Friday, June 16, 2006

Mark Copland must go!

No folks, don’t be alarmed, it’s not a Bull Dyke. The stunned mullet in the picture is apparently (at least nominally) male and is none other than the Catholic Social Justice Commissioner Mark Copland.

The dopey, glazed look comes courtesy of the lobotomising effect of insipid liberalism and the so-called “Christian values” of altruism and empathy for everyone but White Australians.

Another possible factor affecting his demeanour could be the grim realisation his tenure as Catholic Social Justice Commissioner could come to a rather rude and abrupt conclusion once his congregation learn of his strange political “bedfellows” and his prominent role in the vicious smear campaign against an innocent local White Nationalist.

He is an embarrassment and a disgrace to all decent people in his Church and his sneering at traditional White European Australian Culture whilst simultaneously championing the Africanisation of regional Queensland is nothing short of sociopathic.

Perhaps he shouldn’t have been so cocky and self-righteous, as well as trusting as gospel the words of a notorious serial liar like Darp. On top of this were his thinly veiled threats in written form to various other people with even tenuous links to White Nationalists. He really did dig his own hole, so it is difficult to feel pity for him.

The White Nationalists are ready and raring to go with an all out campaign to have Mark Copland dismissed from his position. They are fully prepared, among other things, to picket his Catholic Church and educate the parishioners about his connections to very unsavoury characters and his position in a network of extreme Leftists which includes Anarchists and Islamists.

On a final note, people who look like their neck might snap if they sneezed too hard should take care not to talk tough to anyone, let alone totally dedicated White Nationalists and/or their supporters. He has badly misjudged the feelings of the general Toowoomba community in this situation while grossly underestimating the commitment of the White Nationalists. He has picked on the wrong people and has only himself to blame for his imminent “fall from grace”.

We look forward to his dismissal. Anything less will not serve justice or satisfy the people he has slandered and conspired against.


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