Sunday, June 18, 2006

More classic quotes from the “Fight Dem Back” Criminals

What’s funniest (well sort of) about these latest ones is how NOT really funny they are. In fact our tragically illiterate friend Donald “duck monster” even states TWICE in the post re: gouging money from their political enemies with vexatious litigation that he is “dead serious”.

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Posts: 1 Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2006 6:49 am Post subject: Why do people want to burn our flag?

“Why is (are?) there people in this country burning our flag? i (Sic) get so sad when i (Sic) see our flag burning the flag dosn't (Sic) only represent the government it is everyone that calls themselves in aussie.(Sic)”

duck monster
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“Its just a bit of cloth really. I personally think its a stupid protest because it pisses of (Sic) olderfolk. (Sic) But the flag is utterly meaningless to me until at least they get that stupid union jack out the corner.”

So the Union Jack, according to this brainiac, is now “stupid” rather than accurately representing the four White tribes of the British Isles (English, Irish, Scots and Welsh) who founded, built, explored, and administered this great Southern Nation of Australia.

And of course the flag is “meaningless” to this Internationalist idiot. How COULD a creature with utter contempt for any sort of Nationalism even understand the NEED for a flag, let alone how it should be designed?

“Burn away I say, but dont (Sic) expect it to gain much sympathy.

But free speech is awesome.

Edit: this isnt (Sic) a verry (Sic) relevant topic. Locking.”

Well NO actually, Ms. duck monster, it is a VERY relevant topic, very relevant indeed, because it coaxes out (as shown even by these couple of comments) the true twisted mindset and spiteful political attitude of the average FDB Criminal.

Flag burning is NOT “Free Speech”. It doesn’t “say” anything anyway. It simply conveys utter contempt and hatred for everyone that loves and respects the particular flag being burned. Not exactly the way to win hearts and minds. Besides, as any White Nationalist knows more than anyone, there is no such thing as so-called “Free Speech” anyway.

Also it perfectly illustrates just how disrespectful, Anarchic and hateful the FDB Criminals are of Australian history and culture INCLUDING their resident “Military Man” balaclava…

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“Last time I did it I burnt all the hair off my arm”

More the pity he didn’t fully self immolate and disappear in a puff of toxic Red smoke. But with all things FDB, the hypocrisy is quite palpable and everyone knows that the sentiments would be one hundred percent opposite if the flag in question was the Australian Aborigines Flag, the Homosexual Rainbow Flag or even the Israeli Star of David Flag.

For example, Darp once expressed his fury at witnessing a defaced Israeli flag where an anti-Israeli protester had drawn a Swastika in the centre of the Star of David. In fact he was SO incensed at the vandalism of what he called “Judaism’s most sacred symbol” that he openly attempted to incite the bashing of this pro-Palestinian protester by a Zionist Jew.

Also, the wretched little coprophiliac deviant Darp is very proprietary when it comes to the Eureka Flag, the Australian Nationalist symbol criminally appropriated by Trade Union thugs, and is quite shrill in his condemnation of those he perceives as misusing it.

duck monster
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“The guy calls himself George Grinder. I suspect a pseudynom. (Sic)
Regardless, this ones (Sic) pissed me off a little bit.
I've filed notice, and the paperwork will be in the mail as soon as a little birdy gets me "georges" address.

They better fucking not think Im (Sic) joking. FDB could use some more funds, and prosecuting a blatantly illegal trademark violation (Yes, we have the paperwork for that) might be just what the doctor ordered.

These folks might think we are toothless tigers. Fact is we never sued ben (Sic)over leftywatch because the guy hasnt (Sic) any money so it wasnt (Sic) worth it.”

Well THERE’S an admission of the FDB Criminals’ true intent from their very inception if ever Old Victor has heard one!

“I have a suspicion "George" is in the IT trade, as he's done a pretty good knock off (well, hurr, he modified a few skins, but whatever), of FDB, so he probably has a nice house or something that'd make a spiffy new FDB office (or lol, a way for darp to move outa (Sic) the folks) Im (Sic) dead serious too.”

Ouch! Come on girls you’re not supposed to embarrass your “fearless leader” (or should that be hairless?) with mentions of his domestic situation. Although it’s probably fairly safe to say that any creature who shaves his balls in a church, brags of taking illegal “party” drugs like Cocaine and Ecstasy as well as Marijuana, stalks and threatens teenagers, hangs around in Gay Bars, fantasises about murdering the Foreign Minister, masturbating into the Prime Minister’s food and forcing him to eat it while holding a gun to his head, mowing down reporter Miranda Devine with a car, beats up “fat” children on the beach, organises the highly illegal hacking (a Federal offence) of people’s computers and the copying of their Social Security files by “freelance” Private Investigators, pressures the employers of his political enemies to dismiss them purely on the grounds of their beliefs while threatening said employers with “unpleasant consequences” should they refuse, defecates on everything BUT the toilet in hotel rooms, is pretty much BEYOND embarrassment and that being thirty years old and STILL living with his mother like the snotty nosed, spoilt Middle Class brat he is, is the LEAST of his sins!

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2006 1:56 pm
“On account of some legal advice , Im (Sic) closing this thread, and will ask people to refrain from comment.”

Does Donald “duck monster” actually believe his own lies? Talk about delusional. Does he not realise most intelligent people are now beyond bluffing by the FDB Criminals? FDB has been crying Wolf for over a YEAR now and we have seen ZERO results from their blustering claims. I mean to say, HOW many times have we all heard these threats of litigation?

“Things are about to get fun.”

