Friday, June 16, 2006

A message

To the clumsy bozo who phoned Kromlek’s employer’s office on Thursday just before Midday enquiring, not so discretely, as to his whereabouts Old Victor would like to make a few things perfectly crystal clear.

Number one: Nobody, but nobody ever calls an office looking for a Sales Rep. Ever. They look at his business card and call his mobile phone. Reps spend ninety five percent of their time on the road.

Number Two: Kromlek would never casually tell someone he would “be in Meadowbank on Thursday”, particularly as he doesn’t even WORK “in Meadowbank”. In fact the only person known to Kromlek to have made reference to “Meadowbank” at all is Darp in a recent E-Mail to a third party.

Number Three: As in most workplaces where people get along just mighty fine thankyou, the various employees tend to “look out for one another” and “watch each other’s backs” particularly when they have been given the news about certain filthy lowlife stalking one of their workmates.

Number Four: ALL phone calls or other enquiries taken by the office staff regarding Kromlek are reported to him and any suspicious looking people and/or their vehicles spotted lurking about the premises are duly noted along with their rego numbers. Kromlek has a log of these things for future reference. The office staff also have ready access to the company’s digital camera.

Number Five: It is now quite clear that Darp has broadcast Kromlek’s details way beyond his inner circle and his Controlled Media chums. This call was almost certainly, going by the evidence, from a certain… erm…let's say recent addition to the FDB crew and judging by the sheer ineptness of the attempt this person is as hopelessly dumb as he’s ever been.

Number Six: Kromlek’s workmates are now even MORE vigilant than before.
Thankyou for reading and understanding this message.


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