Sunday, June 18, 2006

More classic quotes from the “Fight Dem Back” Criminals

What’s funniest (well sort of) about these latest ones is how NOT really funny they are. In fact our tragically illiterate friend Donald “duck monster” even states TWICE in the post re: gouging money from their political enemies with vexatious litigation that he is “dead serious”.

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Posts: 1 Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2006 6:49 am Post subject: Why do people want to burn our flag?

“Why is (are?) there people in this country burning our flag? i (Sic) get so sad when i (Sic) see our flag burning the flag dosn't (Sic) only represent the government it is everyone that calls themselves in aussie.(Sic)”

duck monster
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Posts: 1891 Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2006 7:25 am Post subject:

“Its just a bit of cloth really. I personally think its a stupid protest because it pisses of (Sic) olderfolk. (Sic) But the flag is utterly meaningless to me until at least they get that stupid union jack out the corner.”

So the Union Jack, according to this brainiac, is now “stupid” rather than accurately representing the four White tribes of the British Isles (English, Irish, Scots and Welsh) who founded, built, explored, and administered this great Southern Nation of Australia.

And of course the flag is “meaningless” to this Internationalist idiot. How COULD a creature with utter contempt for any sort of Nationalism even understand the NEED for a flag, let alone how it should be designed?

“Burn away I say, but dont (Sic) expect it to gain much sympathy.

But free speech is awesome.

Edit: this isnt (Sic) a verry (Sic) relevant topic. Locking.”

Well NO actually, Ms. duck monster, it is a VERY relevant topic, very relevant indeed, because it coaxes out (as shown even by these couple of comments) the true twisted mindset and spiteful political attitude of the average FDB Criminal.

Flag burning is NOT “Free Speech”. It doesn’t “say” anything anyway. It simply conveys utter contempt and hatred for everyone that loves and respects the particular flag being burned. Not exactly the way to win hearts and minds. Besides, as any White Nationalist knows more than anyone, there is no such thing as so-called “Free Speech” anyway.

Also it perfectly illustrates just how disrespectful, Anarchic and hateful the FDB Criminals are of Australian history and culture INCLUDING their resident “Military Man” balaclava…

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“Last time I did it I burnt all the hair off my arm”

More the pity he didn’t fully self immolate and disappear in a puff of toxic Red smoke. But with all things FDB, the hypocrisy is quite palpable and everyone knows that the sentiments would be one hundred percent opposite if the flag in question was the Australian Aborigines Flag, the Homosexual Rainbow Flag or even the Israeli Star of David Flag.

For example, Darp once expressed his fury at witnessing a defaced Israeli flag where an anti-Israeli protester had drawn a Swastika in the centre of the Star of David. In fact he was SO incensed at the vandalism of what he called “Judaism’s most sacred symbol” that he openly attempted to incite the bashing of this pro-Palestinian protester by a Zionist Jew.

Also, the wretched little coprophiliac deviant Darp is very proprietary when it comes to the Eureka Flag, the Australian Nationalist symbol criminally appropriated by Trade Union thugs, and is quite shrill in his condemnation of those he perceives as misusing it.

duck monster
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Posts: 1891 Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 7:29 am

“The guy calls himself George Grinder. I suspect a pseudynom. (Sic)
Regardless, this ones (Sic) pissed me off a little bit.
I've filed notice, and the paperwork will be in the mail as soon as a little birdy gets me "georges" address.

They better fucking not think Im (Sic) joking. FDB could use some more funds, and prosecuting a blatantly illegal trademark violation (Yes, we have the paperwork for that) might be just what the doctor ordered.

These folks might think we are toothless tigers. Fact is we never sued ben (Sic)over leftywatch because the guy hasnt (Sic) any money so it wasnt (Sic) worth it.”

Well THERE’S an admission of the FDB Criminals’ true intent from their very inception if ever Old Victor has heard one!

“I have a suspicion "George" is in the IT trade, as he's done a pretty good knock off (well, hurr, he modified a few skins, but whatever), of FDB, so he probably has a nice house or something that'd make a spiffy new FDB office (or lol, a way for darp to move outa (Sic) the folks) Im (Sic) dead serious too.”

Ouch! Come on girls you’re not supposed to embarrass your “fearless leader” (or should that be hairless?) with mentions of his domestic situation. Although it’s probably fairly safe to say that any creature who shaves his balls in a church, brags of taking illegal “party” drugs like Cocaine and Ecstasy as well as Marijuana, stalks and threatens teenagers, hangs around in Gay Bars, fantasises about murdering the Foreign Minister, masturbating into the Prime Minister’s food and forcing him to eat it while holding a gun to his head, mowing down reporter Miranda Devine with a car, beats up “fat” children on the beach, organises the highly illegal hacking (a Federal offence) of people’s computers and the copying of their Social Security files by “freelance” Private Investigators, pressures the employers of his political enemies to dismiss them purely on the grounds of their beliefs while threatening said employers with “unpleasant consequences” should they refuse, defecates on everything BUT the toilet in hotel rooms, is pretty much BEYOND embarrassment and that being thirty years old and STILL living with his mother like the snotty nosed, spoilt Middle Class brat he is, is the LEAST of his sins!

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2006 1:56 pm
“On account of some legal advice , Im (Sic) closing this thread, and will ask people to refrain from comment.”

Does Donald “duck monster” actually believe his own lies? Talk about delusional. Does he not realise most intelligent people are now beyond bluffing by the FDB Criminals? FDB has been crying Wolf for over a YEAR now and we have seen ZERO results from their blustering claims. I mean to say, HOW many times have we all heard these threats of litigation?

“Things are about to get fun.”

This last line of his is also indicative of his abysmal command of the English language and is “funny” in its own right.


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