This last line of his is also indicative of his abysmal command of the English language and is “funny” in its own right.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Mark Copland must go!

No folks, don’t be alarmed, it’s not a Bull Dyke. The stunned mullet in the picture is apparently (at least nominally) male and is none other than the Catholic Social Justice Commissioner Mark Copland.

The dopey, glazed look comes courtesy of the lobotomising effect of insipid liberalism and the so-called “Christian values” of altruism and empathy for everyone but White Australians.

Another possible factor affecting his demeanour could be the grim realisation his tenure as Catholic Social Justice Commissioner could come to a rather rude and abrupt conclusion once his congregation learn of his strange political “bedfellows” and his prominent role in the vicious smear campaign against an innocent local White Nationalist.

He is an embarrassment and a disgrace to all decent people in his Church and his sneering at traditional White European Australian Culture whilst simultaneously championing the Africanisation of regional Queensland is nothing short of sociopathic.

Perhaps he shouldn’t have been so cocky and self-righteous, as well as trusting as gospel the words of a notorious serial liar like Darp. On top of this were his thinly veiled threats in written form to various other people with even tenuous links to White Nationalists. He really did dig his own hole, so it is difficult to feel pity for him.

The White Nationalists are ready and raring to go with an all out campaign to have Mark Copland dismissed from his position. They are fully prepared, among other things, to picket his Catholic Church and educate the parishioners about his connections to very unsavoury characters and his position in a network of extreme Leftists which includes Anarchists and Islamists.

On a final note, people who look like their neck might snap if they sneezed too hard should take care not to talk tough to anyone, let alone totally dedicated White Nationalists and/or their supporters. He has badly misjudged the feelings of the general Toowoomba community in this situation while grossly underestimating the commitment of the White Nationalists. He has picked on the wrong people and has only himself to blame for his imminent “fall from grace”.

We look forward to his dismissal. Anything less will not serve justice or satisfy the people he has slandered and conspired against.

A message

To the clumsy bozo who phoned Kromlek’s employer’s office on Thursday just before Midday enquiring, not so discretely, as to his whereabouts Old Victor would like to make a few things perfectly crystal clear.

Number one: Nobody, but nobody ever calls an office looking for a Sales Rep. Ever. They look at his business card and call his mobile phone. Reps spend ninety five percent of their time on the road.

Number Two: Kromlek would never casually tell someone he would “be in Meadowbank on Thursday”, particularly as he doesn’t even WORK “in Meadowbank”. In fact the only person known to Kromlek to have made reference to “Meadowbank” at all is Darp in a recent E-Mail to a third party.

Number Three: As in most workplaces where people get along just mighty fine thankyou, the various employees tend to “look out for one another” and “watch each other’s backs” particularly when they have been given the news about certain filthy lowlife stalking one of their workmates.

Number Four: ALL phone calls or other enquiries taken by the office staff regarding Kromlek are reported to him and any suspicious looking people and/or their vehicles spotted lurking about the premises are duly noted along with their rego numbers. Kromlek has a log of these things for future reference. The office staff also have ready access to the company’s digital camera.

Number Five: It is now quite clear that Darp has broadcast Kromlek’s details way beyond his inner circle and his Controlled Media chums. This call was almost certainly, going by the evidence, from a certain… erm…let's say recent addition to the FDB crew and judging by the sheer ineptness of the attempt this person is as hopelessly dumb as he’s ever been.

Number Six: Kromlek’s workmates are now even MORE vigilant than before.
Thankyou for reading and understanding this message.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

It’s that time again

Yes folks, call old Victor indulgent but he just never gets tired of reading those classic Darp quotes. You see what’s MOST enjoyable about them is how magnificently they reveal how utterly bereft of wit, charm and credibility Darp is and what a filthy, lying, hypocritical, vicious little criminal he is.

So here once again ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, old Victor presents the simultaneously masturbatory, pugilistic AND lachrymose Darp.

From February 16th 2004:

“My eleven year-old brain, then besotted with my own private investigations into the un-knowable and the arcane was absolutely transfixed by Bowie’s lucid imagery and offhand references to Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn. Here was a guy who was into the same sort of stuff that I was, here was a guy who had also spent a considerable amount of time dwelling on the ultimate unknowable – what the fuck are we here for? ”

