “spoke with a European accent” and was attacked by a group of Jews and beaten about the head. Police rescued him and his wife placing them in a paddy wagon for their own protection. These people had been seen earlier talking with an angry crowd of Jews telling them to forget old troubles and live in peace.
Also on the same day, an infamous day for NS in Australia, “The Australian” reported that 1000 demonstrators made up of the members of the Working Students Party and members of the Jewish Community attacked the Head Quarters of the NSPA in North Carlton. Members of the NSPA were held captive in the Head Quarters and had to fire a volley of warning shots over the heads of the demonstrators to prevent being killed. The leader of the march, Albert Langer of the Workers Student Party later was heard to say that year at another demo “the only way to fight the copper bastards is the same way we fought the Nazis- and that is punching the shit out of them.”
In 1972 it was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald that a group of Jews spurred on by a violent speech in the City Square in Melbourne, marched to a St. Albans house where a prominent NS and his wife lived. Luckily no one was home. The group, estimated at 200, broke into the house and systematically destroyed everything. In broad daylight, with Channel 9 film crews filming, some of the Jews were seen walking away with office equipment stolen during the Break and Enter. The above crimes carried out by Jews and Antifa supporters in Australia are only the tip of the iceberg.
Now to recent history; Claims by Mathew Henderson and the Fight Dem Back Antifa thugs of a non-violent approach are a joke. As old Victor has shown us in a previous entry in this blog FDB and their Muslim Thugs preach Violence towards White Nationalists. It is strange that FDB would be supported by Muslims considering the Jewish connections and financial support given to this group by organisations such as the Bnai-Brith and AIJAC etc. These Jewish groups, who in the Seventies carried out violent attacks against Patriots in Australia, now use stupid Goyim or Shabbos Goy (Helpfulful Gentiles) to push the violent agenda. The Jews who no longer want to get their hands dirty now use the “useful idiots” of groups like FDB as their Militant Henchmen.

Peter Kohn profiles Fight dem back! for the Australian Jewish News.
Website seeks net loss for net-Nazis

A new trans-Tasman group is taking the fight against neo-Nazis to a new plane – cyberspace.

Describing the internet as “the Wild West for right-wing hate groups”, Mat Henderson-Hau has formed Fight Dem Back, a website to monitor the activities of Australian skinheads and “net-Nazis” such as Whitepride and Hitler’s Gas Bill (HGB).

Careful scrutiny of extremists’ websites can reveal a lot of unintended logistical information that police can use to combat their activities”, said Henderson-Hau, a Sydneysider who is the website’s campaign manager.
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“While net-Nazis are sometimes paranoid about revealing things, at other times they can’t resist bragging about their activities and unwittingly letting us know what they’re up to. They haemorrhage information,” said Henderson-Hau.

Last week the group passed on information to WA police regarding a white supremacist in Perth who is believed to be an associate of the Australian Nationalist Movement (ANM) and is planning to set up an online “hit list” of anti-racist campaigners in Australia.

Fight Dem Back passed on details of the “Redwatch Downunder” project, which Henderson-Hau says aims to threaten and intimidate people who stand up against white supremacists.

Several people associated with the ANM were convicted last year for race-hate graffiti attacks on the Perth Hebrew Congregation.

Fight Dem Back’s turf is not confined to cyberspace, however; members of the organisation also turn up at race-hate rallies. Earlier this year, Henderson-Hau organised a coalition of community groups into a working bee to scrape off neo-Nazi stickers from the walls of school buildings and traffic lights in suburban Sydney.

Our group consists of a diverse range of people with all kinds of backgrounds – Aborigines, Asians, Maoris. We’re mums and dads*, we’re not the latte set, he said.

*This comment is hysterically funny when one knows even a little of the dropouts, social outcasts, sexual perverts, career welfare recipients and other lowlife detritus which make up the core of the FDB leadership. One would be seriously hard pressed to find “mums and dads” among these Anarchic activists. It is the White Nationalists whose membership is filled with decent and honest family Men struggling to earn a living and support their kids in a sick society geared to vilify Whites and drive them to despair.

“A number of Jewish professionals are on Fight Dem Back’s 350 strong Australasian team, many of them deliberately keeping a low profile.”

Why would they want to keep a low profile? Maybe because they do not want another repeat of bad publicity like they received in the Seventies.Comments by FDB’s own Andy about the Polish affair pose the reader with this question. If this crime was carried out by Nazis, were they practicing pay back for previous crimes carried out by Antifa criminals?

