Saturday, June 10, 2006

Darp's got NOTHING!

So what did Darp have to say about the post "The trouble with Darp"? Well, he could hardly deny the humiliating facts could he?
But what did he actually DO?
Well, the usually vapid and verbose Darp was uncharacteristically shy when it comes to his fits of uncontrollable rage and threats of extreme violence.
He not only claimed that Old Victor is actually Kromlek but that he's being ghost written by none other than Dr. Saleam of Australia First fame!?!?!!!!!
Not only are his claims utterly ridiculous, but more importantly they are absolutely IRRELEVANT!
This is how Darp "answers" facts, analysis and valid criticism.
He IGNORES them!
Nope, all Darp desperately wants to do is divert attention from his own personal antics. Funny how he can dish out the personal stuff but can't handle it when HE'S the target.
Oh, and for the SECOND time, when are you going to tell us about the TAXI job Darp?
Waiting, waiting...


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