The Darp guide to trashing hotel rooms:
What with all the fart-arsing around I did in Melbs, I haven't had time to shave my nut-sack. As I hopped into the shower this morning I gave my pubic region a quick glance.It looked like Chewbacca after a fight. Soon fixed that up.Most of you know I had a few issues with my hotel in Melbourne and that I took a few steps to leave my mark upon the place. It seems I can't stay in any overnight accommodation without doing something evil to the carpet, the bathroom or the bedroom curtains.
So here, dear readers is my guide to trashing hotel rooms.Firstly, you gotta get the whole "Keith Richards TV out the window", Rock Star type trashing. The sort of shit I do is much more subtle and undetectable at least for a few days. It's also much more expensive to clean up and much more damaging to the proprietor seen as they usually cannot use a room I've just vacated - not until the fumigators have finished anyway.
1) Take a dump in a brown paper bag and squash it flat. Hide a few of these under the bed, behind paintings and under the fridge. In a few days time they'll know about it
2) Empty out the ice-cube tray and refill it with piss. Re-freeze it.
3) Piss on the carpet.
4) Empty all teabags and coffee sachets into the bed.
5) Put a condom on the door handle.
6) Piss in the flower vase.
7) Piss in the kettle.
8) Basically piss everywhere except IN the dunny bowl.
9) Fill the bathtub to the brim then drop the bedside clock radio into the tub, remembering to unplug it first.
10) Make your own bath stew; load it up with towels, Maccas leftovers, milk, the Gideon’s if you're REALLY feeling evil and leave it to brew for a day or so prior to your leaving. Remember to put the "Don't clean my room" sign on your door.
11) Hide food scraps and unwashed cereal bowls in not so obvious places like the dryer, under the bed covers, the washing machine, the drying closet and the mini bar.
12) Empty out the Scotch, Bourbon and Brandy mini bottles and replace them with piss. Drink a Berocca before hand to ensure colour consistency.
13) NEVER wipe your feet.
14) Upon leaving, put a turd in the microwave and/or the dryer and cook em up. The stench is kinda instantaneous so you gotta check the fuck outa there pretty quick.
15) Deny everything.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Dear Phyllis (I've given assumed names to both of my player haters here).You use the term 'beat up' FFFFAAAAAAAAATTTT kids at the beach. I don't think I ever beat any of them up, I rocketed into them at a million miles per hour and scattered them like the little lard-bucket ten-pins they are but I never actually beat them up. THEY CRIED BECAUSE THEY LOST THE GAME, not because they were hurt!If any of them got hurt during our little game maybe they should take a look at their own lack of speed and dexterity - see, if they weren't roly poly fat little fuckers, they would have had agility to avoid my cannon ball runs and thus NOT be hurt.That is that issue settled. YES, I think it is funny to laugh at fat children. HA HA HA HA BLOODY HA HA HA HA.

Sunday 6th June 2004:

“Stop living in denial. Fat chicks are probably the worst offenders here. Prancing around in Gosford skirts (Just before The Entrance) with hail-damaged thighs that look like they’ve been hanging out at the bottom of a golf driving range. If you’ve got a body best suited to piano throwing, I, and the rest of physically decent society, don’t want to have to look at it. Cover up!”

“So what about fat cunts who are happy with their body image? As long as they’re not plonking their fat sweaty arse next to me on a packed train, I don’t care.”

Wednesday 9th June 2004:

“I like Mark Latham. I like the fact that he comes from a housing commission shit-heap in the western suburbs and I like the fact that he’s got enough balls to stand up to George W. Fucknuckle Bush.

I very much like the fact that he’s bringing former Midnight Oil front man Peter Garrett into the federal political fray and I like the fact that he’s comfortable in using generic Australian idioms. Arselicker. Maybe I like Latham so much because my hatred for honest Johnny has gradually been getting unbearable. I’ve never liked the slimy little fuck but ever since the last election and the Tampa debacle, I’d dearly love to whack off in his salad and watch him eat it, at gunpoint.”

Another major motivating point here is that I really, really, really want to see that fucking smarmy, slimy arsed, shit-eating grin wiped of Alexander Downer’s face come election night. I want to see him convulsed over in pile-driven agony when he realises he’ll be spending the next four years peeling off his own grape skins.”

Friday 25th February 2005:

“With the extent of my reach and my BALLS OF FUCKING STEEL it doesn’t matter which side of the Tasman you’re on, I’ll fucken have ya! Simple as that.”

Thursday 10th June 2004:

“Alexander Downer Must Die!”

16 February 2004:

Fat kids

“I have discovered a new sport.
It is a cross between tenpin bowling, ironman and Turkish mud wrestling. I don't yet have a name for it; maybe one of my erstwhile readers will concoct something based on the following description.

The game is played in the surf, in rough surf with decent booming waves. Instead of simply bodysurfing and catching waves into shore for the pure physio-aesthetic appeal of it, you catch waves and bodysurf whilst aiming your trajectory at very fat children, the aim being to scatter them like tenpins. Now, I've always had time for fat kids, I think they're a fantastic source of visual entertainment. …

Saturday was a bumper crop; I waded out into the surf and cast my eyes around for prospective targets. I spy a cluster of five or six little fat cunts, all of them resplendent with the best man bosoms you've ever seen, one of them is wearing a mini wetsuit and you can make out each goddam individual roll of chubber - he was squeaking as he walked.

I swam out past the sandbank and waited for the next set to come in. I lined myself up with the target, moved a few metres to the south to allow for the current, looked back and saw my wave approaching. I sprang up from the ocean floor and hooked myself on it perfectly, keeping my torso ahead of the break; I steamed towards my Burger King sponsored tenpins like a fucking rocket.


They were all waist deep in the water midway through the sandbank when my head collided with their blubber. I must say, it was probably the softest and most bouncy collision (intentional or otherwise) I've ever been involved with.

They scattered. One flew back on his arse and then rolled over on his back; another two clashed heads and stumbled over sideways. Their leader, who I christened "Double beef, bacon and cheese" - or "D-BAC" for short, managed to hold his footing by virtue of his superior weight; the waves could have broken against him all day and he would have remained as immovable as a fucking lighthouse.

I didn't see where the rest of my targets lay but I took a great deal of pleasure in watching them dedicate a weeks worth of physical exertion to the basic primal activity of getting back off their arses. They heaved, grunted, sweated and mumbled obscenities as they re-grouped. I duck dived and swam back out, waiting for another ideal wave….

As I rose for my first gulp of air in what seemed like hours, I bore witness to a repeat of the spectacle I'd just witnessed. Fat little cunts all struggling to get back on their feet, some of them hobbling now and a very pissed off looking D-BAC clutched his jaw and shot me daggers. I felt it pertinent to say something so I chirped out the usual up-beat apology that one offers in mid-surf collisions and made my way back out to the catching zone….