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Posted: Fri May 26, 2006 12:58 am Post subject:

If I were a rich man (fa la la la la la la), I'd donate. If I were a religious man, I'd pray. As I'm neither, all I can do is post this message of solidarity. That, and do my best to disrupt the local creeps... Polish antifa kick arse. Some make a brief appearance in Skinhead Attitude: a film I highly recommend. I also remember some making an unscheduled appearance during the course of a documentary screened on the ABC (possibly Compass) or SBS -- I can't remember which -- about Jews in Poland. Story is that some Polish Jews organise a public meeting, which is threatened by fascists. They then learn that a large contingent is marching to the meeting. Upon arrival, this group turns out to be local anarks -- hooray! Funnily enough, the Polish police don't like antifa. In fact, they do their best to smash 'em: a situation which is repeated throughout Europe; eastern Europe in particular. Many antifa have been killed by fascists. Those that aren't often face extremely long jail sentences for the crime of defending themselves and their communities. The anarchist press has been reporting this for almost 20 years now: it's generally ignored by the corporate/state media. A good source of info on current organising efforts is Abolishing the Borders from
Against fascism // against the state!

Claims that FDB do not pass on information of prominent Australian Nationalists is absurd. Many Nationalists are aware of the methods employed by Henderson. His use of the Media by proxy to publish names and addresses of Nationalists has been noted, a fact that has not been forgotten by his victims. The excuse Henderson often uses to expose individuals is, if they are so proud of their views public exposure should not worry them. Seeing as how the information sourced on the intended victim of FDB and the Media is never reported in a fair way any exposure is going to be of the critical type backed by false allegations and lies from FDB. Once again a Nationalist will be reported as a Nazi/KKK not a patriot. The reporters used to do this smear on the intended victims are well known Antifa supporters. FDB have and still do endanger the families of White Nationalists. No matter how much PR spin put on this FDB are the thugs in 2006.
Henderson writes about his intended tormenting of another victim:
“But please understand the fact that when I was put in the position to fire off a shit sheet about YOU to the Alice Springs Times in relation to the stickers outside Lim's office to the general existence of a neo-Nazi/white supremacist in town I suddenly came over all dumb and forgetful. And yes, the editor of the AST, Keiran Finnane, is a family friend of mine, surely that wasn't lost on you. What else ...I hope you don't mind being the messenger for the rest of the lads.” Also…… “BUT - should that invisible line be crossed and my personal safety, that of my family & loved ones, my community be threatened; I will not hesitate to make some people famous irrespective of who is affected as a result.” In 2005 a White Nationalist in QLD was the subject to an attack by the Australian using information sourced from Mathew Henderson. This man married with 2 young children not only had his address printed in “The Australian” with his full name and job description plus other personal info. Does Henderson claim that this man threatened his family? Or is it a case that FDB has no problems at all in dragging in innocent people to prop up their egos? No matter how much FDB denies being involved in that episode, the truth shall be revealed soon enough legally. Let’s just hope that again these victims don’t get a visit from the FDB thugs first! When it comes to Ben Weerheym, FDB have simply pledged to destroy him no matter what. Will Ben find himself at the end of an Antifa attack? If history were any guide I would say yes.
Henderson writes:
“Sorry mate. Ben has finally popped and crossed that Invisible line that fash and antifa activist DO NOT CROSS.”
More threats from FDB, this one to an ex member of the WPCA.
“Kraplick: While you're running scared, you are strongly advised to mitigate your liability and possibility of implication with future acts of race hate and defamation of those journalists who report on your activities. If you are genuinely interested in proving that you are not after our children, when accessing, there should be a "404 not found error." Kill the site, Kraplick, or the only Asgard you're going to need will be to keep your cellmate Bubba from eyeing off your poop-chute.”
Weez again, this time our ‘hero’ is threatening a minor:
“BTW, Darren, NO anonymising proxy, even one in Romania, will hide you. Also, I know you're a minor. Your parent/s or guardian/s will be financially responsible for your legal defence and whatever compensatory awards I win in the defamation case I file against you. I hope you have a nice house that will bring a pretty penny when I sell it. Mark my words, Darren- this silly game will end soon. We are closing in and it is going to cost you THOUSANDS of dollars.”
So there we have it folks. A broken antenna on Henderson’s car by local kids is not an attack by evil “Nazis”. The provocation from FDB in the last two years is staggering and yet no one has been attacked. The extreme Left who claim to be Anarchists working to destroy the nation and create some sort of sick Maoist society are the ones who should be subject to public scrutiny. Victor calls on the Law Enforcement of this country to seek the truth about the FDB crew and its associates. We demand an investigation into the links FDB has with Andrew Bartlett from the Australian Democrat Party and members of the Greens Party. We demand that the authorities investigate the AWU for possibly passing on of personal information to FDB of Union Members who are Patriots.
We demand an investigation into Dr. John Casey and his role with FDB and the Cronulla Riots. We demand that the authorities investigate the Communists’ links in the Australian Media and our Educational institutions. We demand that ASIO investigate the quite real possibility of links between FDB and Terrorists, in particular their ex and current Australian and New Zealand Defense Force personnel who are members of FDB and other Anarchist groups. We demand the right to express our opinions without being attacked and silenced by our critics.


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