Thursday, June 01, 2006

Better get a lawyer Darp!

Better get a real GOOD one.
(And remember Darp, a man who represents himself has a fool for a client)

Darp simply can NOT have it both ways. If the likes of the posts on ‘Leftywatch’ and similar sites are to be deemed dangerous and tools for potential incitement to violence then HIS bold and open soliciting of a self-proclaimed Zionist gunman to murder both Carl Thompson AND Darrin Hodges is similarly dangerous.

No amount of bluff and bluster and piss and wind will get Darp out of THIS one. He is totally NAILED!!! And the real beauty of it is that it’s ENTIRELY all his own doing.

Hey! You hear that noise? That’s the wheels of Justice FINALLY beginning to turn in favour of the righteous. The coming weeks are going to be VERY interesting and all at Whitelaw Towers are looking forward to it greatly.
Watch this space!!!


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