It wasn't the most ideal wave but it held up for long enough to give me some serious steam, this time I wasn't going to make it look like an accident. I torpedoed on towards them with arms outstretched and fists clenched, legs kicking like a madman to build up even more speed.

Q-PAC was the first to notice and he yelled a warning to the others but it was too late. D-BAC took my impact head on, well 'belly-on' anyway. He was finally dislodged arse over tit, signalling an end to the game and a victory to yours truly. The rest of them lay in a similar manner of physical disarray, moaning, groaning and (here is where I felt a bit too slack), one of them was actually bawling….

M. posted by Darp @ 12:06 PM”

Thursday 10th June 2004:

“I’m not a violent man but I wanna kick the **** out of Tim Bailey”

Wednesday 28th April 2004:
"Amanda Vandstone our immigration minister is a big fat mamma."

Monday 1st December 2003:
"I spent my days bumming around at uni, drinking three dollar jugs of beer and smoking spliffs"

Monday 1st December 2003:
"I shave my balls and I vote! I shave my nutsack and I am proud!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Darp's got NOTHING!

So what did Darp have to say about the post "The trouble with Darp"? Well, he could hardly deny the humiliating facts could he?
But what did he actually DO?
Well, the usually vapid and verbose Darp was uncharacteristically shy when it comes to his fits of uncontrollable rage and threats of extreme violence.
He not only claimed that Old Victor is actually Kromlek but that he's being ghost written by none other than Dr. Saleam of Australia First fame!?!?!!!!!
Not only are his claims utterly ridiculous, but more importantly they are absolutely IRRELEVANT!
This is how Darp "answers" facts, analysis and valid criticism.
He IGNORES them!
Nope, all Darp desperately wants to do is divert attention from his own personal antics. Funny how he can dish out the personal stuff but can't handle it when HE'S the target.
Oh, and for the SECOND time, when are you going to tell us about the TAXI job Darp?
Waiting, waiting...

Utility Nation?

The “Kennards Hire” thread over on the FDB Forum has revealed much more about the average FDB'ers mindset and politics than might have initially been expected. When faced with the arguments of people from the so-called “Ute Driving, Rodeo, Redneck” scene, most of whom explode the myth of them all being knuckle dragging morons by being able to string a few (albeit poorly spelt) sentences together, the FDB’ers expose the weakness of their own politics.

These “Ute” people are like any other of a special interest group in that their loyalty and feelings of identity focus firstly and foremost on those within their own sub-group. Then, as their chosen lifestyle reflects what many perceive as essentially “Aussie”, their ultimate loyalty is to the perpetuation of the values of the wider but traditional Australian community, regardless of whether they are White Europeans or not.

Let’s face it, Arabs seem to have a fetish for Subaru WRX’s and Mazda Rotaries, Asians seem to gravitate toward Honda Civics and other fast Jap cars. If these predominantly White Aussies want to drive Utes then that is THEIR business. Old Victor has personally witnessed cars driven by Arabs with gigantic logos painted on their cars with messages such as “Leb Power”, “One Hundred Percent Arab”, “Jihad!” and even “Powered by Allah!”

So where are FDB, the ever vigilant arbiters of social standards, when THESE clowns drive about with such provocative statements? For FDB there is simply no escaping their hypocrisy. They are all as phoney as three Dollar notes.

These Blokes (and Sheilas) don’t (seem to) have any problem with Chinese or Black “Cowboys” because it’s essentially the LIFESTYLE they are enthusiastic about and NOT the Racial aspect. It’s not a consciously contrived thing that ninety percent of them just happen to be White.

This sets them light years apart from the FDB Anarcho-Internationalists with their Hare brained, Utopian Global Village, One People, One World Government, blended Brown Rainbow, no borders, ship the so-called Refugees in by the boatload, mentality.

It also exposes the intrinsic flaccidity of their insipid political credo and how easily and swiftly it alienates anyone who doesn’t unconditionally embrace, with meekly myopic acceptance, the Multiculturalism Industry’s twisted dream of an Anarchic melting pot.

Essentially these “Ute” people are Non Racially conscious “integrationists” and most reasonable people would not see this stance as particularly confrontational or offensive but the FDB’ers reveal their true agenda by attacking them with as much vigour as they would a Nazi or a Klansman.

It also gives the lie to FDB’s claim that their views are consistent with the general Australian population. You see it’s not enough to be “Non Racist” or even, in principle, Pro-Multicultural. To avoid the wrath of FDB one must also be Pro-(so called) Refugee, Pro-Open Borders, Pro-A Multilingual Australia, Pro-Guilt, Pro-Sorry, Anti-Howard, Anti-Conservative and most importantly of all Anti-White.

The ultimate irony of course is that this was a golden opportunity for FDB to ply their propaganda on a more (excuse the pun) middle of the road group and come to some sort of compromise with these “Rednecks” who are clearly NOT so-called “Racists”. But this is simply not in the nature of a group of misfits who define themselves by what they are AGAINST rather than what they are FOR.

No, being the consummate reactionaries they are, they launched into these people, boots and all, from the get go. Alienation, conflict and trading insults are their stock in trade. No brains, no class.

If you should go looking there now for the thread you will be greeted with the following rather blunt message:


Race Traitor

Joined: 25 Apr 2005

Posts: 527

Location: Wearing the stupid Man-Suit Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 6:35 am Post subject: Kennards Hire Hornsby/Waitara
Thread removed

What does this prove? Well, for one thing, it shows what happens when FDB have absolutely no answers and when they become inundated with opposition to their ludicrous politics they simply shut it down like the gutless twerps they are. Oh, but it was a very different attitude to “Free Speech” when they make total arseholes of themselves by spamming White Nationalist sites like the old WPCA Forum.

They paid out big time on the White Nationalists for wanting to keep the idiots out. Now when a bunch of contrary voices challenge them with quite pertinent questions they can’t stand the heat and gutto out like big girls’ blouses!

Oh, and by the way, Old Victor copied the entire thread prior to its deletion. It’s no good trying to hide the evidence, Darpy boy. The truth will always come out.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Pattern Emerges

To those who might question the relevance of two year old Internet posts from ‘’ to Darp’s recent case of solicitation to murder, old Victor must stress the importance of establishing a character profile.

In the case of Darp there is ample evidence to prove a lengthy track record of Darp as the agent provocateur, consistently instigating third party intervention in his (perceived) conflicts with others.

The actions of this profoundly disturbed individual must not be judged in isolation but instead viewed within the wider context of a lengthy career of incitement and provocation. This was no accidental “slip of the tongue”, a “momentary lapse of reason” or “tongue in cheek” joke. This was deadly serious and coolly calculated stuff. Ultimately though, whether or not this can be attributed to long term, serious underlying psychological problems will be for the courts to determine.

There was also his immediate resort to involving the CFMEU in his personal campaign to crush the Patriotic Youth League when they were unfortunate enough to put posters up in “his” neighbourhood. So we had the shameful situation of Trade Unionist thugs “roaming the streets at night with their lumber jackets and Eureka Flag belt buckles” hunting for young teenagers to bash for their supposed misuse of the Eureka Flag.

There are innumerable examples available on the record if one has the patience to trawl through the tedious and turgid ramblings of the idiot called Darp which prove conclusively and incontrovertibly that he is a rabble rousing, shit stirring, provocateur extraordinaire with a peculiar specialty in the field of bully baiting or getting thugs to do his bidding.

The following extract displays perfectly his peculiar specialty as dobber and provoker as he (unsuccessfully this time) attempts to incite the bashing of a lone White man by a group of (his homoerotic heroes) Pacific Islanders. Always the sneaky little dobbing coward, whispering in the ears of the bullies to fool them into doing his dirty work for him. So when the deed is done he can hold his hands up and innocently proclaim “It wasn’t ME! I merely pointed them in the right direction.”

From Thursday 23rd September 2004:

“There used to be a poster advertising the Goodwill Games in the men’s changeroom. Apparently BB produced an artline from his bag and drew a target over Aboriginal sprinter Patrick Johnson’s head and wrote a few unsavoury comments alongside. He likewise tagged up an Everlast ad which featured Sugar Ray Robinson lying flat on the canvass. Bill wrote “black cunt knocked out suck shit”.
Ray Leonard, Ray Robinson or Shane Mosley no one fucks with my sugar and gets away with it.I reported this act of vandalism to the big Islander boys who took it upon themselves to quietly inform Buffalo Bill that his opinions on dark skinned folk are best kept to himself unless he wanted to be in a position where he’d be legitimately able to procure steroids. In other words, they’d cut his nuts off.
Bill must have been tapering off a gear cycle because he didn’t react as I thought he would, by going buck wild and trying to take on the combined might of NZ, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. He put on a blank face and declared his innocence of any acts of racial vandalism.I had a chat to Sonny my Samoan mate in the car park afterwards. This guy is CFMEU and has told me a few stories of being called out to deal with white supremacist groups who dared use the Eureka flag as a part of their propaganda.”

All the way up to the current outrage where he attempted several times to goad “Daphne” to murder two high profile White Nationalists with a military assault weapon!

The trouble with Darp

I think it’s fair to claim that Old Victor’s stumbled quite accidentally upon the key to Darp’s sociopathic tendencies and the root cause behind his relentless pursuit of anyone with White Nationalist sentiments. We already established long ago that he is genetically challenged (he even alludes to this himself) but now the other pieces of the jigsaw are falling in to place.

It also makes sense now why his main Australian political hero is/was Mark Latham. He can genuinely identify with Latham and his problems. Both have “issues” in Spades. Darp, like his hero, has severe anger management problems and suffers from uncontrollable fits of rage. But more importantly these posts reveal he has simplistically interpreted any activity “on HIS turf” (which now extends beyond Eastwood to encompass Australasia, no less) subsequent to these “incidents” as personal affronts.

This explains his vendetta-like pursuit, stalking and harassment of the PYL lads and then on to the ANFY, the NZNF, the WPCA and the Australia First party. This entire affair of the past couple of years was triggered that night, developing into a very personal crusade, when after years of being a total social misfit, he (in his own tiny mind) validated his own existence by anointing himself the Multi-Cult Grand Inquisitor of Eastwood.

His opening statement is unambiguous:

“I am ready to fucking kill.”

Here he openly admits his anger is uncontrollable and he is basically capable of anything.

“I did snap and god knows what I would have done to any of those pricks if they’d been on foot.”

He even has a slight Freudian slip here and admits, after fantasising about breaking bones, to the genetic imperative underlying his erratic and violent behaviour.

“I would have broken eye-sockets, rib cages, kneecaps and then some, such was my rabid bloodlust. When these genetic “Incredible Hulk” rages subside I usually find myself curled up in a ball crying my eyes out, such is in the intensity of emotion and the somewhat legitimate fear that one day, I may not be able to control it. And bawl my eyes out I did.”

So there you have it folks, a creature who is so consumed by his uncontrollable “genetic” urges of hatred and violence that if he can’t break someone’s bones he is reduced to a blubbering mess in a foetal position! Yes, Darp is a tormented entity who, if he were a Dog, one would declare him a mad mongrel and have him put down. Sad but true.

These are truly devastating confessions and most people would probably die of embarrassment upon their exposure but don’t expect anything more than supreme arrogance and more bluff and bluster. Darp is way beyond embarrassment. He truly believes himself infallible.

The most telling statement is his admission that, shortly following his so-called “berserker rage”, he came face to face with one of the suspects. Darp made a wise decision, when faced with a REAL knuckle merchant, that discretion was indeed the better part of valour
“the party offsider guy had a real “thug for hire” air about him, I backed off and let them cycle away.”

SURE you did Darp, SURE you did. You “LET” them cycle away.

You see, like all bullies, Darp was perfectly happy to bash some geeky looking, pencil-necked kids on pushbikes but when confronted with someone who looked like he might actually put up a decent fight, Darp wet his pants in fright and retreated like the gutless blowhard he really is.

Result? He went home and cried his eyes out in his shame and humiliation at the realisation that when the moment of truth had arrived and he had the opportunity to fight his most hated enemy (read: anyone who doesn’t unconditionally love Multiculturalism) he had backed down. Oh that must have burned. Imagine the self-loathing he must have felt. No wonder he cracked up.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Darp at Warp Factor 11

Old Victor had a spare hour or two so he decided to dig through the archives and uncover examples of Darp’s own dramatic and emotional expression. All the CAPITALS in the following extracts are Darp’s own doing and NOT Victor’s.

Spittle splash guards on standby.

From 18th September 2004:

Darp being all “Bleeding Heart Lefty” and stuff…

“I am ready to fucking kill.”

I have spent the better part of this week erecting Andrew Wilkie posters in people's front yards only to have EVERY FUCKING SINGLE ONE OF THEM ripped down sometime this evening.”

Darp feelin’ all tough and manly…

I personally racked up over fifty sites myself, most of them with multiple posters. It made me feel all tough, outdoorsy and Jamie Durie-ish in my wife-beater blue bonds singlet.”

Darp revealing his “streetwise” tactics…

Word is he isn't planning on distributing his own campaign posters as there is a major concern that they will be defaced en masse with "liar", "rodent" and Hitler moustaches.”

Darp being TOTALLY delusional and paranoid…

“What is really nefarious about this poster removal operation is the fact that it IS illegal. The local coppers have instructed me that anyone caught doing this can be detained and charged with trespassing and possibly with goods in custody. I've spent the evening reassuring and comforting (yes, Darp can be warm and comforting every now and again) a few victims of poster theft and I tells ya, if the aim of this operation was scare people and shake them up a bit, it worked like a suburban Tampa.”

Darp being TOTALLY delusional, paranoid AND disrespectful to our democratically elected leader…

All jocularity aside, this is a really low act but during a campaign such as this, it has to be expected. I'll have to stay hush-hush on our retaliatory strategy as I have it on very good authority that Honest Johnny HIMSELF has viewed this site in order to find the origin of the "I'd rather go to war" shirts. If you're reading this John, you're a cunt and I hate you and you look like Penfold from Danger Mouse.”

Darp thrashing around wildly in his girlish rage and making impotent threats…

To the Lib apparatchiks who ripped all my posters down, you have just started something that could very well fuck you over.”

Darp blurting out what WE have basically known all along but what the authorities (until now) have appeared happy to ignore…

“You've taken the campaign into Darp's area of expertise - suburban terrorism.”

MORE piss and wind from everyone’s favourite barber’s cat…

And this is just my "bark", god help you if you experience the Darp "bite".”

And from 19th September 2004. If THIS doesn’t convince you that Darp is not only severely emotionally and mentally unstable but is also an absolutely shameless LIAR (read the bit about shredding Kevlar. I am STILL laughing and clutching my sides at this one) then probably nothing will.

To be totally honest old Victor simply doesn’t know whether to pity this idiot or despise him. Either way, as far as Victor is concerned, the next quote is enough evidence by itself to have him fitted for a straightjacket and condemned to a rubber lined room…

“I was fairly angry when I posted my last entry as the showboating boxer boy pic suggests.

At present, my anger rating is probably quadruple that of last night. I’ve just spent half an hour ripping a Kevlar-lined punching bag to shreds. I only just bought the cunt and now it’s fucked, something for Marvin and Oscar (the dogs) to chew on.

Whilst going around replacing stolen posters I called by a big rental property where two Afghan refugee families reside. They’d previously given us permission to stake out a few posters in their yard which fronts onto a busy main road. Those posters went MIA along with all the others but I thought I’d check with these people first if they wanted some more up. I planted my stakes and stuck one on with a staple before heading up to the front door to say Salaam.

After the regulatory Salaam Aleykum’s the very shaken mother of one of the families told me what happened the night before.

She was awoken around midnight to the sound of rocks and other objects being pelted at her window. Loud incoherent abuse resonated around the property. She glanced briefly out the window and saw a group of five or six young men ripping the Wilkie posters out of the ground and causing a ruckus.

She moved all her kids (a very timid autistic daughter amongst them) into the back part of the house and switched off all the lights. The abuse continued for ten minutes before the mob moved on.

The story gets worse people.

Just as she was finishing up her account of the evening I hear “FUCK THE REFUGEES” and a 22-25 year-old bloke on a mountain bike rides by and rips down the Wilkie poster I was about to bolt in. I leapt off the front steps and gave chase.

By now my brain was exploding with a Maori psycho berserker rage of Jake the muss proportions. Everything under the sun from “come back here you fucking coward motherfucker piece of shit cunt I’ll have ya, I’ll fucken have ya, fucking racist cunt when I find you etc etc…” spewed from my mouth as I sprinted my arse off only to see this chicken shit prick ride off into the distance.

With blood surging in my ears and white speckles appearing at the corner of my vision, I turned and headed back to the house only to see another dweeby guy on mountain bike. He takes one look at me and shits himself. The berserker rage kicks in again with a deafening rush, convincing me that I’m bleeding out the ears and shooting laser beams from my eyes. I have no clear memory of what was said here, which means I would have been screaming incoherently with a protruding tongue. I had no hope in hell of catching him in the flesh but I hope to be a nightly fixture in his nightmares for years to come.

Two more chaps on mountain bikes emerge from a side street and I flag them down for a ‘chat’. They play all nice, sweet and innocent and claim to merely be out for a late night cycle. One of the blokes I recognised from earlier on in the day as a member of a certain political party. I’ll study our video footage of Howard’s walk through Eastwood plaza very closely before I go public with the name of the party that this guy belonged to. You know how litigious these fuckers are.

They switched from amiable to aggro and nasty when I suggested they wait here until the police arrive so they can help with a small investigation. As there were two of them and the party offsider guy had a real “thug for hire” air about him, I backed off and let them cycle away.

I returned to the house of my refugee mates to find everyone hiding in the back room with the lights off. The autistic daughter goes right manic when she is confronted by noise or aggression - she was in a very bad way.

Other members of the Wilkie campaign began arriving soon after to help calm everything down. The coppers soon followed and I must say, these two officers were a couple of top blokes. Genuinely none too pleased that racial violence like this was occurring on their turf and steadfastly determined to nail those responsible.

We agreed to keep our posters out of their yard for the time being as it obviously just isn’t safe. A few of us big tough lads offered to bunker down and stay the night as there didn’t appear to be any men in the house, just two mums and lots of very frightened kids.

As I continued about my postering work, I thought back over the times in my life when I’ve “lost it” or “snapped”. Tonight was one of those nights - definitely in the top ten for Darp spack attacks. The sickening thought that in Howard’s Australia, abominable acts of racial hatred such as the one I witnessed could happen repeatedly, one night after another – was too much for me.

I did snap and god knows what I would have done to any of those pricks if they’d been on foot. Yeah, yeah, two wrongs don’t make a right but I challenge anyone to witness the fear in the eyes of those poor kids and not feel a protective primeval urge to do something about it. As Michael Collins said, “When a man is standing on your neck, you’re allowed to break his legs.”

I would have broken eye-sockets, rib cages, kneecaps and then some, such was my rabid bloodlust. When these genetic “Incredible Hulk” rages subside I usually find myself curled up in a ball crying my eyes out, such is in the intensity of emotion and the somewhat legitimate fear that one day, I may not be able to control it.

And bawl my eyes out I did.

Everything came flooding out; the rage and futility I feel living in a country that has so much potential to make this world a better place, yet in recent times seems hell-bent on going in the opposite direction.

This mafia-like clique of power hungry men who have a shown the willingness to lie, cheat, steal, bribe and sleaze their way into a continuance of the governmental status quo. Men who will shoot, bomb and bludgeon away at the basic natural egalitarian social psyche of the Australian people. Howard’s boys have used every Machiavellian tool in the book to bring about a faux Orwellian social construct where many of us are simply not proud to be Australian anymore.

And I kept bawling.

The powerlessness of knowing that there are fellow human beings that area yadyadyyadyayayadyaaya….I’m going to stop now. I’m getting myself all worked up again and if I do that, I won’t sleep. I need a decent rest in order to get up tomorrow and continue the fight against neo-conservatism with renewed vigour. Despite my little mid-campaign spaz attack, I am far from beaten.”

Yeah! And then he woke up with a wet pillow and tennis elbow…

After reading this, if any FDB’ers still want to have a dig at old Victor for HIS emotional posts then they are quite welcome to make utter fools of themselves because their “fearless leader” out trumps everyone in the “spittle stakes”.

I mean REALLY!

“Rabid bloodlust” over a few missing posters and a couple of geeks on pushbikes?

Get treatment and get it NOW Darp or else get it once you go inside.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The World according to Darp…

According to Mathew ‘Hit List’ Henderson-Hau AKA Darp it’s quite fine and okay for him, his fellow FDB criminals and other extreme Left Wing lunatics to issue clear instructions to have specific individuals killed for their political stance but it’s apparently NOT okay for White Nationalists to even make critical generalisations about entire ethnic groups they consider dangerous or unsavoury. Can everyone say “Hypocrisy”?

Let us get hypothetical for a moment. A White Nationalist, just for example, might assist in the dissemination of a leaflet critical of the influx of Black African ‘refugees’ and point out the irrefutable facts of their negative impact upon his community including a sudden spike in the advent of street crime, muggings, rape, bashings etc.

He is immediately threatened with litigation by a cynically organised network of Multi-Cult advocates including The Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, the Catholic Social Justice Commission, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Fight Dem Back etc. The complicit and compliant Media vilifies him in the newspapers telling outrageous lies about him, including ludicrous claims that the leaflet in question has inspired gangs of balaclava clad thugs and even mysterious men in bed sheets and pointy hats to attack the ‘refugees’, assaulting them and firebombing their houses.

Long after the lurid claims in the newspapers are shown to be false they are still quoted as a reliable source and even more lies are built upon this phoney foundation to the point where the White Nationalist is portrayed as a cartoon-like image of evil incarnate. Yet still there are those who not only believe the lies but actually embellish them further by the day to advance their own agenda.

Attempts are also made, with threatening letters and other means, to have him rendered unemployed and expelled from various community groups of which he is a long standing and well respected member. His Social Security files and other confidential information on various Government department data bases are illegally accessed by the agents of this network.

In short, all stops are pulled out to utterly destroy his life merely for having the temerity to defend his community and to want to preserve traditional White Australian values. Can everyone say “He struck a nerve”? The sheer amount of time and energy expended on this operation and the ferocity of the attacks on his character appears, on the surface, to be disproportionate but is actually more indicative of how protective the Network is of its ‘assets’ and how important their ‘project’ in his neighbourhood really is.

Now Mathew, ‘please explain’ how one scenario is a hateful and ‘Racist’ crime which should be prosecuted with extreme vigour, and the other is just a jolly jape which should merely elicit guffaws of side splitting mirth from the reader. After all, you even said yourself that there is nothing funny about making death threats.

Even ‘Daphne’, the gun toting Zionist herself, is somewhat startled by Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA Darp’s intense, masturbatory and rather kinky obsession (we are all aware of his indulgent fascination for violence) as the post below, reproduced from Tim Blair’s Blog, indicates:

“fightdemback (Read: Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA Darp) fantasises to the imagined rhythm of my F88 Steyr—he just can’t get it out of his system. He is now obssessed (Sic) with me as well as Nazis. Guess he can’t can’t (Sic) handle a girl with weapon skills, and he certainly can’t deal with the fact that I may well be a normal functioning person.”

Posted by daphne on 2006 05 29 at 10:34 AM •

Victor can only imagine the frantic attempts currently being made by Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA Darp to now contact ‘Daphne’ via E-Mail, P.M., MSN or whatever to “make a deal” and to “get their stories straight” and to help dig him out of this mess he’s talked himself into.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Smells like...

Nup! Sorry Darpy boy.

No second prizes.

You're BUSTED!!!


From the FDB Forum:

Darp Hau


Joined: 25 Apr 2005

Posts: 3021

Location: Eastwood, Sydney, Australia. Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 10:23 am Post subject:

It's just Kromlek spouting his usual crap.

Apparently by highlighting the hypocrisy of someone who would prefer to threaten non-Zionist Jewish housewives for daring to partner up with the Aussie Chomsky (Loewenstein), I am soliciting the murder of neo-Nazis by (tongue-in-cheek) suggesting this person should campaign against them instead.

Darp, the gutless worm, will wriggle and writhe for all he’s worth but THIS time he is going to be squashed. “Campaign against”??? my White Irish arse! Darp was literally flogging his tossle at the mere thought of “Daphne”, or any other Left Wing lunatic for that matter, killing Thompson and/or Hodges whilst leaving HIS hands uncontaminated with their blood.

The most sickening thing about Darp’s choice for FDB approved 'targets’ is that they are ALL family Men with wives and three or more children living under their roofs. Any gutless Lefty Anarchist attack on Kromlek, Stug, Thompson, Hodges etc would also almost certainly result in “collateral damage”!!!

Yeah! It’s quite okay for Darp and ‘Thirty something’ cronies to incite violence against decent law abiding family Men while THEY’RE still dossed down at mum’s place, smokin’ spliffs and collecting welfare benefits. Beneath contempt is barely adequate to describe this slime. We've all scraped better from the soles of our boots.

Darp’s posts read as they READ and they are what they ARE. A stupid act of gross culpability at the very LEAST but with any fair and reasonable analysis of the facts, a clear cut case of INCITEMENT TO MURDER!!!

Oh yeah! It was all just “tongue in cheek” eh? Just more of the standard issue “argie bargie” eh?


Even IF the Zionist extremist “Daphne” WAS “only joking” (which has certainly not been conclusively established) DARP could not possibly have known at the time of his inflammatory and inciting statements whether or not this was the case.

To then proceed to goad and tease “Daphne” to PROVE his/her/its hardcore political activist bona fides by taking up a challenge and attack two individuals whose full names and details were then provided is a loathsome act of cowardice and spite, the likes of which is TOTALLY unprecedented to date in this ongoing conflict between the FDB criminals and the White Nationalists.

Also, who is to say, leaving “Daphne” aside for a moment, what OTHER Left Wing Lunatics might have been inspired to commit violence following Darp’s emotive and rabble rousing diatribes.

NO, this is the end of the road for Darpy boy. He's had a pretty good run but now it's GAME OVER!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Better get a lawyer Darp!

Better get a real GOOD one.
(And remember Darp, a man who represents himself has a fool for a client)

Darp simply can NOT have it both ways. If the likes of the posts on ‘Leftywatch’ and similar sites are to be deemed dangerous and tools for potential incitement to violence then HIS bold and open soliciting of a self-proclaimed Zionist gunman to murder both Carl Thompson AND Darrin Hodges is similarly dangerous.

No amount of bluff and bluster and piss and wind will get Darp out of THIS one. He is totally NAILED!!! And the real beauty of it is that it’s ENTIRELY all his own doing.

Hey! You hear that noise? That’s the wheels of Justice FINALLY beginning to turn in favour of the righteous. The coming weeks are going to be VERY interesting and all at Whitelaw Towers are looking forward to it greatly.
Watch this space!!!